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Mike Stopa for US Congress (MA 3rd district)
Worcester Telegram and Gazette blog ^ | September 10, 2010 | Peter Cook

Posted on 09/10/2010 9:03:45 AM PDT by Peter from Rutland

I've had the opportunity to meet Mike Stopa personally on two occasions, once at my house and once at the Labor Day Parade in Marlborough (MA). Both times he was engaging, intelligent, willing to talk about the issues, will to answer the hard questions. He's intelligent, funny, and polite. He's not a career politician. He runs a clean campaign run by honorable people who do not insult those that question their candidate or disagree with them. Mike has held his own and then some in every debate I've heard him in, unlike Marty who stumbles around and repeats the same old tired lines. Lamb Chop plan? Yeah, good luck with that, Marty. Mike Stopa has my vote on Tuesday September 14th and I encourage you to vote for him too. Regardless of who wins the primary, once it is over everyone needs to regroup, suck it up and vote out Jim "I've never had a real job" McGovern. Like I told you at the parade, Jim. That will be your last labor day parade as congressman.

Now, let me address something else.

I recently wrote here about the history of Marty Lamb's political donations and voting record. I was quickly inundated with misinformation and outright insults, either from members of Marty's campaign staff or simply from his supporters. I was corrected in that Mr. Lamb was an un-enrolled Independent for 20 years according to someone by the name of "FactChecker". This may or may not be true but I did ask for a list of Republicans that Mr. Lamb has donated to and voted for. I never received one.

At that time I did not back any specific candidate for the 3rd district. My mind was open, I was simply questioning Mr. Lambs judgment and GOP qualifications. Well, I didn't know what I was in for.

We are told that Marty Lamb is the one in the 3rd congressional race that has created jobs. News flash for Marty, congress critters do not create jobs, business owners create jobs! The only jobs government has ever created were public sector jobs with fat salaries and fat pensions. Show of hands for all the people in the private sector that have a pension! (crickets chirping).

Mr. "FactChecker" says that Mike Stopa supports a graduated income tax. Oh my Gosh! Someone call the FBI! The horror! A graduated income tax is fair. A flat tax is not. Should someone earning $1,000,000 a year pay the same tax rate as someone that earns $10,000? Is that REALLY fair? A flat tax has ZERO chance of getting enacted. Period.

This internet troll also threw around some accusations such as, Mr. Stopa said that the spill in the gulf was a "drop in the bucket-basically no big deal" according to our troll. I never heard this the spill in the gulf was certainly over blown by the mass media. Fishing has been reopened and the fish being caught are passing FDA testing. Microbes are eating the oil at an amazing rate. It was overblown by the MSM and everyone knows it.

Our internet troll also stated that Mike Stopa has not file his FEC disclosures. This is a blatant lie. Our internet troll also stated that "his campaign literature and lawn signs violate FEC rules." This is also a blatant lie. Since I have a Mike Stopa sign in front of my house I looked up the rules on their web site. There is no violation I can find. Then I called the FEC and asked them specifically what rules he has violated. The answer was none, zero, nada.

In a Worcester Magazine article Mike said, "How can someone who is not a scientist understand what is going on in the community?" and "It is a highly educated work force and a conglomerate of high-tech businesses ... the character of the district calls for technical insight." You know what? I agree with him. What Mike was saying is that we need intelligent people in government. We don't need mental neanderthals like Sheila Jackson Lee, Alan Grayson, and true intellectual giants of the past like Ted "I wanted to work with the KGB to defeat Reagan" Kennedy and Tom "Marty gave me money" Daschle. We need people who have a good education, that understand how to read and research issues, and that can think on their feet instead of their posterior. Mike, I agree with you. We don't need people in government who think the CIA was behind the crack problem in the inner cities or tells the American public that Republicans want old people to eat dog food and want to starve babies.

Another troll by the name of "Olive Oil" pipes in, "Mr. Stopa,… Your petty, 3 year old style ranting is bothersome to the voters of the 3rd district. Isn't this the type of political fighting that you should save up for the Democrat?" She goes on to call Mr. Stopa's campaign under handed and dirty. First of all who is the ranting three year old here? The one throwing around the insults, that's who. Democrats are the only ones who seem to insult people when debating, play dirty and steal lawn signs. Something the Lamb campaign seems to do on a regular basis. Let's see if you can debate the issues instead of sling mud. I'll tell you what, it ain't happening because Marty's campaign is not capable of it and shows absolutely no interest in reigning these lunatics in.

And let's face it, when Marty was asked by Howie Carr about his past donations and voting record he stumbled all over the place and dodged the issue to the point where Howie had to tell him to speak up and answer the question. It was painful to listen to. This man has something to hide. The fact that anyone who brings it up is attacked on-line and anywhere else proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Democrat straw candidate in drag. None of these internet trolls will reveal their true names. Here are the facts. Marty Lamb contributed $500 to Ed Markey, $500 to Tom Daschle and $500 to Martin Frost, all in 2004. He has refused to name any Republicans he has voted for or donated to. Period. End of story. Come on Marty, name one Republican you donated to. Name one Republican you voted for.

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1 posted on 09/10/2010 9:03:46 AM PDT by Peter from Rutland
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To: Peter from Rutland

First off, ask Scott Brown who won him the was the INDEPENDENT/UNENROLLED voter. I don’t know where you guys blog from, but this ain’t Texas. The MAJORITY of American voters are waking up for the first time and repenting for past transgressions. Marty Lamb, from what I’ve heard and seen of him, is a small business owner who has been politically aware for YEARS as he knows it is his duty to participate in the civics process in order to protect his family and business. The behavior of Washington as of late has woken him up (as it has MANY of us). He, therefore, has gotten back to basics. He repented and picked up the Constitution. He studies the Founders and their principles and wholeheartedly longs to get DC off the American taxpayer’s back. He represents the average MA voter and has no aspirations of becoming a career politician. This race is not about who is “republican” enough, as MA doesn’t care about that. This is about who cares enough.
Marty has been endorsed by some big conservative names who wouldn’t throw their support to just anyone. He has earned his stripes.
It is worth noting that Michael Stopa NEVER voted before 2006. So, what does it matter how Marty voted and donated before 2004? It seems suspect that we’d chastise a man who has always participated in the American process rather than honestly questioning the intentions of a man like Stopa who never cared before.

2 posted on 09/10/2010 11:06:53 AM PDT by Brian Tyler
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To: Brian Tyler

Then let Marty answer the question.


3 posted on 09/10/2010 11:23:09 AM PDT by Peter from Rutland
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To: Peter from Rutland

“It is worth noting the Michael Stopa NEVER voted before 2006.”

This is simply a lie.

I cast my first vote in 1976 and have been voting regularly, in Connecticut, in Massachusetts and in Maryland ever since then.

4 posted on 09/10/2010 8:07:16 PM PDT by Michael Stopa (response)
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To: Peter from Rutland

Marty and his wife held a fundraiser meet and great for Scott Brown at their home before he won re-election. He also donated. Mr. Lamb also donated to Richard Roll, too. There are so many R’t that got money.

5 posted on 09/10/2010 9:15:21 PM PDT by HarryandLouise
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To: HarryandLouise

Yes, we were at the Scott Brown event at their home in Holliston, and Marty donated money to Scott. Also, he donated money to Richard Ross...we were working on that state senate special election. Marty was also on Scott Brown’s finance committee to raise money for him.

Marty has donated money to Republicans, set up Meet and Greet fundraiser for Republicans, and helped raise money for Republicans being on the Finance Committee.

6 posted on 09/10/2010 10:30:34 PM PDT by HarryandLouise
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To: Michael Stopa

From what I understand, Mr. Stopa did not vote for all the years while living abroad in Japan.

7 posted on 09/10/2010 10:33:38 PM PDT by HarryandLouise
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To: HarryandLouise

We’ve been told by voters with Lamb signs at their home that Mr. Stopa has come to their door and told them that Marty was a Democrat for 20 years. That’s a lie. Marty was an independent for over 20 years first before being a Republican.

8 posted on 09/10/2010 11:06:31 PM PDT by HarryandLouise
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