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The Elijah List ^ | June 8, 2004 | Rick Joyner

Posted on 06/08/2004 10:19:09 PM PDT by GretchenM

This was written and published on the Elijah List's web site on September 12, 2003, following the commissioning of the USS Ronald Reagan. It is republished in light of President Reagan's recent death and its significance for America today.

Rick Joyner Writes About the Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, First Published on THE ELIJAH LIST on September 12, 2003

Note by Steve Shultz:

Some nine months ago, the spirit came heavily upon Rick Joyner as he was watching the commissioning of the most powerful warship to ever be launched, the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan. We first published this article on September 12, 2003. I felt it was appropriate at this time, in light of the passing Saturday of Former President Ronald Reagan, to re-publish this highly anointed article and message to the Church. -- Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

"A New Breed of Leadership is Arising!"
by Rick Joyner

First Posted on THE ELIJAH LIST: Sep 12, 2003
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A New Breed of Leadership Will Take Over

Just a few months ago the commissioning of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan was televised. I am not prone to watch this type of thing, but as I was channel surfing the anointing on this particular ceremony stunned and captured me so that I sat transfixed through the entire event. I also understand that often in prophetic symbolism, ships represent leader-ship. I felt immediately this ship was prophetic of the new breed of leadership that was about to be commissioned.

When President Reagan, who this ship was named after, was inaugurated, the country was certainly in the malaise that his predecessor, Jimmy Carter, had stated. The economy was crippled by nearly 20 percent interest rates. The military had been stripped, weakened, and demoralized, even as it confronted the mighty and threatening Soviet Empire. The revolutionary government of Iran had humiliated the United States by seizing its embassy and imprisoning the ambassador and his entire staff, while our government sat seemingly helpless to do anything about it.

There is presently a shocking malaise that has come over the church. A Gallup pole revealed that tithing was down nearly two-thirds in just the past year. Just two years ago, right after the 9/11 attacks, church attendance broke all records. Now it may be hitting its lowest levels per capita in United States history. At the same time, almost every barometer of spiritual hunger is down dramatically. It has probably not been this dry spiritually in America for decades. However, dry woods catch fire easier, and we are about to experience one of the greatest spiritual awakenings in our history. The fire is about to fall.

A Movement Starts By Moving

There was a weird sense that the Carter Administration was trying to win the world over to our side by being nice to everybody. During that time, one felt that they had to continually apologize for just being an American. This emboldened the enemies of the United States and caused the world to laugh and scorn America. They perceived this attempt to win the world by being nice as a lack of strength and resolve.

At that time, the United States was a very wounded animal from the Vietnam debacle, and as she lay focused on her wounds, the enemies circled, nipping at her continually while waiting for the chance to pounce and kill. Then Ronald Reagan became President, and everything quickly and dramatically changed.

Just before the inauguration, Iran released the embassy hostages. There was a general feeling that if they had not done this, there would have been swift consequences. The whole world seemed to sense that he would be a man of action, not just words. They were right.

Reagan immediately began to rebuild the military, starting with its self-esteem. He immediately passed a major tax cut that many said would be the doom of our economy. To just about everyone's surprise, it worked, and the economy started turning around, gaining strength and momentum. This probably did not have as much to do with the tax cut as with the sense that there was a strong, proactive leader at the helm who at least seemed to know where he was going and why.

No Longer Wounded

Ronald Reagan really did know where he was going and why. He was one of our greatest "principled leaders." There were certain basic principles that he felt had made America great and would keep her great, and he was resolved to lead based on them. Immediately, America's enemies started backing off from the "wounded animal" that suddenly did not seem wounded anymore. She got up on her feet and looked both strong and full of fight. We were no longer overly focused on our wounds or our problems, but started having a sense once again of who we were and what we were called to do.

Ronald Reagan had the demeanor of a kind grandfather who would have given the shirt off of his back to a homeless person, but would fight to the death with even the most powerful enemy who threatened his family - America and the free world. This gave the country a secure, protected feeling. Regardless of whether he always took the right action, he was unquestionably a man of action and would do something. In time, even his worst critics admitted to liking him and confessed that his accomplishments were significant, even remarkable. They were more than that - they were salvation for a world quickly falling into the abyss.

Just by America taking a stand and showing resolve, the enemies of freedom began to retreat. Without question, Ronald Reagan's leadership, not just his policies, caused the collapse of the Soviet Empire and brought down the Iron Curtain. These most powerful strongholds collapsed because principled leadership with resolve, stood up and took decisive leadership. His unquestionable willingness to use force probably saved millions of lives from death in what seemed to one day be inevitable - a war between the great powers.

Anointed and Prepared

Ronald Reagan did not do this just by the strength of his own character, but he was anointed and prepared for the task. At the right time, when America was in its deepest malaise and confusion, he stepped into the place for which he had been prepared and simply did what was natural for him to do. He took decisive leadership based on his principles of devotion to God and freedom.

As I watched the commissioning ceremony of the United States Ship Ronald Reagan, not only our newest carrier but the most powerful warship to have ever been launched, I knew something great was being released in America for these times - principled, strong leadership that will bring great strongholds down.

As the first watch on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan was being set, I had a powerful sense that there was a changing of the guard in the leadership of America. Just as the officers and crew who would take this new carrier to sea took over all of the positions throughout this new ship, there is a whole new principled, strong leadership that will be taking over key positions throughout the ship of state. Principled, strong leadership is coming to America, and they will take this ship to sea - to the nations.

Not Perfect, Yet Effective

The feeling that we need to apologize for being Americans is over. America has been raised up to take strong, decisive leadership in these times. We will not do it perfectly, as that will not be done until Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom. Even so, what we do will be done effectively, and it will be to the benefit of the nations, especially the poor nations of the world whose time has come to ascend. Many mountains are about to be brought low and many valleys raised up.

This new principled, decisive leadership is also coming to the Church. Just as the setting of the first watch on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan represented a changing of the guard from those who built the ship to those who would sail it, a new, bold, proactive leadership is coming to the Church. They will not be content to just build things - they are going to use them.

Showing the Flag

When a warship sails into a foreign port, it is called "showing the flag," or we might say, "showing the standard." For several centuries, this has been an important factor in the foreign policy of nations. However, a flag did not mean much unless the nation it represented was strong and had respected leadership. There is about to be a whole new level of this type of diplomacy, both in the nations and in the Church. Even so, the standards that are shown will only mean something if there is strength and leadership backing them up. There is a new and powerful anointing coming on standards and flags, but it will be because of the substance that backs them up. If this type of policy is effective enough, it can help to avoid conflicts.

So there is a place for "showing the flag," but it is wisdom to know when to use this and when not to. It was stated in the commissioning ceremony of the Ronald Reagan that this ship would not only "show the flag," but also it would fight. Its power was not just for show, but to be used. As stated, in prophetic symbolism ships often represent leader-ship. This is the kind of leadership that will now emerge in both the country and the Church. There is a proactive leadership crew that is about to take over every position on the ship that wants to go to sea. They will not care about looking good, but getting the job done that they have been given to do.

We have not heard much from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan yet, but we will. Few have perceived the changes going on in government, business, and all other major elements of the nation, but we will. Few have perceived the changes now taking place in the leadership of the Church, but they, too, will soon become obvious.

No Apology

You can count on one thing - this new leadership will not be apologizing for being Christians. This does not negate the rightful place for repentance for past mistakes, but for some this has gone way too far. The fleet is about to sail again! There is a new leadership with a clear directive to take their ships to sea and to fight for righteousness and justice. Those who are being raised up will lead, and they will fight.

They will go forth to make a difference. It will not matter how many there are. What will matter is who they are. A new breed of leader is about to be commissioned.

by Rick Joyner

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1 posted on 06/08/2004 10:19:09 PM PDT by GretchenM
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To: Alamo-Girl; JohnHuang2; goodnesswins; homemom; Wphile; AFPhys; TruthNtegrity; ohioWfan; ...

I thought this was an edifying read.

2 posted on 06/08/2004 10:23:54 PM PDT by GretchenM (No military in the history of the world has fought so hard and so often for the freedom of others.-W)
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To: GretchenM

Thanks for the ping.

3 posted on 06/08/2004 10:34:34 PM PDT by Brad’s Gramma (God Bless America)
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To: GretchenM

Thanks, Gretchen....good read.

4 posted on 06/09/2004 7:36:00 AM PDT by goodnesswins (Pres. Reagan "Republicans think every day is the 4th of July; Dems think every day is April 15th.")
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