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Official Launching of New Suicide Terrorist Organization in Iran Promises “Holy Terror”
Marze Por Gohar ^ | July 06, 2004 | SadeghSaleh

Posted on 07/06/2004 10:56:54 PM PDT by SadeghSaleh

Official Launching of New Suicide Terrorist Organization in Iran Promises “Holy Terror”

“The September 11th incident demonstrated that in today’s world, by creating small (!) tactical incidents it is possible to attain strategic results”… “martyrdom operations …are the greatest advantage of Muslims over the superior technology of the global arrogance (the West)”. General Salami, deputy chief of operations, joint headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, at the Gathering of Seekers of Martyrdom, Tehran, June 2nd 2004.

“If it is possible to cast terror into the hearts and lives of infidels (those not believing in Allah, Muhammad and foundations of Islam) and the enemies of Islam, which is in fact possible, then this terror is holy terror…Until we destroy Liberal Democracy, there will be no possibility for the Appearance (of the 12th Shiite Imam)” Hassan Abbassi, President of the “Center for Security Without Borders” and Chief of External National Security Planning for the Revolutionary Guards Corps At the Gathering of Seekers of Martyrdom, Tehran, June 2nd 2004

“In order to eliminate the evil of modern infidelity, the evil of Liberal Democracy, and the evil of Human Rights, we must fight them and wipe them off the face of the earth” ‘Ya Lessarat Al Hussein’ Islamic publication, June 16th 2004, highlighting quotations from the Gathering of Seekers of Martyrdom, Tehran, June 2nd 2004

On Wednesday June 2nd 2004 the Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI) sanctioned the inauguration of a widely advertised and government sanctioned conference of the newly formed organization of worldwide Islamic suicide terrorists named the “Headquarters for Honoring the Martyrs of the Worldwide Islamic Movement” also referred to as “The Gathering of Seekers of Martyrdom”. According to the Iranian and international news media, representatives of various Islamic terrorist groups and candidates for suicide terrorist attacks from around the world were present at the conference held in Tehran at the ‘Lord of the Martyrs’ Auditorium.

Special registration forms for candidates of suicide attacks had already been distributed in Iran, with the choices of volunteering to attack the occupiers of the holy shrines in Iraq, the holy temple in Jerusalem or Salman Rushdie. Mr. Mohammad Ali Samadi, one of the organizers and the spokesman for the gathering was quoted in “Ya Lessarat” as saying “Last Friday in just three hours we registered 2000 people. We predict that in today’s gathering our numbers will approach ten thousand ...”.

The speeches made during the conference however, pointed to much bigger military and terrorist targets around the world such as the countries of Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, even the concepts of democracy and modern science! According to the publication “Ya Lessarat Al Hussein” (Avengers of the Blood of Imam Hussein) of June 9th 2004, General Salami of the Revolutionary Guard Corps said that Globalism is not confined to the sphere of economics and with security becoming Global, so will insecurity which is at this point precisely the most vulnerable dimension of the great powers.

In its June 16th issue, Ya Lessarat quotes Mr.Hassan Abbassi, RGC external security planner, the main speaker at the conference, addressing Western countries as following: “… Yes! We know that oil is the blood that flows through your veins and your civilization is run on Arab oil, which is precisely why the departed Imam (Khomeini) said ‘shut down the oil flow’! The Supreme Leader (Khamenei) also decreed that ‘if all the Arab countries shut down their oil for one full month, nothing will remain from this science which you think the West has, this freedom, liberalism, democracy and civil society for which the modernists crave’. We are issuing this serious warning” . This Mr. Abbassi is the same official who in May 2004 threatened that 29 locations around the world have been marked for terror attacks including American nuclear warheads.

IRI’s Past and Present Doctrine of International Terror

Mr. Abbassi in his “moving” speech at the suicide terror conference, elaborated on the “Doctrine of Asymmetric Defensive(!) Warfare” which basically means individual or mass suicide operations against a militarily superior force. Abbasi said “We overthrew the Shah’s regime which was armed to the teeth with only empty hands. We conquered the American Embassy with empty hands. Through the Lebanese Hizbullah, without having Israel’s superior weapons, we succeeded in expelling Israel from Southern Lebanon. Our existing sporadic operations through The (Palestinian) Islamic Jihad and Hamas have until this moment paralyzed Israel”. Today, as such links including IRI-Al Qaedeh connections are being ‘discovered’ and reported daily, the ‘Gathering of Seekers of Martyrdom’ further cements extremist Shiite-Sunni terrorist solidarity ending all the whitewashing efforts of Western appeasers who have tried to absolve the IRI of complicity in many international terrorist attacks on the grounds of Shiite-Sunni religious incompatibility.

Iranians have known for a long time that both during the anti Shah movement of the late 1970s and during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, the Islamic extremist leaders in Iran had sent thousands of children, young men and women to their deaths, in street confrontations as well as mine sweeping operations (walking across minefields) by teenage and pre-teen children, in order to claim victims and “martyrs” for propaganda purposes; now, in a rare admission, Abbassi recounts some of these experiences less known to the world and sometimes deliberately ignored by Western journalists and appeasing politicians. Emphasizing the decades long role of the Islamic republic in spreading terrorism and sacrificing young lives for the IRI ideological and security aims, Mr. Abbassi continued “Basically, the fundamentals of the military and defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic which was successful during the Holy Defense period (Iran-Iraq War) as well as the strategic doctrine which was designed and prepared for the Lebanese Hizbullah, was one of emphasizing the asymmetric (strategy). This defensive (!) doctrine also showed results in Bosnia(!)”

Mr. Mehdi Koochack-Zadeh, a member of the Islamic Assembly (“Parliament”) from Tehran who was the first speaker at the conference, actually volunteered for suicide terrorist operations. Quoting Ayatullah Khomeini,himself having had declared his readiness for “martyrdom” back in 1988, the “Parliament” Member said “the Palestinian youth today, following the above mentioned message of his eminence the Imam (Khomeini), sacrifice themselves for the liberation of the Holy Ghuds by carrying explosives”. In fact, trying to remind everyone of the IRI’s leading role in exporting terrorism, Islamic extremism and suicide operations, the “Ya Lessarat” of May 26th 2004 which carried a full page advertisement for the suicide conference, also printed an interesting article about the history of the IRI involvement in the region.

In the above mentioned article, covering the Revolutionary Guard’s role in Lebanon as far back as 1982, Ayatullah Rafsanjani said “We have weapons and forces there (in Lebanon); initiative and decision making is ours alone; we shall act ourselves and we shall never agree to reconciliation and surrender”. The article also quotes RGC General Haj Ahmad Motavasselian (sometimes referred to as the innocent Iranian diplomat kidnapped by the Israelis in 1982; executed by the Lebanese Phalange militia) regarding IRI military involvement against Israel :“… we shall fight and we believe that we must export the Islamic Revolution to the world … we shall fight with our faith, the army of God fights with its belief (exporting the revolution is called ‘Defensive Strategy’! because any alternative ideology anywhere is considered to be ‘confronting’ Islam). Let the propagandists of Zionist media and the Zionist leaders say that we have come to commit suicide! We shall prove that our blood will liberate the holy Islamic lands from the US imperialists and this corrupt and occupying Zionist Regime … As long as there are those who chant ‘there is no God except Allah’ (Muslims) in the farthest places in the world, those places are our Islamic borders…” (further testimony to the claimed “defensive” nature of extremist Islamic goals!). Clearly, the IRI has succeeded in preventing any Arab Israeli peace and has exported the idea of suicide terrorism into the Palestinian and Islamic movement in the region.

Suicide Operations, Means Towards Martyrdom Not a Natural Reaction

Mr. Abbasi, reminded the Conference of the all too familiar theme of martyrdom, which from the point of view of suicide volunteers is neither rooted in any “reaction”, “defensive strategy”, “American or Zionist oppression” or other external actions as its causes nor even in territorial expansion as its final goal. The quotations below may serve to familiarize Western readers with the real nature of international Jihadists and refute the usual humanist, nationalist and legalist pretensions of the most dangerous terrorist individuals and governments in history. These educated,super rich and ruthless fanatics, only use Western language in their propaganda to disarm naïve Westerners, use terrorism to intimidate them and thus prepare the grounds for a world wide Jihad and global domination of their extremist ideologies, power for their leaders, paradise and martyrdom for their followers.

Mr. Abbassi describes three kinds of martyrdom: Martyrdom by accident, by necessity when the time comes and martyrdom by choice and initiative. He names a certain martyr of the third kind, named “Fahmideh”, whose act supposedly “laid the foundations for martyrdom operations in the culture of the Holy Defense Campaign (Iran-Iraq war) and the culture of the Islamic Revolution”. Abbassi then offers a 1981 quotation in this regard which according to the organizers of the conference is the Shiite Fatwa (Holy Decree) for suicide operations by Ayatullah Khomeini: “Do not call me a leader … our leader is that 13 year old child (!) who wears a grenade around himself and goes under the enemy tank (Iraqi tank)”.

Mr. Abbassi then proclaims that “In any case, the important issue is martyrdom, whereas the martyrdom operations are secondary …” which can be interpreted as an admittance that external issues (such as the US attack on Iraq) are NOT the cause but only the opportunity or the excuse for a Jihadist to be martyred, “…All the martyr wants is to eat at the Court of the divine and holy being (Allah) …(Khomeini) decreed that … a nation for whom martyrdom is a desired fate is victorious. It is not important what the result will be. Was the result important for Imam Hussein? (Shiite 2nd Imam, who was militarily defeated at the battle of Karbala perpetuating the idea of martyrdom) … he decreed that ‘if you stand in front of our religion, we shall stand in front of your material world’. Since the modern man does not want anything outside this world and does not understand anything beyond it, if this materialism and world loving entity stands in front of our religion (according to extremists, simply the existence of a different religion or ideology not submissive to Islam, is ‘confronting’ Islam. See footnote 1b, below) we have the means of ruining the material world on top of his head …” .

Abbassi berates the West and even moderate Muslims for not understanding the essence of Martyrdom and informs them that “… history is nothing except human (endeavor) to sacrifice this body for God. Martyrdom has a road called Jihad … Jihad is more important than prayer, than pilgrimage, than fasting”. Clearly prayer, pilgrimage and fasting are NOT reactions to persecution, real or perceived, but routine and continuous actions and choices; so is Jihad according to Abbassi.“ The martyr says: material belongings must be sacrificed for life, life for honor and all these three, for God”.

Abbassi, clarifies the basis of his military and “defensive” doctrine: “A humanist person (Western man) equips himself with weaponry in order to kill more, but a God-centered person, even though he prepares to neutralize that and also to kill, but he prepares himself mostly to be killed … and his prayer is ‘God! Grant me martyrdom …”

While Abbassi’s philosophical ranting is more geared towards followers and new suicide volunteers, Samadi’s simpler explanation on the other hand, better explains the practical aspects of suicide terrorism from the eyes of those who volunteer to live (!) and reap the benefits of such operations. Mr. Samadi, one of the organizers of the conference, explains that “… these operations are launched out of desperation (dire necessity) and due to the higher technological advantage of the enemy which denies us the capabilities for classic (military) operations, with the principal aim (of suicide terrorism) of military and morale degradation of the (superior) enemy… these operations are in fact some kind of flaunting of the spirit and determination of the Jihadists and fighters …” .

In accordance with the IRI constitution which obligates the armed pursuit of Jihad all over the world (1) and the ‘sacred’ declarations of Ayatullah Khomeini (2) and other Islamic leaders in Iran as well as the leading traditions of the IRI in re-introducing the ancient Islamic martyrdom concept to the world, the Islamic Republic has launched yet another forum in support of international terrorism and a new organized effort for recruiting suicide terrorists. While certain appeasers in the West have been using their “expertise” and prominent positions to down play IRI’s open threats of Jihad, terrorism and nuclear war, the Islamic Republic has been successfully carrying out massive terrorist campaigns worldwide (US Marine barracks and US Embassy in Lebanon, Jewish centers in Argentina, US targets in Saudi Arabia, Iranian opposition activists in Europe…), triggered regional proxy wars (Lebanese Hizbullah vs. Israel), organized and aided extremist Islamic movements ( in Iraq, Chechnia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Palestine, Pakistan,Afghanistan, Persian Gulf region, and…) and has prevented peace in the Arab Israeli conflict. Therefore, this new and open threat must not be taken lightly or brushed under the rug.

When the powerful Ayatullah Rafsanjani threatened the annihilation of Israel by an atomic bomb, back in December 2001 and declared his willingness to absorb retaliatory nuclear strikes since it would only “cause damage” to the Islamic world (which Rafsanjani is presumably willing to accept on their behalf ! ), he was in fact threatening Israel and the West with a nuclear suicide confrontation scenario. Most of the world reacted to the “moderate” Rafsanjani’s threat with silence and considered it a joke. Today, the US, Israel and even the United Nations have begun taking such threats seriously, being faced with the “newly discovered” possibility of the IRI’s massive efforts towards building nuclear weapons. The IRI’s nuclear defiance,following a one year successful campaign of buying time, emboldened in particular by European appeasement, along with this new threat of suicide bombers is in fact a challenge to the world to choose between two losing options as the instruments of Western defeat and exporting the militant version of IRI Islam all over the world : A nuclear Islamic Republic or “ten thousand” suicide bombers . There must be another choice.


(1) IRI Constitution a- Introduction, ‘The Form of Government in Islam’: “With regard to the Islamic content of the Iranian Revolution, which has been a movement aimed at the triumph of all oppressed and deprived persons over their oppressors, the Constitution provides the necessary basis for ensuring the continuation of the Revolution at home and abroad. In particular, in the development of external relations, the revolution will strive, in concert with other Islamic and popular movements, to prepare the way for the formation of a single global Umma (Islamic nation/ community)…” .

b- Introduction, ‘An Ideological Army’: “… The army of the Islamic Republic and the Corps of the Guards of the Revolution … will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of Jihad in God’s path; that is extending the sovereignty of God’s law throughout the world. This will be in accordance with the Qur’anic verse ‘Prepare against them whatever force you are able to muster, and horses ready for battle, striking fear into the enemy of God and your enemy, and others beyond them’ (8:60)”.

(2) Ayatullah Khomeini. a- “…Those who say Islam is NOT a religion of war and that Islam must not kill people, do not understand Islam. The Koran says war! War! Meaning those who follow the Koran must continue the war until evil is taken out from the world. War is a blessing for the whole world and it is a blessing from God for any nation in any environment that it may be. Why do you constantly read the verses about mercy in the Koran and ignore the verses about killing(war)?” Ayatullah Khomeini, Tehran, December 20/21st 1984, on the occasion of ceremonies for the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

b- “We are after killing the corrupt roots of Zionism, Capitalism and Communism in the world. We have decided, with the blessing and grace of God, to destroy the systems built upon these three bases… If we are torn to pieces a thousand times, we shall not stop the fighting against the oppressor…” Ayatullah Khomeini, Tehran, 20/21st July 1988, following the acceptance of the UN resolution on cease fire with Iraq.

c- “Today, East and West know very well that the only force that is able to sweep them from the scene in Islam… Our officials should know that our revolution is not confined to Iran. The revolution of the Iranian people is the starting point of the great revolution of the Islamic world… One more time I am asking the high officials of the Islamic Republic system not to be afraid of any one and any thing except the great God, tighten their belts and refrain from abandoning the struggle and Jihad against corruption and prostitution of the Western capitalism and the nihilism and aggression of Communism. We are still taking our first steps in the global struggle against East and West. Will it be worse than apparently being defeated by world powers (devourers)? Will it be worse than being accused by the world of being violent and backward? … Will it be worse than beloved children of the pure Mohammadan Islam being hanged up on the gallows? Will it be worse than wives and children of Hizbullah being taken captive? Let the mean materialistic world treat us like that, but we shall continue acting according to our Islamic duty …” Ayatullah Khomeini, Tehran, 22/23rd March 1989.

Compiled by the Intelligence Council of the Marze Por Gohar Party, Iranians for a secular republic. SadeghSaleh

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1 posted on 07/06/2004 10:56:55 PM PDT by SadeghSaleh
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There goes the second pillar of the Axis of Evil.

I bet the North Koreans aren't stupid enough to launch a terrorist organization against the U.S.

2 posted on 07/06/2004 11:04:41 PM PDT by twgiles
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To: SadeghSaleh
Mr. Abbassi in his “moving” speech at the suicide terror conference, elaborated on the “Doctrine of Asymmetric Defensive" Warfare” which basically means individual or mass suicide operations against a militarily superior force.

So you DU lurkers and PC types. This evil wants to kill and maim your family. And they will do it with pride. Iran as a parking lot doesn't seem like such a bad idea in that context.

3 posted on 07/06/2004 11:07:13 PM PDT by hatfieldmccoy (Just a country boy with an agenda :)
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To: twgiles

Shiite Happens.

4 posted on 07/06/2004 11:56:59 PM PDT by dc-zoo
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To: SadeghSaleh

‘Lord of the Martyrs’ Auditorium should be renamed: 'Lord of the Morons' Auditorium.

5 posted on 07/07/2004 1:05:23 AM PDT by tkathy (nihilism: absolute destructiveness toward the world at large and oneself)
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To: SadeghSaleh
...“Last Friday in just three hours we registered 2000 people. We predict that in today’s gathering our numbers will approach ten thousand ...”.


6 posted on 07/07/2004 3:57:40 AM PDT by pops88 (Geek Chick Parachutist Over Phorty)
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