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You may be a Kerry supporter if . . .
Washington Times ^ | Sept. 12, 2004 | SAMUEL R. LEWIS

Posted on 09/12/2004 2:37:47 PM PDT by FairOpinion

In less than three years, the president has toppled the Taliban, sacked Saddam, and goaded Libyan dictator Col. Moammar Gadhafi into giving up his nuclear weapons program. For 35 years, the "Boston Strangler" (John Kerry's chosen call sign in Vietnam) has been staggeringly wrong about every global enemy the U.S. faced during that period.

Yet, remarkably, Mr. Kerry is more qualified than George Bush to lead the war against Islamist terrorism because some Frenchies on the Rue de la Mal Bouche hate our commander in chief for proactively defending America and bringing freedom to peoples previously enslaved.

Well, to see if you're qualified to pull the Kerry lever (and with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy), consider the following:

If you're convinced terrorists can be transformed into rational, civilized humanists by engaging them in meaningful dialogue over a falafel-and-pita-bread lunch at the U.N. cafeteria, you might be a Kerry supporter.

• If you believe pacifists and peaceniks support the most liberal senator because of his Vietnam War heroics, you just might be a Kerry supporter.

• If you resent the tax cuts that enabled your employer's owners to invest more so you and your coworkers could retain your jobs, you could use a remedial math class and a king-sized dose of common sense — and you might be a Kerry supporter.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: kerry; napalminthemorning; supporter
IOW you have to be brain-dead, or totally delude to vote for Kerry -- or so full of hate, that you are willing to sell out your own country to satisfy your hate.
1 posted on 09/12/2004 2:37:48 PM PDT by FairOpinion
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To: FairOpinion
This little snippet from the article says it all: "A SUV-driving fence-sitter, in an unguarded moment, told me she wished the government would outlaw her ownership of an SUV."
2 posted on 09/12/2004 2:48:13 PM PDT by NonValueAdded (hey, hey, ho, ho ... Kerry, sign the one-eight-oh!)
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To: FairOpinion


You may be a Kerry suporter if:

3 posted on 09/12/2004 2:48:27 PM PDT by Boundless
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To: FairOpinion
...sell out your own country...

You can say that again.

4 posted on 09/12/2004 2:54:49 PM PDT by vpintheak (Our Liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain!)
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: FairOpinion
"If you believe a medal winner in four Olympic track events who spent the next 30 years as a gluttonous, beer-swilling couch potato should serve as a national model for physical fitness, you might be a Kerry supporter."

Only if he throws back the medals and states that he is the only real Olympic hero and all of the others are on steroids.

6 posted on 09/12/2004 3:10:22 PM PDT by Jaxter ("Guys like John Kerry spit on guys like me. I've been waiting 33 years to spit back.")
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To: FairOpinion


7 posted on 09/12/2004 3:20:50 PM PDT by Fintan ( I supposed to read the article???)
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To: FairOpinion

If you're co-workers call you 'Clymer' and you laugh cause you're not sure what they mean.

8 posted on 09/12/2004 3:21:22 PM PDT by proudpapa (of three.)
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To: FairOpinion

I knew I had already posted comments to this article, ...this article is on this thread

9 posted on 09/12/2004 3:24:11 PM PDT by AmericanMade1776 ((John Kerry is now in full retreat))
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To: FairOpinion
If you believe the man who confused Lyndon Johnson with Richard Nixon, 1968 with 1969, Cambodia with Vietnam, and an east-west border with a north-south river, was otherwise capable of identifying shore-bound Asians celebrating Christmas in a Buddhist country, you might be a Kerry supporter..

This one says it all!

10 posted on 09/12/2004 4:43:14 PM PDT by Fire137 (If this is not a war I don't know what one is)
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To: FairOpinion
E-Mail this story AND links to the media today.

John Kerry directly contributed to the lies of the anti war movement AND caused deaths and injuries
to US Military serving in Vietnam AND
directly caused deaths from injuries at home AND countless suicides because of his false testimony.

John Kerry is not fit to be elected dog catcher let alone President of the United States.
ANYONE who votes for Kerry AFTER knowing this data
is guilty of covering up John Kerry's war crimes!

John Kerry, director of the Vietnam Veterans against the War,
testified before special session the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
April 22, 1971


September 6, 2004 -- **BREAKING** In Yesterday's Lies: Steve Pitkin and the Winter Soldiers, Scott Swett tells the story of a former VVAW member and participant in the Winter Soldier Investigation who states that John Kerry and others pressured him to give false testimony about American atrocities in Vietnam. After more than 33 years, Pitkin is the first Winter Soldier "witness" to file a legal affadavit regarding that event...

My name is Steve Pitkin, age 20, from Baltimore. I served with the 9th Division from May of '69 until I was airvaced in July of '69. I'll testify about the beating of civilians and enemy personnel, destruction of villages, indiscriminate use of artillery, the general racism and the attitude of the American GI toward the Vietnamese. I will also talk about some of the problems of the GIs toward one another and the hassle with officers.

-- Steve Pitkin, Winter Soldier Investigation, February 1, 1971.

E-Mail and/or fax these url's to EVERYONE ASAP! Kerry MUST be exposed NOW!

Steve Pitkin Story

Steve Pitkin Affadavit, August 31, 2004

Steve Pitkin DD-214

Steve Pitkin WSI testimony

Steve Pitkin WSI video clips -- February 1, 1971 (4:16, 1.6MB)

John F. Kerry
Timeline of a traitor.
Click Here

Guide to Local Media
Locate media in your zip code, gives you links to YOUR local media with phone, e-mail etc info.

Free Internet Fax Service
Free E-Mail to Fax from your computer, just fill in form on page , they do the rest.
Make sure you enter fax # like this 12025551212 (no spaces or -)

Is the number you want them to SEND FREE FAX covered?

Complete list of areas they SEND FREE FAXES to

Kerry's disrespect in 1971 to USA Symbols Video

Windows Media .......... Real Player .......... Quick Time .......... AOL

Ramsey Clark to Join Panel for Saddam’s Defense
arabnews press release 25 August 2004

Ramsey Clark is pictured below with Kerry and
Vietnam phony vet Al Hubbard
Who was head of the
Vietnam Veterans Against the War movement.

Al Hubbard Sgt., 22 Troop Carrier Squadron Aug. ’65-June ’66
- Al Hubbard, proven fraud who never set foot in Viet Nam.
The only Vietnamese he ever met was
when he was collaborating with the North Vietnamese in Paris
on the American Communist Party's nickel.

John Kerry's explanation:
"He (Hubbard) simply exaggarated his particular position.
But nobody knew it at the time. And those things happen."

Free online version of
Kerry's "The New Soldier"
You can read it online right now.

Kerry hopes everyone
in the USA gets this book!

“Without question,
we were held captive longer
because of the anti-war people,
the Kerrys, the Fondas and Haydens,
the names we knew over there -
they encouraged the enemy to hang on.”
Excerpt from “Stolen Honor” website
- Leo Thorsness
Former Vietnam POW

Jane Fonda tells the student audience at the Michigan State University in 1969:

"I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope,
you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become communist."

Joe Moore, Can Tho Airfield 550th Signal Company

Copy and paste the links to everyone you know.

Steve Pitkin Affadavit, August 31, 2004

John F. Kerry Timeline of a traitor

Kerry's disrespect in 1971
to USA Symbols Video

Windows Media

Real Player

Quick Time


Send this url for the online "The New Soldier" version

Send this url for the Stolen Honor website

11 posted on 09/12/2004 7:11:57 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (MAKE SURE YOUR YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED AND VOTE Nov 2nd!)
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