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US Supplies Fatah With Arms, Rice Decries "Occupation" ^ | 22:00 Oct 12, '06 / 20 Tishrei 5767 | Ezra HaLevi & Hana Levi Julian

Posted on 10/12/2006 2:46:34 PM PDT by Esther Ruth

US Supplies Fatah With Arms, Rice Decries "Occupation"

by Ezra HaLevi & Hana Levi Julian

The Fatah faction received a new shipment of arms Thursday as part of a Western aid package to bolster forces loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

Fatah is the political party which PLO chairman Yassir Arafat headed. The Al-Aksa Brigades terror group operates under its authority.

Thousands of M-16 assault rifles, made in the U.S., were delivered to Fatah forces in Judea and Samaria as part of the effort to strengthen Abbas's position in opposition to Hamas leader and PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

According to PA security sources quoted by the Middle East Newsline (MENL), "The weapons are meant for PA forces but they end up with Fatah in the war against Hamas." The deal, meant to increase Abbas' power in the struggle for control of the PA government, was approved by Israel.

The two factions have been fighting bitter clashes in Gaza, leading to fears that a civil war may ultimately hit the streets. The Hamas terror organization is currently the majority faction in the PA after winning January 2006 elections in a landslide victory against Fatah.

The victory at the polls, however, led to a loss at the bank; international funding dried up as a result of the new regime. Hamas has continued to resist international pressure to force the terror organization to officially acknowledge Israel's right to exist, renounce violence and uphold peace agreements signed by the previous Fatah-led PA government.

The latest efforts by Qatari officials to build a unity government of Hamas and Fatah failed after Hamas once again insisted on maintaining its refusal to officially recognize the Jewish State. In the wake of that failure, Abbas again threatened to disband the current PA government and call for early elections.

Rice Blasts "Occupation", Praises Abbas United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday America could have no greater legacy than to have divided the Land of Israel and established a Palestinian state to end the "humiliation of occupation." Rice made the statements at a dinner marking the third anniversary of the American Task Force on Palestine.

"The Palestinian people deserve a better life, a life that is rooted in liberty, democracy, uncompromised by violence and terrorism, unburdened by corruption and misrule and forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation," Rice said. "I promise you my personal commitment to that goal."

"I believe there could be no greater legacy for America than to help bring into being a Palestinian state for people who have suffered too long, have been humiliated too long," Rice added.

"I know that sometimes, a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel must seem like a very distant dream but I know too ... that there are so many things that once seemed impossible that after they happened they simply seemed inevitable," she said.

Rice praised Abbas, who is hanging onto his position as Palestinian Authority president, for his moderation. Arutz-7 reported Tuesday that Abbas dismissed demands that Fatah recognize Israel just one day before he allegedly told Rice that the group would.

Published: 20:11 October 12, 2006 Last Update: 22:00 October 12, 2006

TOPICS: Extended News; Israel; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: fatah; israel; occupation; rice; us
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1 posted on 10/12/2006 2:46:35 PM PDT by Esther Ruth
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To: Esther Ruth

are we nuts ?

2 posted on 10/12/2006 2:47:36 PM PDT by stylin19a ("Klaatu Barada Nikto")
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To: Esther Ruth

Curiosity marker.

3 posted on 10/12/2006 2:48:50 PM PDT by Jeff Gordon (History convinces me that bad government results from too much government. - Thomas Jefferson)
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To: stylin19a

Nope...if FATAH is fight HAMAS with those weapons...we win....

4 posted on 10/12/2006 2:49:33 PM PDT by in hoc signo vinces ("Houston, TX...a waiting quagmire for jihadis. American gals are worth fighting for!")
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To: Esther Ruth

Say what?

5 posted on 10/12/2006 2:50:08 PM PDT by txhurl
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To: Esther Ruth
Palestinians armed with M-16s. What is this world coming to?
6 posted on 10/12/2006 2:50:53 PM PDT by Yo-Yo (USAF, TAC, 12th AF, 366 TFW, 366 MG, 366 CRS, Mtn Home AFB, 1978-81)
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To: Esther Ruth
What's to say they won't turn these weapons on Israel?
7 posted on 10/12/2006 2:55:13 PM PDT by teletech (Friends don't let friends vote DemocRAT)
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To: stylin19a

President Bush(2001):

“You’re either on our side or the terrorists’ side”.


SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the kidnapping and torture of Shalit, Regev and Goldwasser by terrorists to whom she give US weapons .......................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding PA/Fatah/Terrorists' continuous slaughter of Jews, Christians and Americans (**** vide infra), "(The chronic terrorism is the Jews' fault) because of "the daily humiliation of the occupation".
She then gives them "thousands of M-16 assault rifles" to continue their slaughters, their murders, their terror (all in the name of Condi Rice)

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding PA/Fatah/Terrorists' capture of an American [10/10/06]...........................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to Murderer (including the Munich Olympics) Abbas (beloved at the US State Dept)
after attacks on Israelis, "(We promise,) Chairman Abbas(,) to double our efforts to improve the living conditions of Palestinians
[... so you may continue to viciously, violently, and paroxysmally murder as many Americans, Jews, and Christians as you possibly can].”

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Abbas' REAL statement on TV..........................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to Israel after decades of attacks on Israelis through the Voice of America, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Iran's missile attack on Haifa ...................................................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Iran's threat of exterminating Jews worldwide............................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to Israel following Iran's missile attack on Haifa, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Hezbollah's missile attacks murdering Israelis .............................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to Israel following Hezbollah's missile attacks murdering Israelis, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Hezbollah's act of War ......................................................[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to Israel following Hezbollah's act of War, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Hezbollah terrorists murderering and capturing Israeli soldiers......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Gaza terrorists capturing and holding Israeli soldier ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Gaza terrorists 24-hour ultimatum regarding captured Israeli soldier......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the threats to use chemical weapons against the Israelis ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to the Jews defending themselves after they are murdered by terrorists, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Hamas Rocket-Attacking Israeli Schoolchildren (again, and again) .....[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) to the Jews mourning for those murdered by terrorists, "More Restraint!".

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding Hamas or Fatah murders of Americans and Israelis .....[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the abductions of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the hostage holding of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the repeated beheadings of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the repeated torture and murders of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the frame-up of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen by the terrorists ......[.... sounds of crickets]

SoS Condi Rice (2006) regarding the frame-up of valiant Marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen by the MSM ......[.... sounds of crickets]

AND PAID FOR, BY SoS Condi Rice and the US State Dept. who now supply further weapons for terrorists.

4/25/04 Israel Migdal Oz 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a border policeman and wound two others in a sniper attack from a residential section.
9/15/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 23-year-old Israeli killed by Palestinian.
7/20/04 Israel Syrian Border 2 0 Hezbollah snipers kill two IDF members as they are repairing an antennae.
2/6/03 Israel Nablus 2 0 al-Aqsa gunmen attack an army outpost in the West Bank and kill two soldiers.
2/28/02 Israel Atarot 1 0 Jewish employer killed by a Muslim employee. Fatah takes credit for this attack.
9/12/01 Israel Habla 1 0 Jewish woman shot to death while driving home.
5/23/03 Israel Gaza 0 8 Hamas detonates pipe bomb under a bus. Eight passengers are hospitalized.
4/10/03 Israel Moshav Bekaot 2 9 Palestinian terrorists infiltrate an Israeli training camp and kill two, injure nine.
5/18/03 Israel Jerusalem 7 20 Muslim suicide bomber, dressed in Jewish religious garb as a disguise, boards a passenger bus and kills seven. About twenty others are hospitalized.
9/20/01 Israel Tekoa 1 1 Wife killed, husband injured in shooting attack by Palestinian gunmen.
3/30/03 Israel Netenya 0 38 Islamic Jihad terrorist walks into a beachfront caf‚ and blows himself up, injuring more than thirty civilians.
2/25/05 Israel Tel Aviv 5 49 Three weeks after a truce-signing, a Palestinian suicide bomber kills five Israelis outside a nightclub. Forty-nine others in line are injured.
5/20/03 Israel Afula 3 70 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) and Islamic Jihad vie for responsibility of a bombing in a shopping mall that kills three and injures over seventy.
8/3/04 Israel Rafah 3 10 Attempted bombing of an Israeli bulldozer backfires. Three Palestinian bystanders are killed and ten others, including journalists, are injured.
11/12/04 Israel Beit Zeit 0 0 Two bungling al-Aqsa terrorists are killed, and a third injured, when their car bomb explodes prematurely shortly after Arafat's funeral.
1/14/04 Israel Gaza 4 10 Female suicide bomber kills herself and four others at a checkpoint for Palestinians entering Israel to work. Ten others are injured in the blast. The mother-of-two pretended to fall over, then detonated her bomb against those rushing to help her.
5/2/04 Israel Gush Katif 5 3 Palestinian gunmen ambush a vehicle and kill four Jewish children and their pregnant mother who were in the process of entering their community. Islamic Jihad takes credit for the brutal attack.
10/4/01 Israel Afula 3 13 Palestinian terrorist disguised as Israeli paratrooper opens fire on crowded bus stop and kills three, injures thirteen.
1/19/04 Israel Lebanese Border 1 2 Israeli bulldozer hit with a Hezbollah rocket attack. One soldier was killed and two injured.
2/25/02 Israel Neve Ya'akov 1 2 One killed and two injured by terrorist while waiting for a bus.
4/27/02 Israel Adora 4 7 Palestinian Terrorists dressed in IDF uniforms infiltrated a settlement and killed four civilians, including a 5-year old boy. Seven others were injured.
7/10/04 Israel Gaza 1 0 Three members of a Palestinian "resistance" group (billing itself as non-violent) are killed when the bomb they are transporting goes off earlier than expected. A passerby is also killed.
3/5/03 Israel Haifa 15 30 Palestinian suicide bomber blows up a bus, killing at least fifteen and injuring thirty-seven. 14-year-old American girl is among the dead.
7/23/04 Israel Beit Hanun 1 3 al-Aqsa militants shoot a 16-year old boy to death and injure other three members of his family who object to the terrorists using their backyard for launching missiles into Israel.
12/25/03 Israel Tel Aviv 4 18 Suicide bomber kills four Israeli civilians, including a teenage girl and injures at least eighteen more at a bus stop.
3/5/02 Israel Afula 1 17 85-year-old man was killed in a Fedayeen suicide bombing at a bus station.
1/29/04 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Eleven people are murdered, and at least fifty others injured by a Palestinian suicide bombing inside a passenger bus. Al-Aksa martyrs brigade claims responsibility.
7/19/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 0 Arafat's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade takes credit for killing an Israeli judge at close range as he was driving home.
6/11/03 Israel Jerusalem 16 112 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber, disguised as an Orthodox Jew blows up a bus, killing sixteen and injuring at least one-hundred and twelve.
2/11/03 Israel Bethlehem 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down Israeli soldier in front of the Church of the Nativity.
6/20/02 Israel Itamar 4 4 Mother and three young sons killed in their home by Muslim invader.
5/1/05 Israel Tzieda 1 1 Islamic Jihad kills a 21-year-old Israeli soldier.
6/29/05 Israel Mt. Dov 1 3 Hezbollah attacks an Israeli position from across the Lebanese border, killing one and injuring three.
10/18/01 Israel Mar Saba 1 2 Palestinian terrorists kill one and seriously injure two by firing on their vehicle in the Judean desert.
2/18/02 Israel Gush Katif 3 1 Three Israelis killed in Palestinian shooting attack.
6/19/03 Israel Moshav Sde Terumot 1 0 Father of six working in his grocery is killed by an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber.
12/22/03 Israel Kfar Darom 2 2 Two Israelis are killed when members of the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade open up on a security patrol with grenades and automatic weapons.
6/27/04 Israel Gaza 1 5 al-Aqsa terrorist group digs a 350-meter tunnel under an Israeli guard post, detonates explosives, then uses assault rifles to prevent ambulance crews from rescuing the victims.
6/17/03 Israel Kibbutz Eyal 1 3 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian car, killing a 7-year old girl and wounding her 3-year old sister along with her brother and grandfather.
8/3/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 2 Palestinian gunman kills telephone truck driver and wounds two other passengers.
2/25/02 Israel Tekoa 2 1 Two killed and one injured in a terrorist shooting attack.
6/21/04 Israel Kfar Darom 1 0 Palestinian terrorists attack a Jewish settlement, killing a greenhouse worker from Thailand.
6/20/03 Israel Ofra 1 3 Israeli-American is killed by Hamas (Islamic Resistance) gunmen when driving through the West Bank with his elderly parents (also shot) and his wife.
12/12/02 Israel Hebron 2 0 Israeli man and woman killed in an ambush shooting attack by Palestinians.
2/22/04 Israel Jerusalem 8 61 An al-Aksa suicide terrorist blows up another civilian bus during rush hour, killing eight passengers and injuring over sixty.
1/28/03 Israel Gaza 3 0 Three Palestinians die when a home-made bomb detonates prematurely.
6/23/03 Israel Gaza 4 4 Four are killed, four others injured when a bomb carried by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade explodes prematurely.
7/4/04 Israel Yabad 1 1 Palestinian gunmen stop a car, confirm that the occupants are Jewish civilians, then open up with automatic weapons, killing a man and injuring his wife.
6/30/03 Israel Jenin 1 0 One day after agreeing to a cease-fire, Fatah gunmen open up on a truck carrying foreign construction workers. One Bulgarian is killed.
8/4/02 Israel Meron Junction 8 50 Suicide bomber kills eight and injures over fifty in an attack on a bus.
11/4/02 Israel Kfar Saba 2 40 Jihad suicide bomber kills two mall shoppers and wounds more than forty with a powerful blast.
6/26/03 Israel Baqa al-Gharbiya 1 0 Israeli security guard is shot and killed by an Arab youth sent by al-Aqsa martyrs brigade.
10/29/02 Israel Hermesh 3 1 Settlement infiltrated by a Palestinian terrorist who kills one woman, two girls and injures a man.
6/18/02 Israel Jerusalem 19 50 Several children on their way to school are among the nineteen dead and fifty injured by Fedayeen ("holy warrior") suicide attack on a bus.
10/21/02 Israel Tel Aviv 16 24 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) car bombers kills at least sixteen people riding on a bus. More than twenty-four are injured.
9/24/01 Israel Shadmot Mehol 1 0 Islamic Jihad kills 28-year-old Israeli.
10/10/02 Israel Tel Aviv 1 20 Muslim bomber kills a 71-year-old grandmother of fifteen.
7/26/02 Israel Hebron 4 3 Four people, including a mother, father and son, were killed by gunmen while riding in two cars.
8/31/04 Israel Be'er Sheva 16 98 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bombers murder sixteen people, including a 3-year-old child riding two passenger buses. About one-hundred others are injured in the explosions.
1/12/05 Israel Morag 1 3 Palestinians use explosives and arms fire to murder an Israeli officer in the process of constructing a security fence.
10/8/02 Israel Zief Junction 1 3 Palestinian terrorist shooting kills one and injures three.
12/7/04 Israel Karni 1 4 One Israeli soldier is killed by a bomb at a border crossing. Four are others injured.
9/19/02 Israel Tel Aviv 5 40 Bus bombing kills five and injures more than forty.
8/11/04 Israel Jerusalem 2 16 Unsuccessful suicide car bombing at an Israeli checkpoint kills two Palestinians and injures sixteen.
5/22/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 2 40 A Palestinian suicide bomber kills two and injures forty people at a shopping mall.
11/9/01 Israel Samaria 1 0 Woman shot and killed by Muslim terrorists as she was driving home from work.
7/6/03 Israel Ramallah 1 0 Palestinian terrorists shoot and kill a 35-year old man suspected of being an Israeli collaborator.
7/30/02 Israel Jerusalem 0 7 Fedayeen suicide bomber injures seven civilians.
7/17/02 Israel Tel Aviv 3 40 Dual Palestinian suicide attack on an Israeli convenience store leaves at least three dead and more than forty injured.
5/14/04 Israel Rafah 2 2 Hamas snipers kill an Israeli soldier as he was in the process of bringing food to an elderly Palestinian woman's house. A soldier attempting to help the first was killed as well.
11/4/01 Israel Jerusalem 2 45 Two boys, ages 14 and 16, where gunned down by Palestinian terrorists at a bus-stop. Forty-five others were injured.
1/17/02 Israel Hadera 6 35 Terrorist barges into a bat mitzvah reception and kills six guests with an assault rifle. Thirty-five others also shot.
8/13/04 Israel Itamar 1 1 Palestinian gunman murders an Israeli driver outside a settlement.
5/28/02 Israel Itamar 3 2 Palestinian gunman kills three teen-agers and injures another two. All youths were playing basketball in their community at the time.
7/11/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 34 A woman waiting for a bus is murdered in an al-Fatah bombing. Thirty-four others are injured. The bomb was packed with metal bolts.
10/27/01 Israel Ariel 3 19 Muslim suicide bomber kills three and injures nineteen at a gas station.
12/11/04 Israel Neveh Dekalim 0 4 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) lobs several rockets into an Israeli neighborhood. Four, including three children, are seriously injured.
9/23/04 Israel Morog 3 1 Palestinian gunmen attempt to infiltrate a Jewish settlement. They are stopped by Israeli troops, but manage to kill three.
10/31/02 Israel Gaza 3 6 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomb goes off prematurely killing three and injuring six, including a 10-year-old girl.
7/8/03 Israel Kfar Yavetz 1 3 Suicide bomber identifying himself as Islamic Jihad kills a 65-year old grandmother of twenty watching TV in her house. Three of her grandchildren are injured.
11/29/01 Israel Hadera 3 9 Three killed and nine wounded in Palestinian attack on a bus-stop.
11/27/01 Israel Afula 2 50 Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists fire assault rifles at a crowded bus-stop, killing two and injuring about fifty.
1/18/05 Israel Sderot 1 1 17-year-old Israeli girl dies trying to protect her 10-year-old brother from a Hamas rocket attack (on 1-15).
3/12/02 Israel Metzuba 6 7 Gunmen disguised in IDF uniforms ambush a bus and kill six, wound seven.
3/9/02 Israel Netanya 2 50 The Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigades takes credit for killing a 9-month-old infant and one other in grenade attack that also left 50 others injured.
11/15/02 Israel Hebron 12 14 Palestinian ambush kills twelve and injures fourteen. Victims were returning from a prayer service.
5/22/04 Israel Nablus 0 4 A 19-year-old suicide bomber kills himself and injures four others at a checkpoint.
3/3/02 Israel Kissufim 1 4 Soldier killed at a roadblock by Palestinian gunman. Four others injured.
3/2/02 Israel Jerusalem 10 52 Ten people, mostly women and small children were killed by a suicide bomber. Most were waiting with baby carriages for their husbands to return from the synagogue.
11/18/02 Israel Rimonim Junction 1 0 Woman killed by Palestinian gunmen in a drive-by.
2/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 59-year-old man killed by Palestinian terrorist while driving home from work.
2/19/02 Israel Ramallah 6 1 Six soldiers killed when terrorists open fire at a roadblock.
2/10/02 Israel Be'er Sheva 2 4 Drive-by shooting leaves two young Israelis dead and four others wounded.
1/23/03 Israel Hebron 3 0 Hamas terrorists ambush and kill three Israeli soldiers protecting an intersection.
1/27/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 150 An 81-year-old was killed and over one-hundred and fifty injured by suicide bomber armed with more than 10k of explosives.
1/15/02 Israel Beit Jala 1 0 American citizen was kidnapped then killed by Al-Aksa Brigade.
12/21/04 Israel Moshov 1 0 A 39-year-old Israeli woman is stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists.
11/20/02 Israel Tulkarm 1 1 Palestinian bomb explodes prematurely. Kills one, injures one.
12/12/03 Israel Nablus 0 7 Palestinian gunmen ambush a van carrying Israeli worshippers on their way home from a prayer service. Seven are injured.
4/29/03 Israel Tel Aviv 3 55 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber blows up a night club, killing three Israelis and injuring at least fifty-five.
7/15/03 Israel Tel Aviv 1 2 al-Aqsa Fatah terrorist stabs three civilians, including one woman. The Israeli killed used his body to successfully shield the woman from the Muslim's knife.
1/13/05 Israel Karni Crossing 6 4 Three Palestinian suicide bombers infiltrate the security wall, via an explosion, and murder six Israelis. Four others are wounded.
11/27/01 Israel Gush Katif 1 3 Woman killed while driving home. Three others injured.
12/2/01 Israel Haifa 15 40 Muslim terrorists killed fifteen people and injured forty who were riding on a bus.
11/6/01 Israel Nablus 1 0 Israeli Captain killed in Palestinian ambush.
6/5/02 Israel Afula 17 38 Seventeen people killed by a Muslim suicide bomber while riding in a bus. Thirty-eight others were injured.
11/1/04 Israel Tel Aviv 3 38 Two Jewish women and a man are murdered at a cheese deli in an open market by a 16-year-old who let the Abu Ali Mustafa terrorist network strap explosives to his chest.
1/15/02 Israel Givat Ze-ev 1 1 Woman killed near gas station. Her aunt was injured in the shooting attack by Palestinians.
5/11/04 Israel Gaza 6 0 Hamas terrorists trigger a land mine blast under an APC, killing six young Israeli soldiers. Hamas also takes the body parts to prevent their recovery.
10/5/01 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Palestinian machine-gun ambush kills Israeli civilian.
12/12/01 Israel Samaria 11 30 Fatah and Hamas (Islamic Resistance) attackers used roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades and light arms fire to kill eleven and injure thirty passengers on a bus.
1/9/05 Israel Shebaa Farms 1 3 An Israeli officer is killed, and three others injured, in a Hezbollah rocket attack along the Lebanese border.
11/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Muslim bomber kills eleven and injures over fifty passengers on a bus. Most victims were high-school students.
9/11/01 Israel Bachan 2 0 Two policeman (ages 19 and 26) were killed when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a border checkpoint.
12/25/01 Israel Beit She'an 1 4 One Israeli reservist was killed an four others wounded in a shooting attack.
1/7/05 Israel Nablus 1 3 An Israeli motorist is killed by a Palestinian sniper. Three others are injured, two critically.
4/12/04 Israel Netzarim 0 0 Two Palestinians are killed by the IDF as the attempt to infiltrate a settlement for the purpose of killing Israeli citizens.
4/17/04 Israel Eraz 1 3 Hamas takes credit for a suicide bombing that kills a 20-year-old border guard then complains loudly when it's own leader is taken out with a missile a few hours later.
7/12/05 Israel Netanya 5 70 The terror group, Islamic Jihad, takes credit for a suicide bombing, in which a bomber kills five Jews crossing the street in front of a mall. All of the victims were female, two were teenage girls. About seventy others were injured.
5/18/04 Israel Rafah 2 0 Palestinian bombs take the lives of two Arab teenagers - a sixteen-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother - who were washing clothes on the roof of their house when hit by the shrapnel.
11/28/02 Israel Beit Shean 6 35 Two Palestinian gunmen kill four Israelis who were waiting for a bus. More than two dozen people were also injured.
5/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 0 Another remote-controlled landmine attack by Islamic Jihad on an APC kills five additional Israeli soldiers attempting to block off tunnel used by Palestinian terrorists.
1/16/02 Israel Jenin 1 0 Arab killed in Jenin while sitting in a car bearing Israeli license plates.
3/10/03 Israel Hebron 1 4 One Israeli is killed and four more injured after roadside attack by Palestinians.
5/27/02 Israel Petah Tikva 2 37 Fatah takes credit for killing a 14-month-old baby and her grandmother near an ice-cream parlor in an attack that also injured thirty-seven.
5/5/03 Israel Shilo 1 2 al-Aqsa members ambush a vehicle, killing a father and seriously injuring his 6-year old daughter. A soldier rushing to help was wounded as well.
10/7/01 Israel Sheluhot 1 0 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber kills one civilian.
4/3/04 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Father of six shot dead by a Hamas terrorist outside his home after spending the evening with his children.
12/22/04 Israel Hebron 1 0 Palestinians snatch rifle from Israeli guard and shoot him to death with it.
10/28/01 Israel Hadera 4 39 Palestinian terrorists open fire on a bus-stop killing four and wounding nearly 40.
8/12/03 Israel Tel Aviv 1 10 Fatah suicide bomber kills a 42 year-old father of two in a shopping mall. Several others are injured.
10/28/01 Israel Metzer 1 0 Fatah terrorists kill one Jew in a machine gun attack.
1/9/02 Israel Kerem Shalom 4 2 Palestinian terrorists infiltrate border and kill four soldiers. Two others were wounded.
12/15/04 Israel Khan Yunis 1 2 Hamas militants kill a foreign agriculture worker at an Israeli settlement and injure two more with mortars.
2/9/02 Israel Ariel 1 0 Elderly man shot to death in a Palestinian ambush while driving car.
3/19/04 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 al-Aqsa Brigade apologizes after the jogger that it gunned down in cold blood turns out to be Arab.
12/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 6 Five Israeli soldiers are killed when Hamas terrorists set off a bomb under a checkpoint. Six others hospitalized.
1/18/05 Israel Gush Katif 1 7 Palestinian suicide bomber murders a father of three and injures seven others.
3/8/02 Israel Tulkarem 1 0 Another soldier is killed by a Palestinian sniper.
11/10/02 Israel Metzer 5 0 Palestinian gunman kills five including mother and her two children ages 4 and 5. She was in the process of reading a bedtime story.
3/14/04 Israel Ashdod 10 19 Two 18-year old suicide bombers kill ten port workers, and injure about twenty more. Al-Aqsa takes credit and says its intended target, chemical tanks, would have caused far greater civilian casualties.
5/19/02 Israel Netanya 3 59 A Palestinian suicide bomber killed three and injured fifty-nine people at a market.
8/11/03 Israel Shlomi 1 4 Hezbollah rocket attack on a village kills a 16 year-old and leaves four other civilians injured.
1/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 2 40 Palestinian terrorist fires assault rifle into a bus-stop, killing two women and injuring forty others.
3/6/04 Israel Eraz 3 9 Three Palestinian policemen were killed, and nine injured in a botched attack by three terrorists against an Israeli border checkpoint.
2/6/02 Israel Moshav Hamra 3 0 Three people including a mother and her 11-year-old daughter were killed in a home invasion by an armed terrorist.
2/27/04 Israel Lahav 2 0 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian vehicle, killing two young Jewish parents of a two-year old daughter.
3/6/02 Israel Khan Yunis 2 0 Two Israeli soldiers killed in a Palestinian ambush.
2/8/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 25-year-old stabbed to death by four Palestinian teen-agers.
2/16/02 Israel Karnei Shomron 3 30 Three teen-agers were killed by a Muslim suicide bomber at a pizzeria. Thirty others injured.
1/11/04 Israel Talmon 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a father of five as he is traveling in his car. Two others are shot and injured.
3/2/02 Israel Mar Saba 1 0 Jerusalem police detective assassinated by Tanzim while on holiday in the desert.
8/19/03 Israel Jerusalem 20 100 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) take credit for blowing up a civilian bus killing at least twenty, including five children and a mother of thirteen (along with her five-month old baby), and injuring more than one hundred, including about forty children.
12/27/02 Israel Otniel 4 6 Palestinian gunman breaks into a Jewish seminary and kills four students who were sitting down to Sabbath dinner, wounds six others.
3/5/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 3 30 Three Israelis were killed and more than thirty injured when two Muslim gunmen opened fire at adjacent restaurants.
7/17/02 Israel Emmanuel 7 26 Palestinian attack on a bus kills at least seven and injures twenty-six.
10/2/01 Israel Alei Sinai 2 15 Two young men (19 and 20) were killed in their homes by grenade attack. Fifteen others were wounded.
1/2/03 Israel Jordan Vally 1 0 72-year old man stoned to death by al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade.
3/20/02 Israel Musmus 7 30 Seven killed and thirty injured by a suicide bomber while riding on a bus.
6/19/05 Israel Gaza 1 2 The Palestinian terrorist group, Abu Rish Brigade, takes credit for an ambush on a civilian labor group that leaves an Israeli guard dead.
9/9/03 Israel Jerusalem 7 50 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber detonates explosives outside a caf‚. Seven patron are killed and at least fifty injured.
1/2/03 Israel Menahamiya 1 0 Badly burnt body of a 70-year old man (father of nine) found after being kidnapped by Fatah-al-Aqsa.
4/9/02 Israel Jenin 13 7 Thirteen IDF reservists are killed and seven injured by the combined efforts of a very young Palestinian suicide bomber and supporting gunfire.
6/7/05 Israel Ganei Tal 3 0 Islamic Jihad bomb an Israeli greenhouse, killing three, including a Chinese worker.
6/25/05 Israel Beit Hagai 2 3 A brutal shooting attack a point-blank range on a group of Israeli teenagers, hitchhiking on a roadside, leaves a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old dead. Three others were injured. al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade take credit for the murder.
9/9/03 Israel Tel Aviv 8 15 Eight people are killed and fifteen injured when a Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber dressed as an Israeli soldier detonates a suicide bomb at a bus stop.
11/22/03 Israel Jerusalem 2 0 Two Israelis are shot dead while guarding a construction site.
4/24/03 Israel Kfar Sava 1 13 al-Aqsa member detonates a bomb at a railway station, killing a 23-year old guard and injuring more than a dozen bystanders.
6/8/03 Israel Erez 5 4 Gunmen from three different Islamic terrorist groups, disguised as IDF soldiers, open fire on a checkpoint in Gaza, killing four soldiers and wounding four others. A fifth soldier is killed in Hebron.
5/17/03 Israel Hebron 2 0 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber positions himself near a young married couple on a romantic stroll and kills them both.
12/1/01 Israel Jerusalem 11 180 Eleven teen-agers were killed by two "holy warrior" suicide bombers. Most of the one-hundred and eighty injuries were also to teen-agers.
7/14/05 Israel Netiv Haasara 1 1 Palestinian terrorists hit an Israeli residence with a missile, killing a woman.
3/3/02 Israel Ofra 10 6 Hamas terrorist kills ten and wounds six by opening fire at a roadblock.
6/28/04 Israel Sderot 2 12 Palestinian militants fire a rocket into a residential area, killing two, including a 3-year-old boy. The murdered child's mother was among a dozen injured.
11/18/03 Israel Gush Etzion Tunnel 2 0 Palestinian (al-Aqsa) gunman approaches checkpoint with an AK-47 concealed in a prayer mat, which he then uses to shoot two Israeli soldiers to death at point-blank range. He then flees.
8/29/03 Israel Ramallah 1 1 Israeli couple is attacked by Palestinian gunmen while driving. The husband is killed and his 24-year old pregnant wife badly injured.
3/7/02 Israel Gush Katif 5 23 Five Israeli teen-agers were killed and twenty-three were injured by a Palestinian sniper.
7/23/05 Israel Kissufim 2 5 Palestinian gunmen murder an Israeli husband and wife. They also open fire on medical rescue workers, injuring five of them.
11/2/01 Israel Ofra 1 0 19-year-old soldier killed when Palestinian gunmen open fire at a roadblock.
8/3/05 Israel Sderot 1 9 Palestinian terrorists fire a rocket at a group of Israeli demostrators. The missile hits their own group instead, killing a 3-year-old boy and injuring nine others, including five children.
9/24/04 Israel Neve Dekalim 1 0 Palestinians fire a mortar into a Jewish residential neighborhood, killing a 22-year-old woman.
3/14/02 Israel Gaza 3 2 Terrorists detonate a bomb by remote control that kills three Israelis and injures two.
6/19/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 35 One day after killing nineteen Jews, a second Muslim blows up a bus-stop killing seven more. Thirty-five are injured.
1/18/03 Israel Kiryat Arba 1 3 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) terrorists kill father of five as he was eating dinner with his family. Three others, including a 5-year-old girl are wounded.
6/29/04 Israel Beit Rima 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down a 63-year-old Israel truck driver. Arafat's al-Aqsa takes credit.
3/17/02 Israel Kfar Sava 1 16 Terrorist opens fire on motorists. One teen-ager is killed and sixteen are injured.
4/12/02 Israel Jerusalem 6 104 Six people, including two Chinese nationals, were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber at a bus stop in an attack that left one-hundred and four others injured.
3/29/02 Israel Jerusalem 4 28 Two security guards were killed and twenty-eight people were injured by a suicide bomber. Two soldiers were also killed that same day by Palestinians in Ramallah.
6/20/05 Israel Baqa al-Sharqiya 1 1 Palestinian snipers kill an Israeli civilian traveling in his car. His 13-year-old son is shot as well.
10/22/03 Israel Hebron 0 2 Two settlers are injured in a gun battle with Palestinian infiltrators.
10/19/03 Israel Ein Yabrud 3 1 Fatah gunmen ambush an Israeli unit guarding a settlement. Three are killed and one is injured.
9/26/03 Israel Negahot 2 2 Palestinian gunman infiltrates a settlement, randomly picks a house, and then proceeds to shoot the residents, including an infant girl.
1/13/03 Israel Nitzana 1 1 Gaza gunmen opens fire on two Israeli soldiers near Egyptian border. One is killed, the other injured.
4/6/02 Israel Rafiah Yam 1 5 Palestinian gunman opens fire at the entrance to a settlement. One is killed, five are wounded.
3/27/02 Israel Netanya 29 133 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber kills twenty-nine Jews celebrating Passover in a hotel. One-hundred and thirty-seven others are injured in the attack.
8/3/03 Israel Jerusalem 0 4 Palestinian gunmen open up on a car carrying a mother and three children. All were wounded in the attack.
3/30/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 1 30 A 36-year-old woman is murdered, and thirty others wounded by a suicide bomber in a caf‚.
3/7/05 Israel Hebron 0 2 Two Israelis are wounded by a Palestinian sniper.
8/12/03 Israel Ariel 1 2 Hamas suicide bomber kills one Israeli civilian and injures two others
3/24/02 Israel Ramallah 1 0 Woman killed by a Palestinian sniper while riding in a bus.
10/15/03 Israel Gaza 3 1 Three American security guards are killed by a terrorist bombing on their car in Gaza.
9/30/04 Israel Eley Sinai 2 0 Palestinian gunmen kill a female jogger - and the medic trying to save her life.
1/13/03 Israel Moshav Gadish 1 5 Two Palestinian gunmen from Jenin penetrate a farming community and open fire on random vehicles. One civilian is killed, five are injured.
3/31/02 Israel Haifa 15 40 Fifteen Israelis were killed in a restaurant by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. Over forty others were injured.
9/30/04 Israel Sderot 2 15 Two small children (ages 2 and 4) are killed by a Palestinian rocket while playing in the front yard of their home. Hamas (Islamic Resistance) claims responsibility.
2/15/03 Israel Beit Lahia 4 0 Hamas terrorists use a roadside bomb to kill four Israeli soldiers who were in a passing tank.
5/11/03 Israel Ofra 1 0 Fatah gunmen kill a 53-year old father of six who was driving to work.
4/10/02 Israel Yagur 8 22 Eight people are killed by a Muslim bomber while riding on a bus. Twenty-two others are injured in the attack.
1/17/03 Israel Givat Harsina 1 3 Two Hamas gunmen open fire on a house, killing a father and injuring his four-year-old daughter along with two others.
3/28/02 Israel Elon Moreh 4 0 A 20-year-old man, his two middle-aged parents and his grandfather were killed during a home invasion by a Muslim gunman.
3/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 3 86 Suicide bomber kills three and injures eighty-six when detonating in a crowd of shoppers.
3/29/02 Israel Neztarim 2 0 Two elderly Jews are killed by a Palestinian terrorist. Two Palestinian groups claim credit.
10/4/03 Israel Haifa 19 55 Nineteen people are killed and more than fifty wounded by a Islamic Jihad bomber in a restaurant. Three children were among the dead.
9/4/03 Israel Jenin 1 4 Palestinian gunmen kill an Israeli soldier and injure four more.
10/6/03 Israel Metullah 1 1 Hezbollah snipers fire from southern Lebanon and kill an Israeli soldier.
10/9/03 Israel Tulkarm 1 2 One dead, two injured, by a 17-year old suicide bomber sent from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.
10/24/03 Israel Netzarim 3 2 Two Hamas (Islamic Resistance) terrorists infiltrate a Jewish settlement and then enter a barracks to go room from room shooting female soldiers as they slept.
9/22/03 Israel Jerusalem 2 16 A female suicide bomber motions over two Israeli policemen and then kills them. Sixteen passersby are also injured.
11/2/03 Israel Nablus 1 5 Islamic Jihad bombing of a jeep, kills 1 Israeli soldier and leaves five others injured.
3/5/02 Israel Bethlehem 1 1 Female motorist gunned down by a Palestinian sniper. Her husband was badly injured.
4/15/03 Israel Karni Terminal 2 7 Hamas gunman enters a place of business and sprays fire from an automatic weapon. Two Israelis are killed and seven injured.
1/5/03 Israel Tel Aviv 23 100 Twenty-three people are killed and more than one-hundred injured by twin Palestinian suicide bombers.
10/17/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 Israeli Tourism Minister, 75, assassinated in the hallway of the Hyatt Hotel.
3/9/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 54 A Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber kills eleven and injures 54 at a crowded caf‚.
3/7/03 Israel Kiryat Arba 3 8 Palestinians dressed as Jewish seminary students infiltrate a settlement and kill a husband and wife sitting down to dinner, one other. They also shoot eight other civilians.
7/31/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 80 Seven students, including five Americans, were killed in a bombing at Hebrew University. More than 80 others were injured.
5/7/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 15 55 Fifteen people were killed an fifty-five more injured in a Fedayeen suicide attack on a crowded game club.
11/25/03 Israel Nablus 1 0 Assassination attempt by Palestinian gunmen on Nablus mayor, said to be working with Jews, leaves his brother dead.

8 posted on 10/12/2006 2:55:23 PM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: Esther Ruth

I cannot believe Condi said that. Must be wrong somehow (I hope).

9 posted on 10/12/2006 2:55:57 PM PDT by xmission
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To: Esther Ruth

GOOD GRIEF! Arming them? What in the hell is going on here?

10 posted on 10/12/2006 3:01:51 PM PDT by Marysecretary (Thank you, Lord, for FOUR MORE YEARS!!!)
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To: dennisw; Cachelot; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; Lent; GregB; ..
If you'd like to be on this middle east/political ping list, please FR mail me.

High Volume. Articles on Israel can also be found by clicking on the Topic or Keyword Israel.

also Keywords 2006israelwar or WOT [War on Terror]


They can put these arms to good use against the occupation Condi is whining about. The occupation of Israel. With us or the terrorists, the question has been answered. Hizbollah is green with envy as we speak.

11 posted on 10/12/2006 3:04:06 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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To: Esther Ruth

Let's hope a civil war ensues and the Paliscum use the weapons to slaughter each other. That would be about the only good that could possibly come of this.

12 posted on 10/12/2006 3:08:53 PM PDT by lesser_satan (EKTHELTHIOR!!!)
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To: in hoc signo vinces
Nope...if FATAH is fight HAMAS with those weapons...we win....

The PA, Fatah, agreed to disarm terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza in 1993, took over physical control in 1995. They have been armed and trained by both Israel and the US over the years. They committed to disarm the terrorists,again, in the Road Map, GWB's watch. To this day they've never done a thing. There are a number of terms for repeating the same mistake hoping for a different result, but stupid is short and sweet.

BTW, turf fighting between Fatah and Hamas benefits no one. Fatah isn't the police force, these are local turf battles for control, Hamas isn't being disarmed. And though Fatah outnembers Hamas by 4 or 5 to one, they'll likely get their collective *sses kicked. Hamas is about ideology, Fatah is about political control and government payrolls, foreign funded.

13 posted on 10/12/2006 3:10:28 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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To: xmission
The text of her speach. If you're questioning her reference to the occupation

Last month, in his speech to the UN General Assembly, President Bush reiterated his deep conviction that the Palestinian people deserve a better life - a life that is rooted in liberty and democracy, uncompromised by violence and terrorism, unburdened by corruption and misrule, and forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation. It is this belief that led President Bush, in June of 2002, to become the first American president to make it a matter of policy that the creation of a Palestinian state, with territorial integrity, with viability, living side by side with Israel, in peace and security, would indeed strengthen peace and security, not just in the region but the peace and security of us all.

14 posted on 10/12/2006 3:12:48 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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To: teletech

We were teh ones pushing for "Democracy" there, and when they elected Hamas, we then decided we didn't like the outcome of the elections we pushed on them, so then we decided to give the losers (themselves terrorists) of the elections American made arms (ostensibly purchased by John Q. Taxpayer).

We need to start minding our own damn business and leave those wacko Muslims to their own devices, in their own lands.

Muslims should be deported from every Western country.

15 posted on 10/12/2006 3:13:19 PM PDT by ivy
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To: Diogenesis
You’re either on our side or the terrorists’ side

You're not being politically correct. Technically Fatah is not a designated terrorist group, only their alter-ego, the al Aska Martyrs Brigade. Political maneuvering I know, but it would be embarassing it the officials we're sending money too, that Condi is fawning over, couldn't enter the country as members of terrorist groups.

16 posted on 10/12/2006 3:15:16 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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To: SJackson

Well...I dont disagree with you but a preoccupied HAMAS is not a bad thing.

17 posted on 10/12/2006 3:19:17 PM PDT by in hoc signo vinces ("Houston, TX...a waiting quagmire for jihadis. American gals are worth fighting for!")
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To: ivy
We were teh ones pushing for "Democracy" there, and when they elected Hamas, we then decided we didn't like the outcome of the elections we pushed on them, so then we decided to give the losers (themselves terrorists) of the elections American made arms (ostensibly purchased by John Q. Taxpayer).

It's actually worse than that. Under Oslo, which is still binding on the parties, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and guess who, the United States, party participation in elections was to be determined by mutual agreement among the parties. It was understood that armed groups wouldn't participate, thus as I noted in the previous post the Fatah/al Aska Martyrs Brigades duplicity. Political party/terrorist group, but one in the same. Hamas is armed, thus disqualified. Participants were to agree to abide by the PA's legal obligations and agreements, rather obvious, but a condition Hamas rejects. Israel opposed Hamas participation, my guess Abbas would have been happy to see the off, they'd never run before and he knew he's lose, but the US insisted and pressured Israel to agree. In the name of "Democracy". Democracy without freedom, tolerance, or the rule of law. Electoral anarchy if you prefer.

It's as though we let the Taliban run in Afghani elections or the Baath party in Iraq. The same as Hizbollah in Lebanon though, and that resulted in violence as well.

18 posted on 10/12/2006 3:21:30 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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To: Psychotronic Weapon

reality check on US foreign policy

19 posted on 10/12/2006 3:30:51 PM PDT by rmlew (DeathKlok Rules!)
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To: in hoc signo vinces
Well...I dont disagree with you but a preoccupied HAMAS is not a bad thing.

The future use of the arms are an issue, but I admit small arms, some Israeli civilians might die because of them, but they're not particularly important.

Preoccupation with infighting between Hamas and Fatah. Certainly not a bad thing for Israel or the US. Were Fatah to prevail, the PA police should be doing this job though, it would be a positive. However in the context of the article it's appropriate to remember the palestinian people, how many are peaceful I don't know, but they're our governments concern, and this kind of turf battle is going to be deadly for them.

If, and that's a huge if, it actually appeared that after 11 years of inaction the government was going after Hamas with the intent of disarming them, I'd support this. My guess, they could call on Israel for help. I just don't think that's happening here. Hope I'm wrong.

20 posted on 10/12/2006 3:37:57 PM PDT by SJackson (The Pilgrims—Doing the jobs Native Americans wouldn't do!)
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