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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Twenty-Eight

Posted on 07/11/2005 8:12:04 PM PDT by nwctwx

Image Created By : TheCabal
Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat
Thread Twenty-Eight (Index)
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The Threat Matrix

The title refers to a daily report given to the president of the United States detailing the most serious terrorist threats against the country. To tackle those threats, the government has formed a top-notch task force to infiltrate the terror cells and cut off the danger.

"Every morning, the president receives a list of the top ten terrorist threats - this list is known as the threat matrix."

We here at FR are trying to be in conjunction with the daily reports around the world that involve threats. We try to provide a storehouse of information that takes hours of research.

YOU be the judge and get informed!
Threat Matrix - Daily Terrorism Threat
Threat Matrix: U.S. Terrorism
Terrorists could be just getting started
Full Story

New York City and Washington. Bali, Indonesia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey; Madrid, Spain. And now London.

When will it end? Where will it all lead?

The experts aren't encouraged. One terrorism researcher sees the prospect of "endless" war. Adds the man who tracked Osama bin Laden for the CIA, "I don't think it's even started yet."

Terrorists' aim is to end western civilisation, says ex-Mossad head
Understanding the enemy, a different type of war
Al Qaeda answers CIA's hiring call

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat."
Threat Matrix HTML designed by: Ian Livingston

TOPICS: News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: gwot; londonattacked; terror; threat; threatmatrix
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To: MamaDearest; All

This is G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on May 19, 2005 05:46:30 GMT.

Cuba, Castro and Bioterrorism

Agustín Blázquez

There are many academic studies, articles and books in public records
exposing Castro's long term involvement with bacteriological and
chemical weapons. The information has been presented in public
forums. The U.S. media has been invited but they systematically
choose to be absent. Perhaps so that by being absent they can claim,
"but I didn't know." This information will also clash with the heavily
orchestrated campaign to present Castro as non-threatening in order
to normalize relations with Cuba. This collaboration of the U.S. media
with the Castro regime is reprehensible.

I first learned pertinent details about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and
his bacteriological warfare after attending a discussion on Capitol Hill
on October 28, 1997. As usual, the U.S. media did not show up. I also
read the October 1997 paper titled "Castro: A Threat to the Security of
the United States" by Dr. Manuel Cereijo, a professor at Florida
International University who has written over 500 articles published in
national and international journals.

The paper details Cuba's work in the fields of bacteriological and
chemical warfare "since the mid-eighties." And the "several centers
and institutes that do research and development," and that "there are
special groups, working on projects to develop chemical, biological
and bacteriological warfare."

It listed the names of these centers and institutes: "the Biotechnology
Center, the Immunology Center, the Genetic Engineering Center, the
Tropical Medicine Institute, the Findlay Institute, the Biocen, the
Academy of Sciences, the Oceanographic Institute, the Biological
Preparations Center, the Center for the Breeding of Laboratory
Animals, the National Center for Animal and Plant Health, the
Neuroscience Center and La Fabriquita or 'Little Factory.' These
centers are spread around Havana." Dr. Cereijo's paper specifies their
addresses and says, "Many Cuban engineers and scientists have been
trained by former East Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Iraq,
Iran, Vietnam and China."

Over the years, Castro's Cuba has developed very ingenious ways to
deliver their deadly materials to the U.S. As Dr. Cereijo says, "To
conduct a bacteriological attack, a country or a terrorist group does
not need to have any sophisticated means of delivery, such as a
missile. A container, the size of a 5 pound of sugar bag, can bring
bacteriological material capable of causing over 50,000 casualties in
an urban area depending on the flow of air and atmospheric

In a previous article "Castro and International Terrorism," I mentioned
the evidence pointing to Castro's involvement with the introduction of
West Nile virus into the U.S. via migratory birds. In addition to people
affected and some deaths caused by the virus in the U.S., it is
affecting endangered animal species.

An Associated Press dispatch in The Washington Times dated
September 18, 2001, on page A7, says, "Many zoos across the country
have agreed to begin tracking the West Nile virus, which is blamed for
the deaths of at least three birds at the Philadelphia Zoo in the past
month." Among the dead birds was "a rare Humboldt penguin." The
same virus "is suspected in the death of a second Humboldt

According to the AP dispatch, "The only other zoo believed to have lost
birds to West Nile is the Bronx Zoo in New York, where more than 20
birds died from the virus when it was first detected in 1999." NewsMax
reported on September 26, 2001 that "Wisconsin health officials
Wednesday said tests have confirmed the presence of the West Nile
virus in seven more dead crows found in Milwaukee County." Would it
take the death of Sesame Street's Big Bird for the U.S. media to begin
showing an interest in Castro's bacteriological program?

Scientifically cooperating with Castro's Cuba in the study of migratory
birds --- birds apparently are being used as carriers of lethal virus
against the U.S. --- were the Smithsonian Institution, the Department
of Ornithology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York
and The Audubon Society, among others enumerated in my previous
article. So much for scientific exchanges with the enemy.

Also listed in Dr. Cereijo's paper, are other ingenious ways researched
in Cuba to deliver deadly biological agents including the developing
"from marine technology, with the assistance of Japan, which never
knew what the final product was, a paralyzing toxin, which is now
ready to use.

"In 1992, the Institute of Oceanographic Studies, conducted an
experiment with the Academy of Sciences (both politically controlled
by Castro as all organizations in Cuba are), to find which places on the
Cuban coast were the best to let bottles and containers reach the
United States coast line fastest and most effectively."

The regime's official motivation (for public and international
consumption) was "a study of marine streams." The scheme was, as
Dr. Cereijo's reveals, "to put notes inside the bottles, asking for
replies. They found where in Cuba was best to release containers with
bacteriological material. The north coast of Havana province was
found to be the best, as well as the region around the town of Sagua
La Grande. This has been documented by several finders of bottles as
well as by engineers from Cuba who worked on the project."

The U.S. media should inform the American people of these matters.
The people in the southern and southeastern coastal areas of the U.S.
should be on notice not to pick up or open any floating objects.

Children are very curious, so parents should instruct their children of
the danger of picking up and opening what they find at the beach.
Information and precaution is the only way to prevent a major
catastrophe caused by bacteriological material sent that way.

In 1997, a confidential report was smuggled from Cuba. A July 20,
1998, Insight Magazine article appeared in The Washington Times
titled "Fidel Castro's Deadly Secret --- Five BioChem Warfare Labs" by
Martin Arostegui. "The credibility of the smuggled documents is
enhanced by a recent classified Pentagon analysis," said Arostegui.

Among other shocking information I learned from this confidential
report was that the bacteriological and chemical warfare capabilities
of Castro are now known by the U.S. government. And that there are
about 12 centers producing bacteriological agents strategically located
around Havana.

The newest and most notorious, La Fabriquita ("Little Factory"), was
built by the Military Enterprise of Strategic Works (EMPI). It has a
10,000-RPM centrifuge and other laboratory equipment bought
through COMICONDOR, an Italian company in Milan that also supplies
technology to Libya for Muammar Qaddafi's biological-weapons
experiments. This factory in Havana was "inaugurated in 1993 on
Armed Forces Day on December 2, 1993," and has been in operation
for eight years.

In order to enter La Fabriquita you need "top-secret credentials ---
you must pass through a station of the Cuban Armed Forces (FAR),
odd for a place supposedly producing cattle feed, which is its disguise.
It is called 'Animal-Feed Plant.' This does not correspond to details
known to U.S. authorities."

The report gives a lot of specific information about La Fabriquita,
which is located just across the street from "Cuba's premier medical
center --- the Luis Diaz Soto General Hospital, formerly known as the
Naval Hospital. That is where Fidel and Raúl Castro are believed to
have their regular health exams and emergency care." At that
hospital's School of Medicine, the report says "are three pools of
cadavers that may be used for additional tests, using human tissue."

Oddly, that "Animal-Feed Plant" located in Havana "is well protected
by rapid action defense units. The hospital area is inside the FAR's
north coastal fringe defense zone."

In relation to its Italian 10,000-RPM centrifuge equipment, Dr. Cereijo
says, "These are of a high capacity and they are shielded against
lethal agents. Also Cuba is involved in the so-called 'binary weapons'
where two chemicals are used (harmless, otherwise) to form a toxic
agent when a weapon is exploded. They can be disguised as common
agricultural chemicals, which make them more difficult to detect. This
new weapon is part of the ultra-lethal Novichok class.

"They have also the capability to develop A-232, made from
agricultural and industrial chemicals that are not lethal until mixed.
These new agents are as toxic as VX, a persistent nerve agent, and as
resistant to treatment as Soman. Also, they are more difficult to
detect and easier to manufacture than VX. In fact, A-232, or A-234,
can be made using common industrial solvent and an organic
phosphate compound, disguised as a common pesticide."

Pastors for Peace is a supposedly "religious" and "humanitarian" New
York-based organization. But records and sources say that they are
apparently a fanatical and prone-to-violence pro-Castro front
organization advancing Castro's agenda and misinformation. They are
an important part of his support network inside the U.S. conducting
fundraising to advance their radical agenda.

Now we find that last July 13, 2001, The Los Angeles Times reported
that the pastors, after returning from Cuba, were trying to cross the
border with Mexico smuggling 30 pounds of "rat poison" (Biorat) made
in Cuba.

The head of Pastors for Peace is Rev. Lucius Walker, a close friend of
Fidel Castro who is constantly traveling to Cuba. His group specializes
in creating border-crossing incidents with the U.S. border authorities.
On October 23, 1996, he delivered a pro-Castro speech for the
celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Communist Party USA.

According to The Los Angeles Times' report, "he [Rev. Walker] openly
challenged U.S. officials to block the shipment of Biorat, asserting that
the move would 'show the true colors' of President Bush's Cuba

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in
Atlanta, "Biorat is not admissible into the United States," because "it
poses a public health risk worldwide." The report cites "A 1996 article
in the British medical journal Lancet asserting that the product could
easily cause food-borne disease in people."

Through his agents like Pastors for Peace and other subterfuges,
Castro continues to export toxins into the U.S. that can cause harm to
the American people while proclaiming friendship for them.

Dr. Cereijo says, "The Cubans also have carried out studies on the
propagation of microorganisms by means of fumigation aircraft or
micro-jets." On September 24 and 25, 2001, it was reported on U.S.
television news that members of the suspected ring of terrorists that
executed the September 11 attack against the American people, were
inquiring about crop-dusting airplanes in Florida.
"The same system could become the basis for the application of
bacteriological weapons," pointed out Dr. Cereijo's 1999-updated
version of his paper. "La Fabriquita could be engaged in producing an
anthrax toxin like the one reported being developed by the Russians,
according to the defense publication Jane's. Russia's new variant of
the anthrax toxin is totally resistant to antibiotics and could cause a

"The United States, as recognized by government officials, is not
prepared for a biochemical attack, or germ warfare. Intelligence
sources in the United States do not question if there will be an attack,
but when will it be. Saddam Hussein and Castro are friendly allies.
Castro has sent medical teams and scientists to Iraq. These activities
are very suspicious."

The blunder of John F. Kennedy by betraying the April 1961 invasion of
Bay of Pigs to get rid of Castro, brought on the October 1962 Missile
Crisis that put the world at the brink of nuclear war. And this situation
led to the Kennedy-Khrushchev deal for which the U.S. became
Castro's protector by agreeing to prevent any foreign invasion of

However, Castro and the former Soviet Union violated their part of the
Kennedy-Khrushchev deal by exporting revolutions to Latin America
and Africa. And Castro not only destroyed the once prosperous and
advanced Cuba, bringing misery to his people, but also extended his
hands supporting terrorism throughout the American continent and

To date Castro continues training, arming and offering sanctuary to
international terrorists and placing his agents and spies in the U.S. ---
note the September 21, 2001, detention of the spy Ana Belen Montes
in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The July 28, 1997 Forbes Magazine reported that Castro is worth "$1.4
billion." In a 1997 report titled "The Comandante's Reserves"
compiled from information given by high-ranking government
defectors, especially Jesus M. Fernandez, some of his money has been
traced to 1959. A large part of it was stolen from the Cuban people
and more from his profits from drug trafficking. Most of the money
resides in Swiss bank accounts from which it is used to pay for
international subversion, the purchasing of arms, his terrorist
activities, agents and spies. History one day will reveal how nefarious
Castro has been in our hemisphere.

Castro --- obviously threatening the U.S. --- said on January 28,
1997, "This lamb cannot ever be devoured, not with planes, nor with
smart bombs, because this lamb has more intelligence than you and in
its blood there is and always will be poison for you!" Don't miss the
key word "poison."

According to Declan McCullagh's February 9, 2001, article "Feds Say
Fidel Is Hacker Threat," "These must be jittery times for anyone in the
military who uses the Internet. Not only do they have to guard against
Love Bug worms and security holes in Microsoft Outlook --- now
they've got to worry about Fidel Castro hacking into their computers.

"Admiral Tom Wilson, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says
the 74-year-old communist dictator may be preparing a cyberattack
against the United States. Wilson told the Senate Intelligence
Committee during a public hearing Wednesday that Castro's armed
forces could initiate an 'information warfare or computer network
attack' that could 'disrupt our military.' The panel later went into
closed session to discuss classified material."

This article further supports Dr. Cereijo's 1997 paper in relation to
Castro's regime being actively involved in terrorism directed at U.S.
computer systems. Castro's unpublicized-by-the-media war against
the U.S. is on all fronts. Ignorance will make us more vulnerable.

Last May 9, 2001, Castro proclaimed in Iran, "Today, there is a king in
the world a thousand times stronger than the shah you overthrew, and
that is the imperialist king living next to my homeland. However, this
imperialist king will finally fall, just as your king was overthrown."

According to Agence France Presse, Castro affirmed in Iran on May 10,
that "Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring
America to its knees. The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are
witnessing this weakness from close up."

An in his May 16 visit with Muammar Qaddafi, Castro said, "Cuban and
Libyan revolutions have similar objectives."

On September 22, 2001, Castro in Havana accused the U.S. of being
"a world military dictatorship" attacking President Bush's resolve of
defending the U.S. against terrorism in spite of the overwhelming
support of the American people and the international community.

Apparently, foreseeing the possibility of his ties to terrorism, his
"secret" bacteriological and cybernetic war against the U.S. being
finally exposed, he sent a warning to the U.S. in case the U.S. attacks
Cuba in pursuit of terrorists. Castro proclaimed that "the Cuban
people will fight until the last drop of blood if they are attacked by the

New Cuban Press dispatch by Havana Press' independent journalist
Jorge Olivera, reported on September 19 of the "tension in Havana"
and the Cuban "military have been placed in a state of alert."

Now, after years of appeasement, the nonsense about engagement,
people-to-people cultural, scientific and sport exchanges, the
pervasive campaign to lift the U.S. embargo and tourist visits to Cuba,
we clearly see that Castro has used this time to develop weapons of
mass destruction in our backyard to be used against us. All the while
the U.S. media keeps misinforming us.

The blackmail potential that this represents renders the U.S. and its
people in grave danger and in an almost impotent situation. The U.S.
must not lower its guard in relation to Cuba. We must not put all of
our eggs in one basket. It could be fatal.

Mr. Blázquez is the producer and director of the documentaries
Covering Cuba, Covering Cuba 2: The Next Generation and the
upcoming Covering Cuba 3: Elián, and co-author of the book Covering
and Discovering with Carlos Wotzkow. His e-mail is:
©2001 ABIP. This article was written in collaboration with Jaums

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 2001;6(4):118-120.
Copyright © 2001 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

801 posted on 07/15/2005 9:49:52 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Meet YOUR Communist party members in Congress)
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To: nwctwx

Saw this on a Yahoo Group....

Following the attacks in London, East Anglian Ambulance Service has
launched a national "In Case of Emergency ( ICE ) " campaign.
The idea is that you store the word " ICE " in your mobile phone
address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want
to be contacted "In Case of Emergency".

In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be
able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to
contact them. It's so simple that everyone can do it.

Please will you also email this to everybody in your address book, it
won't take too many 'forwards' before everybody will know about this.
It really could help the emergency services in doing their job. For
more than one contact name use: ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc.

802 posted on 07/15/2005 10:01:07 AM PDT by BurbankKarl
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To: BurbankKarl

Thanks, that's a great idea... I will save it and add it to some part of the TM for future reference.

803 posted on 07/15/2005 10:02:58 AM PDT by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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To: MamaDearest; All

The first link has part of the info on the Israel baby formula.

There are also other formula reports.

there is also - on the right 2 ads to buy formula on the internet, at up to 40,000 locations...........

804 posted on 07/15/2005 10:03:09 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Meet YOUR Communist party members in Congress)
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To: Cindy

Thank you......

805 posted on 07/15/2005 10:06:50 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Meet YOUR Communist party members in Congress)
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To: thecabal
I can think of one very cheap and easy way to prevent him from spreading his hate.

It's probably the same method I would employ for Idaho's Mr. Duncan, murderer and molester. Years of time and taxpayer dollars would be saved.

806 posted on 07/15/2005 10:43:30 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Oorang; ExSoldier; appalachian_dweller

What a beautiful puppy! Now we need a photo of A_D's new doggie. There's a reason they are known as man's best friend (besides the loving licks!)

807 posted on 07/15/2005 10:50:59 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Cindy
First funeral held as bombing suspect arrested in Cairo

Detectives also revealed that a suspected al-Qaeda operative entered Britain via a channel port two weeks before the attack. Although his name was on a security watch list he was not put under surveillance, as he was not regarded as being of sufficiently high risk. He is believed to have left the country hours before the attacks.

808 posted on 07/15/2005 10:54:21 AM PDT by BurbankKarl
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Excellent post Granny.

As usual, the U.S. media did not show up.

The media more often than not does NOT show up!

A container, the size of a 5 pound of sugar bag, can bring bacteriological material capable of causing over 50,000 casualties in an urban area depending on the flow of air and atmospheric conditions."

Or a small backpack, a fast food bag, a purse, etc.

809 posted on 07/15/2005 11:01:57 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: nw_arizona_granny
SALMONELLOSIS, UNPASTEURIZED ORANGE JUICE - USA (MULTISTATE) (02) *****************************************************************
810 posted on 07/15/2005 11:05:15 AM PDT by bored at work (Barack Obama . . . Iraq Osama . . . ?)
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To: nw_arizona_granny
There is also - on the right 2 ads to buy formula on the internet, at up to 40,000 locations...........

Who knows where that formula is coming from, or what has happened to it since it was made (or even what happened to it when it was made).

811 posted on 07/15/2005 11:05:58 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: Cindy; WestCoastGal

LA arrests?

812 posted on 07/15/2005 11:17:49 AM PDT by BurbankKarl
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To: appalachian_dweller
"At this time, we have no indication that there's any connection to the terrorists," FBI spokeswoman Roberta Burroughs said.

Unfortunately our government is filled to the brim with idiots or people lacking common sense at the minimum.

No question A-D, we need to stock up and prepare. Once in a while one of them does something right, but those times are seemingly in the the minority. It'll take one nutjob to destroy thousands of lives. The new interpretation seems to be "and justice for all who are illegally here or who intentionally break our laws and are released back into society to do it again or even worse."

I'm a huge proponent of making judges and authorities who make such decisions personally responsible for any carnage that ensues after they make their irresponsible rulings.

813 posted on 07/15/2005 11:21:53 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: BurbankKarl

All of a sudden this global war on terror has really heated up - arrests everywhere.

814 posted on 07/15/2005 11:37:03 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Canadian government computers hacked

Oil tanker and chemical carrier crash outside of Japan

Toronto seen as easy terrorist target

Most think train - bus bombing inevitable in US

How far will Europe go to stop terror?

815 posted on 07/15/2005 11:37:28 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Canadian government computers hacked

Oil tanker and chemical carrier crash outside of Japan

Toronto seen as easy terrorist target

Most think train - bus bombing inevitable in US

How far will Europe go to stop terror?

816 posted on 07/15/2005 11:38:28 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: MamaDearest

Ooops, sorry for the double post - taking a break after this :-(

817 posted on 07/15/2005 11:39:43 AM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Thanks for posting that link. This past week, I find myself eyeballing every ME man on the train with a backpack.

818 posted on 07/15/2005 11:39:47 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: freeperfromnj

This is my train line.

Man Accused Of Making Phone Threats Against NJ Transit

POSTED: 2:13 pm EDT July 15, 2005

NEWARK, N.J. -- A Brooklyn man was arrested and charged with making terroristic telephone threats against the NJ Transit system last week, officials said.

Daniel Bodner, 47, sparked extensive searches on trains and stations along the North Jersey Coast Line after allegedly placing several calls to NJ Transit and Long Branch police, authorities said.

The calls were made last Thursday and Friday, when security was heightened because of the deadly London bombings.

Bodner was being held on $100,000 bail.

819 posted on 07/15/2005 11:53:30 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: BurbankKarl
From that article

According to the report, the four - all African-Americans who had converted to Islam - admitted to attaining a map of the consulate, as well as address of synagogues in the Los Angeles area.

I worry that the next attack here will involve Muslim converts (probably ex-cons) who are African American... that would definately turn the whole race issue upside down, if people start suspecting that they are also ones to worry about.

820 posted on 07/15/2005 12:07:22 PM PDT by nwctwx (Everything I need to know, I learned on the Threat Matrix)
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