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Ford Foundation and the PLO
Frongpagemag ^ | Febuary, 04 | Lee Kaplan

Posted on 02/11/2004 12:11:58 PM PST by Blue87

The top agenda item for the Palestinian "peace" groups today is dismantling Israel by the Right of Return, flooding the country with Arab terrorists after running Israelis out of the West Bank and Gaza. And the Ford Foundation foots the bill to advance these groups' goals.

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Does the Ford Foundation Fund PLO Advocacy?

Is the Ford Foundation one of the world's premier sponsors of terrorism? US Senator Charles Grassely (D) Iowa, Chair of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, thinks the question is a fair one. That is precisely why he has called for congressional hearings into Ford funding of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that use the funds to support terrorism. He is not alone in this concern about such NGOs. The US State Department requires umbrella groups of Palestinian NGOs to sign agreements stating that US foreign aid will not be used to fund terrorism. This requirement seems to have served its purpose, as many of these groups have openly refused to sign such agreements. The level of scrutiny given to the funding of such NGOs by the State Department should not be any different for the Ford Foundation.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency recently published an investigative series showing how the foundation had funded Palestinian groups that turned the UN Conference Against Racism into attacks against Israel and Jews in general. A review of the Ford Foundation's funding of projects related to the Middle East conflict clearly shows a bias toward Palestinian programs with "goals" against Israel. Whenever an Israeli program has been funded, it has consistently been an Israeli leftist group that supports Palestinian aspirations against the Israeli government and in some cases even sedition by leftist Israeli groups.

A review of all of Ford's current and past funding on its website shows a litany of Palestinian "human rights" groups being funded such as the following:

"The National Committee of the Heads of Arab Local Authority in Israel" ($150,000 to be at loggerheads with the Israeli government over every issue);

"The Arab Commission on Human Rights" ($100,000 to try and indict Israel in the International Criminal Court, but not Arafat the terrorist);

"The Al-Mezan Center For Human Rights And Community Involvement" ($150,000 for an advocacy group in that human rights Mecca, Gaza, where Hamas rules the roost in cooperation with Arafat);

"The Al-Dameer Association For Human Rights" ($50,000 again for an advocacy group specializing in "human rights" in Gaza);

"The Women's Center-Shu'fat Refugee Camp" ($80,000 in East Jerusalem to "strengthen community participation and study the peace agenda." Of course, "peace" to the Palestinians now means dismantling all of Israel);

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center ($140,000 for a media project which provides highly trained PLO propaganda spokespeople so that biased reporting against Israel can be encouraged among overseas correspondents);

"The Palestine Consultancy Group" in East Jerusalem, ($100,000 to set up a "legal task force" to support "Palestinian rights" in the city of Jerusalem by endlessly suing the democratic government of Israel which, unlike the Palestine Authority, still runs by the rule of law);

"The Palestine Center For Policy Survey Research" ($140,000 to inform internationals of the "peace process" and "disseminate data on refugees preferences" in a controlled military dictatorship under Arafat. Do you think those preferences will be for flooding Israel with "Palestinian refugees" like Arafat insists on?);

Bir Zeit Univeristy in the West Bank (granted $50,000 for "Palestinian scholars" and NGO leaders to travel to South Africa on a "learning and speaking tour," no doubt with the intention to compare Israel to South Africa as an "apartheid" state.);

The "International Peace and Cooperation Center" ($80,000 for "advocacy and public education for training and dialogue" on the community level in Jerusalem. Will such advocacy be for "peace" or is this program to train better speaking propagandists to call for Israel's dismantlement yet again?) This is but a sampling of the many groups the Ford Foundation has financed in the name of "peace." The top agenda item for the Palestinian "peace" groups today is dismantling Israel by the Right of Return, flooding the country with Arab terrorists after running Israelis out of the West Bank and Gaza. And the Ford Foundation foots the bill to advance these groups' goals.

And what of Ford Foundation donations to Israeli groups? Yes, they have funded these groups, too. But not one has gone to an Israeli hospital to aid the victims of bus bombings caused by Arafat's intifada. Israel is experiencing homelessness for the first time in its history due to the Oslo War and could use aid to solve the problem. Likewise, not one donation goes to a group that might help reach "internationals" with the truth of the dictatorship growing next door that wants Israeli Jews wiped from the map. In the rare occasions an Israeli program has been funded by Ford, it has consistently been one run by Israeli leftist groups that support Palestinian aspirations against the Israeli government and, in some cases, even sedition by Israeli citizens.

justify>The Israeli groups that the Ford Foundation has funded are groups linked to Israel's Communist Party, like B'tselem, or to America's hardcore Left, like B'rit Tzedek V'Shalom. The New Israel Fund and Shefa Fund, both leftist-oriented and also linked with leftist causes in the U.S., have even provided funding to encourage desertion in the Israeli army. Another recipient, ICAHD, interferes with Israeli army anti-terrorism activities.

Israeli Ford Foundation grant recipients further the Arab portrayals of Israel as a violator of human rights. Even donations that are seemingly innocent, such as to Hebrew University for "legal aid," are really going to programs that help Palestinians sue the Israeli government and weaken the Israeli infrastructure.

Most of these groups are Marxist, as well. Just as with Marxists in the U.S. advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government, these Israeli groups push the dismantling of democratic Israel. Add to this Israel's lunatic fringe of the "peace at any price" religious leaders from "Rabbis For Human Rights," some of whom are religious zealots who want Israel destroyed before the coming of a Jewish messiah.

Up until now, if the Palestinians and seditious Israeli groups wanted to get money to push for the destruction of Israel from the Ford Foundation it was a simple process: merely say you are a non-governmental organization (NGO) is for "peace and social justice"; the Ford Foundation's "Peace and Social Justice Program" made it easy for them. But instead of "peace and social justice," the program funds endless conflict and propaganda calling for Israel's destruction.

The Ford Foundation's main Middle East charities are based in Cairo. One of the members of its board of directors is Afsaneh Beschloss of the Carlyle Group, which does extensive business with Saudi Arabia. The Saudis fund world terrorism and have financed much of the terrorism in Israel. They also finance Israel's destruction by laundering funds through the United States and Europe that go to leftist groups in Israel. Thus, the funding provided to the areas of the Holy Land by the Ford Foundation has usually been given with Arab interests in mind. Ford Foundation grants to Israeli NGOs have mostly been to those who want to undermine the Israeli government through political propaganda campaigns or interfere with anti-terrorist operations. [1]

News reports now breaking of potential congressional investigations of funding by the Ford Foundation of NGOs related to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute are an encouraging sign. [2] Ford Foundation's President, Susan Beresford, has promised the Foundation will clean up its act and stop funding worldwide anti-Semitism and programs calling for the dismantling of Israel. [3] Addressing specifically the Middle East, the Foundation's leadership under people like Beresford has been an abomination. [4] In this writer's opinion the Ford Foundation over the last several years has been responsible for the deaths of many Israelis and Palestinians as its funding only served to exacerbate the conflict. (And it has financed certain groups seeking to work against U.S. interests under the mantras of "anti-imperialism" and "anti-globalization.")

The war going on in the Holy Land has been as much a propaganda war as one of terrorist attacks. From the 19 propaganda ministries in the Palestine Authority (and to some extent from the Israeli Left, including the Israeli Communist Party) have emerged NGOs whose stated purpose was to preserve human rights, but whose actual purpose is to distort portray a vibrant democracy as a racist "apartheid state." Such groups, financed by the Ford Foundation, actually contributed to the ongoing violence in the region by using funds to call repeatedly in euphemistic terms for the dismantling of Israel instead of a peace settlement. Israel certainly will not capitulate and the Ford Foundation, by funding the continued media blitz from the opposing Arab and leftist side, only exacerbates and continues the war. What is more, despite Beresford's statements to the contrary, the Ford Foundation has contributed and continues to contribute funds to NGOs that without a doubt still have the potential of killing people, mainly Israelis.

Recently, all Palestinian NGOs refused to sign an agreement with the U.S. State Department agreeing not to use funding given to them by the US taxpayer for purposes of terrorism. [5] Even the Red Crescent Society, the Palestinian equivalent of the Red Cross, run by Yasser Arafat's brother, refused to sign. In the past, Red Crescent ambulances have been caught transporting suicide bombers, armed terrorists and explosives past checkpoints to kill Israelis. [6] A major program of the NGOs like Red Crescent has been to claim innumerable deaths of pregnant women and their newborn children due to Israeli "checkpoints" set up to guard against suicide bombers, another lie in the propaganda portrayal of Israel as a violator of human rights. While the Palestinians are naming streets and stadiums after the suicide bombers and paying out awards, their NGO's spread false information abroad to further their goal of having Israel dismantled rather than creating a lasting settlement and viable peace. [7] At least the US State Department tried to exert some control. But not the Ford Foundation. The Foundation provides up to 2.5 million dollars (U.S.) to Palestinian NGOs and universities in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. Does the money go for social projects or for propaganda campaigns and terrorism? Nobody really knows, least of all the Ford Foundation. Now Ms. Beresford claims the Foundation will demand agreements that no funding be used for terrorism.[8] Very noble. But why has it taken so long? How many Israelis were murdered or maimed by terrorists using Red Crescent ambulances before Israel finally cracked down?

Another group the Ford Foundation funds is the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), an organization "established to oppose and resist Israeli demolishing of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories" according to its mission statement.[9] The Israeli army has found an effective deterrent to terrorism by destroying the homes of terrorists. It also destroys any home where a bomb-making factory is discovered. The ICAHD never does anything about suicide bombers or solicits the Palestine Authority to arrest or prosecute suicide bombers. But it does interfere with the Israeli army doing its job to protect people from terrorism. To fund an organization that interferes with anti-terrorism operations is ultimately to aid terrorism somewhere down the line. To fund organizations that aid those who seek to kill Jews is also anti-Semitism.

The Ford Foundation also funds B'tselem. [10] B'tselem's leader is Anat Biletzski, a key player in Israel's Communist Party, which goes under the name "The Democratic Front for Peace and Equailty" in Hebrew. B'tselem consistently attacks the Israeli government and army by claiming human rights abuses, imaginary or not. If the Palestine Authority's propaganda arm fabricates some, B' tselem will certainly be there to try and lend them credence. Israel's Communist Party can only wield some power in Israel's parliament by belonging to Hadash, a coalition of Arab PLO advocates in Israel's parliament who support PLO aims to dismantle Israel (something Israeli Arabs can do in Israel's democracy). B' tselem never addresses human rights abuses in the Palestine Authority where misogyny, religious intolerance and public murders of "collaborators" are rife. But they do manage to portray an image to the world of Israel as a human rights abuser when it is merely trying to protect itself. And all of this plays towards continuing the conflict rather than creating a reconciliation; it is another way to work toward dismantling the Jewish State by seeking to arouse world condemnation, and the Ford Foundation helps to fund it as well.

Recent revelations have emerged that the Shefa Fund, under the auspices of the New Israel Fund (NIF), a left-wing Israeli charity with roots in the United States that claims to support democracy but allies itself with the "dismantle Israel" crowd, has been offering to pay the expenses of Israeli army deserters.[11] The Ford Foundation certainly plays a part in this, too, since it provides much of the funding for the Shefa Fund.

Still another NGO sponsored by the Ford Foundation is B'rit Tzedek V'shalom ("peace and justice," again in Hebrew) that advocates the deportation of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) as well as Gaza. B'rit Tzedek wants to pay Jewish settlers to move inside Israel's 1948 cease-fire line and give the Arabs their homes and property. Arafat and the Palestinian leadership have consistently said any territory ceded by Israel to them will only be a phase to taking all of Israel from the "river to the sea." He openly voiced this at another Ford Foundation-sponsored event, the UN Worldwide Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa. Even Susan Beresford, in her letter to Congress, acknowledged the Durban event was an anti-Semitic obscenity put on by NGO's with the Ford Foundation's money. And this is the event that woke Congress up.

In fairness to the Ford Foundation, it should be noted it is finally acknowledging its fault in funding the Durban event. [12] The propaganda war of words funded by the Foundation reached its pinnacle there, as false accusations of Israeli "apartheid" and "racism" were once again hurled by totalitarian Arab regimes against democratic Israel. Arab groups in attendance at Durban cited mythical figures of 30,000 olive trees being uprooted by Israel. Adalah, an Arab civil rights group which operates in Jerusalem (permissible under Israel's democracy), also received money from Ford Foundation grants directly or through subsidiaries to present "legal" reasons why Israel should not exist. Another attending group, LAW, a Palestinian legal aid NGO, lost its support because it spent more time trying to try Ariel Sharon as a "war criminal" in Belgium than they did helping Palestinians with day to day legal issues in the Holy Land. [13]

All of these groups spend the majority of their time promoting boycotts and university divestments or disabling Israel's ability to protect itself from enemies bent on its destruction, all while conveniently ignoring or even excusing suicide bombers and terror attacks on Israeli civilians. "Peace," thanks to the Ford Foundation's largesse, has come to mean the end of Israel, and "social justice" has come to mean an Arab living in a Jew's home. That is the reality.

But the Ford Foundation really outdid itself by funding the Palestine National Constitution, all 43 pages of it.[15] The document, modeled after Iran's constitution, grants Islam supreme status over any other religions in "Palestine." The various American, Arab or Israeli NGOs that claim to be seeking a "democratic secular state" in "Palestine" which the Foundation saw fit to fund in the past are curiously silent about the lack of democracy or freedom of religion there. Will it mean "peace and social justice" for Israel next to another Iran or more suicide bombers and terror attacks to ultimately dismantle it? Whatever the outcome, the Ford Foundation can take credit for funding it.

A trip to the Ford Foundation's website reveals the distortions between what the Ford Foundation claims its mission is and what it really finances. Under its "Peace and Social Justice" section on Governance and Civil Society, headed by Michael A. Edwards, it boasts a new charitable portfolio to "strengthen global civilian society and the ability of international citizens to continue to address social problems, as epitomized by the recently created World Social Forum with its motto ‘another world is possible.'"[15]

And what is the World Social Forum? For one thing, it is another hate-fest against the United States and Israel principally staged in the U.S. by the International Socialist Organization and International Answer, the ubiquitous Ramsey Clark's radical socialist/anarchist groups. Clark was Saddam Hussein's attorney prior to U.S. troops going into Iraq and he now strives to help keep the former rulers and Hussein allies in power by demanding U.S. troop withdrawals. The Forum has held events where "U.S. imperialism" was denounced, and even delegations from Communist Cuba were welcomed with open arms. [16] Since demonizing America always comes with demonizing Israel, the Palestinian contingent was also permitted to develop a policy paper which says, to wit: "The meeting must focus international attention on the justice of, and the Palestinian right to an independent and viable Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital and the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homelands. This is our vision of peace. It is a vision that if not met will continue to cause conflict and bloodshed for years to come."[17] So much for the Ford Foundation's claim they are promoting good governance and peace in the world. By the way, the International Socialist Organization advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government by violent means if necessary. [18]

And the Palestinian "right of return to their homelands" is really a catch phrase for taking back all of Israel and displacing its Jewish population with Arabs. No mention is ever made publicly as to where the Arabs deemed to have the right to flood Israel and who exceed Israel's Jewish population are supposed to live. This is because in Palestinian schools they are taught they will be living in some Jew's home. [19] And according to the Palestinian delegation at the World Social Forum that is the vision for peace. The ensuing threats of conflict and bloodshed (a.k.a. terrorist attacks on Israelis) certainly do not fit in with the Ford Foundation's claim it does not wish to promote incitement against Israelis or deny the right of Israel to exist; yet the World Social Forum is touted on the Foundation's website even today under "Peace and Social Justice Programs" as a part of their Civil Society Empowerment program. [20] Interestingly enough, Ford Foundation Director Afsaneh Beschloss used to work for the same World Bank that the World Social Forum condemns and wants undermined as part of its anti-globalization efforts.[21] Does the upper management at the Ford Foundation have any idea what is going on themselves?

Congress would do well to not just look into the Ford Foundation's funding of anti-Semitic NGOs who also seek the destruction of Israel. It also needs to look at what the Ford Foundation's programs are funding in the U.S. against our own country as well. Maybe then, the Ford Foundation will finally clean up its act.


[1]; This Ford website.






[7]; This article; and this one.





[12]; This Ford Foundation website.




[16]; this FrontPage article.

[17] This website.





This article ran in, February 2004

1 posted on 02/11/2004 12:12:00 PM PST by Blue87
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To: Alouette
FYI, and your ping list.
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FRmail me to be added or removed from this pro-Israel ping list.

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3 posted on 02/11/2004 1:02:14 PM PST by Alouette (I chose to NOT have an abortion -- 9 times.)
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To: dennisw; knighthawk
Young and impressionable Yassir Arafat was an apt pupil of Hajj Amin al-Husseini the man who created Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS Division Hanjar and Albanian Muslim Waffen SS Division Skenderbeg.

Having in mind Henry Ford's support to Hitler, the fact about Ford Foundation supporting PLO terrorists is not surprising at all.

4 posted on 02/11/2004 1:05:20 PM PST by DTA (you ain't seen nothing yet)
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To: Ancesthntr
Below was posted on FR in July 2003. Makes a good case against the Ford Foundation.

The Biggest Funder of the Left By William Hawkins | July 23, 2003

The Ford Foundation was quick to claim credit for helping win the recent Supreme Court rulings on "affirmative action" (upholding the University of Michigan Law School's race-based admissions system) and "gay rights" (striking down a Texas law criminalizing homosexual activity). On its website, the multibillion organization proclaimed, "These landmark decisions reaffirm the Ford Foundation's values of social justice and bolster continuing work for racial, sexual and economic grantees played significant roles, from litigation to research to educating policy makers and the public."

The Ford supported litigants included the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in the racial diversity admissions case, and Lambda Legal Defense Fund, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the American Civil Liberties Union's Lesbian and Gay Rights Project in the sodomy case. Though specifics were not given in the press release, a quick look at the Ford Foundation's 2002 Annual Report reveals the extent and purpose of its funding to these groups.

The Ford Foundation in 2002 gave the NAACP-LDEF $500,000 "for litigation and advocacy to combat racial discrimination in employment, education and economic access" and MALDEF $200,000 "for advocacy and litigation to advance the rights of immigrants in the United States." Ford had midwifed the creation of MALDEF with $2.2 million in startup money in 1968, seeking to create a more radical Hispanic movement to displace the more socially conservative and integration-minded groups that then represented the Mexican-American community.

The Lambda Legal Defense Fund was granted $300,000 by Ford in 2002 as "general support for human rights advocacy on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people." Another $300,000 went to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force "for advocacy on behalf of underserved gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender populations on issues of poverty, aging and racial justice."

The ACLU received $925,000 "for capacity building and leadership transition designed to respond to a changing policy environment and new challenges to civil liberties in the United States." The relationship between the ACLU and the Ford Foundation has always been close, with Ford giving $7 million to the ACLU endowment fund in 1999. When Anthony D. Romero became ACLU Executive Director in 2001, it was after a decade of work at Ford. When he left Ford, he was director of Human Rights and International Cooperation, which was the foundation's largest program, giving away some $90 million that year.

High among the new challenges of concern to Ford is the American reaction to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

In a speech to the Federation for Community Planning's Human Services Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, April 5, 2002, Ford Foundation President Susan V. Berresford took pride in providing $12 million in funding to relief and non-profit organizations after the attacks, but "we soon turned our attention to the 9/11-related national and international problems best suited to Ford's grantmaking operations....Immediately after the events, Ford and its grantees felt it was important for multiple perspectives to be heard through the media. This meant, for example, voices of people from moderate Islamic communities. It included people speaking about earlier periods when the U.S. felt at risk from foreigners and its reaction to the foreigners within our borders, some of which our country now regrets, such as the internment of Japanese individuals and families. It was important to help experts explore the issues behind the headlines and broaden understanding about the countries from which the attacks came." According to Berresford "with other large foundations, notably MacArthur and Hewlett, Ford began to ask how we could help improve public understanding in the U.S. about foreign affairs."

The resulting programs were, of course, in accord with the standard left-wing response to the attacks, which was that Americans shouldn't overreact, as they had only themselves to blame.

The Center for Constitutional Rights was given $150,000 in 2002 "for racial justice litigation, advocacy, and educational outreach activities related to the detention and racial profiling of Arab Americans and Muslims following the World Trade Center attack." The CCR has filed seven suits against various anti-terrorist measures, including the detention of captured terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The CCR also opposed the invasion of Iraq, arguing "Blood for Oil is not a reasonable or equitable equation for the majority of Americans. Nor is Bush's quest for world domination an acceptable ambition."

Another $100,000 was given to the notorious National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers' Guild as "core support for activities to ensure the human rights of noncitizens detained in the United States in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001." The National Lawyers' Guild has been at the center of left-wing activism for decades, and played a leading role in reviving the boisterous antiwar movement after September 11.

An even larger grant of $300,000 was made to Fenton Communications "for strategic communications activities to promote informed voices in response to the September 11th attacks, with an emphasis on the protection of civil liberties and prevention of discrimination." These disbursements were all under the Ford Foundation's programmatic heading of "Peace and Social Justice." Smaller groups and even individual authors were given money to advance the leftist interpretation of events and to contest increased domestic security measures.

As the first anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was coming up, the radical Wisconsin teachers group Rethinking Schools put out a special report, "War, Terrorism, and America's Classroom," which offered the views of scholars, journalists, poets, and activists opposed to American actions. It also offered teaching suggestions, writing topics and role-playing exercises to promote the leftist interpretation of events.

The Ford Foundation paid to have 30,000 copies of the Rethinking Schools report sent to middle school and high school teachers across the country. The report was favorably reviewed in a Fall 2002 "Ford Foundation Report" by Neil F. Carlson, editor for the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy which seeks to set the agenda for funding political causes. Carlson found the Rethinking Schools report important because of its "disposition to question the official story, to view with skepticism the stark us-against-them (or us good, them bad) portrait of the world."

The Rethinking Schools collection opened with an essay by arch-radical Howard Zinn, a historian specializing in deconstructing so-called American imperialism, and ended with a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. denouncing the Vietnam War. In between were puff pieces on Islam and a supposedly "evenhanded" primer on the Palestinian uprising provided by the Middle East Research and Information Project. The MERIP is an openly pro-Palestinian, anti-American group. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the MERIP praised street demonstrations as "the most vital and representative antiwar movement the country has seen in a very long time."

As Berresford said in Cleveland, "For many living and working near ground zero, the 9/11 attacks had the same effect as any terrible shock. They forced us to think more deeply about what we do, how we live our lives, and whether we can do better." For the Ford Foundation, that means intensifying their own attacks on American society from every angle, backed by $11 billion in assets.

Fifty years ago Congress began to look into the Ford Foundation's use of taxpayer funds to underwrite the partisan political agendas of the left. It's time to look again.

William Hawkins is Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the U.S. Business and Industry Educational Foundation in Washington, D.C.
5 posted on 02/11/2004 1:33:22 PM PST by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: lilylangtree
Yasser Arafat, January 30, 1996, (Speech) "The Impending Total Collapse of Israel," Stockholm, Sweden (1,2).

Arafat said, you understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State . . . I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews. We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Muslim domination!"

6 posted on 02/11/2004 1:38:01 PM PST by Blue87
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To: Blue87

The Late Faisal Husseini: Oslo Is A Trojan Horse

In Husseini's last interview with the the popular Egyptian newspaper el Arav in 2001.
Husseini said, it is the obligation of all the Palestinian forces and factions to see the Oslo Accords as "temporary" steps or "gradual" goals, because in this way, "We are setting an ambush for the Israelis and cheating them."

He also differentiated between, "strategic," long term, "higher" goals, and "political," short term goals dependent on "the current international establishment, balance of power, capabilities, and variable considerations that change from time to time." Nevertheless, the Palestinians have been forced to temporarily concentrate on "gradual diplomatic goals." However, the main goal is the "liberation of all Palestine from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean)," even if this requires a struggle that will continue "1,000 years, or generations upon generations."
7 posted on 02/11/2004 1:39:08 PM PST by Blue87
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To: Blue87
In Their Own Words
A Time To Speak [Website]

This issue of Time to Speak presents Arab viewpoints and comments on Israel and Israel-Arab relations, as expressed in their own speeches and writings.
Please note that in Arab usage, the terms "Palestine" and "Palestinian" mean the entire region from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, including all of the State of Israel.

In the items and texts below, comments in brackets are by Time to Speak.

"I Hate Israel" -- Title of Number 1 popular song in Egypt
". . . the aggressive and evil disposition rooted in the Jewish personality . . . the logic of true justice obligates one verdict on them from which there is no escape - that their criminal intentions be turned against them with their extermination." -- Syrian 10th-grade textbook

"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations." -- Yassir Arafat, El Mundo (Venezuela), February 11 1980

Bassem Eid, Palestinian human rights activist, advocates "nonviolent civil disobedience" which he says includes throwing rocks and stones. "In the last intifada [rocks and stones] gave the Palestinians so much international support. I do not remember a case that someone was killed getting hit by a stone."

[Comment: The record of people "killed getting hit by a stone" runs from Goliath to recent victims of Palestinian "nonviolence".]

In 1974, the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organizaion) adopted the Plan-of-Stages:

Stage 1: Through violent struggle, establish an "combatant national authority" over any territory that is "liberated" from Israeli rule.
Stage 2: Use the territory of the national authority as a base for attacks on Israel.
Stage 3: Provoke an all-out war to "liberate all Palestinian territory" -- that is, destroy Israel.
In 1993, Arafat on behalf of the PLO signed the Oslo Accords, that include this commitment: "The PLO considers that the signing of the Declaration of Principles constitutes a historic event, inaugurating a new epoch of peaceful co-existence, free from violence and all other acts which endanger peace and stability. Accordingly, the PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance, prevent violations and discipline violators."

On the day he signed this agreement, on the White House lawn, Arafat made a radio broadcast in Arabic assuring listeners that the Oslo Accords are Stage 1 of the Plan-of-Stages.

In 1994, Arafat spoke in a mosque in Johannesburg, South Africa: "This agreement I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Muhammed and Koraish."

[Comment: In the Seventh Century, Muhammad contracted the treaty of Khudaibiya with the Arabian tribe of Koraish. Two years later, he attacked and destroyed the tribe of Koraish.]

Also in 1994, Arafat wrote to groups opposing the Oslo Accords: "In order to obtain the goal of returning to Palestine, all of us sometimes have to grit our teeth. But it is forbidden that this harm the continued struggle against the Zionist enemy. Cooperation and understanding between the PLO and the rejectionist organizations is what will lead to the speedy retreat of Israel from the occupied territories in the first stage, until the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. Only a state like that can then continue the struggle to remove the enemy from all Palestinian lands."

In 1995, he told Arab diplomats stationed in Stockholm, Sweden of the PLO plan: "[T]o eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews won't want to live among us Arabs."

Arafat in a Voice of Palestine broadcast, 1995: "The struggle will continue until all of Palestine is liberated." [Comment: As noted above, "all of Palestine" always includes Israel.]

In May 2001, Pope John Paul II visited Damascus, and was welcomed by its President, Bashar Assad, M.D. Among the remarks in Dr. Assad's address to the Pope: "They [the Jewish people] try to kill the principle of religions with the same mentality that they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the prophet Mohammed."

Other recent statements by officials of the government of Syria: "We must be fully aware of what the enemies of God and malicious Zionism conspire to commit against Christianity and Islam." — Muhammad Ziyadah, Minister of Religious Affairs

"When I see a Jew before me, I kill him. If every Arab did this, it would be the end of the Jews." — Mustafa Tlas, Minister of Defense

In March 2001, an Arab sniper in Hebron took deliberate aim on 10-month-old Shalhavet Pass and killed her. The PLO's Voice of Palestine broadcast the explanation that the baby's own mother murdered her, "to get rid of her [because] this baby was retarded."

[Comment: Compare this to the PLO explanation of the murder of Leon Klinghoffer in 1985. Mr. Klinghoffer, an American confined to a wheelchair, was on a vacation about the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro when it was hijacked by PLO terrorists led by Abu Abbas. Mr. Klinghoffer was shot to death and his body thrown overboard. The PLO spokesman at the United Nations announced that Mrs. Klinghoffer had killed her husband for the insurance money. Abu Abbas himself, however, states that he ordered his men to shoot Mr. Klinghoffer because "Even in a wheelchair, he was making trouble". Abu Abbas now lives free in Gaza, under the protection of the PLO. Neither the United States nor Italy has sought his arrest for his admitted murder of a U.S. citizen aboard an Italian ship.]

In May 2001, Kobi Mandell and Yosef Ish-ram, both 14-years-old, went for a hike near their homes in Tekoa, and were set upon and most sadistically murdered. In Egypt, it was reported that the two boys were "Zionist Nazis put to death for crimes against humanity"; in Iran the killing was reported as "capture and execution of two terrorists".

[Comment: Tekoa was the hometown of the Prophet Amos, who may once have tended his herd on the very grounds where Kobi andYosef were hiking. Perhaps in this very place the words came to him: "I will restore My people Israel, they shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them, they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine, they shall till gardens and eat their fruits, and I will plant them upon their soil, nevermore to be uprooted from the soil I have given them, said the L-rd your G-d." (Amos 9:14).]

Ahmad Ragab, columnist for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar, wrote a comment that pleased him so much that he printed it twice over, on April 20 and April 25, 2001: "Thanks to Hitler, of blessed memory, who on behalf of the Palestinians, revenged in advance, against the most vile criminals on the face of the earth. Although we do have a complaint against him for his revenge on them was not enough." excerpts from translation by MEMRI (Middle East Research Institute,Washington, DC)

Egyptian film producer Munir Radhi, is working on a film called "Matzah of Zion," which accuses Jews of murdering Christians and using their blood for baking Matzah. Radhi explained that the primary goal of his film is "to respond to all of the Zionist films distributed by the American film industry, which is backed by the Zionist propaganda apparatus. Among the films is 'Schindler's List,' which supports the idea of the Jews' right to the land of Palestine." excerpt from report by MEMRI

Since 1993, there has been a series of Israel-PLO agreements to refrain from incitement to hatred, violence and war.

Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch (Jerusalem), monitors and reports on compliance or non-compliance with these commitments. The following material is excerpted from his findings on the PLO's school textbooks, children's summer camp activities, television programs, and crossword puzzles.

From PLO school textbooks, arranged according to grade: "Jerusalem" speaking to the students: "I have many Islamic holy places [and] Christian holy places." (Third Grade)

[Comment: Islamic and Christian holy places are then listed in the text, but there are no Jewish holy places in Jerusalem.]

"I learn from this lesson: I believe that the Jews are the enemies of the Prophets and the believers." (Fourth Grade)

"Write in your exercise book: An event showing the fanaticism of the Jews in Palestine against Muslims or Christians." (Fifth Grade)

"There will be a Jihad [holy war] and our country shall be freed. This is our story with the thieving conquerors. You must know, my boy, that Palestine is your grave responsibility . . . . Know, my son, that Palestine is your country . . . that its pure soil is drenched with the blood of Martyrs . . . . Why must we fight the Jews and drive them out of our land?" (Fifth Grade)

"Racism: Mankind has suffered from this evil . . . . Satan has, in the eyes of many people, made their evil actions appear beautiful . . . . Such a people are the Jews." (Eighth Grade)

"Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should beware of them." (Ninth Grade)

"The Jews deluded themselves that their religious faith was sufficient to turn them into one nation . . . . The Zionists turn[ed] their attention towards Palestine as the national homeland of the Jews, while relying on false historical and religious claims." (Tenth Grade)

"The colonial powers [Europe and America] regarded the Zionist Movement as the means for the attainment of their greedy colonial aspirations . . . imposing their rule on it in order to exploit its natural resources. The European colonial powers spread the idea of Zionism among the Jews." (Tenth Grade)

"Christian European society's hatred of the Jews has existed since ancient times . . . . [The Jews] aimed to corrupt and destroy the societies in which they lived. There are a number of reasons that caused the Europeans to persecute the Jews everywhere. . . . .These are reasons the Jews were persecuted, and are the reasons the Europeans wanted to be rid of the Jews, which led Europe to support Zionism." (Tenth Grade)

"This land is for us [Muslims] and for our brother Christians . . . This is our land, in which we have no partners, and no-one aside from us has any historical connection to the land [i.e., no Jews]. . . . We are the owners of the land" Issam Sesalem, Lecturer in History, Islamic University, Gaza.

[Comment: The "brother Christians" have in fact almost disappeared from their ancient community in Bethlehem since it was placed under PLO administration.]

Summer camps for children run by the PLO display flags of "all Palestine" on which the State of Israel does not exist, and the children wear shirts displaying this flag. The children are given military training in use of weapons. They scream "commando" and jump through rings of fire.

Summer camp broadcast, PLO TV: Jihad [holy war] is the principle belief which will never end regardless of how many fall.

Song lyrics for children at summer camp:

1. I came to you with my sword in hand
we will oust them [Israel] out to the sea.
Your day is coming, conqueror, then we will settle accounts.
Our accounts are unending in stones and bullets.

2. Long live the intifada,
Long live those who participated
May your father die (Israel)
All who participated in you (in the intifada) are heroes
May your father die

PLO-TV BROADCAST run with the caption "Produced by the [Palestinian] Ministry of Information and Culture and the Palestinian National Fund" — shows a film of a Palestinian boy on the day he plans to die. This is a nice-looking and smiling boy of about 12 who says goodbye to his family and walks off happily, self-confidently, and purposefully to his death. A song plays in the background:

"Don't be angry, my love, and don't cry over my parting. Oh, my dear father, this martyrdom is on behalf of my land! For my land I will sacrifice myself! … How sweet is martyrdom, when I embrace you, my land! [picture: the boy falls on his chest]. My beloved mother, more dear to me than anything [picture: mother wailing], be happy over my blood, and don't cry for me! Tell my brother [picture: the boy kisses his brother] that our souls are sacrificed for beloved Jerusalem! We don't run after wars, but we are great at them…'"
The PLO-TV also repeatedly flashes the camera shot of the death of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura. [Comment: This is the picture shown worldwide by the news media, routinely placing the blame on Israel despite evidence that he was killed by Palestinian gunfire.] He is shown calling to other children:

"I'm waving to you, not to say goodbye, but to say, 'Come follow me.'" Background accompaniment of a popular female singer: "How pleasant is the fragrance of the earth, its thirst quenched by a gush of blood flowing from a youthful body . . . . How pleasant is the aroma of the martyrs . . . . "
Crossword puzzles in PLO publications define cities and geographical features within Israel as part of "Palestine". Other definitions are based on PLO ideology.

Clue Answer
Palestinian city with antiquities, on coastal plain Caesarea

Occupied Palestinian city Safed

City in Palestinian land occupied in 1948 Haifa

Occupied Palestinian city Jaffa

Palestinian city Nazareth

Palestinian desert The Negev

Highest point in Palestine Mount Meron

Palestinian lake Kinneret [i.e., Sea of Galilee]

Capital of Palestine from dawn of history to eternity Al Quds [i.e., Jerusalem]

Stolen homeland Palestine

Jewish center for eternalizing the Holocaust Yad Vashem

The Jewish trait treachery

Accursed English declaration Balfour Declaration.

Arab country bombed by the American aggression Libya

A photograph in the PLO daily newspaper Al-Ayyam shows two very young children, mere toddlers, each wearing a headband with a patriotic slogan. One headband reads "The Is-Addin El-Kassan Brigade” [the Hamas terror squad]. The other headband reads "Palestine from the Sea to the River" [from the Mediterranean to the Jordan].

A Friday sermon in a mosque in Gaza, October 13, 2000, was preached by Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, Member of the Palestinian Authority-appointed "Fatwa Council" and former acting Rector of the Islamic University in Gaza. These excerpts are from the PLO broadcast of the sermon, translated by MEMRI:

"O brother believers, the criminals, the terrorists - are the Jews, who have butchered our children, orphaned them, widowed our women and desecrated our holy places and sacred sites. They are the terrorists. They are the ones who must be butchered and killed, as Allah the Almighty said: 'Fight them: Allah will torture them and will humiliate them and will help you to overcome them, and will relieve the minds of the believers . . . .

"Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them - and those who stand by them -they are all in one trench, against the Arabs and the Muslims because they established Israel here, in the beating heart of the Arab world, in Palestine. They created it to be the outpost of their civilization and the vanguard of their army, and to be the sword of the West and the crusaders, hanging over the necks of the monotheists, the Muslims in these lands. They wanted the Jews to be their spearhead. . . .

"Even if an agreement of Gaza is signed - we shall not forget Haifa, and Acre, and the Galilee, and Jaffa, and the Triangle and the Negev, and the rest of our cities and villages. It is only a matter of time. . . . . We will not give up a single grain of soil of Palestine, from Haifa, and Jaffa, and Acre . . . Let us put our trust in Allah, close ranks, and unite our words, and the slogan of us all should be, 'Jihad! Jihad!'"

Arab analysts have discerned that the word "Pokemon" is Japanese for "I Am A Jew" and that the popular children's game is a "Zionist Conspiracy". According to Saudi Sheikh Abdel Moneim Abu Zant: "The Pokemon craze is a Jewish plot aimed at forcing our children to forgo their faith and values and to distract them from more important things such as scientific ambitions."
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To: Blue87
WHY PAL CIVILIANS GET HURT. Check out these pics how the Palestinians use children as human shields.

Here are Pal terrorists shooting at IDF troops. If the Israeli's were to shoot at these terrorists, would the Pals in the background get hurt? photo02.default-384x266.jpg srael_palestinians_jrl114.jpg
And yet another:
9 posted on 02/11/2004 2:15:18 PM PST by Blue87
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To: Blue87
Israel should agree to the "right of return", and immediately return Arafat to the place of his birth: CAIRO, EGYPT (preferably in a box)
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