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Drive-By Media Explained, Illustrated in Duke Case Along with Prosecutorial Abuse
Rush Limbaugh ^ | April 12, 2006

Posted on 04/12/2006 3:52:03 PM PDT by Conservative Coulter Fan


RUSH: I cannot believe it. Now there's a prayer vigil going on at Duke University. Well, I guess I can understand it in one sense. If they're praying for these... Well, you know, that's just the latest example, and there are countless examples of what the drive-by media is, and what they do.


RUSH: Since the media is obviously very, very hurt -- the drive-by media now very disturbed -- by the title, the term that I have dubbed them, "the drive-by media," I think, ladies and gentlemen, it would be worthwhile to redefine for you exactly what the drive-by media is. They are exactly like drive-by shooters, they pull up to a congested area, they spray a hail of bullets into the crowd. It causes mass hysteria, confusion, mistakes, and misinterpretation, sometimes people and their careers actually die, and then the drive-by media smirks and they ride away, unnoticed in the excitement. They're never blamed, they're never held accountable.

In fact, they're lauded! They're held up as heroes (mostly by themselves) and then the rest of us have to engage in mopping up the mess that the drive-by media caused. They're flying down the highway with the top down, laughing and looking for their next group of victims to hail the bullets and mortar fire into in the form of the way they cover a story, and this is repeated over and over and over. There seems to be no stopping them and their marauding ways, and that's what I mean by drive-by media. The latest example is going on down at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where we had the allegations of rape on the part of a 27-year-old exotic dancer.

Immediately, the media went in there and was convinced because of their template that white guys had to be guilty. There could be no question about it. These charges are serious. The nature of the evidence doesn't matter. It's the seriousness of the charge. You had the New York Times, I am told, hiring detectives on its own to look into the 47 members of the Duke lacrosse team to see if they could dig up the truth, because they just knew it had to be true. In the meantime, you have a prosecutor running for election. This whole thing is political.

You have an elected prosecutor by the name of Michael Nifong, and his election primary is in 21 days, ladies and gentlemen: 21 days. That's how long he needs to keep this story alive. He had a press conference yesterday, and he went to the university where this 27-year-old exotic dancer is a student. He didn't go to Duke. He went to a different university, and he said, "As long as I am on this case, this case is not going away. My presence here means this case is not going away," and there was a standing ovation from the assembled gathering. This was a day after initial tests found no DNA evidence linking any of the 46 Duke University lacrosse players to an alleged gang rape at a team party.

Nevertheless, Michael Nifong, the district attorney investigating the case told an emotional and sometimes angry gathering of residents that he remained confident about bringing charges. He said, "'Further tests are being conducted and confirmed he was focusing on three players he believed assaulted the exotic dancer hired to perform at the party. A lot's been made in the press, particularly by some attorneys yesterday that this case should go away,' Nifong said during a public forum at North Carolina Central University. 'My presence here means that this case is not going away.' Several people who attended Tuesday's meeting suggested if North Carolina's Central's black basketball players were suspected of raping a white Duke student they would be, as one speaker put it, 'waiting on DNA results in jail.'

"Nifong responded he could not arrest all 46 players and had not narrowed the focus to the three suspects until last week. He declined to identify the three saying further investigation was required." So drive-by media went down there, got this thing all stirred up, all revved up on the presumption that such an allegation is always true. Because this case was covered not factually, this case was covered sociologically, this was made for the drive-by media: a clash of races, a clash of cultures. In the drive-by media scenerio, America is still the racist nation it was during the days of slavery all the way through the sixties.

We still have marches, the equivalent of marches like we had in Selma. Blacks still don't get a fair shake. New Orleans and Katrina? All about racism! It wasn't about a hurricane, and after awhile you would have never known a hurricane went through there. Why, Bush blew up the levees! Bush flooded the place. FEMA is incompetent, but they're really not. They knew what they were doing. It was really a bunch of blacks and Republicans wanted them to die! Bush wanted them to die to take away the voting power.

This is actually what they reported; this is what they believe, and so you go down to Durham, North Carolina, where Duke is and you have to made to order, clash of cultures, clash of races, it fulfills the media desire that the races in this country not get along, that there be white racism because liberals have eternal self-loathing guilt about any majority, be it economic, racial, or whatever, no majority is decent, no majority has virtue, be it the economic or the racial majority elites, except of course themselves, they exempt themselves from all this, they are virtuous, and they're the ones that tell us how virtuous they are.

Now, Michael Nifong is a Democrat. He's 55 years old; he's got two primary opponents, a black defense attorney and some ditzy female woman. There are no Republican opponents, strictly a Democrat primary. Republicans never win in Durham; they don't even run. Nifong said he's waiting more DNA results, but the state DNA lab is saying, "We've given him all the results. There are no matches at all." Now, we must be fair, in the vast majority of sexual allegations, sex cases like this, there have been no DNA. It's relatively new, and so Nifong is saying: Hey, just because there's no DNA now, doesn't mean that it wasn't there.

So he says we've prosecuted these kinds of sexual allegation cases all over the place without DNA. You do it the good old-fashioned way. You bring witnesses up there, and you cross-examine them and you ask them on the stand under oath, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, this is pure politics. His electoral primary in three weeks, the DNA is clear on this. Isn't it interesting that the libs love DNA when it clears certain suspects but they don't like it at all when it clears others or appears to clear others. There's a great piece today at, one of our all-time favorite blogs: "Racism 101 at Duke -- The negative DNA tests of the alleged Duke University lacrosse team rape case raised the specter of yet another possible hate crime hoax.

"The timing of the case just before a local election for district attorney, racial and class polarization in Durham, North Carolina, and the heavy hand of on-campus feminism have all politicized the issue to an extraordinary degree. Justice has taken a back seat." Thank you drive-by media. "The sport of lacrosse does not usually earn front page headlines, but that changed with the racially-charged allegations of a black exotic dancer. The woman, who has not been identified publicly, claims she was gang raped by white lacrosse players at Duke University who had paid her and another stripper to perform at a party. She told police she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten, choked and raped by three white men who yelled racial slurs at her." There are photographs that show that she arrived at the party with those wounds already on her body.

"The reaction from the media, local politicians, school officials and black race activists was swift and predictable. Duke President Richard Brodhead announced he is canceling the rest of the lacrosse season. The nationally ranked team will forfeit the rest of their games. Coach Mike Pressler resigned. DNA samples were taken from 46 of the 47 team members (the one black player was not required to give a sample). The Duke 'Progressive Alliance' posted mug shots of the white players around campus with the headline 'Please Come Forward.' Students held a 'Take Back the Night' rally and banged pots and pans outside the house of President Brodhead and the house where the attack allegedly took place. The players moved out of the house out of concern for their safety.

"Before the results of the DNA tests came back negative on Monday evening, most of the amateur detectives hyping the case had already convicted the whites. The general theme was that the alleged rapes represent 'white skin privilege.' 'The issues here,' said Chandra Y. Guinn, director of the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, 'go far deeper than a single incident. There are pockets of white privilege on this campus …' 'There’s an embedded white supremacy here,' said Travis Simons, a Duke divinity student. 'For me, this is not simply a case of sexual violence or just a case of racism. It’s a case of racialized sexual violence, meaning if it had been a white woman in that room, it would not have gone down the same way,' claimed Mark Anthony Neal, an African Studies professor. 'Last weekend was Duke’s minority recruitment,' said local resident Betty Greene.

"'What a welcome for minority students to walk into this story. I’m trying not to call it racial terrorism, but that’s really what it is.' Not mentioned in most of the articles, protests, teach-ins and 'dialogue' about the incident was the possibility that it could be a Tawana Brawley-type hoax," which this program and I, your host, raised as a possibility shortly after the event. So, my friends, we have a classic example. I'm going to post this American Thinker piece or link to it so you can read the whole thing, but let me just read to you the last paragraph of it because I gotta go to a break here. "The facts of the Duke case coupled with the prevalence of hate-crime hoaxes on college campi should have at least raised a few question marks.

"The fact that there were no real question raised by the media, academics, politicians or Duke administrators speaks volumes about racism in America. The white lacrosse players will certainly not receive the apology they are owed, and continue to remain in the DA’s crosshairs, as he trolls for votes among Durham’s black electorate." His electoral primary is 21 days from now. That's three weeks, for those of you in Rio Linda, and I'll tell you why there was no real question raised by the media or anybody else, because this story gave them he everything they wanted.

The facts are irrelevant. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant. It's the seriousness of the charge. It's Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill. Doesn't matter what really happened; boy, do we have a good story here. We've got white racist pigs of privilege, disadvantaging a poor exotic dancer who's black. Oh, it's just made to order for the drive-by media. Oh, yeah, and it's in the south. Never mind that Duke is one of the most liberal institutions of higher learning in the country, but I guess if you're a white liberal... There's just a lot about this case that fits the template. Some of it doesn't, though.


Read the Background Material...

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1 posted on 04/12/2006 3:52:04 PM PDT by Conservative Coulter Fan
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan

THANK YOU!!!!!!!I was caregiving today and there were no radios!!!Soooooo,thanks again for putting this up..I listen to Rush all the time and this morning I 'm running around trying to find one stinking radio..

2 posted on 04/12/2006 3:55:48 PM PDT by fishbabe
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan
I've been watching Nancy Grace...and quite frankly she losing me as a viewer over this media circus...she had a black professor of english from Duke on trying to act as if racism is prevalent in universities dominated by the far left...left wingers at Duke are protesting at an empty house...and he went on to say hopefully the predominantly white lacrosse team could become more "balanced."

Nancy keeps annoying her audience to death because she's accusing three unknown members of a lacrosse team with raping a stripper...we don't know who or why...and the fact that DNA evidence is negative for all of the players...she's talking about the spin cycle on the part of the lawyers. She's is as bad as the defense attorneys I loved to watch her ridicule.
3 posted on 04/12/2006 3:56:36 PM PDT by Conservative Coulter Fan (I am defiantly proud of being part of the Religious Right in America.)
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan

P.S....they're even talking about this being a "hate crime."

4 posted on 04/12/2006 3:57:26 PM PDT by Conservative Coulter Fan (I am defiantly proud of being part of the Religious Right in America.)
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan

anita hill redux. like wide ties and bell bottoms -- wait long enough, and the next generation will buy the same crap all over again.

5 posted on 04/12/2006 4:08:56 PM PDT by the invisib1e hand (Polls show Jesus' approval ratings at all time low, after a triumphant reception just a few days ago)
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan
I’m trying not to call it racial terrorism, but that’s really what it is.'

oh, that's rich. "I'd never call you a bigot, but that's how you act...."

Racial terrorism? Think of the legal possibilities...

6 posted on 04/12/2006 4:11:21 PM PDT by the invisib1e hand (Polls show Jesus' approval ratings at all time low, after a triumphant reception just a few days ago)
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To: fishbabe

..I listen to Rush all the time and this morning I 'm running around trying to find one stinking radio..

Subscribe to the website. you can listen to the show when it suits your convenience, without commercial interruption. It makes a 3 hr show two hours long (smile). Lots of other good stuff on the website also, including all the transcripts and archives.

7 posted on 04/12/2006 4:24:18 PM PDT by photodawg
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan

"We're gonna convict somebody, even if they're innocent somebdies." Castro says so. Marx said so. LAMESTREAM MEDIA says so. It's unamimous then right?

8 posted on 04/12/2006 5:23:00 PM PDT by Waco
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan


9 posted on 04/12/2006 6:51:53 PM PDT by Libertarian444
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To: photodawg

thanks for the idea..I will do just that..

10 posted on 04/12/2006 8:14:17 PM PDT by fishbabe
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To: Conservative Coulter Fan
“The reason that I took this case is because this case says something about Durham that I’m not going to let be said,” said Nifong. “I'm not going to allow Durham's view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl from Durham.”

Think the media will report this comment?

11 posted on 04/13/2006 8:46:48 AM PDT by Neverforget01 (Proud enemy of the drive-by-media)
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To: Neverforget01

Only if they “drive-by” :)

12 posted on 07/18/2007 2:41:30 PM PDT by jack2745
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