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To: backhoe

"You think you are gonna ask me why I dared refuse repeat DOJ requests for investigations of dangerous illegal aliens.
You think you are gonna ask me why I arranged to stovepipe intelligence to make intraagency effective communication useless.
You think you are gonna ask me why illegal aliens who were felons became voters for our Democratic party.
You think you are gonna ask me why I OK'd the use of stolen FBI files on DNC computers.
Not a chance. Following LBJ, your gonads are in my fist.
Your FBI files are in my computer. Now go away.

YOU GOTTA FREEP THIS - Gorlick made the interagency Intel wall AND refused attempts by the DOJ to investigate aliens
yet NOW she "guards the guardians". This is corrupt.

BREAKING: Ashcroft has declassified a report Gorelick wrote several years ago
that established the wall that protects against Intel. agencies sharing information.
Background 911 Threads


"Back in September 1994, I recommended to Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick
that the DoJ strengthen investigative powers against suspected 'undesirable aliens,' accelerating
deportation appeal proceedings and limiting U.S. participation in a visa waiver pilot program under which 9.5 million foreigners entered the U.S. in 1994."

[Former FBI Director Louis Freeh]


Making a mockery of justice, Jamie Gorelick,
1) who established the wall that protects against Intel.agencies sharing information
that created the 911 Atrocites, and

2) who REFUSED to take Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's
recommendation now Judges what happened. Isn't that special?

FREEP: Phone Commission at 202-331-4060
Email Commission at
put Thomas Kean in the subject line.

DEMAND THAT GORELICK BE REMOVED! FOR EITHER REASON #1 or #2 or both or other reasons suggested above and below.


Call the President. Leave a meassage at the White House. Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
E-Mail President George W. Bush:
Vice President Richard Cheney:

16 posted on 04/14/2004 11:44:31 AM PDT by Diogenesis (If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us)
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To: Diogenesis

Who needs a lockbox, one hand will do....

21 posted on 04/14/2004 11:46:11 AM PDT by NeoCaveman (Politcs: poli means many, and tics are blood sucking creatures)
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To: Diogenesis
Butch Gorelick will slip this knot....but not forever.
75 posted on 04/14/2004 3:43:46 PM PDT by Ann Archy (Abortion: The Human Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Diogenesis
Bump this for later with email

Thanks for posting this. I like Tom Kean, but he is a RINO par excellance, I must certainly will send him a strongly worded message on this subject.

If he and Kerrey care a whit about this commission they will give that woman the gate. Of course it is absurd, and the fact that she didn't reveal it to her fellow commissioners, and then tried to deny it, it's reprehensible.
124 posted on 04/15/2004 4:11:18 AM PDT by jocon307 (The dems don't get it, the American people do.)
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To: Diogenesis
Here's the text of my email, don't worry, I put Tom Kean in the subject line. If I misspelled anything, please don't tell me!

Dear Commission Chairman Kean:

I write to you as a fellow New Jerseyan, one who saw the attack on the World Trade Center from my office windows, and one who knows many people who lost friends and relatives in the attack.

I also have had the dubious experience, during my 18 years of living in Hudson County to have lived across the street from the bomber of the first attack on the WTC, across the street from the Mosque where the fellow who killed Meyer Kahne lived, and worked around the corner from the Mosque where the "Blind Sheik" preached. For all these reasons an honest appraisal of intelligence and other pre-9/11 failures is important to me.

Several days after the 9/11 attacks, I asked my husband "How could they have let this happen to us?" By "they" I meant the Federal Government, not President Bush, not the Military, not former President Clinton, certainly not Richard Clark or Janet Reno, no one person or institution, but all of them, collectively. To emphasize what I am sure you already know, the primary function of the Federal Government is to keep the Citizens of this country safe from attack. On Sept. 11th, 2001 the Federal Government failed at its primary task. My understanding is that the commision you chair was empanelled to determine both how this happened and to devise ways to ensure it does not happen again.

It has long been stated that one of the chief reasons for the failure to detect the 9/11 plot was the inability of various Federal Agencies to share information. It has now been demonstrated beyond doubt or dispute that a person who now sits as a Commissioner has much to explain and to answer for in that regard. Whatever anyone might have thought of Ms. Gorelick before, the revelation of her authorship of the memo restricting information sharing reveals a damnable conflict of interest, one that should have been apparant even before the revelation of this memo.

Her failure to alert her fellow commissioners is duplicitous and her failure to resign is disengenous. But I must say that the most distrubing thing of this entire affair has been your statement that this is "your business", and not the business of the American people. That is a disgraceful remark coming from a man of your standing. The work of the commission is solely and only the work of the American people, it is not the property of you, Ms. Gorelick, or any other commissioner.

If Ms. Gorelick is not asked to resign the findings of the commission will be forever suspected to be incomplete and inadequate. And further, if you do not retract your statement I will hold you personally forever in disdain, as a man who sees himself above his station, which is, as of this time as in your past tenure as the governor of my state, a servant of the American Public, and not their master, as you seem to imagine.

my actual name, address, daytime phone
146 posted on 04/15/2004 9:37:19 AM PDT by jocon307 (The dems don't get it, the American people do.)
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To: Diogenesis

Ya know, as many times as I've seen this picture, I cannot determine if the person next to Gorelicker is holding back laughter or tears at gorelickers questioning.

178 posted on 04/16/2004 1:37:49 PM PDT by SGCOS
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