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To: All
Congressional State Thread Plan

What we are asking for are volunteers from each state message board to start the Congressional State threads since you are the ones who know what is going on locally to you. That is the beauty of FR. Each state has members listed by state and someone needs to manage all the threads. Since so many are already discussing these things, it shouldn't be difficult to get a few people to step up. I spent the better part of a year on the PA message board and was amazed at the level of savvy political discourse taking place there.

The introduction is just that, and introduction to the project and a request to the state boards to get involved. FR has excellent "diggers" so that should not be a problem either. The whole premise is an outreach program so I expect many new signups from the TPs as well since this will be the most comprehensive clearinghouse of candidates anywhere on the web.

This is an eminently possible project and can work, but I am saying to you all, once we spell it out, we can't be chasing you guys with a stick. You have to do this on your own.

The Patriot Presence, (Tea Party Affiliates, etc.) can also be added to the main thread via links and the specifics can be distributed by the state threads.

What we are aiming for is to use the main thread as a step by step guide to what has to be done, then turn YOU Freepers loose to do it. Trying to micromanage every detail is a job for Hercules and I ain't him.

It is not our intent to micromanage this. In my experience Freepers don't appreciate being treated like children. Point you guys in the right direction and I know you will come thru.

There is already enough detail. I expect there will be ideas from you as well, and YOU know YOUR states.

Let's DO it!

2 posted on 01/08/2010 6:20:45 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: All
Abridged Version of How to Get Your Country Back

Never in history have so few, pushed around so many, so easily. If 1/3 of all Americans push a trifle, we win.

Set aside $4 a year for national congressional, senatorial, and presidential candidates that only vote for Constitutional spending, who will slash or grandfather out every unconstitutional spending program since Teddy Roosevelt, and will boldly oppose Senator Treason, Congressman Hairdo, and President Big-Spender. DO NOT send it to the Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee! They have, and will, betray us.

Set aside 12 hours a year to “Community Organize” with other members of your congressional district. Register anonymously at Free Republic and work with those you meet in your state thread at FR Profiles/Locales to affect the culture with your faithful, loving presence, which easily neuters the continuous treasonous media lie that Christians and Conservatives are evil.
Whether you are on taking on the position of Precinct Committeeman, or being an election judge on election day, or debating and defeating Leftists on the Internet, or you are visiting schools to tell them about the Constitution, the Bible, or US History, or making sure vote counting is honest on election day, present and future Americans need you active. They need you in action, doing, being there, affecting the culture.

Commit to registering to vote, and voting for Constitution honoring national candidates in the 2010 and 2012 elections. No matter the outcome in 2010, we will field a brand new crop of regular Taxpayer Patriots for every Congressional seat in 2012.

Call, mail, or email two acquaintances/friends/relatives, and ask them to promise on their sacred honor they will secure the commitment of two new people within one week to do items 1 through 4 of this very list. If necessary, train them on how to use FREE REPUBLIC over the phone. This will reach well more than 268 million Americans by July 17, 2010.

Long Version of How to Get Your Country Back: Part 1

Greetings to the brave and the strong Tea Party Patriots in the occupied United States of America.

Evil does not cover the land completely, but it exerts full control over
Public Schools

What do we call this evil? Whether it is …
Who is behind it?

Does it really matter anymore? We KNOW it isn't us!

Nor do we really care. As we watch the smiling faces of the elites, hear their lies, Fascism identical to Adolf Hitler’s grows unchecked in our midst. Their plan is in full swing.

Whichever party is in power, it:
1. wastefully spends on money losers like the U.S. Postal Service, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the War on Poverty (quagmire), AMTRAK, the Department of Energy (we’re still dependent on foreign oil, quagmire), Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (it stinks, quagmire), and the latest fiscal catastrophe, Cash for Clunkers, (still unpaid for.) And now our tax dollars are going to fund abortions overseas;
2. leaves the borders open for illegal aliens to steal jobs, receive government health care and food stamps, and steal social security numbers causing identify theft fiascos;
3. imports Muslims faster than we can assimilate them, many on the public dole;
4. refuses to drill for oil, refuses to build nuclear plants, refuses to build oil refineries, and presumes to tell us what we can and cannot do on our own property which WE bought and paid for;
5. leaves vast stretches of land unused, driving up housing prices, and food prices leaving many to to become utterly dependent on government just to exist
6. lets lawyers drive up the price of everything;
7. abandons our friends in Israel to their enemies;
8. hates a free people who are armed;
9. lets babies die in the womb at a rate of a million a year, at a cost of hundreds of trillions of dollars in lost productivity down the road, not to mention lost potential for ideas and discoveries not yet seen;
10. wants to watch us more and more, under the guise of "protecting" our security;
11. uses schools to indoctrinate into the false religion of Secular Humanism, while honoring Islam, and trashing our Judeo-Christian roots;
12. devalues our currency with debt, causing inflation for us, and making hard assets built with blood and sacrifice, cheap for foreigners to buy (treason.)

Never in history have so few, pushed around so many, so easily.

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence (Big Government Spending), the money of their constituents.” - James Madison

So who are we?
Tea Party Patriots?Br> Minutemen?
The Rebel Alliance?
Zion, The Last City?
Elves, Dwarves, and Eagles?

More than 200 years ago, 1/3 of the colonists dragged the 1/3 who loved their tea and slavery under England, and the 1/3 who didn’t care, to liberty. It’s been done before.

If the Lord wills, we can do all the following ...

Action Fronts: Treasonous Media and Private Institutions: Three part strategy

Take down every leftist newspaper in every major city starting with the New York Times on down by staging a door-to-door campaign where we present the “top 10 squelched stories” of each of the past 10 years. Print out flyers to distribute and knock on doors. If they don't answer, put them in mailboxes and on car windshields.
(This includes HOMETOWN newspapers.)
TALK face to face with as many people as you can!
Then point them to free Internet news sources. If you are part of an organized group with a budget, perhaps even assisting them in the purchase of a computer with internet service.
Canceling their newspaper, Newsweek, or Time subscription by phone, on the spot, is the goal.
The left cannot be allowed to call us “Nazis” with impunity. We must link gun control, public school indoctrination, health care, state ownership with the identical agenda of the Nazis of WWII. We cannot let them lie successfully, until it becomes true in the eyes of young people, given our relative silence.
“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

Those who are able, organize investors to buy a major Hollywood studio, one of the failing cable news channels, start a polling company, and a wireless carrier. Thus at the least they will stop being openly treasonous, and start being pro-America, pro-Values, and pro-GOD.

Non-leftist alternatives for Google, AMA, AARP, NAACP, etc, need to be identified and promoted on a national level. These leftist plants need to be exposed, and pulled to the ground ASAP. They have all back-stabbed us at one time or another.

Election Strategy:

Become a Precinct Committeeman. This is key. THIS PRECINCT ALLIANCE is where.

Have patriots occupying polling places on election day, with more patriots with video-cameras, with other patriots at ready to respond properly to threats of force. No more “recounts” until evil wins. We know how to man polling places, and “we are not ignorant of [the] devices” used to rig elections.

Have patriots making sure Iowa caucuses do not get rigged.

Take over every school-board with Tea Party Candidates to restore sanity to our public schools. The lack of Arabic speakers constricts our ability to intercept and translate Islamic murderer messages. We need to get rid of all the useless French/Latin teachers, and teach Arabic and Farsi instead.
We also need martial arts lessons for the honor students so the riffraff can't intimidate the smart kids.
In parallel, we need campaigns for school choice vouchers for elementary, middle, and high school.
Admittance to a state university also means the state will pay what they would have spent, towards any private university, trade school, or Judeo-Christian seminary.
Involved parties can promote awareness that the country had no school shootings until the Bible/GOD was banned from schools in 1963.
School attendance should be a gift, and not compulsory, so we only spend money on students that want to learn. Thus, gangster-larvae who hold everyone back, are free to go. Spend the savings on voluntary night school, and local policing.
Home-schooling can be promoted from the inside, and refunds made to home-schoolers. There’s a master plan in all this, aching to be worked out.

Someone needs to read and summarize “Teach Your Child How To Think” by Edward De Bono, Welcome to Edward de Bono's authorised web-site! and post the summary on the web. The summary must be of such quality and brevity, that it can be printed on a duplex printer, and handed out, anywhere. If schools don’t touch on the subject of how to think, then “Yes We Can.”

Organized Push Back

Families of martyrs like Ramos & Compean, and everyone else who stands up to tyranny need to be taken care of. Their families, and other families with men/women of honor, must be taken care of so long as our government operates treasonously, against the national interest in the name of Political Correctness.

Organize a network of patriotic lawyers to divvy up the next 5000+ page legislation that comes out, to annotate and summarize in parallel. 100 lawyers, at 10 pages per lawyer should mean anything could be digested and responded to within two days. The list of lawyers already committed to fighting the ACLU is an excellent start.
They would then recruit more colleagues.

We need 52 teams of comedy writers, and sketch comedy teams with cameras and editing skill, to spoof stupidity per VERITAS VISUALS
The finished product would be uploaded somewhere other than youtube who censors to protect the sensitive left. Perhaps to POPMODAL or similar sites of Conservative choice.
Since there is so much material worth mocking, there should be plenty of work, especially these days. Once we have our own movie company, the best Conservative actors would be 1st in line to be in movies.

We need a new civil rights awareness organization, or perhaps a reorganization of the ones that exist, that condemn ALL crimes white on black, and black on white or "other" including crimes by homosexuals which the MSM do their best to cover up.

How can we have respect for “La Raza” (translation to English, “The Race”, which when looking back to 1940s Germany calling themselves “The Race” is racist, yet it is somehow OK for racist Hispanics to now say it), or for the NAACP which we might respect if they stepped up to bat when ANY travesty happened, and not just one against the color they favor. If all it did was name itself, and be outraged at all evil, regardless of color, it would have credibility.

New Counter-Culture

Actively help recruit present and former law enforcement, military, national guard, and Secret Service to be loyal to the Constitution of the United States, and it’s people, not the Federal Government.

Create and maintain a “Hall of Honor” where people like Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Katy Abram, Kenneth Gladney, James O’Keefe, and Hannah Giles, and Ramos & Compean are properly enshrined as the very best produced by this country outside of the military. They have earned their honor for speaking truth to power, standing up to thugs, and thus sacrificing privacy, and personal security for truth and freedom. We need to have legal defense funds ready for them. We can’t let Tea Party Heroes think for a moment that they are alone.

Plant a vibrant counter-culture in front of or in every major university, high school, grade school, government building, busy street corner, and freeway on and off ramps, if they don’t exist already. Many excellent ideas for pro-freedom posters exist.

Talented Christians and conservatives should have full speaking schedules on college campuses.
Pictures of aborted babies, (where possible,) and video of unborn babies acting like babies, are far more powerful than anything you can say.
TRUTH is “sharper than a two-edged sword.” We cannot let our kids get fully indoctrinated with lies, and then risk having them err amidst the shock of hearing the truth for the first time, when we finally get around to reaching them.
Most, by then, would rather hold to a lie, than admit they were duped at the most vulnerable time of their lives by the undesirables we should have protected them from. This is the snare of pride, which they are particularly vulnerable to given the lack of sound Biblical, Constitutional, and/or moral, GOD based instruction so they will KNOW that "endowed by Our Creator" means something greater than submission to the State.

Due to out of control, de-facto lying by the left sanctioned by the evil ‘By any means necessary’ meme, we need to get this out:
“Does ‘By any means necessary’ include lying and cheating?”

“By any means necessary” could also be placed alongside, “Cursed [be] he that does the work of the LORD deceitfully” of Jeremiah 48:10.
Alternatively, “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” — Adolf Hitler

Affirmative action will wither if challenged. “Content of our character” and hard numbers of GPA and standardized test scores is how things are done. Deuteronomy 25:15 said it 3000 years ago. Obama’s election proves we don’t judge by skin color.
Selected minorities, usually black and Hispanic, are not stupid, like the proponents of affirmative action think, nor are they chattel to be controlled by race pimps who seek to keep them poor and uneducated for self-enrichment at their expense.

Publicize tax cuts as the global investment attracting, job creating powerhouse they are. Vigorously protest every proposed tax increase as fascist and criminal theft, and be “pro” investing in families, private business, and jobs.

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. - Vladimir Lenin

Raise awareness that “anchor babies” of illegal aliens are not citizens, nor taxpayers, nor assimilating, and we don’t need that failed culture infecting ours. The issue of whether cheap labor makes America great should have been settled by the Civil War.

We need a Constitutional Amendment to restrict voting to people that have paid taxes for 5 years. They also must show a VALID passport and/or driver’s license/photo ID and social security #, just like getting a legal job. No whining!

Strive to kill every new government program since Woodrow Wilson. This country got along great 100 years without them. Grandfather out Social Security and Medicare for those who depend on them and allow for UNTAXED medical accounts and private retirement accounts.
No more politicians stealing from them and taxpayers to get votes. THEN we kill the IRS and income tax, and have a national sales tax. NO deductions from paychecks unless the employee specifically wishes to set aside monies for retirement or medical expenses to private accounts.
Thus, everybody pays, including illegals until we eject them, and the super-rich George Soros types. Nobody loses.

Federal workers make on average double what workers make in the private sector do, while working only 8 hours a day. This is the new enslavement of the nonunionized private sector.
Therefore ALL federal salaries drop to 2/3 their present amount. Pensions are based on the new amount. This means a federal salary of $120,000 a year made for pushing paper 8 hours a day, drops to $40,000.
No more automatic raises for "public servants." Ordinary office workers are expected to perform well in small cubicles. So should Congress and their aides. No freebies to Congress. No more free lunch.

Strike down all usury laws. Usury is evil. It is part the new slavery, and it artificially inflates the price of everything, especially houses. Notice how housing values jumped when interest rates fell to the floor in early 2002.

All soldiers and national guardsmen disabled or maimed in combat get world class medical care for life, and a pension to support wife and child. Cut the red tape. Just do it!

In the good old days, a murder, rape, or molestation conviction brought a death penalty coupled with an altar call to repent. The death penalty would be carried out in 10 days.
Jaycee Dugard would never have been kidnapped and held for 18 years had her captor been properly executed for his previous crime.
There are cases where killings have been ordered from behind bars. Call John & Ken of KFI 640 radio, and they will tell you at least one case.
It costs billions to house them for life, and we don’t have the money, and we don’t want them released. The endless appeals are the problem.
Again, cut the endless lawyering out of the loop. ONE appeal within 30 days to the presiding court if convicted and sentenced. One appeal within 30 days to a higher court if appeal is denied. One appeal within 30 days to the Supreme Court if denial is upheld. Then execution within TEN days. NO further appeals.
IF at some later date, the prosecution is found to have used perjured testimony and KNEW it, or wilfully and maliciously falsified evidence, that prosecutor has committed premeditated murder and should ALSO receive the death penalty. Anyone aiding and abetting a premeditated murder should receive the same sentence.
This should be STRICTLY enforced as a deterrent. Then I doubt there will be many left tempted to try it again.

Given that Britain’s mass immigration of Muslims is a deliberate attempt to destroy the British culture, we can only assume Muslim immigration to the USA is of a similar motive. We must fight this also on many fronts:
1) don’t allow them in
2) don’t allow Mosques to be built
3) protest Mosques that exist 4) evangelize Muslims already here
5) Stick up for locals that Muslims try to buffalo or intimidate
6) Make sure Muslim converts have a place to discreetly flee to.
7) They’ve already started on this in England.

No more “rules of engagement” for our troops that force them to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. We need to bring back carpet/fire bombing, and give them tactical nukes, or bring the boys home. If the lives of Nazi Citizens was deemed worthy of firebombing, so are Muslim terrorist collaborators.

Health care reform done better. Let Doctors and private insurance companies settle it in the private sector. Government has no role to play in healthcare.

Police should be a conspicuous presence preventing crime in neighborhoods. Heavy presence where needed. Lower, but still conspicuous in low crime areas. And they should be paid well for it. Hazard duty pay where applicable. They should NEVER be allowed to strike.
No union in any public sector that serves the People should be allowed to strike.
This includes firemen, EMTs, and teachers, et al.

Someone needs to gather all the disparate groups that are pro-freedom, anti- tax, pro limited government, pro-immigration enforcement, and pro-common sense, and get their web-sites to link to one another. Help them organize to work with one another.
Perhaps the same people can also organize those who have fled Communist and Islamic hell holes whether they are Jewish, Christian, Black, Brown, Asian, or Atheist. This is their “last stand” as well.

Get rid of all “Open Primary” laws. We neither need nor want leftists picking our candidates for us, therefore giving us a moderate-leftist, and a hard-leftist to choose from for President in 2008.

BAN Pornography. To people who say “you can’t legislate morality”, point them to the nearest stoplight or speeding limit. China has banned porn, so leftists shouldn’t have a problem with banning it’s production, unless they are hypocrites determined to ruin this country and then declare in bad faith, “Capitalism does not work!” We import our oil, we can import our porn and make it very pricey.
Child Pornography should not be tolerated EVER, and anyone who has it or does it should go to jail. Do NOT pass go. the sentence should be mandatory and harsh.
(Author's comment:) "I’m sick of porn stars and brainless porn producers getting rich off the misery and desperation of others. Let them clean toilets, or get an education, or a real job."
I know I forgot some stuff, including all the races for state, and local office, but these things have already been addressed.
The elites fear the possibility of us organizing through the Internet. Like minded Tea Party members can meet, and organize, and win. Now on to the HOW!

4 posted on 01/08/2010 6:22:20 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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