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To: crushelits

Did the UN approve this message to the schools ?

2 posted on 10/07/2004 10:17:48 AM PDT by kendu
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To: kendu
Hell to the UN! Hey Mr. Annan what exactly is your job there? Your people are being chased away and killed by the same people who took Egypt - show some responsibility for Mother Africa and her children who started it all. I prefer all the UN dead weights die who sports luxury than those poor Africans who never seen a single day of joy from birth to death.

Jesus Christ , Muhammad and Saint Mary were Black?
Excerpt from the above book: All the major world religions had their origins in Africa.
Most of the Church Fathers and Biblical Characters like St. Augustine, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus Christ and his mother Mary were black.
Several Prominent Greeks like Pythagoras studied in ancient Egypt under black priests/professors.
Blacks constructed the pyramids and megalithic remains like Stonehenge. . Blacks have fought and died in all of America’s wars.
The Black Moors ruled parts of Europe for close to 800 years and their efforts helped usher Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.
Some of the world’s most famous individuals like Beethoven, Haydn, Alexander Pushkin and Alexandre Dumas had black roots.

The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality
by Cheikh Anta Diop - The man who changed history in 1974 at UNESCO.
ISBN: 1556520727

From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews
by Rudolph R. Windsor 
ISBN: 0962088110

Destruction of Black Civilization : Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D. 
by Chancellor Williams
ISBN: 0883780305

Stolen Legacy
by George G. M. James 
ISBN: 0913543780 

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America 
(also see Africans presence in early Europe, America and Asia.) 
by Ivan Van Sertima 
ISBN: 0812968174 

African Origins of Major "Western Religions"
by Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan 
ISBN: 0933121296

Islamism, worse than communism!


93 posted on 10/07/2004 12:01:37 PM PDT by Vigelante
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To: kendu

I had contacted my son's high school after the Russian school tragedy and talked with the Asst. Vice Principal. I now contacted our Superintendent today and sent the article with the video to him. He returned my call, but I missed it here at work, so I'm waiting for another call back.

My letter to him and his Secretary (she was very interested in seeing it and the video):

Mr. Schmitt/Ms. Loof:

After the Russian school tragedy, and the last incidences of beheadings, I contacted North High's Asst. Principal to discuss security precautions at the High School where my son is a Junior.

I was pretty much given information about what they are currently doing, but felt it doesn't even come close to more carefully securing our campuses in Torrance. I had suggested that one or two gates could be manned as students file into the school grounds in the morning and that the students would have to show their student I.D.'s to the gatekeeper. Oh, well......that takes money and more staff to implement!! We can't do that!

I currently work for (large Aerospace Co.) and we have to swipe a badge to get into our buildings, and that's AFTER we drive past a guard shack where our badges are compared to our faces and are actually touched to make sure they are not cardboard, or faked.

The least we could start doing is checking student ID's at the gates to try and prevent a young looking terrorists from entering the campus undeterred with his backpack!!, today I spoke with Jeff, the Site Security Supervisor at North High, and he was fairly patient about any ideas of mine, workable or otherwise. He basically said "get me about 10 more people" and maybe I can implement some of your plans.

One of my other ideas involved the fact that the school office is open to anyone from the outside and that it should be kept locked. Jeff claims that the placing of personnel in the front door to check people as they enter the office building is what they implemented a few years back and makes it somewhat safer. Well, it doesn't. The office is vulnerable, and so are the students, since the office empties out onto the campus.

I told "Jeff" that we have to open up dialogue, not discount ideas. He made it clear that anything different than what they are doing now would mean changing their schedules as it is currently. I replied "so what! If children are attacked in a Torrance school, you watch how quickly all the schools change their schedules!" He agreed, but he countered with "it seems in our society we don't act until we have to or after the fact." I told him "that's not acceptable."

I'd like to know when the next school board meeting occurs as I intend to start a dialogue as soon as possible. Parents are scared for our children. I can't be the only one. I'm sure you don't want to risk even one child for lack of manpower, funds, or the inconvenience of changing school schedules.

I believe it's just a matter of time before the schools become targets, and I believe you must agree with me.

Thank You.

(You can click on the link below for the short video imbedded in this e-mail).

132 posted on 10/07/2004 4:39:08 PM PDT by libertylass
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