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John McCain is an Outright Liar! (Time for some Real Straight Talk)
Canada Free Press ^ | January 30, 2008 | JB Williams

Posted on 01/30/2008 8:49:50 PM PST by PlainOleAmerican

Republicans had better rush to come to grips with the reality that all of our smart options for the 2008 election cycle are already off the table. Unlike past elections, Republicans actually had two very strong conservatives to unite behind in the 2008 primaries, Thompson and Hunter, and they failed to unite behind either of them.

The time to stand up for a true traditional conservative Republican has passed. The chance to do something smart no longer exists. Now we have one last shot and less than one week to do something that is at least half-smart.

John McCain is an Outright Liar

It is no less than Clintonesque to listen to John “amnesty” McCain call himself “the official new leader of the conservative movement in America.”

McCain is not being nominated by conservatives. He is being nominated by liberal Independents in open primaries and liberal RINOs in closed primaries. He has very little support among conservatives and he can’t win in November as a result.

But more importantly, on the issues facing our nation today, John McCain is no more conservative or Republican than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. In fact, after more than three decades in Washington DC, his friends are not Washington conservatives, but Washington liberals like Clinton, Obama, Kennedy, Lieberman, Graham and Martinez.

Bold Faced Lying on the Issues

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: 1Old Pro

You bet!

That’s the plan. The DNC had to have a divided conservative electorate to win and McCain is the man for that job, just as Rudy would have been. Together now, the fix is in.

The only way to derail the DNC/MSM fix is to derail McCain.

81 posted on 01/31/2008 9:34:09 AM PST by PlainOleAmerican
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To: redgirlinabluestate
Fellow Mitt supporter wrote this. It's good.

Can the American People Beat McCain?


Who can beat the Endorsement of New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the liberal MSM who endorse McCain?

Who can beat someone like McCain who was endorsed by “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani, endorsed by Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger, Joe Lieberman, Crist and Martinez, and almost all of the Democrat or liberal-leaning people in America?

Who can beat him, when Huckabee -- a nuisance candidate who will take voters from Mitt Romney -- refuses to quit the race to ensure a win for McCain?

In the words of Michael Gramm of National Review’s “The Corner”:

“So it is over. Finished. In November, we'll be sending out our most liberal, least trustworthy candidate to take on Hillary Clinton—perhaps not more liberal than Barack Obama, but certainly far less trustworthy.”

“The worst part for the Right is that McCain will have won the nomination while ignoring, insulting and, as of this weekend, shamelessly lying about conservatives and conservatism.

“You think he supported amnesty six months ago? You think he was squishy on tax cuts and judicial nominees before? Wait until he has the power to anger every conservative in America, and feel good about it.

“Every day, he dreams of a world filled with happy Democrats and insulted Republicans. And he is, thanks to Florida, the presidential nominee of the Republican Party.”

I have heard from and received emails from several people -- some Republican, some conservatives -- young and mature people, some adept in politics and some just read the news or watched it. But I am surprised, when they admitted, if McCain will win the nomination, they will vote for Obama. Even my wife is considering voting for Obama if McCain gets nominated.

When the National Review endorsed Governor Romney, they were correct when they declared ""[Giuliani] and Mike Huckabee would pull apart the coalition from opposite ends: Giuliani alienating the social conservatives, and Huckabee the economic (and foreign-policy) conservatives" and McCain, all of the conservatives.

Who can stop him? Who can beat him? Hillary Clinton will, and most importantly and most decisively, Obama will, on first account, his age; he is too old to be President. Second are his principles.

I still and hope and believe he can be stopped – not for Mitt Romney. The Governor is too kind and too decent engage McCain, or anyone like McCain, in dirty games.

In the long run, it is “We, the People” who can beat McCain. They can stop him from being President, who will take America down the path of recession, war, division and degeneration.

I am not making prophecy here, I am telling the truth. Mitt Romney is the instrument for Americans as their alternative choice, not perfect but a teachable man, a person who worked hard and gained riches (the American Dream!), yet humble enough to consider those who are unfortunate; a leader who leads by words and examples; a father who loves his sons as a loving American; a husband devoted to and who loves his wife just like every husband in America should. Mitt Romney is an ordinary American who lives an extraordinary life, and who dreams to share that extraordinary life with his fellow Americans.

Americans are the freest people on earth. And if you want to see, feel, hear and see the difference, spend some time in Saudi Arabia, and you’ll wish you’d never left the United States of America.

Use your freedom wisely. Vote for freedom. Vote for Mitt. Romney.

82 posted on 01/31/2008 9:35:15 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: ExTexasRedhead

McCain will never get my vote either. I’m sorry but that is a message I need to send to the RNC, etc. I would rather vote for Hitlary than McCain, have the country go down the toilet and then, maybe then... we can get a Republican candidate that will truly represent conservative values.

Sad, very sad. I will see who the Independent candidates will be and perhaps choose from there.

83 posted on 01/31/2008 9:36:09 AM PST by myrabach
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To: Bigun

Mitt has to step it up now!

He can use hard FACTS. He doesn’t need personal attacks. If he hits McStain hard on the FACTS, lil’ John will light up like a Christmas tree and the lil’ tyrant will expose himself.

84 posted on 01/31/2008 9:41:03 AM PST by PlainOleAmerican
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To: redgirlinabluestate
>>>>>There are no lies.

Romney lies and you RomneyMites lie --- about everything. The choices left to conservatives are rotten and that has left some Republicans running scared, thinking Willard is the answer. Willard is actually part of the problem.

>>>>>If you don't vote for Mitt it is effectively a vote for McCain's nomination.

BULL! There is no effective difference between Willard and JohnnyMac. Neither man represents conservatism and both would lead the GOP in leftward fashion, much like Bush43 has.

A vote for Romney is a vote for moderatism and liberalism.

A vote for McCain is a vote for moderatism and liberalism.

Both candidates need to be kicked to the gutter. ASAP!

85 posted on 01/31/2008 9:52:25 AM PST by Reagan Man (FUHGETTABOUTIT Willard, conservatives don't vote for liberals. GO NOBODY!)
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To: Resolute Conservative
“I’d rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we’ll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.”
- Ann Coulter
86 posted on 01/31/2008 10:01:31 AM PST by COBOL2Java (Senator McCain is a great American, a lousy senator and a terrible Republican.)
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To: Reagan Man
You either have reading comprehension issues or you are blinded by something else. Nonetheless, your arrogance and false bravado live on. My mistake. I forgot you know better than every other conservative - even these guys:
87 posted on 01/31/2008 10:02:33 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: Just mythoughts
> Anybody who has ever listened to Rush won’t need him to say vote for this, that, or the other.

I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I really have a hard time listing to Rush. I heard him and he was refreshing in the early 90s, but he is conservativism 101. He has no big ideas nor original ones. If you’re new to politics, then he’s the best guy one could listen to, but after a cursory education, you have to move on.

I much prefer Walter Williams or even better Sowell to rush when they fill in.

And we’re not talking about his tireless self-agrandizing. Sure, it’s an acknowledged shtik, but holy moly, it gets old. Real old.

So, for those of us who don’t hang on his every word and don’t listen to his show every day, it would be really helpful if he said at some point, “I’m supporting for Candidate X because he is the best candidate for these reasons:...”

88 posted on 01/31/2008 10:07:04 AM PST by Rate_Determining_Step (It's in the Koran! Submit or Die)
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To: COBOL2Java


89 posted on 01/31/2008 10:10:34 AM PST by Resolute Conservative
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To: redgirlinabluestate
WOW! More lies and more personal attacks. Coming from a liberal-RomneyMite, I wear it as a badge of courage!

Now some more truth about Willard the Myth.

Back in 2005, Romney was calling the McCain-Kennedy-Bush comprehensive immigration reform package that included amnesty, "reasonable proposals". Since that time Romney has unbelievably morphed into a Tancredo clone. In 1994 Romney was trying to run to the left of Fat Ted Kennedy on the abortion issue. He says he had an epiphany in 2005 and now calls himself pro-life. His continued support for the federal assault weapons ban is an outrage. When he said he was a lifetime hunter and supported the NRA his entire life, that was BS. He joined the NRA in 2006! LOL And lets not forget his advancing gay rights while leading a liberal state that has elected Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, election cycle after election cycle, decade after decade.

Romney's only real accomplishment as Governor of Massachusetts was to propose the first ever statewide health care program in America. Romney wants the federal government to take over 1/7th of the US economy by shoving a version of his RomneyCare down the throats of the American people. Mandates, subsidies and regulations aren't what the US health care system needs. That is the first step on the road to socialized medicine.

Romney has a lousy track record on most issues. An unconservative track record. People like you who have chosen to blindly follow him, are engaging in a cult following. Nothing conservative or constitutional about cultism.

90 posted on 01/31/2008 10:13:29 AM PST by Reagan Man (FUHGETTABOUTIT Willard, conservatives don't vote for liberals. GO NOBODY!)
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To: Reagan Man

Keep it up. Good job. McCain, Hillary and Obama thank you.

91 posted on 01/31/2008 10:26:27 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: redgirlinabluestate

You’re posts are without substance.

I oppose Romney, McCain, Huckabee, Obama and Hillary.

Not a conservative in the bunch.

No thanks!

92 posted on 01/31/2008 10:29:29 AM PST by Reagan Man (FUHGETTABOUTIT Willard, conservatives don't vote for liberals. GO NOBODY!)
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To: Reagan Man

As Ann Coulter has repeatedly said about Romney, “I don’t care if someone flip-flops as long as they flop my way.”

93 posted on 01/31/2008 10:31:03 AM PST by Deb (Beat him, strip him and bring him to my tent!)
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To: Deb

Frankly, Ann Coulter has her head firmly up her own wazoo. Ann Coulter cares about whats best for Ann Coulter’s career. Nothing more, nothing less.

94 posted on 01/31/2008 10:33:56 AM PST by Reagan Man (FUHGETTABOUTIT Willard, conservatives don't vote for liberals. GO NOBODY!)
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To: Reagan Man
Oh, I didn’t realize that. Thanks. That must be why she (as I) campaigned for Duncan Hunter.
95 posted on 01/31/2008 10:38:09 AM PST by Deb (Beat him, strip him and bring him to my tent!)
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To: Reagan Man

Your posts are so full of....substance and John, Hillary and Barack thank you. Let’s leave it at that.

96 posted on 01/31/2008 10:39:04 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: Deb

Don’t argue! He knows best. ;-)

97 posted on 01/31/2008 10:40:10 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: redgirlinabluestate

You’re right...let’s go shopping!

98 posted on 01/31/2008 10:43:50 AM PST by Deb (Beat him, strip him and bring him to my tent!)
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To: Deb

I’m with you!

99 posted on 01/31/2008 10:47:50 AM PST by redgirlinabluestate (Unite 4 Mitt --- Stop McCain)
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To: redgirlinabluestate
I don’t think the Reagan coalition is dead, but it is not as strong as it once was either.

Look, all points given I want Mitt to succeed, I really do, and while his Conservative bonafides leave me a little disheartened, I think he will at least make an effort for the cause.

But that is not the issue.

The problem is not the centers of the base but the sides. There are many core conservatives and many evangelical/religious voters, especially in the South, that will not vote for Romney ether because of his weak Conservative credentials or because of his religion. These folks will stay at home.

When it comes to his religion, well I have already been called a bigot on that today, which is funny as hell since I went out of the way to make it clear that was never a factor for me, but reality is reality. Huck is doing well in Alabama, Georgia and the like because of it, and Mitt’s weak numbers in Florida were in part due to that factor as well.

The core Conservatives will also stay home because his Record, not his rhetoric, is weak on those things they value.

Now what numbers are we looking at, maybe 4-8% of the normal base, the ones who elected GWB both times. Take 4-8% out of the 2000 and 2004 elections and we would have lost.

So this has nothing to do with moderates, and very little to do with Reagan Democrats, who to be honest will be a problem for us if it is Obama, but not if it is Hillary. Mitt can appeal to those if he is in the General, but they were with us in 2000 and 2006 also for the most part. This has everything to do with key voting blocks that are normally slam dunks for these candidates.

100 posted on 01/31/2008 10:49:31 AM PST by ejonesie22 (Haley Barbour 2012, Because he has experience in Disaster Recovery.)
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