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To: lonestar; onyx; DJ MacWoW; RedMDer; Jim Robinson
You might not have had a "ping list" but you and your buddies pinged each other and were like a bunch of playground bullies! Look at who you have pinged to your post about me. That is a perfect example of your MO.

Playground bullies, really? Poor babies. Were you really such wimps, unable able to push back or fight when challenged? I recall all sorts of nasty posts from you and others, but when the going got rough, you and Perry quit. Those bad bullies did it to you? So sad.

I'd rather be dumb than insane and you and yours were constantly doing the same things over and over and expecting different consequences.

OK, you'd rather be dumb. We get it.

I've been on FR since Feb., 1998. It is sickening to me what has been done to FR...and you are a major contributor, along with your pal DJMacWhoever.

Who cares how long you've been here on FR? I mean really? Does that give you some license to be here forever or cause others to think more highly of your dumb comments? And if you are sickened about what has "been done to FR" why don't you go somewhere else, rather than prolonging your agony here?

Believe me when I say, we can get along without your wisdom. Especially as the only thing you offer are stupid and provocative comments along with ridicule of good conservatives. What exactly have you done recently to help FR besides offering antagonistic, contentious and condescending comments? Huh? Oh, you think we should all fall in line along with your GOP precinct committee-person counterparts and support allegience to the soon-to-be nominee, Mitt "the liar" Romney? Sorry, but I'm not gonna do that. He is a liar, and a loser.

Do you actually think that FR is better because independent thinkers have been banned? Do you really think FR is better because some of us who thought Sarah wouldn't run for POTUS and said so, were zotted?

It isn't the so-called "independent thinkers" who have been banned, Einstein. It is the trolls, and anti-Conservatives, and contentious jerks who have gotten the boot. Too bad you've lost a few Libertarian nut-case buddies and a bunch of pretenders.
We are much, much better off without them as we challenge the true Evils of Liberalism as represented by Obama and his minions and Romney who is an absolute fraud on every single issue of importance to true Conservatives. Again, if you don't like it here, two words for you: Get Out!!! Can you hear me now???

Do you think FR is more relevant because old-time FReepers were zotted for expressing their opinions?

I know you really think you are relevant and very important to everyone within shouting distance, all because you've been here for umpteen years, but so frigging what? Are you somehow more special because you happened to sign on in 1998? Who cares about that besides you? Get over it and become relevant in 2012, OK?

Psssst! Those banned FReepers are WHY JR didn't have to contemplate selling ads! So, you think FR is better off today than a year ago?

If you check, you might find out that the vast, vast, vast majority of those "conservative pretenders" never gave a dime to support this site. Do you really think that FR is poorer intellectually or monetarily because they bit the dust?

Let me suggest to you, Mensa brains, that we are in fact a whole lot better off BECAUSE FR maintains uncompromising Conservative standards.

We are not total allegiance GOP zombies, we are Conservatives. We are pro-life, we are pro one-man and one-woman marriage, we are against nationalized health care, we are pro-2nd Amendment and against government regulations that confiscate private property and try to over-tax every bit of income we happen to earn, and we fight unrestricted borders.

I haven't donated in the past year, IIRC. I didn't donate because I was never sure I wouldn't be banned the next day so many others.

Oh, you must be so worried that you might get banned, that you won't even donate a buck to the most Conservative site on the world wide web? Really? You poor little bullied wimp. Come on, take a chance and get some courage. Or, then again, maybe you will get banned, just because you aren't a true conservative but a troll and an appeasing wimp who supports someone just like yourself, Romney.

So why don't you get me banned.

As a genius, I'm just sure you realize that it isn't up to the common FReepers to do that. Maybe your little paranoid self is so worried that each of us has that power, but you must be delusional and are most certainly wrong.

Jim Robinson is the owner of this site, and even though you feel free to ridicule his leadership and ownership prerogatives, we are all here because he allows us to participate on his site. Again, if you don't like it, leave.

Lastly, you should be informed that just because the vast majority of us do not and will not support Romney, that doesn't mean we want Obama re-elected. Using ABO as an argument to conclude that we are primarily responsible for re-electing Obama. That is not only wrong but a big fat lie. Or have you forgotten the McCain fiasco of four years ago. McCain lost not because of a lack of support from Conservatives but because he was the wrong candidate with wrong compromised positions. He was an appeaser, just like Romney and offered no real alternative to Obama.

As true Conservatives we oppose Romney because he is a loser and will give us another four years of the worst President in many, many years of history, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yet you want us to concede now, in April of an election year, even before the GOP nomination convention. But I'm sure as a true genius, you can comprehend an viewpoint that suggests we resist Romney and Obama simultaneously and totally.

We are the resistance, we are Conservatives, we will prevail, but only if we do not compromise or retreat or concede. The consequence of your idiocy is that you believe that conceding is the only option and appeasement is a solution.
You are wrong.

351 posted on 04/26/2012 7:50:51 PM PDT by vox_freedom (America is being tested as never before in its history. May God help us.)
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To: vox_freedom

BRAVO! Thank you very much, dearest vox_freedom.

That poster owes Jim and every member on Jim’s Team a sincere apology, but don’t anticipate one. I have since been told she is FB friends with an anti-FReeper, hence all the inflammatory, false, accusatory slurs.

352 posted on 04/26/2012 8:19:37 PM PDT by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know.)
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