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Democrats Don't Know Jack??? (Abramoff, but got $Millions)
National Republican Senatorial Committee ^ | December 14, 2005 | Staff

Posted on 12/23/2005 1:31:10 AM PST by flattorney

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To: Howlin

Hassert has announced he's "donating" $69,000 to charity that he got from Jack's pals.

Charities may pick up a lot of donations in the next few days weeks...... This will keep the MSM occupied so that maybe the president can prosecute the war more effectively..

21 posted on 01/03/2006 4:36:43 PM PST by deport (Happy and Prosperous 2006 to all.........)
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To: deport

That's absolutely disgusting. They all got cold busted. Hassert et al should be a man about it.

22 posted on 01/03/2006 4:48:30 PM PST by Jaded (The truth shall set you free, but lying to yourself turns you French.)
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To: deport; Howlin

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid will not return campaign contributions he received during the past five years from lobbyists and clients associated with Jack Abramoff, a Reid spokeswoman said Friday.


Reid received $6,500 from Abramoff's associates at the Greenberg Traurig law and lobbying firm from 1999 through 2004, The Washington Post reported Friday.

During the same period, Reid received $40,500 from Indian tribes that were Abramoff clients, the paper reported based on research of federal records.


But Abramoff hired Eddie Ayoob, who was Reid's legislative counsel until 2002 and was assistant finance director on Reid's 1998 Senate campaign.

23 posted on 01/03/2006 4:53:15 PM PST by kcvl
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To: Howlin

Extortion/bribes regarding casino riverboat license back in 1997 is what Edwin Edwards former Gov. of LA was convicted of and is still serving time in the federal pen for. Eddie DeBartolo Jr. once owner of the San Francisco 49ers claimed Edwards demanded and he paid $400,000 for a license...

24 posted on 01/03/2006 4:54:12 PM PST by deport (Happy and Prosperous 2006 to all.........)
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To: Howlin

I had forgotten about this thread .. thanks for the ping

I just got done a screamimg match with one of my brothers ... AGAIN

I think I'll email him this bit of information

25 posted on 01/03/2006 5:36:07 PM PST by Mo1 (Republicans protect Americans from Terrorists. Democrats protect Terrorists from Americans)
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To: flattorney

ping for later

26 posted on 01/04/2006 11:09:42 AM PST by TNdandelion
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To: Iowa Granny

This is a good one too; put out by the RNC.

That's all I have, although I've added the files you sent me.

27 posted on 01/04/2006 2:15:14 PM PST by Peach
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To: Peach


28 posted on 01/04/2006 2:17:40 PM PST by Iowa Granny (Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.)
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To: pgyanke

"This will never see the light of day."

I totally disagree! This story is all over the internet. Yes, the GOP is in it up to their elbows, but so are the democrats - and the lists I've seen show both groups.

The thing to remember is that proving "bribery" is very difficult. You cannot bribe someone without their knowledge.

It's going to get ugly .. but I do believe the hypocrisy of the dems will show itself. One of the usual suspects from the democrats - on FOX this morning - Henschen (sp?) - made the comment that it was only 1-2 dems. Of course that's a BIG lie and we need to keep at FOX not to allow the dems to get away with that.

29 posted on 01/04/2006 4:25:33 PM PST by CyberAnt ( I believe Congressman Curt Weldon re Able Danger)
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To: flattorney; All

This is also a good list showing both dems and repubs:

30 posted on 01/04/2006 4:28:04 PM PST by CyberAnt ( I believe Congressman Curt Weldon re Able Danger)
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To: CyberAnt

Has anyone done totals of R vs. D?

31 posted on 01/04/2006 4:37:33 PM PST by Brett66 (Where government advances – and it advances relentlessly – freedom is imperiled -Janice Rogers Brown)
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To: Jaded

OK. But exactly what laws were violated? Most candidates take money from lobbyists. Why is this different?

32 posted on 01/04/2006 4:43:20 PM PST by Conservativegreatgrandma
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To: Brett66

I think there are more R's - but remember Abramoff was a "Republican" - and therefore I believe more repubs would have been willing to do business with him.

But in dollar amounts - I don't know how they stack up - because it seems a lot of the big donations were made to dems and not to repubs.

33 posted on 01/04/2006 5:03:47 PM PST by CyberAnt ( I believe Congressman Curt Weldon re Able Danger)
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To: Brett66

Should Pam Abramoff's donations be included? Just curious.

34 posted on 01/04/2006 5:07:11 PM PST by mewzilla (Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist. John Adams)
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To: mewzilla


35 posted on 01/04/2006 5:54:16 PM PST by JessieHelmsJr
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To: flattorney

No mention of:
Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) $3,000

36 posted on 01/04/2006 6:15:55 PM PST by ican'tbelieveit
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Comment #37 Removed by Moderator

To: flattorney

Almost $30,000 to little Chuckie Schumer! And check out Barbara Boxer.

38 posted on 01/08/2006 11:45:55 PM PST by Rocky (Air America: Robbing the poor to feed the Left)
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To: Rocky
Speaking of - fla

Schumer's Campaign Violations
FEC hits Mr. Campaign-Finance "Reformer" for $250,454
National Review - Byron York
May 5, 2003

New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, an outspoken advocate of campaign-finance reform, has been hit with one of the biggest fines ever imposed on a member of Congress by the Federal Election Commission - for violating campaign-finance laws.

The FEC ruling, handed down in March, ordered Schumer's 1998 senatorial campaign to pay a civil penalty of $130,000. The campaign was also ordered to return 5 in illegal contributions, bringing the total of fines and restitution to slightly more than a quarter-million dollars. The campaign paid the sum in April.

According to FEC records, only three cases involving federal candidates have resulted in higher fines than the one levied on Schumer's campaign. No senatorial candidate has ever been so severely penalized.

At issue in the FEC action were more than 750 contributions, totaling about $915,000, dating from Schumer's 1998 race against Republican Alphonse D'Amato. The FEC found that each of those donations exceeded the $1,000 limit then in effect for contributions to a candidate during a primary or general election. The FEC said most of those excess contributions were within the $1,000 to $2,000 range.

The FEC also found that the Schumer campaign failed to file notices required by law for $89,500 in contributions given in the last days of the 1998 campaign. The Schumer campaign also filed late notices for $186,500 in contributions.

After an FEC audit discovered the violations in 2001, some of Schumer's defenders downplayed them as "technical." But the size of the fine suggests the FEC viewed the infractions as a serious matter. At the least, the violations suggest a relaxed attitude on the part of the Schumer campaign toward the rules regarding the reporting of campaign contributions.

And the punishment might have been worse. It appears that Schumer's campaign benefited from a change in FEC rules, adopted last November, which in effect reduced the number of violations that were subject to fines. Had the Schumer campaign been judged by the FEC's old rules, the $130,000 fine might have been much higher.
The FEC cleared Schumer of personal responsibility for the violations. "The Commission does not allege and there is no finding that U.S. Senator Charles Schumer engaged in any wrongdoing in connection with the findings in this agreement." His 1998 campaign treasurer, Steven D. Goldenkranz, was named in the report.

When asked about the FEC judgment last week, a Schumer spokesman promised to make a written comment, but so far has not made one. The 1998 Schumer race against D'Amato was, at the time, the most expensive in history, with the Schumer campaign spending nearly $17 million. Now, as he prepares to run for reelection next year, Schumer has already amassed nearly $15 million, making him the most successful fundraiser in the Senate.

39 posted on 01/12/2006 1:49:47 PM PST by flattorney ( The DeLay Chronicles - Updated 24/7:
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To: ican'tbelieveit
Jack Abramoff Group (JAG) Scandal:
Hypocrite Democrat of Corruption #37 - Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN)

Harold Ford, Jr. Says Republican’s Hilleary, Bryant, & Corker
Should Donate "Corrupt Abramoff Money"

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Congressman Harold Ford Jr. called on U.S. Congressional members Van Hilleary, Ed Bryant and Bob Corker "to give to charity any and all contributions they have ever received from corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates." "Van Hilleary, Bob Corker and Ed Bryant should disclose what Jack Abramoff and his associates gave them over the years and they should donate that money to a charity of their choice immediately", Ford said. In recent days, President Bush, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Tom Delay and other senior members of Congress have either returned or donated Jack Abramoff corrupt money to charity. Van Hilleary, Bob Corker and Ed Bryant should do the same thing. He said Abramoff "is the center of the one of the most egregious lobbying scandal ever. Earlier this week he pleaded guilty to fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials and tax evasion."
Source: Harold Ford Jr 2006

Oh Really Hypocrite and Fraudulent Junior
Let's Review the Case Facts

1....Oops, hypocrite and fraud Harold Ford Jr. "forgot" to disclose to the public they he also received Abramoff Group Scandal (AGS) cash, from four of fourteen Democrats that were Jack Abramoff Group (JAG) lobbyists as follows:

Democrat Edward Ayoob                $  500
   Was a key staff member to AGS Dem Harry Reid before joining JAG from '01 - '04
   While a key lobbyist with JAG, Ayoob donated $4,000 to Reid, for lobbying client kickbacks,
       held a fundraiser for Reid at JAG's law offices/employer being Greenberg Traurig (GT),
       and GT also donated $19,941 to Sen. Reid - his 18th single largest donor.
   100% of Ayoob's $49,000+ donations were to Dem U.S. Congress members, most AGS involved.
   Ayoob left Greenberg Traurig in order to not be forced to resign, due to his AGS involvement.
   From '97 - '98, Edward Ayoob was the Assistant Finance Director for Harry Reid's PAC,
       "Friends for Harry Reid", and on the PAC's payroll. During that time Reid's PAC was FEC
       fined for improper payroll accounting involving $316,737 in payroll expenditures.
   At 01.10.06, per a highly knowledgeable source, Ayoob is under DOJ criminal investigation for
       his AGS role, along with Sen. Harry Reid and the law firm of Greenberg Traurig. Sen. Reid has
       significant AGS involvement.

Democrat Stephanie Leger Short     $ 250
   Leger Short was a key Legislative staff member to AGS Dem John Breaux before joining JAG,
       '01 - '04, at the law firm of Greenberg Traurig (GT). GT forced Leger Short to resign 04.30.04,
       due to her role in the AGS.
   Leger Short's husband is a key Legislative staff member to AGS Dem Byron Dorgan.
   While working as an JAG lobbyist, Leger Short made a donation to Byron Dorgan.
   100% of Legar Short's political donations were to Democrat U.S. Congressional Members.
   Leger Short is now a key DC staff member to LA Dem Gov Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.
   At 01.10.06, per a highly knowledgeable source, Leger Short is currently under DOJ criminal investigation
       for her AGS role. The DOJ investigation also includes Dem Byron Dorgan and Dem ex-Sen ('04)
       John Breaux. Both Congressmen had significant AGS involvement.

Democrat Michael D. Smith            $2,223
   Smith's wife is Legislative Director for AGS Dem Tom Harkin.
   JAG lobbyist Smith personally assisted Tom Harkin write a letter, in behalf of an JAG client, for
       specific donation kickbacks to Harkin.
   As a JAG lobbyist, Smith donated over $173,000, 100% to Top U.S. Dem Congressional members,
       for JAG client influence and political favors/kickbacks, including Harkin, Reid, Dorgan ($14,500),
       Murray, Cantwell, Durbin, H. Clinton, and many more Dems, including Harold Ford. Smith's
       JAG member donations, at Greenberg Traurig, were #1. 2nd was Abramoff at $147,420 (100% Repubs)
       Smith also donated to a top George Soros organization, America Coming Together.
   JAG insiders stated Smith was the Democrat alter-ego to Republican Jack Abramoff.
   At 01.10.06, per a highly knowledgeable source, Smith is under DOJ criminal investigation
       for his AGS role. Dem Tom Harkin, who received significant AGS donations, is also under
       current DOJ investigation.
   Like Stephanie Leger Short, Smith was forced to resign by GT. Like Abramoff and Scanlon,
       Leger Short and Smith are being investigated by the DOJ, not only for Congressional members bribery
       and kickbacks, but also JAG client over-billing and submitting fraudulent billing statements.

Democrat Alan Slomowitz              $1,000
   While a lobbyist for JAG, 100% of Slomowitz $37,000+ donations were to Democrats, many tied
       to JAG lobbying clients.
   Currently investigating Dem Congressman ties, and if under DOJ investigation - TLG

Total Received AGS Cash by Dem hypocrite Harold Ford, Jr.:   $3,973

2....Oops, fraud Dem Harold Ford Jr. "forgot" to tell the public that 3 of 4 JAG members that donated to him are under DOJ criminal investigation for their roles in the JAG scandal. All four JAG donors to Ford also significantly contributed to numerous other Dem Congressional members involved in this scandal.

3....Ford, nor his Dem hypocrite colleagues, will talk about the significant cash that Dem Ford also receives from fraudulent and criminal Soros-Shadow Party organizations. Mums the word for hypocrite Democrats who are significantly backed by Soros~Shadow Party Mob members who are admitted Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Atheists, Homosexuals, and other ultra liberal and radical scum, that don't represent our American culture, values system, or majority views.

Courtesy: The DeLay Chronicles and "The Law Gang" - 01.10.06
# # End # #

40 posted on 01/12/2006 1:52:37 PM PST by flattorney ( The DeLay Chronicles - Updated 24/7:
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