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"The List", Obama's One Hundred and Sixty-First Week in Office ^ | 2/24/12 | Nachum

Posted on 02/24/2012 9:13:33 AM PST by Nachum


President Obama's One Hundred and Sixty-First Week in Office



Obama Vows to ‘Double Down’ on Green Investments Despite Solyndra and Volt Flop

Obama Indicates Anyone Who Has Immediate Solution to Gas Prices Is Lying

Obama: Use 'algae as substitute for oil

Obama: Calls for more drilling are a 'bumper sticker', not an energy plan

Cost Of Gas Jumps 10 Cents During ABC’s ‘World News’ Broadcast

Gas price surge: Up 10% this year

Oil and gas leaders slam Obama

Analysis: Obama goes on offense over high gasoline prices... will give speech today

Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling

Obama proposed corporate tax 'reduction' from 35% to 26% is phony. Stuart Varney says it includes a global tax increase for companies.

Sears announces 16 more stores closures, including five in Illinois

ADM Cuts 335 Decatur Jobs, Says Total Cuts Will Exceed 1,200

U.S. jobless claims unchanged at 351,000


 Second gun used in ICE agent murder linked to ATF undercover operation

Boehner must be feeling the heat. He gets a "hunting buddy" to vouch for him. "Is this an accident? Is Boehner not in communication with Issa and making political calculations constantly about where this is going?. . . Only an idiot would think so."

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb

White House Defends Apology To Afghanistan; Criticism from Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin

Two U.S. troops shot dead by Afghan soldier as Obama apologizes to Afghanistan's President for Koran burning by American soldiers that sparked protests raging across country

Obama sends letter of apology to Afghan president.......... 'deep regret'

El Paso Shooting Proves U.S.' Weak Border Security

Obama wishes he could catch a basketball game

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Returns From Posh Ski Trip in Aspen to Demonize The Rich At $300-$10,000 A Plate Fundraiser

Michelle Obama's pitch: Share the wealth

Michelle Obama says election is about 'who we will be'


Wasserman Schultz: Americans "Overwhelmingly" Support ObamaCare

The private sector is moving to give people the information they need to get treatments that are worth the money. But ObamaCare blocks the way.

Texas defies Obama administration, bars abortion providers from Medicaid

Scalia Courted as Unlikely Obama Ally in Top Court Health Battle

U.S. facing cancer- drug shortage


Solyndra abandons efforts to go clean and green

Bankruptcy judge approves Solyndra bonuses

Obama Ethics Year 4

Guess Who Decides What FBI Agents Get To Learn About Islam?...... Eric Holder

DOJ dismisses leniency request for Border Patrol agent

Obama, in a bid to reconcile with the Teheran regime, has blocked legislation that would hold Iran accountable for the Hizbullah bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines in 1983.

Community Orgainzer to the World

Obama’s new slogan: ‘Greater together’

Obama: 'My Presidency Is Not Over. I’ve Got Another Five Years'

Was CNN Influencing Debate On Obama’s Behalf?



CBS: "Second gun used in ICE agent murder linked to ATF undercover operation."

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Adviser Argued: Kids from Big Families Have Lower IQ's


Secret Obama memo wanted the $800 billion stimulus to be--gasp--$1.8 trillion

Trump: Gasoline to Hit $7 a Gallon This Year

Obama doesn't accept responsibility for gas prices

Florida Drivers Shelling Out Nearly $6 A Gallon At Some Gas Stations

WH Senior Advisor: Unemployment Stimulates the Economy

GM Dealers Get Chevy Volt Tax Credit for Sales to Gov't

Chevy Volt NOT on the list of "Greenest cars of 2012"

GE “Forcing” Employees Into Chevy Volts

Obama's Double Talk on Sky-High Gas Prices

 Obama to propose lowering corporate tax rate to 28 percent

Gas Prices Are Going Up No Matter What Happens In Iran

Obama Hires Anti-Drilling Lobbyist To Run Colorado Campaign

The National Association of Realtors reported that the median home price in January fell 2% from December to $154,700. That’s the lowest price reading since November 2001

Let them eat kale

At the Obama White House, the Party Never Stops


Documents show Obama’s FCC used regulatory muscle to destroy LightSquared’s competition

Obama Ethics Year 4

Obama: ‘When Congress Refuses to Act, Joe and I Are Going to Act’   .... Video

‘Game Change’: Meet the Leftists Who Turned HBO Into a Pro- Obama SuperPAC

It's 3am and nobody's there

Former Carter Adviser Brzezinski: US Global Supremacy ‘Is Over’

'Iran missiles may be able to hit US in 2-3 years'

US troops now in 4 African countries to fight LRA

Immigration enforcement program to be shut down

Americans' Satisfaction Almost as Low as It Was Under Carter

Qur’an Furor: U.S. Leaders Offer Abject Apologies to ‘the Noble People of Afghanistan’

Community Orgainzer to the World

Jake Tapper Challenges Jay Carney On “Aggressive Journalism”

Obama: 'Michelle and I Honor Ash Wednesday'

New Guidelines Planned on School Vending Machines

Rahm Emanuel, Bill Daley to be named Obama campaign co-chairmen

Obama’s re-election campaign today designated 35 state, local and community leaders as national co-chairs, or “ambassadors” for the president, who will play a high-profile role in defending his record and mobilizing voters for November

Jagger sings "commit a crime" at the White House

Video: Obama sings Sweet Home Chicago during Black History Month concert


Catholic university sues to block Obama's contraception mandate

Administration Finalizes Rules for States to Opt Out of Obamacare

Saul Alinsky-Founded Group Gets $56 Million Obamacare Loan To Start Health Insurance Co-Op…

Supreme Court extends health care arguments

Obamacare: the parts that have already started working are failing miserably

Meet the ObamaCare Mandate Committee Think the contraception decision was bad?.. Wait until bureaucrats start telling your insurer which cancer screenings to cover.

Obamacare grants doctors liberty to withhold care, Plan rewards physicians for scrimping on treatment

Did Media Matters fund the marketing of Obamacare?

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Follows Center for American Progress' Guidelines on Food


Solyndra bonuses reduced; fired workers irked

Obama and Israel

Obama’s Anti-Semitic Anchors

Obama and TARP

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac spent $100 million on former executives’ legal bills



Documents: LightSquared shaping up as the FCC’s Solyndra

Community Orgainzer to the World

Video: Obama Sings 'Sweet Home Chicago' During Concert at the WH

Obama Confuses Veterans Day and Memorial Day Again

Obama's Racism: Completely Out of the Closet

Didn't get the memo? Hillary Clinton dons lime green shirt for G20 'family photo' while everyone else wears white


Did Obama’s Energy Secretary Seek $1.4 Billion Bailout Loan to Prop Up The Failing Solyndra?

It's 3am and nobody's there

FBI purges hundreds of training documents after probe on treatment of Islam

Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to Terrorism

Lawmakers pressed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about border security and deportation policies in two House hearings that lasted much of the day

How Obama Makes Decisions

Obama and Agenda 21

Smart Meters Big Brother of Our Day


President Obama to address soaring gas prices in Florida speech

Gallup survey shows 'sharp deterioration in job market' in Feburary

Obama's Double Talk on Sky-High Gas Prices

White House seeks to deflect blame over rising gas prices

Jay Carney Says Obama Didn’t Turn Down Keystone Pipeline – It Was Republicans

Obama: Payroll tax cut extension will help with higher gas prices

U.S. oil gusher blows out projections

The True Unemployment Rate: 36%

Newest Government Magic Trick: Disability Fraud Holds Down Unemployment Rate; Disability Hits Record $200B

Obama Ethics Year 4

FCC chairman’s books contain undocumented meetings with left-wing lobbyists

Obama imposing a National School Curriculum

Top Level USDA Reps Showing Up in US Lunchrooms

Lehman Bros. Case: Geithner Ignores Subpoena to Testify

Religious broadcasters want IRS investigation of Media Matters

The power company underwriting the DNC for $10M

Did Obama buy House votes to pass important bills?

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Loves the Corporate Cash in Exclusive Colorado Ski Resort From Non-Union Employers

Obama and Israel

Egyptian Official: War with Israel, US in Three Months

Let them eat kale

Obama: W.H. concerts help make up for confining nature of presidency



This is your “Obama recovery”... Are you better off than you were four years ago..?  No – you’re doing two percent worse.

For boomers, it's a new era of 'work til you drop'

Clinton Signs Accord in Mexico for Oil Exploration With State-Owned Pemex

Obama's re-elect team defended White House energy policy gas prices shoot toward the $4 mark and beyond

Media Hail GM ‘Record’ Profits, Forget to Mention GM Doesn’t Pay Any Taxes

Queen Michelle

Michelle's ski trip marks 16 Obama vacations

Count the first lady among those who may not know the official name of today’s holiday. Michelle Obama wished her famous husband a “Happy President’s Day” on twitter

Community Orgainzer to the World

Obama’s Mix Tape for America

What Liberal Bias? Taxpayer-Funded NPR Host Garrison Keillor To Host Obama Fundraiser…

Oops: White House Sending Joe Biden Off to ‘Road Island’

President Obama’s Campaign Releases First-Ever ‘Truth Team Tip Sheet’

Logos: The U.S. Agency for International Developement  and.. logo for Democratic Socialists of America and logo for the International Socialist Party

White House chef Kass dishes up plates and policy

Obama Ethics Year 4

Media Matters a White House Propaganda Machine Part I  (video)

Media Matters a White House Propaganda Machine Part 2  (video)

Obama finance chief funded Media Matters, President deeply tied to anti-Fox News group's top donors

U.S. Super-Sizing Afghan Jail It Promised to Abandon

Obama Forcing Private Companies to Have Board Votes on Illegal Policy:  Obama’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hands down a mandate that telecommunications companies AT&T, Verizon and Sprint MUST have Board votes on Network Neutrality

Obama Steals Inhabited, Oil-Rich Alaskan Territory for Russia

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama’s Egyptian Hostage Crisis

Experts: Obama ‘sandbagging’ immigration policy, easing ‘amnesty,’ gaining votes


Al Sharpton and Elijah Cummings Lie About Fast and Furious  

Issa afraid to enforce law against black AG Holder?

Rep. Labrador is unafraid to speak truth to Holder

More Federal Shenanigans in the Clark Case. Mainstream press take note: the ATF is trying to keep the Clark case hidden from you. Who's afraid of the big, bad Sipsey Street? I achieve the rank in the Federal psyche of "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


Insurance industry could take hit from birth control mandate

The Obama Obfuscation Alliance

Obama and Israel

Undermining Israel: Americans seem to be trying to undermine Israel’s confidence in its military capabilities to attack Iran

 Israel to U.S.: Disagreement over attack on nuclear sites serves Iranian interests

White House: Netanyahu, Obama To Meet In Washington On March 5



Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards a key player in pushing through the birth control mandate in ObamaCare

Obama and Israel

The U.S. and Britain on Sunday urged Israel not to attack Iran's nuclear program as the White House's national security adviser arrived in the region

Report: Obama won't commit to stopping Iran, US and Israel no longer sharing all Iran intelligence

Obama Ethics Year 4

Ga. Secretary of State Brian Kemp's Obama eligibility decision "greased" as crooks in Chicago say:  Word now coming out reveals just two days after Secretary of State Brian Kemp gave Barack Obama the green light to appear on Georgia election ballots, the Department of Energy awarded Kemp’s state an eye popping $8.3 billion loan guarantee to begin construction on two nuclear plants.

Senior Obama Advisor: Rick Santorum’s ‘Phony Theology’ Comment ‘Well Over the Line’

Obama's Fake Fossil Fuel Infatuation


Another Friday night document dump......emails proving Obama knew of fears of Solyndra failure


Jobless disability claims soar to record $200B as of January

Suddenly, a Sharp Deterioration in the Job Market

Economists Are Unconcerned By a Rise in Consumer Prices

The Scariest Housing Market Chart Ever

It's 3am and nobody's there

Report: U.S. officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, leaving military option

Muslim Capitol Bomb Plotter Was Illegal Alien Bush/Obama Wouldn’t Deport

Community Orgainzer to the World

Shameless...After Continued Attacks on the Boeing Company Obama Films Weekly Address From Inside One of Their Plants (Video)


Efforts to Prevent Another Fast and Furious Stripped by Obama


Queen Michelle

Well it has been a whole month! Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii holiday Michelle Obama takes daughters on ski trip to Aspen

Mars Candy And Michelle Obama Are Making Candy Bars Smaller — And Twitter Is FREAKING Out


Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year

Gas Prices Up 83% Under Obama (The "$40" won't come close to covering Obama's gas price increase)

White House predicts 2 million more jobs in 2012

 White House economic report hides sharp drop in number of working Americans

Obama Says ‘I’m a Chauvinist,’ Hobnobs With Bill Gates... -"I want America to have the best stuff"

It's 3am and nobody's there

ICE Agents: “Shooting No Surprise w/ Obama Bad Morale, Mgt @ Immigration Agency;” EXCLUSIVE Victims’/Shooters’ Names

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano disrespected Federal Flight Deck Officers (armed pilots) during a hearing yesterday in testimony presented to the House Homeland Security Committee

Karzai tells Americans: don’t talk to Taliban ‘on our behalf’

“Not Be Prudent”: Obama Orders Joint Chiefs Chairman To Publicly Argue Against Attack On Iran, Defend Iran As “Rational Actor” – First Stop: Anti-U.S. Operative Fareed Zakaria’s CNN Show


Attorneys General Threaten Lawsuit Against Obama’s Contraception Mandate

Obama administration asks for delay in legal fight over contraception coverage

The Myth of Runaway Health Spending

Obama Ethics Year 4

Undocumented Migrant Named to Illinois DREAM Commission

Holder Won't Defend Military Against Suit to Force Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages

“Obama’s giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia”

Obama, Keystone XL and the Chicago connection

Acting without any legal authority, President Obama has overridden the federal charter of the Export-Import Bank, and turned it into a competitor for domestic loan business, in utter defiance of the law

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change

President Obama is made to feel not so welcome in Orange County


Project Gunrunner Wasn't Fast and Furious by Any Means


Obama and Israel

As concerns over Iran’s nuclear program escalate, Obama sends national security adviser to Israel


IRS seeks nearly $1 billion budget increase for hiring spree

Obama touts S.C. Boeing plant that NLRB sued

Boeing Boing: Obama Visits Plane Maker to Push US Manufacturing

Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan: "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours" (video)

Geithner: We Have No Solutions

Gallup poll suggests spike in unemployment for February

The Family Prostitute - as the recession continues, more and more women are turning to...

It's 3am and nobody's there

US congratulates Libya on revolution anniversary

Obama-”Liberated” Libya: People Disappear as Muslim “Democrats” Get Vengeance

Friends disappear as vengeance still stalks across Libya


Success of health reform hinges on hiring 30,000 primary care doctors by 2015

High-risk insurance pools short on enrollees

Obama Ethics Year 4

2nd N.C. Mother Says Daughter’s School Lunch Replaced for Not Being Healthy Enough

Record 19 reporters, media execs join Team Obama

Cordray: CFPB needs more power

Obama Winning His War on Coal

Obama's "Robo-Settlement For Votes" Cost To Taxpayers: $40 Billion

Community Organizer to the World

CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression

Obama chooses not to sing Al Green hit at California fundraiser

Santorum accuses media of double standard on Obama and Jeremiah Wright

Email asking for negative stories about Santorum draws flak from Pennsylvania Democrats

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The price of Gas goes through the roof and Obama makes a speech. He is full of gas, it should help.

Let me know if you want to be on or off the ping list.

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