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Same-sex "Marriage": Who Sounded the Retreat?
TFP ^ | 13 September 2010 | John Horvat

Posted on 09/21/2010 4:17:23 AM PDT by IbJensen

In the history of war, we can observe many cases of battles where someone mistakenly sounds the retreat when victory was in sight.

This seems to be the case against same-sex “marriage.

Traditional marriage has never been defeated. Thirty-one times it has been taken to the polls and thirty-one times it has won. Even in the bluest of blue states—California—it won against all expectations. In Maine, pro-family activists overturned the decision of the legislature. In New York, a same-sex “marriage” measure was defeated despite every effort by the Democratic majority in both houses to force it through.

Homosexual activists in Massachusetts quaked in fear at the prospect that it might be put to the vote. District of Columbia councilmen overturned any possibility that residents might have a say in their government.

Here we have an ideal issue which shows the tyranny of judicial activism at its worst. In the few cases, where same-sex “marriage” has been imposed upon us, most have been through judicial fiat. It is the conservative issue that best shows the brutality of the liberal agenda.

The desperation is capped by a decision of Judge Vaughn Walker which struck down the California Marriage Amendment. Here is a court decision stacked with evidence that is blatantly unscientific and biased. Here we have a single judge nullifying the votes of seven million Californians and redefining marriage in a single stroke.

With thirty-one states banning the practice with constitutional amendments, the other side has no real future—except to sound the retreat.

With 31 states banning same-sex “marriage,” who is spreading rumors that traditional marriage is a “lost cause?”

To sound the retreat? Yes, to spread the rumors that the traditional marriage cause is lost. With the Judge Walker decision, there are those who are saying there is an air of inevitability to the eventual destruction of marriage in America.

At the moment of our greatest victory, we are told that it is time to give up. Some “lions” of the right are beginning to make statements supporting civil unions or same-sex “marriage”—Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and even Glenn Beck are saying this most important matter is no longer that important and it is time to move on (click here). Practical political “strategists” are saying we need to court the tiny part of that two percent of the American population which is homosexual—even at the risk of losing a much greater percent of their normal political base.

And yet almost nothing has changed. There is still some 80 percent of Republicans that support marriage as a union of one man and one woman and 40 percent of Democrats share in the opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

Thus, we have to ask: Who is sounding the retreat?

Now is the time to sound the charge!

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Here we have a single judge nullifying the votes of seven million Californians and redefining marriage in a single stroke.

Judge Vaughn Walker has proven that the law is often an ass! His name needs to be etched in stone and constantly referred to as an example of overreaching evil!

1 posted on 09/21/2010 4:17:26 AM PDT by IbJensen
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To: IbJensen

Christine is leading this one I think.

2 posted on 09/21/2010 4:20:19 AM PDT by truthfreedom
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To: truthfreedom

The Playboy Pornographer

By Henry Makow PhD

In 2004, a woman revealed details of Hugh Hefner’s sex life.

If the Playboy founder is any indication, a life dedicated to porn and free sex leads to homosexuality and impotence. In old age, the playboy icon is a grotesque self-parody.

Hefner, 79, pays a bevy of whores $2000 a week to be his girlfriends and have sex with him every Wednesday and Friday. He uses Viagra and watches male gay porn to stay erect while as many as ten concubines mount him in succession. The other girls simulate lesbian sex to arouse him.

“He doesn’t really do anything,” says Jill Anne Spaulding, author of the book “Upstairs.” He just lies there with his Viagra erection. It’s just a fake erection, and each girl gets on top of him for two minutes while the girls in the background try to keep him excited. They’ll yell things like, “F-k her daddy, f-k her daddaddy!” There’s a lot of cheerleader going on!”

No one becomes a playmate without having intercourse with Hefner. The “girl next door” has become a whore; and Hefner’s arrested development is an epidemic.

Playboy was not a spontaneous phenomenon. It was social engineering designed to foster homosexuality and family breakdown. See my “Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution.” This is why Spaulding’s revelations got little publicity.


The “establishment” agenda is to destabilize and neuter us by encouraging homosexual behavior. They redefine “homosexual” as a “sexual preference” or “lifestyle choice” in order to entrap us. Never mind that the vast majority of homosexuals come from dysfunctional families or suffered sexual abuse as youths. Our reluctance to embrace homosexuality is considered “bigotry.”

In response, let’s take liberties with these definitions ourselves. Having the right mental paradigm is the key to healthy behavior.

Forget about what you normally think of gay or straight. Think of heterosexuality as monogamous and homosexuality as promiscuous.

Heterosexuality involves bonding permanently with a member of the opposite sex for love and usually procreation. It is participating in the natural life cycle, in the intrinsic meaning of life. Personal and societal health depends on heterosexuality.

Homosexuality is arrested development due to an inability to form a heterosexual bond. As a result, homosexuality is characterized by sex for its own sake (divorced from love or procreation.) In these terms society has become homosexual to a large degree due to social engineering e.g. “sexual revolution,” feminism.

A perceptive reader recently wrote: “If heterosexual sex outside of marriage is acceptable, if we eliminate the procreative aspect from sex, are heterosexuals any different from homosexuals in regards to the sexual activity?”

Exactly. I know these definitions are not “politically correct.” PC is propaganda, social engineering and mind control. PC is an old Communist Party (i.e. Illuminati) term.

I do not disparage gays. According to my definitions, the majority of homosexuals are “heterosexuals” like Hugh Hefner. And a small minority of homosexuals are monogamous and partake in heterosexuality.


Last year I wrote: “Throughout modern history Illuminati bankers have used “sexual liberation” to subvert society and establish their subtle tyranny. As Masonic revolutionary Guiseppe Mazzini said, “we corrupt in order to rule.”

The Illuminati bankers need to introduce “world government” to translate their unjust monopoly over credit into total world control.

They realized that they couldn’t take control until they destroyed the family. This was a main plank of the Communist Manifesto in 1848, along with the creation of a private central bank.

Every major “revolution” in modern history has increased Illuminati banker control and the sexual revolution is no exception. “

The Illuminati used Hugh Hefner’s “Playboy” to divorce sex from love. They own the major cartels and control the media through advertising.

The movies are even more effective in fostering homosexuality. Sex is something you do to your enemies.

Recently I saw “Dr. No” (1962) again. The fashionable James Bond has sex with a woman even after he realizes she is involved in an attempt ‘to kill him.’ After they have sex, Bond has her imprisoned.

In the movie “Munich” (2006), the Israeli assassins confront an attractive woman who killed their colleague. She bares herself and suggests her death would be “a waste of talent.” She shares our reality and thinks they would have sex with a woman they intend to kill.

Human beings are malleable and take their standards from movies. There is nothing so destructive to human society as the separation of sex and love. It reduces men to dogs, and women to fire hydrants.

The Illuminati wish to harness sex in the interests of hate. Love is the enemy of hate and must be destroyed.


According to our definition of homosexuality, (i.e. promiscuity outside of love and/or procreation), all pornography is gay. The porn consumer is engaged in a promiscuous masturbatory fantasy. He is not focused on marriage and progeny.

From what I have said, it should be clear that homosexuality is incompatible with heterosexuality, just as promiscuity is incompatible with monogamy. Gay activists admit their goal is to destroy heterosexuality.

Pornography is poisoning heterosexuality. There is a place for tasteful nudity as a stopgap while seeking marriage.

(See my “Managing the Male Sex Drive” )

But as you know, pornography has reached epidemic proportions. “Adult Video News” predicts revenue of $12.6 billion this year. The Internet has literally thousands of porn sites. TV and pop music increasingly are pornographic.

Pornography alters the way a man sees all women and girls. Many sites include girls as young as 14.

See “Erototoxin”

It alters the way young females think. Thousands engaged in the porn industry uncover what everyone has instead of cultivating what is increasingly rare and valuable: their femininity.

I hate to burst the bubble on a billion dollar industry: Young naked women are practically identical. They have the same equipment: Boobs and bush. Symmetrical faces. Do men need to see literally thousands of examples?

Don’t they get sick of it? Don’t they suffer from gynecologist’s fatigue? The plethora of breasts and splayed legs takes the meaning and wonder out of sex and causes impotence. Drugs prop up people who are running on empty.

(See “The Porn Pharma Complex”

Sexual attraction is mostly a function of a woman’s fertility. By undermining marriage and family, occult social engineers have turned a reproductive activity into a lifetime preoccupation and panacea, better to divert, degrade and control the masses.


We were not prepared for the attack on our humanity by “sexual liberation” and porn. We didn’t know our leadership has been subverted by the Illuminati.

Marriage and family are the essential building blocks of society. Family ensures that each new generation is properly nurtured and prepared for life. Most people receive values, purpose, identity and love from their family roles.

Heterosexuality provides life with profound meaning. There is no greater potential for love than marriage and parenthood. Raising a child is the supreme act of devotion and faith in God and is practiced and tested every day.

See also my “Confessions of a Survivor of the (Homo) Sexual Revolution”

An anti porn web site:


Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.

3 posted on 09/21/2010 4:30:17 AM PDT by cycle of discernment
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To: cycle of discernment

Wow, heckuva post. I had no idea about Hefner.

4 posted on 09/21/2010 4:41:17 AM PDT by November 2010
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To: cycle of discernment

Excellent information.

5 posted on 09/21/2010 4:57:36 AM PDT by MBB1984
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To: IbJensen
Here we have a single judge nullifying the votes of seven million Californians and redefining marriage in a single stroke.

Vaughn Walker ruled that a legally adopted Constitutional Amendment was unconstitutional.

I know, he used a bogus interpretation of the Fed 14th against the California State Constitution, but it makes better copy.

6 posted on 09/21/2010 5:01:47 AM PDT by Carry_Okie (The fourth estate IS the fifth column.)
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To: cycle of discernment

This might be crazy though.

I’ve read his stuff before, and it’s usually all full on conspiracy stuff, I think.

If you’re gonna do conspiracy, there are better places to go.

But I do like to read the conspiracy stuff when it’s on point, and this was on point, so good.

Christine paints a prettier picture. There are big holes in Makows argument. He seems to just jump from one thing to the next. The illuminati funded hefner. ok, that’s a pretty serious allegation, any evidence for any of that?
And Makow knows how much nudity is ok. Fine.

No, I’m buying in to what Christine has to say on this. Her story really does seem fit together. She really seems to have thought through “what is right” and why. I’d want to hear her opinion on how I should masturbate, things like that. She can talk about that with Sarah Palin maybe, on the Sarah Palin show on Fox. An Oprah style special, just talking about how everyone is attacking her. And she can talk about her feelings and heartbreak and loneliness and love and why the bad things are bad, and how people get hurt, and why gay is mental illness, and all the good stuff all tied together in the special way that is clearly there.

I’d like to hear what she thinks about transsexual men using the women’s room. How the Democrats are forcing businesses to allow that.

The D’s are sick. The people are not with them. The Republicans just stopped complaining. This stuff has gone way too far. Christine’ll take care of all this.

7 posted on 09/21/2010 5:15:25 AM PDT by truthfreedom
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To: IbJensen

In 1963, 65% of Californians approved Proposition 14, an amendment to their state constitution that PROTECTED racial discrimination in housing! The Supreme Court of California in 1966 and the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967 struck this down. Should they have been allowed to? Was that not “activist judges” nullifying the votes of millions??

8 posted on 11/16/2010 2:43:39 PM PST by greenpoint guy
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To: greenpoint guy

If you own rental property you should be allowed to rent to whomever you wish! The activist court did indeed nullify the wishes of the voters.

From your point of view it would appear that you’ve mistakenly posted on the wrong website.

Go marry a cow, but keep her out of church.

9 posted on 11/17/2010 5:54:30 AM PST by IbJensen (The Marine Corps - When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight.)
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