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"The List", Obama's One Hundred and Forty First Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 10/7/11 | Nachum

Posted on 10/07/2011 11:50:51 AM PDT by Nachum

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty First Week in Office



Harry Reid Uses the “Nuclear Option” to Prevent Vote on Obama’s Jobs Bill.........Reid rewrites Senate rules with shocking move

Video: Obama: "If Congress Does Something Then I Can't Run Against A Do-Nothing Congress"

Obama used the story of a Boston teacher to push his jobs bill Tuesday, even though the teacher has a job

Census: Housing bust worst since Great Depression (Women and Minorities Hardest Hit)

Biden on U.S. Economy: ‘We Have Turned It Around’

30-year mortgage below 4 pct. for first time ever

Green Fail: Inspector General Recommends Shutting Down Green Jobs Training Program

Obama Supports Millionaires Tax That's Bigger Than The Buffett Rule

Obama Plan Makes Social Security Look Like Welfare

Obama Advisor Reveals Economic Toll on Obama Presidency

It's 3am and nobody's there

Panetta brings back Clinton team to run the Pentagon


Is CBS News Silencing ‘Fast and Furious’ Reporter Sharyl Attkisson?

Idaho First Congressional District Congressman Raúl R. Labrador called for the resignation of United States Attorney General Eric Holder

A brief Time Line of events of Watergate and Monica Lewinsky vs. Gunwalker

‘Fast and Furious’ docs reveal Holder was given multiple detailed accounts of gun program

Video: Obama: Holder "Not Aware" Of What Was Happening With Fast And Furious

Holder received at least 5 memos on Fast & Furious

‘Calm down’ about Fast and Furious gun sting, ATF acting director says

Tucson ATF sting exported weapons

Eric Holder has thrived on incompetence, stonewalling, and corruption his entire career. -- long track record of putting political interests of the public interest

Obama and Israel

Biden to US Jews: Israel is our dearest ally


Obama Tells Democrats Birth Control is "Preventative Care"

Doctors to EPA: Extraneous Air Regulations Will Increase Health Care Costs

An internal Obama administration e-mail recently leaked to the press appeared to reveal that officials would shut down a controversial component of the health reform law — the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, or CLASS Act.


The GOP's demand for all White House communications on Solyndra covers President Barack Obama's personal BlackBerry messages too,

Obama said Thursday that his administration has loaned billions to start-up high tech firms like the now-bankrupt solar firm Solyndra based not on political influence, but "on the merits."

Energy Department Official in Charge of Solyndra Loan Program to Step Down

White House: Donor Didn't Lobby on Solyndra

WH had 'cozy relationship' with Solyndra backers

Obama Ethics Year 3

White House Won’t Comment on Reuters Story About Secret Panel That Can Put Americans on ‘Kill List’

The Administration’s Expanding Scandals

Community Organizer to the World

VP Biden tells 5th graders 'Things Got Really Bad Before We Came Into Office'

Obama: Occupy Wall Street protests show Americans' frustration

Biden: Wall St protests show Americans see system unfair



Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty


New ATF chief reassigns top officials after Fast and Furious

White House defends Holder amid Fast and Furious accusations

Jay Carney’s Message To Reporters ‘Screamed At’ By Sources: Toughen Up

Video: Issa hits Holder on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

Is CBS News Silencing Fast and Furious Reporter?

Fast and Furious: Slide Show Indicates Holder May Have Known in March 2010

Allen West: Obama must remove Eric Holder, or he’s complicit with Fast and Furious cover-up

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona told The Daily Caller the Obama administration officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious might be accessories to murder. “

Issa to Holder: Admit you knew

Holder’s Dubious History: The AG’s Fast & Furious amnesia is reminiscent of his Marc Rich amnesia

Did Obama Hope to Benefit from ‘Fast and Furious’?


Republicans Seek All White House Communication On Solyndra Since Obama Inauguration

Solyndra's Price Tag

Solyndra e-mails: Dept.of Energy was poised to approve $469 million for firm

In Solyndra note, Summers said Feds "crappy" investor

Obama and Egypt

Egypt: One nation for a new Holocaust

U.S. 'Paid a Price' on Egypt: In a blunt assessment, President Obama’s first national security adviser told a private audience this week that there is a “chasm” between the United States and its Gulf Arab allies that has yet to heal since the White House very publicly ushered Egypt’s president out of power in February

Obama and Israel

Palestinians Say American Aid is Their Entitlement

Reform, Conservative, Orthodox unite against Biden: Leaders of the three movements are expected to criticize US vice president at Rosh Hashana toast over his comments on Pollard

Jews are invited to the Bidens'

Obama Ethics Year 3

Fight Erupts Over First Lady's Travel Costs

Justice Department Official: Muslim ‘Juries’ Threaten ‘Our Values’

NLRB Attorney Cheers Union Attack on Boeing: “Hooray for the red, white and blue”

Community Organizer to the World

Salazar Defends Obama on Environment, Energy: We've Moved Out of 'Hummer Age'

Obama reads children book about himself

Four in 10 Americans “strongly” disapprove of how President Obama is handling job as president

Obama Supporters Cuss At Tea Partiers, Their Kids, Call Black Congressional Candidate “Uncle Tom”

Obama asked high-value celebrities to raise $350,000 each by the end of the year


Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined

CBO estimates Obama jobs bill would add $175B in new spending

Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit

Economists Agree: We’re In a Depression

Friendly’s closes 63 stores as ice cream chain files for bankruptcy

U.S. Service Industries Grew at Slower Pace in Sept.

Obama: Reagan would have supported Buffett rule

Video: The Obama Presidency, By The Numbers

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Qaida weakened, can’tdo a 9/11 again: Obama



2010 Email on Solyndra: Bad days are coming

Obama and Israel

Palestinians Accost US Delegation Visiting West Bank, Hurl Shoe at Convoy

Obama Ethics Year 3

Michelle Obama Listed Daughters Malia and Sasha as “Senior Staffers” for $432,142 African Trip

Michelle Obama's Africa Vacation Cost More Than $432,142

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Detailing the Cost to Taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s Family Trip

ATF Letter to Gun Dealers

Gov't by decree: ATF Letter To Gun Dealers: Don’t Sell Guns To People Who Use Medical Marijuana

Congressional Letter asking for a Special Prosecutor

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said the Obama administration was "bordering on lawlessness" with Friday’s Pentagon announcement that military chaplains may officiate in same-sex wedding ceremonies of service members in states where gay marriage is legal.

President Obama Won’t Say If He’ll Stop Pretending to Oppose Gay Marriage Before the Election

No Same-Sex Weddings at West Point's Catholic Chapel, Says Military Archdiocese

Obama’s lawyers bid to regulate religious hiring

Obama Gifted MO AFL-CIO With Half a Million in Stimulus Cash

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Vice President Joe Biden doesn't know who Van Jones is (audio)

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's Three Word Slogan for 2012: 'Our Vision for the Future'

Donors Get Reception With Michelle Obama


Holder backpedals on Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious: GOP Says Eric Holder is ‘Either Incompetent’ or ‘Misleading Congress’

The Justice Department's claim that Attorney General Eric Holder misunderstood a question from Congressman Darrell Issa regarding when Holder first knew about Operation Fast and Furious is now being questioned because additional video from the same hearing...

CBS Reporter: White House Official ‘Screamed’ & ‘Cussed’ at Me for Coverage of ‘Fast and Furious’(includes Audio interview)

CBS News Reporter Says White House Screamed, Swore at Her Over Fast and Furious

House Republicans to Request Special Counsel to Probe Holder on 'Fast and Furious'

Documents Suggest Holder Knew About 'Fast and Furious' Earlier Than He Claimed

Documents May Contradict Eric Holder Fast & Furious Testimony

Fast and Furious: White House Connection Grows Deeper

Newly Released Documents Prove: Holder Lied, and Hundreds Died via Fast and Furious

U.S. Government Invokes National Security to Conceal Deal Cut with Mexican Drug Cartel


White House: Jobs Act an LGBT issue

How Tough Are Times? Parents Cut Back Diapers

Obama: Banks Don't Have 'Inherent Right' to 'Certain Amount of Profit'

$200 million green-tech subsidy results in -100 jobs

Job-Creating Free Trade Agreements Sat on President's Desk While Unemployment Rose

Federal Employment Grows Despite Downturn: From 2010, the private sector lost 3.6 million jobs while the govt added 1.7 million

Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government.

House Majority Leader Cantor: Obama’s Jobs Package is Dead

Factory orders slip 0.2% in August

‘Green jobs’ farm in Colorado sheds jobs after receiving $200M in stimulus funds

State Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up


Obama HHS Secretary Sebelius to Host Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

It's 3 am and nobody's there

White House kept Democratic senators hanging on phone



AFT Fast and Furious: New documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010

Holder Was Aware of Fast and Furious

Despite new disclosures, White House maintains senior officials didn’t know ATF was ‘letting guns walk’

Furiously unraveling Gun scandal still growing

Unanswered Questions Haunt Family in 'Fast and Furious' Case


Obama doesn’t regret Solyndra loan

Obama touts Solyndra as having been a “good bet” as new e-mails reveal it, er, wasn’t a good bet

The Solyndra Plot Thickens: Donor, Officials Warned White House Not to Visit

Solyndra Part II: Second Energy Company Given Huge Loan By Obama About To Go Belly Up: Nevada Geothermal Power....Harry Reid-Backed

Spiking Solyndra: Big Three Networks Barely Mention Burgeoning Scandal

Flashback, 4/11/2011: Top Obama Bundler Given Half a Billion in Stimulus Cash For His Green Energy Ventures

Obama Ethics Year 3

Chicago Tribune: 'Corruption sentencing delayed for Rezko, fundraiser for Blagojevich'

New Black Panther Malik Shabazz: Obama Evoked Tenets of Black Liberation Theology in Selma

Who Is the New Black Panther Party? What Media Matters and the Obama DOJ Don’t Want You to Know

Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party in 2007

The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans: The Department of Justice produced it prior to the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki. But they won't release it.

Did Media Matters Collude With DOJ On Black Panther Story?

Liberal Journalists Plotted to Protect Obama From Rev. Wright Scandal, Online Mag Says

Excerpt From ‘Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department’ by J. Christian Adams

Top court rejects bid to disqualify US President Barack Obama

Keyes v. Bowen: Supreme Court Denies Another Obama Eligibility Case With No Comment Or Recusal From Sotomayor Or Kagan

Obama impeachment a possibility, says Ron Paul


Obama Says He Can Stop Bank of America from Making 'a Certain Amount of Profit

The White House has sent three long-delayed trade agreements to Congress.   The move puts the deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama on a path toward final passage after years of delay.   

US auto sales up in September on big trucks

Falling U.S. Wages Threaten Consumer Spending

After Worst Quarter Since ’08, Stocks Fall Again

Obama: America 'Not Better Off' Today than Four Years Ago

Biden: Charging Corporate Jets $100 Take-Off and Landing Fee ‘Not Class Warfare’

Gov't Motors sells just 723 VOLTS, far short of own goal of 10,000

Obama Plan: Teacher Jobs One Year Only

Sen. Inhofe: Obama's EPA Waging War on Fossil Fuels

Obama and Israel

Obama Shared Podium With Virulent Anti-Semite in ‘07: members of the New Black Panther Party and leader Malik Shabazz

The United States Congress has blocked nearly $200m in aid to the Palestinians,

Team Obama: Bashing Israel, again

U.S. Defense Secretary: Israel must coordinate Iran policy with international community

'Armed men force Libyan Jew from Tripoli synagogue'

Libya's New Rulers Hate Jews Too? A Libyan Jew returned from exile, believing he was safe to restore Tripoli's main synagogue. He discovered he barred from entering

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's 'class warfare' strategy finds broad appeal with voters

Video- BET's founder, Robert Johnson To Obama: Stop Attacking The Wealthy

Will Obama destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville?

Friends explain why Obama lurched to the left


Coming Soon: Kagangate: Direct conflicts of interests

Notre Dame fights Obama health care plan

D.C. Appeals Court Points the Way to the Defeat of Obamacare's Individual Mandate

Bending Obamacare’s honesty curve downward Growing list of health care lies plagues president’s overhaul

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama policy setting troop killers free in Iraq

Cuba's Repression Escalates

Van Jones Luagh-A-Thon

Van Jones On Obama: "We Made A Mistake, We Thought It Was Just About One Person" (video)


Obama Ethics Year 3

Department of Justice Cuts, Reassigns 81 Immigration Prosecutors

Obama filling more slots with globalism activists


The Obama Presidency - By The Numbers

Payrolls Probably Stagnated in September: U.S. Economy Preview

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, the world’s largest futures exchange operator, may be headed for Florida or Texas in reaction to the state of Illinois raising the board’s state taxes by 25%


 Top Obama Fundraiser OK'd Solyndra Loan

Obama and Israel

Leon Panetta Echos Obama's Anti-Israel Disinformation Campaign

Panetta Warns Israel Getting More Isolated

 Senior Fatah man calls Obama, Netanyahu "scumbags," explains how Israel would "come to an end" if exits Judea and Samaria.

Community Organizer to the World

White House Tipped Off AP Reporter Ahead of Michelle Obama’s Target Photo-Op

Video: Obama speaks about Gay Right at the "Human Rights Campaign", LGBT (Lesbian and Gay) rights group

 Obama: Commander in chief must back gay troops

Obama On Meeting Lady Gaga: 'It Was A Little Intimidating'

 Obama Announces 'Bilateral Talks' With Lady Gaga on Gays

Former Car Czar: Suskind Book 'Drive-by Shooting' Of Obama

Obama For America Literally Begging For $3 Donations

Obama and Egypt

U.S. officials have met members of the Muslim Brotherhood's political party, a U.S. diplomat said, after Washington announced it would have direct contacts with Egypt's biggest Islamist group

Let them eat kale

Obamas celebrate wedding anniversary with lavish dinner at stylish $150-a-head restaurant


Operation Fast and Furious Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Gunwalker: Under White House Control?

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Dick Armey: Obama’s ‘Lost’ Policies Could Foment Civil Unrest

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones License to practice Law...suspended...twice



New Fast and Furious docs released by White House

White House fast and furious email from CBS (pdf)

Page 2 of fast and furious email (pdf)

September 3 email from White House to ATF (pdf)

Document Dump: White House in Heavy Communication About Operation Fast and Furious

Friday night F&F document dump shows “extensive” communication with White House

White House sends Hill Fast & Furious docs, but withholds some

Despite Denials, Map Proves Deliberate Illegal Gun Trafficking by ATF to Mexico

Multiple sources, including sources from ATF, DOJ and Congressional offices have said there is a white paper circulating within the Department of Justice, outlining the essential elimination of ATF

Video flashback: Obama and Calderon make public address

Obama and Israel

Report: Obama Wanted to Release Pollard, Biden Refused

Report: Congress freezes aid to Palestinians  The Independent reports that US Congress blocked $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority following Mahmoud Abbas' bid for UN membership and is threatening wider sanctions

Obama Ethics Year 3

A majority of the New Hampshire Executive Council is demanding that the Obama administration cancel a $1.1 million grant to Planned Parenthood

Fed Plan to Consolidate Power Over Nation's Power Highway Has States Nervous

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Al-Awlaki’s killing could pay political dividend for Obama

Killed by Same Unit That Got Bin Laden: Details About the Operation that Killed Anwar al-Awlaki

Obama: Commander-in-chief must support gay troops


DOE's $5 billion day

Solyndra Expands into Energygate

U.S. Officials Say Solyndra Execs Stonewall On Financial Info


Weekly Address: Fighting for the American Jobs Act | The White House

EDP Renewables lays off 10 percent of North American workforce

Income Drops Second Month in a Row

A Rising Fear of an Extended Downturn

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to headline gay rights dinner

Michelle Obama on President’s Upbringing: He Knows Economic Struggles

Obama refers to his wife as 'Michael'

Michelle Obama's Target trip

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones Warns America: ‘Hold on to Your Seats’ Because the ‘Progressive Fight Back’ Is Coming in October


Obama re-election ploy: Kill Obamacare



More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees

Solyndra Loan Program on Pace to Commit Equivalent of $6M Per Permanent Job

Obama Ethics Year 3

Gibson: Feds 'lied' about CEO's wood statement

Obama’s illegal alien half uncle, though facing a deportation order, is back on the job at a mom-and-pop grog shop in Framingham, his lawyer said yesterday — leaving advocates of tough immigration enforcement bewildered and outraged.

US: military chaplains may perform same-sex unions

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama administration appeals Alabama immigration law

Let them eat kale

 Recession chic... or a desperate PR stunt? What REALLY happened when Michelle Obama was spotted shopping at Target

NBC's 'Today' Swoons Over Michelle Obama Shopping at Target

Only Barack Obama would bring a SWAT team with him to the gym


Bending Obamacare’s honesty curve downward


Collapsing Obama Says the Country "Has Gotten a Little Soft" as CNN Finds "90% of Americans Say Economy Stinks"

 DDOE OKs $4.7 Bil In Loan Guarantees For (Maybe) 92 Permanent Green Energy Jobs


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A very long week.

Major damage was done to the Administration in primarily 3 areas this week. Revelations on the Gunwalker scandal was leading the news cycle with the Solydra-Gate close behind. If you want to selectively look at the archived articles on both scandals, the links to those two will be included below.

Are we having fun yet?

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To: All

Gunwalker scandal archive

Solyndra Archive

2 posted on 10/07/2011 11:52:47 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

Only 141 weeks? I thought it was 40 years in the desert! ;-)

3 posted on 10/07/2011 12:24:06 PM PDT by Average Al (Forbidden fruit leads to many jams.)
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