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The Tufts Daily ^ | 11.15.04 | Mia T

Posted on 11/15/2004 2:45:07 AM PST by Mia T



by Mia T, 11.15.04


efore the largest audience ever assembled for a Fares Lecture, New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at the annual Issam M. Fares Lecture yesterday afternoon.

Her lecture, titled "Policy Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean After the Presidential Election," emphasized the necessity of fostering healthy dialogues regarding both domestic and international issues....

She began by expressing the wish "that I were here speaking about the prospect of a Middle Eastern foreign policy from the perspective of a President Kerry," a remark which elicited hearty clapping from the college-aged crowd...

Clinton... began by insisting that the entire Middle East region work to socially and politically enfranchise women. "Human rights are women's rights," she said.

Though some Middle Eastern nations have taken small steps in the right direction, Clinton said women and girls are consistently marginalized in all aspects of society.

"When we look at the political, economic and strategic position in the Middle East today, it's obvious that progress cannot be made if there is an unwillingness to include half the population of these countries," she said.

Clinton described herself as "one of the early voices speaking out against the treatment of women by the Taliban in the 1990s..."

... In an obvious dig at Bush's pre-war assertion that Iraq was an imminent threat [sic],


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

Clinton said that today "Iran is the place that many in the [Bush] administration thought Iraq was.
This time the weapons really are there."

9/10 mindset

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

Clinton's comments on Iran took the form of a warning - she said "a nuclear-equipped Iran would shake the political system [in the Middle East] like a 7.0 earthquake." Instability in this region would threaten security worldwide, she said.

"I have yet to understand the current administration's policy toward countries like Iran and North Korea," Clinton said, explaining that some of the world's most potentially dangerous countries are being virtually ignored by the White House.

"During the Cold War, every U.S. president fostered dialogue with the Kremlin, and this was at a time when the Soviet Union had nuclear missiles pointed at all of our major cities," Clinton said, concluding that the Bush administration's lack of contact with Iran was inexplicable.

"We need to impress on [Iran] the highly adverse consequences to continuing a program of nuclear proliferation," she said. "Short of multilateralism and dialogue, I see no other short-term possibility to stop Iran's nuclear plans."

... As the audience rose for a standing ovation, Clinton said, "I can only hope that this administration will be guided by reality and evidence, not ideology and partisanship."

Bacow then read three pre-selected questions from a student, a professor, and an administrator.

One question regarded "wedge issues," particularly gay marriage and its effect on dividing the electorate in favor of Republicans candidates. Clinton drew upon the Bible in her answer, saying "no one who reads the New Testament can ignore the fact that Jesus had a lot more to say about how we should treat the poor than some wedge issues of the campaign, like gay marriage."

Clinton spoke briefly about domestic issues, and smiled when asked what her one wish for the U.S. health care system would be: "start over," was the reply.

"While we see the statistics [regarding health care] continuously getting worse, there is still a huge vested interest in keeping this dysfunctional system just as it is," she said.

Clinton said she admired some of Kerry's ideas on health care but deplored the policies of the current administration. "So I guess my wish is that they'll be unsuccessful," she said, concluding the session to great applause.

Mary Jeka, vice president of University Relations, said she was extremely pleased with the lecture. "It was terrific to have a very prominent woman," Jeka said.

Jeka said Clinton's lecture was actually scheduled for last spring, but that the senator asked instead to speak after the presidential election due to temporary time constraints....

Clinton recommends U.S. foreign policy shift
The Tufts Daily
Patrick Gordon
November 11, 2004


on winning the presidency by terrorizing white women


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update

"If you look at white women, and I think that was the key to this election, Kerry won 45% based on the exit polls--but they're generally in agreement--Kerry won 45%, Bush won 55% of white women. By contrast, Bush won only 45% of white women in 2000, so he upped is percentages by 10 points. In 1996, bill clinton won 48% of white women compared to Bob Dole's 43%. That is a huge, huge difference. I don't think you can lay all that at the doorstep of moral values. I think that this president unabashedly and abjectly took the issue of terror and used it to terrorize... white women."

Washington Journal
Nov. 8, 2004

"Crucial to this protective wall was the secret police, a group of private detectives hired to protect hillary and 'Saturday night bill.' Their tactics included digging up dirt on women who might be linked to bill in order to cow them into silence. There is even some evidence of possible physical intimidation."



There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that... [f]urthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism



Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays said on a talk radio show Wednesday that, based on secret evidence he reviewed during the impeachment controversy, he believes President Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, not once, but twice.

Talk-show host Tom Scott of Clear Channel Broadcasting, New Haven (WELI 960) asked Shays about the mysterious impeachment "evidence room," prompting the GOP moderate to say that Broaddrick "disclosed that she had been raped, not once, but twice" to Judiciary Committee investigators.

Shays, who is often hailed by the New York Times for his independent judgment and good sense, found the evidence compelling:

"I believed that he had done it. I believed her that she had been raped 20 years ago. And it was vicious rapes, it was twice at the same event." Asked point blank if the president is a rapist, Shays said, "I would like not to say that it way. But the bottom line is that I believe that he did rape Broaddrick."

'Shays Shocker Clinton Raped Broaddrick Twice'
National Review Online
By NR staff

The rape took place while Bill was running for governor. Hillary came bursting into the room to talk to two people, one of whom I personally know.

She said "You won't believe what this [expletive] did now. He tried to rape some b*tch."

It was the job of these two to squelch the story.

doug from upland to Sean Hannity,
WABC, 10/16/00

"It's no longer acceptable to say that the abuse and mistreatment of women is cultural. It should be called what it is: criminal."

Hillary Clinton
addressing the UN, 3.4.99


"Who is Juanita Broaddrick? I've never heard of her!" cried Betty Friedan, the founder of modern feminism. Friedan's outburst came at last Friday's conference, entitled "The Legacy and Future of Hillary Rodham Clinton." Held at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. D.C., the event offered a chilling microcosm of an angry, divided America.

For nearly an hour, a five-woman panel had been debating whether Hillary qualified as a "feminist heroine." I thought Broaddrick's claim of having been raped by Hillary's husband had some bearing on this point, so I broached the subject during the question-and-answer period. Friedan's dyspeptic denial followed.

Was Friedan telling the truth? Maybe. And maybe all those millions of Germans who professed ignorance of the death camps were telling the truth too. The problem is, having admitted her ignorance, Friedan showed no interest in exploring the matter further. And that was the problem with the Germans too.

Totalitarian impulses flourished at the conference. Taking a page from Soviet psychiatry, some Clintonites suggested that Hillary hating might be a mental illness.

Richard Poe
The Hillary

[Hillary Clinton] began by insisting that the entire Middle East region work to socially and politically enfranchise women. "Human rights are women's rights," she said.

Though some Middle Eastern nations have taken small steps in the right direction, Clinton said women and girls are consistently marginalized in all aspects of society....

Clinton described herself as "one of the early voices speaking out against the treatment of women by the Taliban in the 1990s...."

Clinton recommends U.S. foreign policy shift
The Tufts Daily
Patrick Gordon
November 11, 2004

"Gay marriage was an overwhelming factor in the defeat of John Kerry... With one decision of one Supreme Court, all of a sudden we have a constitutional amendment designed, I think, to whip people up, to inflame them, make them stop thinking about other issues, [the result of which was] "an astonishing turnout among evangelical Christians who were voting on the basis of moral values.... I do not believe either party has a monopoly on morality or truth."

bill clinton
Hamilton College, Utica, N.Y.
Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004

he post-election morality play of Harold Ickes, the clintons, and the entire Left--denying the reality of the security mom, the Placebo President, the utter (and deliberate) failure of the clintons to have stemmed the burgeoning threat of terrorism during the eight years they had the constitutional and moral duty to do so--is almost as amusing as it is telling.

That the Left now regards as its savior the clintons, who are no less than the proximate cause of its shutout last Tuesday, says everything we need to know about the defunct, defective, decayed political organization that is today's Democratic Party.

Ickes', the clintons', indeed the entire Left's ludicrous argument--that Bush won reelection by terrorizing white women--turns reality on its head and releases, finally, the fierce, baleful putrescence that was encapsulated in the clinton presidency.

The Left's argument is the familiar one, simply an extension of the clintons' legacy of myopia, denial and expediency. That is, it is an extension of the clintons' failure to comprehend-- or, arguably worse, their refusal to acknowledge--the horrific peril of terrorism that threatens our very existence.

Never mind the presidency.
These idiots are demonstrating in real time why they must never again occupy any position of power in America.


The Left's Fatally Flawed "Animal Farm" Mentality
(Why America Must NEVER AGAIN Elect a Democrat President)


by Mia T, 6.04.04


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)

The Bush Doctine is built on two pillars, one -- that the United States must maintain its absolute military superiority in every part of the world, and second -- that the United States has the right for preemptive action.

Now, both these propositions, taken on their own, are quite valid propositions, but if you put them together, they establish two kinds of sovereignty in the world, the sovereignty of the United States, which is inviolate, not subject to any international constraints, and the rest of the world, which is subject to the Bush Doctrine.

To me, it is reminiscent to [sic] George Orwell's "Animal Farm," that "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

George Soros

eorge Soros could not have more clearly enunciated the lethal danger that he and John Kerry and the clintons and the rest of his leftist cabal pose for America.

Yesterday, at the "progressive," i.e., ultra-extremist left-wing liberal, "Take Back America" confab, Mr. Soros confirmed the obvious: 9/11 was dispositive for the Dems; that is, 9/11 accelerated what eight years of the clintons had set into motion, namely, the demise of a Democratic party that is increasingly irrelevant, unflinchingly corrupt, unwaveringly self-serving, chronically moribund and above all, lethally, seditiously dangerous.

"All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Apparently missing the irony, George Soros chastised America with these words even as he was trying his $25,000,000, 527-end-run damnedest to render himself "more equal than others" in order to foist his radical, paranoic, deadly dementia on an entire nation.

"Animal Farm" is George Orwell's satirical allegory of the Russian Revolution; but it could just as easily be the story of the Democratic Party of today, with the

Kennedy-Pelosi-Gore-clinton (either--"one for the price of two," I say) -Sulzberger-Soros-Moore construct

its porcine manifestation.


Soros' little speech reveals everything we need to know about the Left, to wit:

  • its naivete about the War on Terror,

  • its preference for demagoguery over rational argument, and ideology and reacquisition of power over national security,

  • its mindset, which is inextricably bound to its failed, tortuous, reckless schemes, relics of a different time, a different war and a different enemy.

Soros is correct when he states that each of the two pillars of the Bush Doctine--the United States maintenance of absolute military superiority and the United States right of preemptive action--are "valid propositions" [in a post-9/11 world].

But when he proceeds from there to argue that the validity of each of these two [essential] pillars is somehow nullified by the resultant unequalled power that these two pillars, when taken together, vest in the United States, rational thought and national-security primacy give way to dogmatic Leftist neo-neoliberal ideology.


What is, in fact, "inviolate" here is the neo-neoliberal doctrine of U.S. sovereignty, which states simply that there must be none, that we must yield our sovereignty to the United Nations. Because this Leftist tenet is inviolate, and because it is the antithesis of the concept of U.S. sovereignty enunciated by the Bush Doctrine and the concept of U.S. sovereignty required by the War on Terror, rabid Leftists like Soros conclude that we must trash the latter two inconvenient concepts--even if critical to the survival of our country.

It is precisely here where Soros and the Left fail utterly to understand the War on Terror. They cannot see beyond their own ideology and lust for power. They have become a danger to this country no less lethal than the terrorists they aid and abet.


I think this administration has the right strategic vision and has taken many of the steps needed to get that long-term strategy rolling.

Where I give them the failing grade is in explaining that vision to the American public and the world. Key example: this White House enshrines preemptive war in the latest National Security Strategy and that scares the hell out of a lot of Americans, not to mention our allies. Why? This administration fails to distinguish sufficiently under what conditions that strategy makes reasonable sense.

My point is this: when you are explicit about the world being divided into globalization's Core and Gap, you can distinguish between the different security rule sets at work in each.

Nothing has changed about strategic deterrence or the concept of mutual-assured destruction (or MAD) within the Core, so fears about preemptive wars triggering World War III are misplaced.

When this administration talks about preemption, they're talking strictly about the Gap - not the Core. The strategic stability that defines the Core is not altered one whit by this new strategy, because preemption is all about striking first against actors or states you believe - quite reasonably - are undeterrable in the normal sense.

Thomas P.M. Barnett
The Pentagon's New Map
NB: Dr. Barnett is a lifelong DEMOCRAT

I'm a single-issue voter, as I guess must have become apparent.

I'm not a Republican. I'm not a conservative. I'm not a very great admirer of the president in many ways, but I think that my condition is... that this is an administration that wakes up every morning wondering how to make life hard for the forces of Jihad and how to make as hard as possible an unapologetic defense of civilization against this kind of barbarism... and though the Bush administration has been rife with disappointment on this and incompetent, I nonetheless feel that they have some sense of that spirit.

I don't get that... I don't get that feeling from anyone who even sought the Democratic nomination.

I would [therefore] have to vote for the reelection of President Bush.

Christopher Hitchens
Washington Journal, 6.01.04




America's Real Two-Front War



by Mia T, 4.17.04

merica's real two-front war: fundamentalist Islam on the right and a fundamentally seditious clintonoid neo-neoliberalism on the left, both anarchic, both messianically, lethally intolerant, both amorally perverse, both killing Americans, both placing America at grave risk, both quite insane.

If we are to prevail, the rules of engagement--on both fronts--must change.

Marquis of Queensberry niceties, multicultural hypersensitivity, unipolar-power guilt, hegemony aversion (which is self-sabotage in the extreme--we must capture what we conquer--oil is the terrorist's lifeblood)... and, most important, the mutual-protection racket in Washington--pre-9/11 anachronisms all--are luxuries we can no longer afford.

Notwithstanding, the underlying premise of our hyperfastidious polity, (that we must remain in the system to save the system) is fallacious at best and tantamount to Lady Liberty lifting herself up by her own bootstraps.

To borrow from the Bard, let's start metaphorically, or better yet, economically and politically, by killing all the seditious solicitors, which include the clintons and their left-wing agitprop-and-money-laundering machine: the Viacom-Simon & Schuster-60-Minutes vertical operation, the horizontal (as in "soporific") Cronkite-ite news readers, the (hardly upright) Ben-Veniste goons and Gorelick sleepers, and, of course, the clueless, cacophonic, disproportionately loud, left-coast Barbra-Streisand contingent.

America must not pull her punches.

To prevail, America must defeat--thoroughly destroy--her enemies. On both fronts.


pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic

by Mia T, 5.15.04

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)


As long as you've got a rich man on your arm, you don't need a big bag.

--Elizabeth Rickard


The $100 billion Iraqi Oil for Food program was by far the largest relief operation in the history of the United Nations. By extension, it's rapidly becoming the U.N.'s largest-ever scandal....

Those included rewarding friends and allies world-wide with oil allocations on very favorable terms, as well as extracting large kickbacks from oil traders and suppliers of humanitarian goods....

There can be little doubt that U.N. mismanagement contributed greatly to the negative perception of the anti-Saddam containment policy. There is also little doubt that the reward and kickback scheme--as well the possibility of exposure--was a factor as some countries weighed whether to back U.S.-led regime change in Iraq. There is even reason to suspect that some of the Saddam friends and allies who benefited may have been members of the U.N. Secretariat.

Oil for Scandal
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
Thursday, March 18, 2004 12:01 a.m.

eave it to the French to make pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic all the rage.

They and their moneygrubbing, Oil-for-Food defrauding cohorts abroad, and their power-hungry would-be terrorist sympathizers here, are all sporting "THE LOOK."

(How many of those oh so trendy Kerry-clinton-Kennedy hate-America, blame-America-first sound bites will Al-Jazeera broadcast today?)

The trusty triad's half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies, confounded by fog of war, vagaries of peace and uncharted territory of asymmetric netherworlds, remind us that things are not always what they first seem. The UN Oil-for-Food scandal, for example, has shown us it was not "going to war with Iraq" that was "all about oil," but rather, "not going to war with Iraq." The Left, we now see, had that one,
(as they have most things), exactly backward.

The dernier cri of seditious and corrupt Leftists everywhere, pro-islamofascist-terrorist radical chic renders the Left, irrespective of policy, no less dangerous to Western civilization than the terrorists they aid and abet.



ne•o-ne•o•lib•er•al•ism n.

neocommunist political movement, a tipsy-topsy, infantile perversion of the Marxist-Leninist model, global in scope, beginning in the post-cold-war, unipolar 1990s, led by the '60s neoliberal baby-boomer "intelligentsia," that seeks power without responsibility, i.e., that seeks to dilute American power by concentrating power in said '60s neoliberals while yielding America's sovereignty to the United Nations, i.e., while surrendering to the terrorists, as it continues the traditional '60s neoliberal feint, namely: (1) concern for social justice, (2) distain for bureaucracy, and (3) the championing of entrepreneurship for the great unwashed.

Mia T, 2.24.04


The Democratic Party's Problem Transcends Its Anti-War Contingent2

hyperlinked images of shame
copyright Mia T 2003

by Mia T, 4.6.03


If Act I was a thinly veiled allegory about naked clintonism, then Act II is a parable about the plan for world domination by the Establishment, aged hippies in pinstripes all, with their infantile, solipsistic world view amazingly untouched by time.


Mia T, June 9, 1999


l From is sounding the alarm. "Unless we convince Americans that Democrats are strong on national security," he warns his party, "Democrats will continue to lose elections."

Helloooo? That the Democrats have to be spoon-fed what should be axiomatic post-9/11 is, in and of itself, incontrovertible proof that From's advice is insufficient to solve their problem.

From's failure to fully lay out the nature of the Democrats' problem is not surprising: he is the guy who helped seal his party's fate. It was his Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that institutionalized the proximate cause of the problem, clintonism, and legitimized its two eponymic provincial operators on the national stage. The "Third Way" and "triangulation" don't come from the same Latin root for no reason.

That "convince" is From's operative word underscores the Democrats' dilemma. Nine-eleven was transformative. It is no longer sufficient merely to convince. One must demonstrate, demonstrate convincingly, if you will… which means both in real time and historically.

When it comes to national security, Americans will no longer take any chances. Turning the turn of phrase back on itself, the era of the Placebo President is over. (Incidentally, the oft-quote out-of-context sentence fragment alluded to here transformed meaningless clinton triangulation into a meaningful if deceptive soundbite.)

Although From is loath to admit it -- the terror in his eyes belies his facile solution -- the Democratic party's problem transcends its anti-war contingent.

With a philosophy that relinquishes our national sovereignty -- and relinquishes it reflexively… and to the UN no less -- the Democratic party is, by definition, the party of national insecurity.

With policy ruled by pathologic self-interest -- witness the "Lieberman Paradigm," Kerry's "regime change" bon mot (gone bad), Edwards' and the clintons' brazen echoes thereof (or, alternatively, Pelosi's less strident wartime non-putdown putdown)… and, of course, the clincher -- eight years of the clintons' infantilism, grotesquerie and utter failure -- the Democratic party is, historically and in real time, the party of national insecurity.

The Democrats used to be able to wallpaper their national insecurity with dollars and demogoguery. But that was before 9/11.

addendum 12.13.03:
Pathologic self-interest: Richard Miniter's C-SPAN interview, contained in hillary talks:ON TERROR, (below), is absolutely devastating for the clintons. Miniter presents the clintons' monumental failure to protect America in sickening detail.

Note in particular Madeleine Albright's shocking reason given at the time of the USS Cole attack why the clinton administration should not respond militarily. It tell us everything we need to know about the clintons. It tell us why clinton redux is an absolutely suicidal notion.

Notwithstanding their cowardice, corruption, perfidy, and to borrow a phrase from Andrew Cuomo, their essential cluelessness, the clintons, according to Albright, made their decision not to go after the terrorists primarily for reasons of their own legacy and power. The clintons reasoned that inaction would MAXIMIZE THEIR CHANCES TO RECEIVE THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. No matter that that inaction would also maximize the terrorists' power, maximize America's danger.

For more than a half decade, the Clinton administration was shoveling atomic secrets out the door as fast as it could, literally by the ton. Millions of previously classified ideas and documents relating to nuclear arms were released to all comers, including China's bomb makers.

William J. Broad
Spying Isn't the Only Way to Learn About Nukes,
The New York Times, May 30, 1999

Broad would have us believe we are watching "Being There" and not "The Manchurian Candidate." His argument is superficially appealing as most reasonable people would conclude that it requires the simplemindedness of a Chauncy Gardener (in "Being There") to reason that instructing China and a motley assortment of terrorist nations on how to beef up their atom bombs and how not to omit the "key steps" when building hydrogen bombs would somehow blunt and not stimulate their appetites for bigger and better bombs and a higher position in the power food chain.

But it is Broad's failure to fully connect the dots -- clinton's wholesale release of atomic secrets, decades of Chinese money sluicing into clinton's campaigns, clinton's pushing of the test ban treaty, clinton's concomitant sale of supercomputers, and clinton's noxious legacy -- that blows his argument to smithereens and reduces his piece to just another clinton apologia by The New York Times.

play tape

But even a Times apologia cannot save clinton from the gallows. Clinton can be both an absolute (albeit postmodern) moron and a traitor. The strict liability Gump-ism, "Treason is as treason does" applies.

The idea that an individual can be convicted of the crime of treason only if there is treasonous intent or *mens rea* runs contrary to the concept of strict liability crimes. That doctrine (Park v United States, (1974) 421 US 658,668) established the principle of 'strict liability' or 'liability without fault' in certain criminal cases, usually involving crimes which endanger the public welfare.

Calling his position on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty "an historic milestone," (if he must say so himself) clinton believed that if he could get China to sign it, he would go down in history as the savior of mankind. This was 11 August 1995.

(There would be an analogous treasonous miscalculation in the Mideast: clinton failed to shut down Muslim terrorism, then in its incipient stage and stoppable, because he reasoned that doing so would have wrecked his chances for the Nobel Peace Prize. Indeed, according to Richard Miniter, Madeleine Albright offered precisely the Nobel-Muslim factor as a primary reason for not treating the bombing of the USS Cole as an act of war.)

Mia T, 2.11.04
REAL "Imminent Threat"



It is precisely the clintons' bin-Laden-emboldening inaction to the attack on the USS Cole and the clintons' bin-Laden-emboldening token, ineffectual, August 1998 missile strikes of aspirin factories and empty tents that eliminate "bin-Laden-emboldenment avoidance" as the rationale for the latter decision and support "wag the dog," instead.

Taken together, feckless clinton inaction and feckless clinton action serve only to reinforce the almost universally held notion: the clinton calculus was, is, and always will be, solely self-serving.

In the case of the non-response to the attack on the Cole, an unambiguous act of war, the clinton rationale, according to no less than Madeleine Albright, was a clinton Nobel Peace Prize by Arab appeasement. i.e., a clinton Nobel Peace Prize by bin-Laden-emboldenment.

And in the case of the curiously-timed, ineffectual (and, therefore, bin-Laden-emboldening) token missile strikes, the clinton rationale was Lewinsky-recantation distraction -- clearly not bin-Laden-emboldenment avoidance.

(This is not to say there wasn't a Nobel factor here, too. Obsolete intelligence, bolstered by the redundancy of a clinton tipoff, ensured that both bin Laden and the Mideast Muslim ego would escape unscathed.)

Mia T, "WAG THE DOG" revisited




WASHINGTON -- Two Norwegian public-relations executives and one member of the Norwegian Parliament say they were contacted by the White House to help campaign for President Clinton to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize for his work in trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East.

Clinton Lobbies for Nobel Prize: What a Punk
White House Lobbied For Clinton Nobel Peace Prize Updated
Friday, October 13, 2000
By Rita Cosby




There's been speculation in the last few months that Clinton was pursuing a Mideast peace accord in an effort to win the prize and secure his legacy as president.





At the time, clinton observed: "I made more progress in the Middle East than I did between Socks and Buddy." Retrospectively, it is clear that clinton's characterization was not correct.

Mia T, Buddy Death Report Raises More Questions Than It Answers



deconstructing clinton… "just because I could"

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)
missus clinton's REAL virtual office update


entire article

Iran Agrees to EU Demand for Nuke Freeze -Diplomats

Sun Nov 14, 2004 12:36 PM ET

VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program in an attempt to ease concerns that its nuclear program is aimed at developing atomic weapons, a Western diplomat close to the United Nations said on Sunday.

The diplomat said Iran had not yet taken the crucial step of formally informing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the scope and starting date for its suspension, which will make the freeze a binding commitment for the Islamic republic.

"A deal for a full suspension is done but the IAEA has not received a letter confirming it. That's also important that they would have a look at that and see what they (Iran) signed on to," the diplomat told Reuters.

Several other diplomats confirmed the deal, though none were able to confirm any specifics about the scope and duration of the freeze.

This announcement comes after weeks of negotiations between Iran and the European Union's "big three" states -- France, Britain and Germany -- and one day before the United Nations releases a crucial report on its two-year investigation of Tehran's nuclear program.

Once confirmed by IAEA inspectors on the ground, this suspension by Iran will almost certainly protect it from being reported to the U.N. Security Council for possible economic sanctions when the IAEA board of governors meets on Nov. 25.

Washington, which accuses Iran of using its nuclear program as a front to develop nuclear weapons, wants the IAEA to refer the case to the Security Council because Tehran concealed a uranium enrichment program for 18 years.

Diplomats in Tehran said that ambassadors from the EU big three were meeting with Hassan Rohani, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, to discuss the suspension.

"We have reviewed all the details and made our decision and Rohani will inform the ambassadors of our decision," Rohani's deputy, Hossein Mousavian, told the semi-official Mehr news agency.

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To: Mia T
In post-election 2004, the ONLY thing that libs like Hillary need to remember: The people put you in office and they will take you out of office unless you cooperate on what is best for the country.

We have many examples on how you care about the troops, women, children, etc. to draw upon while wiping you libs out of the system.
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Satan's Daughter will be at the Opening of The Clinton Library and speak behind the commemorative sink.


Old joke.......

Hillary is Depressed

A New York stockbroker got stuck in some bad traffic on the way home the other day. He asked a cop on the beat, what was the holdup. Cop says, "it's Hillary in her motorcade. She stopped and is threatening to douse herself in gasoline and set herself on fire. She's depressed because Bill's running around on her more than ever, Bush upstaged her in Iraq, she's angry about Gore and Dean, and the Saddam capture put her over the edge. So we're taking up a collection for her."

The stockbroker asks the cop, "How much have you got so far? The cop replies, "About four and a half gallons, but alot of folks are still siphoning!"

5 posted on 11/15/2004 4:45:12 AM PST by beyond the sea (ab9usa4uandme)
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To: beyond the sea
the Opening of The Clinton Library



by Mia T, 12-30-02







f mutability of meaning was necessary for the survival of the clintons--their survival hinged ultimately on the deconstruction of words and laws--it is more than a little ironic, and a manifestation of the special sway and shortsightedness of the pathologic ego, that clinton's monument to himself will necessarily define the clintons with the permanence of great inviolate places of iconic architecture.

Whereas a huckster removes meaning from institutions--the wife picked up where the husband left off--an architect encodes meaning in buildings. James S. Polshek, the architect with the dubious distinction of having been commissioned to build the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, believes that a successful architectural solution must necessarily be rooted in relevance.

Just as Polshek's buildings have physical layers, so too do they have layers of meaning. His Rose Center for Earth and Space, for example, is informed formally and programmatically by the historic architecture of a designated landmark even as it redefines itself, (often too self-consciously, in my view), in Star-Trekian terms. Reduced to its essence, the building is the nascent universe before the Big Bang, the promise of the undifferentiated cell in its mother's womb.

The "bridge to the 21st century" was, perhaps, clinton's most delusional conceit, so it is not surprising that it would become clinton's self-referential metaphor of choice. His library was to be that bridge, if he had anything to say about it...

The architect is often the master of the inside joke, witness Robert Venturi's postmodern chairs. Venturi exploited--unabashedly and with abandon--the vocabulary of Las Vegas, its stage-set-as-reality and its roadside culture--bright, clashing, ugly and fake. The architect's inside joke is his hedge against the sycophancy that comes with patronage.

The flip side of the encoded meaning of the architect is the terrorist's decoding of it. To bin Laden, the World Trade Center was Jewish capitalism encoded in urban space. If Polshek's vision of clinton's library is a bridge, the inside joke is that, at best, it is a bridge to nowhere.

More likely, it is a bridge to the 7th century...or a doublewide to house clinton double-speak. Take your choice.


copyright Mia T 2002


6 posted on 11/15/2004 4:57:41 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T


7 posted on 11/15/2004 5:15:28 AM PST by Wolverine (A Concerned Citizen)
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To: Mia T
I clicked over here because I wanted to leave a post on how COOL the title of the thread is. Then I realized who was behind it...

I hadn't seen you work is some time, and was wondering what happened to you (couldn't recall the screen name).

anyway your work is first class.

8 posted on 11/15/2004 5:20:30 AM PST by the invisib1e hand (if a man lives long enough, he gets to see the same thing over and over.)
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To: Mia T


9 posted on 11/15/2004 6:44:18 AM PST by bmwcyle (I wear sleepwear therefore I think (When they are off I am single minded))
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To: Mia T

"No Sympathy fer the Lib'rals!!"
(To be sung to the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil")

Please allow me to introduce the World...
To the Left, they feel no shame!
Been around here fer many long years...
Stole many a man's Hope and Faith!
Fascists in Power when Jesus Christ...
Bore our crosses and bore our pain.
Made damn sure our Savior...
Wouldn't threaten their Evil Reign!
Please believe me...Lib'rals are to blame!
Despite their righteous talk, more Power is their aim!!

They saw their chance in St. Petersburg,
When they saw the Monarchy had been shamed.
Killed the Czar and his ministers...
As well as any Man who could think!
They rode the tanks in Heil Hitler's ranks...
When the blitzkrieg raged and all Waco stank!
Please believe me...Socialists are to blame!
Oh, yeah! Bloody failures, yet, they seem oblivious to shame!

They cheered with glee helpin' Pol Pot succeed...
Led by Hanoi Jane, their hands are bloody-stained!
They shouted out, "Who killed the Left's Elite?"
While slaughterin' all who just wished to breathe free!
Let me please clarify myself, these Elites have wealth and "taste"...
But their attacks on Liberty...have become a National Disgrace!!

I swear to you, DemocRATS are to blame!
Oh yeah! But what's puzzlin' me is their arrogant lack of shame!
Ah, yeah!...Go out and get 'em, boys!!

(kewl guitar jammin')

Please believe me, Slick's tyrants are to blame.
Oh yeah! But what's important now is imprisonin' Bill in chains!!!
'Cuz ex-Prez'dent's just a criminal...and all his critics Saints!
While I could call Slick "Lucifer," I'll exhibit some restraint!
When you see Slick, show due courtesy...
But have no sympathy, 'cuz Bill's a snake!
Condemn all his corrupt politics, or be ashamed to show your face!!

Pleased to meet you...Mudboy Slim's my name!
Uhm, yeah! Bringin' Clinton down is why I must serenade.
Uhmm, I mean it...Get out...Yeehah...Resign!...Get on out, BOY! Ah, yeah!

Tell you Country, Lib'rals are their name.
Tell you, voters, it's something you can change!
Tell us, Willie, where's your shame?!
Tell you one thing, Slick's to blame!!
Ooh Hoo! Ooh Hoo! Wahoo! Alright! Ooh Hoo Ooh! Ooh Hoo Ooh! Ah yeah!

FReegards...MUD (04/24/2000)

10 posted on 11/15/2004 11:46:21 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (Hey Rudy G., RE-IMPEACH the HildaBeast's Hubby!!)
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To: Mia T

Oh let her try to run in '08.......FR has enough incriminating evidence against her, for a book and many T.V. ads! We'll be the new "Swiftees". LOL

11 posted on 11/15/2004 4:10:37 PM PST by nopardons
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To: Mudboy Slim
shameless self-promoter twofer...
whose legacy will be...
the destruction of the Democratic Party...


The irony of the clintons:
Had they gone after terrorism during their tenure,
they would have stemmed it,
9/11 would never have happened,
they would have achieved the sort of legacy they crave but will now never achieve,
and the Democrats would today be a viable peacetime alternative
instead of The War on Terror's terrifyingly clueless, anachronistic option.


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6 or higher, available HERE)

12 posted on 11/16/2004 7:10:06 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: the invisib1e hand

thx :)

13 posted on 11/16/2004 7:10:49 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

Clinton... began by insisting that the entire Middle East region work to socially and politically enfranchise women. "Human rights are women's rights," she said.

This is the same Mrs. Clinton that said, women in Iraq were better off under Saddam's rule than they are now,they just had to stay out of Saddam and sons way. Lets not ever let her forget that.

14 posted on 11/16/2004 7:15:02 AM PST by gunnedah
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To: nopardons

In my view, the missus is done. Finis.
I suspect the clintons didn't adequately think through the Kerry effect.

The Democrats will never run another liberal...
especially one with all her baggage....
And as people demonstrated on Nov. 2nd,
a political makeover just won't cut it anymore.

"You can run, but you cannot hide."
The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

Mia T, Mindless rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)





Achieving a low soldier mortality rate with a policy of artful battlefield-and-responsibility-avoidance is hardly the measure of commander-in-chief success.

UNFIT: taking the measure of a would-be commander-in-chief
#2-understanding the job description
Mia T, 5.17.04

Hear Bush 41 Warn Us--October 19, 1992*

CNN's favorite general, Wesley Clark, has also been heard to opine that our troops are getting bogged down in Iraq. His competence to judge American generals is questionable since his command was limited to working for NATO. We prefer to hear from American generals. Clark's contribution to international relations consisted of mistakenly bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. In his zeal to prevent troop casualties, he ordered pilots to fly at such high altitudes that the pilots complained that they were being forced to incur unnecessary civilian casualties.

Ann Coulter
The enemy within
World Net Daily
March 26, 2003


*Thanx to Cloud William for text and audio


LEHRER: President Bush, your closing statement, sir.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Three weeks from now--two weeks from tomorrow, America goes to the polls and you're going to have to decide who you want to lead this country ...

On foreign affairs, some think it's irrelevant. I believe it's not. We're living in an interconnected world...And if a crisis comes up, ask who has the judgment and the experience and, yes, the character to make the right decision?

And, lastly, the other night on character Governor Clinton said it's not the character of the president but the character of the presidency. I couldn't disagree more. Horace Greeley said the only thing that endures is character. And I think it was Justice Black who talked about great nations, like great men, must keep their word.

And so the question is, who will safeguard this nation, who will safeguard our people and our children? I need your support, I ask for your support. And may God bless the United States of America.


play tape

15 posted on 11/16/2004 7:36:15 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: gunnedah
Great point.
Revealing moment that disclosed
missus clinton's real philosophy of career advancement.


NEW! hillary talks: DEEP VEEP

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE)

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update


by Mia T, 3.7.04






issus clinton says she doesn't think she will be asked to be John Kerry's running mate.... and doesn't think she would accept, in any case. "Think" seems to be the operative word.... (or is it "doesn't think?")

Susan Estrich had it exactly right when she said missus clinton is unelectable. If hillary clinton wants to occupy the Oval Office, she must perforce either marry the president (been there, done that) or ascend to the throne; that is to say, missus clinton must zipper-hoist.... (We will leave means of ascension to your imagination and her devices. Suffice it to say, John Kerry would be wise to sharpen the ol' peripheral vision.)

For her entire adult (such as it is) life, zipper-hoisting has been missus clinton's principal means of upward mobility.


Zipper-hoisting has proved to be a sticky wicket for missus clinton, owing not to antithetical feminist ideology, as one would expect -- feminists willingly sacrificed feminism on the altar of clintonism -- but to zipper choice, her rather injudicious attachment early on to a certain zipper habitually on the downslide.

Look for missus clinton to switch zippers. And sooner rather than later. (Note: Kerry's zipper is the current default choice; missus clinton would have much preferred the General's.)

What zippers are to missus clinton, heiresses are to John Kerry. As comptroller of the Democrat coffers, missus clinton is the de facto Democrat "heiress," (Teresa Heinz without the ketchup, if you will).

Thus, what we have here is the perfect symbiosis, the perfect playing into proclivities, the lowest common denominator, the perfect pair....


copyright Mia T 2004

16 posted on 11/16/2004 8:00:27 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T
"Had they gone after terrorism during their tenure..."

That's a HUGH "if", Mia T, 'cuz the RATS and Terror go hand in hand. Think about it, the Leftist enviro-nazis (ELF) are American-made terrorists, and PETA serves as the Lefty terrorists ostensibly supporting animal rights. Then you've got the Unibomber and then the anti-Bush folks who vandalized local HQs and slashed tires and shot out windows in the latest election season. Add to that the fact that Slick Willie pardoned dozens of terrorists as he left office and it becomes clear that the DemonRATS see Terror as a viable option in the War of Ideas.

"DemonRATS Love Terrorists!!"


17 posted on 11/16/2004 8:16:31 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (RE-IMPEACH the HildaBeast's Hubby!!)
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To: Mia T
a doublewide to house clinton double-speak

That's a keeper!

18 posted on 11/16/2004 9:13:21 AM PST by beyond the sea (ab9usa4uandme)
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To: Mudboy Slim
Slick Willie pardoned dozens of terrorists

It's time to take out the trash...
A Senate en passant capture is THE MOVE...

19 posted on 11/16/2004 9:36:59 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mudboy Slim; beyond the sea
Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton Holds News Conference

by Mia T, February 23, 2001


ASHINGTON- February 22. Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton held her premiere press conference today on Capitol Hill, ostensibly to answer questions about the peddling of White House pardons by her brother and her campaign treasurer. Notably absent among the press queries were any about her own involvement not only in those pardons, but in the larger universe of sold pardons--the incipient clinton scandal du jour--Pardongate.

KnowNothing's brother, Hugh Rodham, secured two of the 141 clinton midnight pardons, one for a cocaine kingpin and the other for a snake-oil swindler. Rodham netted a quick $400,000 for his "work" according to various rodhams and clintons and their assorted lawyers. KnowNothing's campaign treasurer, William Cunningham III, himself a law partner of longtime KnowNothing adviser Harold Ickes, helped obtain last-minute pardons for two convicted felons.


Displaying a willingness to throw her brother (along with her husband) to the wolves, Sen. Victim Clinton was quick to make a distinction between her big, bad brother's pardon "work" and that of her campaign treasurer, "a fine lawyer and a fine man." The "family" connection of brother Rodham to Clinton rendered Rodham's "work" offensive, whereas the campaign treasurer Cunningham's connection to the senator and her campaign coffers made his securing of two pardons in record time a sterling example of highminded, effective public service.

KnowNothing is apparently not the best of thinkers. If the "family" connection makes lobbying for cocaine-kingpin and snake-oil-swindler pardons unsavory for brother Rodham, then the "family" connection makes lobbying for the Hasidim 4 (see Keating 5) pardons even more distasteful for the wife, First Lady and senator-elect. Moreover, pardons for votes is arguably a greater offense than pardons for cash.


KnowNothing specifically declined to answer when asked whether she discussed the pardons with her husband, effectively pleading the 5th. Turning aside questions about the pardon decisions her husband had made, she told reporters they should address those issues with him and his staff. She refused to say whether he should agree to appear voluntarily before congressional committees investigating the pardons. Interestingly, no one asked her whether she would agree to appear voluntarily before those same congressional committees.


"I did not have any involvement in the pardons that were granted or not granted," insisted Sen. KnowNothing, seeming to forget her presence at the New-Square/Oval-Office schmooze that secured pardons for the four Hasidic felons who set up a phony school in Brooklyn to swindle the government out of millions intended for the poor.


KnowNothing noted that her"best memory" was that she never spoke to her brother or to Mr. Cunningham about the pardons. With variations of "I don't have a memory" and "my best memory, and avoiding the more obvious "I don't recall" and "my best recollection," KnowNothing reprised the Ruffian standard used during the clinton years to commit perjury without penalty.


...or more precisely, envelopes. During her denials of involvement in any of the pardons, KnowNothing made the curious claim: "People handed me envelopes, I passed them on [and never opened a single one. Honest.]"



Reprising the role of victim that enabled her to win a senate seat in spite of low poll numbers, high personal negatives and consistent public failures, the senator peppered her answers about big, bad Hugh (understanding that the subtext was big, bad Bill) with "saddened" and "disappointed" and "heartbroken" and "shocked."


This session today was cut short by a staffer when reporters appeared dissatisfied by Senator KnowNothing's lack of candor.

In the end, this press conference full of poses, poll-tested phrases and prevarication was just another display of the clintons' utter contempt for the people. Bill Clinton committed the same error last Sunday in his shameless, lie-filled New York Times Pardongate Apologia.

The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

 hillary talks: On White House Coverups

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE)
missus clinton's REAL virtual office update




20 posted on 11/16/2004 9:54:36 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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