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Attack On Europe: Documenting Russian Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
ORYX ^ | Since February 24, 2022 and daily | ORYX

Posted on 01/31/2023 8:33:13 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas

This list only includes destroyed vehicles and equipment of which photo or videographic evidence is available. Therefore, the amount of equipment destroyed is significantly higher than recorded here. Small arms, ATGMs, MANPADS, loitering munitions, drones used as unmanned bait, civilian vehicles, trailers and derelict equipment are not included in this list. All possible effort has gone into avoiding duplicate entries and discerning the status of equipment between captured or abandoned. Many of the entries listed as 'abandoned' will likely end up captured or destroyed. Similarly, some of the captured equipment might be destroyed if it can't be recovered. When the origin of a piece of equipment can't be established, it is not included in the list. The Soviet flag is used when the equipment in question was produced prior to 1991. This list is constantly updated as additional footage becomes available.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Military/Veterans
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Ukrainian Tank losses Running Total: 454

Ukrainian Artillery losses Running Total: 203

RuZZian Tank losses RunningTotal: 1661
January 2023 – 61
December 2022 – 76
November 2022 – 105
October 2022 – 212
September 2022 - 217
August 2022 – 74
July 2022 – 108
June 2022 – 67
May 2022 – 148
April 2022 – 243
Feb 24 - March 2022 – 350

RuZZian Artillery losses Running Total: 484
January 2023 – 31
December 2022 – 19
November 2022 – 55
October 2022 – 64
September 2022 - 73
August 2022 – 21
July 2022 – 21
June 2022 – 18
May 2022 – 20
April 2022 – 52
Feb 24 - March 2022 – 110

1 posted on 01/31/2023 8:33:13 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas
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To: FtrPilot; PIF; BeauBo; blitz128

“I’m on the highway to hell
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Little Pukin is on that highway

“Ukrainian defenders burn down a Russian tank somewhere in eastern Ukraine. A precision strike of the Ukrainian artillery wiped out the Russian T-80 tank that was hiding behind another Russian tank destroyed earlier.”

2 posted on 01/31/2023 8:33:30 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“France will consider training Ukrainian fighter jet pilots”

“France is considering Ukraine’s request for fighter-jet pilot training, according to an aide to French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu.

The French and Ukrainian defense ministers are due to discuss the request during a call this week, the aide told POLITICO on Monday.

This follows renewed requests from Kyiv for fighter jets last week after its European allies agreed to supply battle tanks. In an interview with the daily French newspaper Le Figaro on Friday, the Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov called on Paris to help train its pilots on French planes.“

3 posted on 01/31/2023 8:33:51 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“Russian Tanks 2022: Thicker and Blinder“

“ Since the all out invasion of Ukraine the Russian army has lost at least 1700 tanks. This has caused the Russian army some supply problems, when they are re-forming their mauled units. Fighting has also revealed the need for upgrades on most of the Russian tank designs. The most obvious issues with the existing Russian tank fleet are the insufficient armor protection, the lack of reverse mobility and the vulnerability of the automatic loaders and their ammunition carousels. Although the last one has gifted us the sport of Turret Throwing.

Very little can be done for the mobility with the limitations of the existing transmissions and the autoloaders can’t really be replaced with better designs or human loaders either. The armor part on the other hand can be improved during the activation and refurbishment of the deep stored Soviet-era tanks.

The first new design that appeared in the battlefield was an upgraded T-72B3 with additional armo,r mimicking the T-90M layout, installed to the skirts and turret sides. It’s called the T-72B3 obr 2022. This model retains the top of the Russian line Sosna-U optic and the cross wind sensor mounted at the rear of the turret. The deliveries of the T-72B3 obr 2022 lasted until the fall, but apparently the western sanctions started to hurt even the Russian tank industry. The more advanced Sosna-U optic is manufactured in Belarus, so any large scale upheaval there could degrade the supply even more.”

4 posted on 01/31/2023 8:34:12 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“Putin’s War in Ukraine Pushes Ex-Soviet States Toward New Allies”

“The Kremlin ruler’s efforts to restore Russian dominance over its neighbors seem further away than ever as nations build ties with rival powers. “

“Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine partly to assert Russia’s regional dominance once and for all. Nearly a year on, the Russian president has achieved the opposite — and not just in Kyiv.

Officials from ex-Soviet states in central Asia and the Caucasus say the war has prompted their governments to look for ways to reduce dependence on Moscow by turning to rival powers including Turkey, the European Union and Middle East countries. All spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid antagonizing the Kremlin.

Current and former Russian officials, also speaking on condition they not be identified, said Moscow is reacting nervously, even harshly, as the Kremlin becomes less certain of its ability to assert influence in its own backyard. “

5 posted on 01/31/2023 8:34:39 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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While the RuZZian trolls keep saying RuZZia isn’t out of missiles, the missile/drone attacks seem to occur every 2-3 weeks. Indicating RuZZia is low on missiles and has to produce more missiles/acquire Iranian drones before they can attack again.

“Russia’s attacks aimed at breaking Ukraine’s spirit this winter seem to be missing their mark“

“At the outdoor winter fair at Kyiv’s main exposition centre, there’s a games stall where people pay money to shoot a BB gun at a paper target bearing an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Oleh, an electrical engineer, recently braved –14 C temperatures one night to come out with his wife, Tatiana, to take a shot.

“If we can’t have a little bit of fun in this situation, we would all just be destroyed,” he told CBC News, as a pellet hit its mark on the paper Putin’s forehead.”

6 posted on 01/31/2023 8:35:07 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“ALERT - France announces the sending of 12 new guns #CAESAr to Ukraine thanks to the support fund of 200 million euros. @Nexter_Group increased its production capacity.”

7 posted on 01/31/2023 8:35:23 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“Budanov: Approximately 326,000 Russian soldiers currently fighting in Ukraine. Chief of Defense Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said in an interview with the Washington Post that only 9% of Russia’s long-range Kalibr missiles remain. Those numbers can’t be independently verified.”

8 posted on 01/31/2023 8:35:36 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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Good. More RuZZian tanks to the loss total…

“ISW: Sources continue to indicate Russia preparing for imminent offensive. Western, Ukrainian, and Russian sources continue to indicate that Russia is preparing for an imminent offensive, the Institute for the Study of War said in its latest update on Jan. 30.”

9 posted on 01/31/2023 8:36:22 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“The creator of Rybar channel who now has a live TV program admits that Russian VDV forces lost 50% of personnel by September last year.”

10 posted on 01/31/2023 8:36:36 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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F16s next

“The story of the last 11 months:
Ammunition, but not artillery.
Artillery, but not HIMARS.
HIMARS, but not armor.
Bradleys, but not Abrams.
Abrams, but not F-16s....”

11 posted on 01/31/2023 8:36:54 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“A building in Kadiivka that hosted Russian soldiers before and after it was visited by HIMARS.”

12 posted on 01/31/2023 8:37:06 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“The 93rd mechanical brigade is back and immediately makes its mark on the area. This time unit ‘Seneca’ targets Russians hiding under the railway track.”

13 posted on 01/31/2023 8:37:18 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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“The 501st marine battalion at work. Hit, down.”

14 posted on 01/31/2023 8:37:31 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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To: SpeedyInTexas

VDV were slaughtered at Hostomel.

15 posted on 01/31/2023 8:49:43 AM PST by marcusmaximus
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To: SpeedyInTexas

Posting to himself, Speedy is posting to himself. When there’s nothing to lose and there’s nothing to prove. Speedy is posting to himself.

16 posted on 01/31/2023 8:50:25 AM PST by Kazan
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To: Kazan

Tell your Kadyrovites to stop gang raping Russian reporters in Melitopol.

17 posted on 01/31/2023 8:53:33 AM PST by marcusmaximus
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To: SpeedyInTexas

Ukraine: military situation update with maps, Jan 30, 2023
(’Orc’ is associated with the various hoards of 13th century Mongol invaders, as well as LOTR evil villains)

War in Ukraine Explained/Reporting from Ukraine:

Artillery (key to success in this war), Fuller explanation of Orc military structure, Other Bonus articles - see previous postings in “Attack on Europe” (FR title search).

(Numbered printed material below - Some of the items below may be out of date, and not updated yet)

••Denotes Transcribed Dialogue. The entirety of the analysis is from a Ukrainian guy named Reporting from Ukraine’s daily video - I only transcribe it. Extras are just that - from other sites, or my comments marked (Edit: .... ) or { } or [ ].

-—> Current to date and past MAPS: <——

-—> The True State of Russian Army <——
posted 2 months ago, 21.13 min

-—> Intriguing Features Seen On Largely Intact Russia Cruise Missile Wreck <——
One of Russia’s most modern missiles, and one that has ravaged Ukraine in recent months, came down relatively intact in Central Ukraine.

-—> Ukraine Situation Report: M2 Bradleys Have Begun Their Voyage To The Battlefield <——
The first shipment of more than 60 of 109 Bradley Fighting Vehicles promised to Ukraine has left a port in South Carolina.

-—> Ukraine Claims Poland In Talks To Transfer Its F-16s <——
Poland says it’s backing a collaborative effort to get F-16s into Ukrainian hands, but didn’t specify if it could include its advanced F-16s.

-—> M1 Abrams Was Once Tested With A Diesel Engine That Replaces Its Thirsty Turbine <——
Concerns over Ukraine’s ability to fuel and maintain the Abrams’ turbine engine have arisen, but other engine options have existed.
••Day 341.

Today a lot of important changes happened in the east.

Here, the Russians have been struggling to develop their offensive operation around Soledar because the Ukrainians created several lines of formidable defense lines.

However, recently the Russians made a very important breakthrough that puts the Ukrainians in Bakhmut in significant danger.

In order to avoid it, the Ukrainians should start preparing for a retreat already today. As you remember, after establishing full control over Soledar about two weeks ago, the front line did not collapse, giving the Ukrainians a lot of time to adjust and regroup.

The reason why the Russians could not rapidly expand westward and take Bakhmut and Siversk into pockets is simple.

The Ukrainians prepared two defense lines right next to Soledar. The first defense line goes along the highway.

The southern part of this highway goes along the village of Blahodatne, which turned out to be very convenient because the Ukrainians had to just fortify this village.

The northern part of this highway goes along the hill, which is also very convenient, as the Ukrainians have prepared an extensive system of trenches on the high ground.

What is more, there is a small river that separates Russian and Ukrainian positions and creates an additional natural barrier.

This means that in order to move westwards, the Russians needed to cross the river and the highway and attack fortified positions on the highlands - this is not an easy task, which is why Russian progress here was extremely slow.

On top of that, even if the Russians breach it, there is a second defense line along the top of the hill.

If we look at the topographic map, we can see that the difference in elevation of the Ukrainian second defense line and Russian positions is around 100 meters, which is substantial. That is why the Russians recently decided not to take it in front but to try moving around it and attacking Mykolaivka and Vasiukivka.

This way, they will move around the hill and, if successful, reduce the supply and support of the defenders on the hill.

So far, the advances in this region did not bring the Russians any success - there is still plenty of obstacles, such as the local rivers, as well as minor Ukrainian fortifications, so the Ukrainian group in Siversk is still relatively safe.

Nonetheless, the Russians did manage to collapse the southern part of the first defense line and endanger the Ukrainians in Bakhmut even more.

Wagner troops recently released a photo that showed that they established control over Blahodatne. Unlike the trenches to the north, Blahodatne is located in the lowlands, which made the job of the attackers easier.

Now, taking control over Blahodatne does not mean that the Russians have already cut off Ukrainian supplies, but it does make defending the northern part of Bakhmut significantly harder.

As you remember, the Russians have been storming Krasna Hora and Paraskoviivka for about two weeks. The Russians could only use two axes of advance: from the east and from the south.

Ukrainian military officers reported that the situation had been difficult but stable, and they were right because the Russians still did not enter these settlements.

However, now the Russians can also attack them from the north. If the Russians manage to enter even the first northern street, the Ukrainians would need to retreat from Krasna Hora. As you can see, otherwise, the Russians would be shooting them in the back.

So, the Ukrainians have fewer and fewer defensive positions to the north of Bakhmut, which means that the Ukrainians in Bakhmut have to start leaving this town.

In my estimation, the Ukrainians have around 2 weeks to safely withdraw, and after that, it will become increasingly harder to retreat in an organized way.

Because an unorganized retreat is very dangerous and may cause a very rapid collapse of the front line. Ukrainian command understands this, and they have already prepared many fallback positions inside the city.

The preparation started around two months ago when the Russians were throwing everything at Bakhmut they had.

These fallback positions will come in handy because they will allow to gradually retreat with as low losses as possible, while the losses of the attackers may even spike if they continue to push because they will be attacking relatively fresh fortifications.

Overall, the situation around Bakhmut continues to deteriorate. If the Ukrainians manage to continue holding their defense to the north and south of Bakhmut tightly, then the Ukrainians inside Bakhmut can retreat with minimal losses and establish a new defense line in front of Chasiv Yar.

If the Russians manage to make a breakthrough, or the Ukrainian defense gives in, then the Ukrainians may pay a very high price for not withdrawing timely.

This Video address:

Denys reports that Biden is withholding F-16s from the US, but playing political role as the “no” guy to avoid US-Russia escalation, as the planes will come from NATO instead. He also reports that Russian Air defenses are so useless that the F-16s could go all the way to Moscow. In context, this pronouncement was a one word answer to a gal reporter’s shouted question, made in a very loud environment and may be not fully correct.

As for a new Russian offensive from a logical perspective, it would be disaster, spelling the end of the Russia Federation. Details in future video.

Reiterates that 30 years ago, Russia was thinking of joining the West and NATO, but the ex-KGB people got control of the country and have ruined it; he asks , “And for what?”

[Warning: Muslim logic on display].
Further, Kaderoff is upset because Western countries did not support Chechnya, forcing him to betray Chechnya and join forces with Russia, so now he wants revenge.

UK’s 14 tanks will arrive until summer. Too late for Ukraine offensive in the Spring. [M1A2s will not arrive for years]. So they are mostly useless.

Russian propaganda film asks Americans to not join the US Army, but join the Wagner Group PMC. :) LOL.
[Attention Pootie Trolls, please note that this inspirational video is available on Denys’ Telegram Channel: https:/].

US is now producing shells with built-in GPS antennas which are much cheaper than Excalibur shells. The Russian analog, Cosmos, was cancelled, leaving RGF artillery with few, if any, high precision shells.

18 posted on 01/31/2023 9:10:38 AM PST by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now its your turn)
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To: Kazan

Kazan is the name of a city in RuZZia.

Is that where you live?

19 posted on 01/31/2023 9:17:01 AM PST by SpeedyInTexas (RuZZia is the enemy of all mankind)
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To: SpeedyInTexas; Kazan

“The creator of Rybar channel who now has a live TV program admits that Russian VDV forces lost 50% of personnel by September last year.”

You should have pinged Kazan on this one. You know he’s a big fan of Rybar. LOL.

20 posted on 01/31/2023 9:24:40 AM PST by lodi90
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