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Obama Inc. – Via Hill & Huma, McCain & Others – Assisted Islamic State’s Rise! Proofs & More!
Adina Kutnicki, a ZIONIST & CONSERVATIVE Blog ^ | February 5, 2015 | Adina Kutnicki

Posted on 02/05/2015 10:21:49 PM PST by Reverend Saltine

BEATING a dead horse, as is said, can become tiresome. Onerous. Nevertheless, there are certain periods when ones personal comfort is of little consequence, regardless of all obstacles. This is one of those times.

THAT being said, the following subject has been explored at this site, but it is a never-ending treachery, aided and abetted by Obama Inc. and assorted RINOS.

NOW, while the Islamic State has been in loose formation for close to two decades (its jihadi seedlings sprouted under the guidance of a Jordanian named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but in 2003 he established its forerunner, Jama’at al-Tawhid w’al-Jihad...which then became Al Qaeda in's a convoluted trajectory, but al-Zarqawi's infamy started with his allegiance to Osama bin Laden), the fact remains that its catapult could not have happened without the "helping hands" of Obama Inc. But don't be distracted by their so-called coalition against ISIS, as repeatedly stated, it is a smoke and mirrors sideshow. Patience, dear readers.

IN this regard, Hill and Huma's fingerprints are all over the catapult of ISIS through its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Their thrust accelerated through Obama Inc.'s illegal war into Libya. Benghazigate.

AND lest anyone thought otherwise, Sen. McCain assisted ISIS's rise into top dog status, therefore, their bloody swathe across the Mid East lands at his feet too. Yes, it does.

MORE specifically, McCain's admitted alliance/support to the so-called "rebels", those who have pledged their allegiance to ISIS, cannot be overstated. Overlooked.

Recently revealed conversations between the Pentagon and the Gadhafi regime in 2011 show that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was serving the Muslim Brotherhood by pushing a false narrative to justify the removal of Muammar Gadhafi, as has reported. With the help of corroborating evidence, we’re closer to proving that Republican Senator John McCain was likely just as invested in facilitating the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya as Hillary was. Before getting to the evidence that implicates McCain, let’s work backward from the Benghazi attacks.

McCain shares laugh with Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and John Kerry in undated photo.

Any discussion about what happened in Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks usually includes the topic of weapons shipments to Syrian rebels via Turkey. According to a book written by a former Navy SEAL and Green Beret, the man who would eventually become CIA Director oversaw that operation from the White House:

(Deputy National Security Advisor) John Brennan also ran a highly compartmentalized program out of the White House in regard to weapons transfers, and Stevens would not have been trusted with that type of information. Stevens likely helped consolidate as many weapons as possible after the war to safeguard them, at which point Brennan exported them overseas to start another conflict.

According to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) report completed last August and then released the Friday before Thanksgiving, the mission in Benghazi didn’t involve physically collecting and shipping weapons to Syria but the CIA clearly knew who was. As reported, this amounted to a distinction without a difference:

…From the Annex in Benghazi, the CIA was collecting intelligence about foreign entities that were themselves collecting weapons in Libya and facilitating their passage to Syria. The Benghazi Annex was not itself collecting weapons.

One thing that can be certain is that after the removal of Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, weapons in Libya were being rounded up and shipped to Syria’s rebels. These logistics constitute transitioning from the end of one operation – regime change in Libya – and the beginning of another – regime change in Syria.

McCain walks the streets of Benghazi with Ambassador Christopher Stevens on April 22, 2011.

Thanks to an explosive three-part series published by the Washington Times, replete with substantiated audio recordings, readers get to see how the weapons got into Libya in the first place and who supported it.

The third installment serves as a stand-alone piece in this regard and even references a lengthy document / manifest of weapons being shipped into Libya:

Libyan officials were deeply concerned in 2011, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was trying to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power, that weapons were being funneled to NATO-backed rebels with ties to al Qaeda, fearing that well-armed insurgents could create a safe haven for terrorists, according to secret intelligence reports obtained by The Washington Times.

The reports included a 16-page list of weapons that Libyans supposedly tracked to the rebels from Western sources or their allies in the region. The memos were corroborated by a U.S. intelligence asset familiar with the documents as well as former top Gadhafi regime official Mohammed Ismael.

“NATO has given permission to a number of weapons-loaded aircraft to land at Benghazi airport and some Tunisian airports,” the intelligence report said, identifying masses of weapons including tanks and surface-to-air missiles.

A major player when it came to the weapons shipments into Libya in 2011 has been revealed as a major supporter of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Once again, we see that regime change in Libya in 2011 served the Muslim Brotherhood agenda:

In a separate conversation with Dennis J. Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat serving in the House, Gadhafi’s eldest son, Seif, told the congressman that Libyan intelligence had observed Qatar, a major U.S. ally in the region, facilitating weapons shipments. Qatar has steadfastly and repeatedly denied arming the rebels.

“The Qataris have spent more than $100 million on this, and they have an agreement with the rebels that the moment you rule Libya you pay us back,” Seif Gadhafi told Mr. Kucinich in a conversation recorded in May 2011.

Here is an excerpt of a phone conversation between Rep. Kucinich and Seif Gadhafi in 2011, via theWashington Times:

Audio Player

00:00 Use Left/Right Arrow keys to advance one second, Up/Down arrows to advance ten seconds. 00:00 Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Rep. Kucinich shaking hands with Chairman of Dar al-Hijrah mosque Bassam Estwani in 2003.

Such a stance by Kucinich – who resisted calls for regime change in Libya – was both welcome and rare. In 2003, he rubbed elbows with Bassam Estwani, chairman of the notorious hornets’ nest for Muslim Brotherhood-inspired terrorism, the Dar al-Hijrah mosque, as reported. Estwani sits on the Board of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), which seeks the removal of Bashar al-Assad. The Executive Director of SETF is a man named Mouaz Moustafa, who previously served in the same capacity on the Libyan Emergency Task Force (LETF), as also reported.

Moustafa and McCain are quite familiar with one another, as are Estwani and Moustafa.

SETF Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa (far left) and Estwani (far right) in Cairo.

Perhaps the most explosive paragraph in the article involves a Libyan intelligence report showing Qatar sending “…tanks, missiles, truck and military advisers to the rebels”. When coupled with where McCain was and what he was promoting at the time, we see a Senator whose behaviors and words reflected almost exactly, an agenda shared by Hillary Clinton (note the dates in bold):

“On 15th of March the ship loaded with arm[s] arrived to the seaport of Tobruk. On 4th April 2011 two Qatari aircraft laden with a number of tanks, [ground-attack] missiles and heavy trucks was arranged. On 11th April 2011 a number of boats departed Benghazi for Misrata, the shipment comprised assistance including SAM-7 [anti-aircraft] missiles. On 22nd April 2011,800 rifles were sent from Benghazi to Misrata,” the report said.

That year, the annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) – an event co-sponsored by the nation of Qatar and the Brookings Institute – was held in the U.S. for the first time, from April 12-14. Prior to that, it had been held in Doha, Qatar. McCain attended the 2011 edition and was part of a panel. In this bizarre excerpt, McCain referred to the Arab Spring as a “seismic event” he was thrilled to be a part of and said he hoped it would spread to Russia and China:

Keep in mind the aforementioned paragraph from the Times article. Note that on April 22, 2011, hundreds of rifles were “sent from Benghazi to Misrata,” according to the report. Something else happened on that day. McCain was in Benghazi – with U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and told an Al-Jazeera reporter that the Libyan (Muslim Brotherhood) rebels were his “heroes” on the same day they were receiving weapons:

Little more than one year later and just 90 days before the Benghazi attacks, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) sent a letter to the Inspector’s General office of the State Department. In that letter, Bachmann raised legitimate concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood connections of very close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin. It was John McCain who further implicated himself in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood by defending Abedin and denouncing Bachmann, as has reported.

SO maybe now readers can understand why this investigative journalist took all of them to the woodshed, starting with McCain's broadsides against the valiant efforts of Rep. Michelle Bachmann, as she exposed Huma Abedin's deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood!

BUT leave it to certain cartoonists to draw the obvious historical parallels, even though most refuse to believe or accept said nexus. In fact, it is no exaggeration to suggest: those who aided and abetted the rise of the Islamic State - part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood in toto - are of equal "stature" to those who assisted in the rise of the Nazis - enter, today's Islamic Nazi monsters!

CONCOMITANTLY, isn't it reasonable to suggest that Obama Inc. (and surrogates) is ideologically in sync with Nazi-like philosophies and outcomes? If not, why not?

Adina Kutnicki | February 6, 2015 at 7:56 am | Tags: bloody swathe across the Mid East, Hill and Huma's ISIS fingerprints, Huma Abedin's deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, McCain's broadsides against Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Sen. McCain assisted ISIS, so-called "rebels"/ISIS

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government; Military/Veterans; Politics
KEYWORDS: daesh; isis
## Adina Kutnicki is on several Islamo death lists but fights on anyway.
1 posted on 02/05/2015 10:21:49 PM PST by Reverend Saltine
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To: Reverend Saltine

2 posted on 02/05/2015 10:23:29 PM PST by Reverend Saltine (Saltines are dry and make you thirsty. And then you want more and you get thirsty-er....)
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To: Reverend Saltine


3 posted on 02/05/2015 10:50:40 PM PST by CyberAnt ("The hope and changey stuff did not work, even a smidgen.")
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To: Reverend Saltine

Brave woman. No doubt on the soetoro / jarret list too. Sadly only about 25% (if that) of Americans care.

4 posted on 02/05/2015 11:48:24 PM PST by Eagles6 (Valley Forge Redux. If not now, when? If not here, where? If not us then who?)
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To: Reverend Saltine

You joined the site in 2014. Perhaps reading for awhile would benefit you.

5 posted on 02/06/2015 2:43:05 AM PST by Lumper20 ( clown in Chief has own Gov employees Gestapo)
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To: Reverend Saltine

Thanks for the post.

6 posted on 02/06/2015 5:02:54 AM PST by Diogenesis ("When a crime is unpunished, the world is unbalanced.")
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To: Lumper20

Congratulations on your promotion to forum moderator.

7 posted on 02/06/2015 5:10:48 AM PST by McGruff (Haters Gonna Hate)
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To: McGruff

Never been a moderator and do not want to be one. I think it is unusual for folks who have been on this site for all of 7-8 months to post articles. Perhaps I am wrong? If so tell me. I can handle it.

8 posted on 02/06/2015 5:49:32 AM PST by Lumper20 ( clown in Chief has own Gov employees Gestapo)
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To: Lumper20

Huh? I didn’t know there was rule about only posting articles after a certain amount of comments as a newbie may get you in trouble though

9 posted on 02/06/2015 7:11:30 AM PST by goodnesswins (I think we've reached PEAK TYRANNY now.....)
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To: goodnesswins

My mistake then. I believe there are too damn many folks trying to blast Walker. We have had plenty. Perhaps a load of blast Cruz will even things out. What you say?

10 posted on 02/06/2015 7:29:07 AM PST by Lumper20 ( clown in Chief has own Gov employees Gestapo)
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