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To: Ravnagora; All

Dear Fellow Serbs, Serbian-Americans, and supporters of the Serbian cause:

NATO’s recent illegal incursions into the Serbian province of Kosovo are deeply alarming and, if tacitly condoned by the Vichy government in Serbia, will set the stage for a “final solution” of Kosovo’s Serbs, further loss of Serbian territory in Vojvodina, the Sandzak, and elsewhere in the future as Germany desperately seeks to reduce Serbia to nothing demonstrating that she has learned nothing from the horrible tragedy of WWI and WWII and is willing to repeat history for her fanatical anti-Serbian aims.

I have heard many Serbs express their opinions that “Kosovo is lost” as a fait accompli and that it is a “cancer on Serbia” that must be excised. The problem is that first of all, Serbs live there and have been living there for over 1300 years. Kosovo is the spiritual Jerusalem of the Serbs and we cannot accept its loss lest we forget the struggles that our ancestors encountered over the past 600 years fighting for the right to worship as Orthodox Christians. This trend was observed elsewhere where the “Precani” Serbs (”Pioneers”) were betrayed in Croatia and Bosnia by Serbian (and Montenegrin) leaders.

Not to encourage bad relations within our people, but some of the greatest Serbs such as Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Ivo Andric, Rudjer Boskovic, and Jovan Ducic came from regions of Yugoslavia outside of Serbia. We can’t forget these Serbs as they suffered the most during the Nazi/Ustasa Holocaust and also during the recent war.

It is precisely this ability to endure unbelievable suffering that makes them so special. If we forget and betray our brethren in Kosovo, we will be cast into the rubbish bin of history. The famous statement by Tzar Lazar about fighting for Kosovo comes to mind now more than ever. I realize that our people are suffering in Kosovo. I realize that this is not a trivial problem that will be resolved for some decades.

However, there is much that we can do as a people to give these forgotten but incredibly brave people who remain in Kosovo.

First of all, why hasn’t the Serbian government called for a UN resolution condemning the violence?
Second, there are ways to get food and other supplies to the people in northern Kosovo outside of NATO checkpoints. The Serbs did it during WWII and can do it now - IR cameras/drones/”surveillance” or not.

Defeat becomes permanent only when it is accepted from within. The Balkans has always been in a state of flux. Kosovo will come back to Serbia eventually. No nation willingly gives up territory without a fight. Everything surrounding the theft of Kosovo from some Western governments was illegal no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

To accept this is far more dangerous globally than many Serbs realize. We must always remain unified in the view the KOSOVO IS SERBIA! To accept otherwise is to accept defeat and to accept the loss of our uniqueness as a people who have suffered so much but who are closer to God because of it.

Kosovo Serbs live in a ghetto but must remain in that ghetto as they have nowhere else to go and we must help them survive.

The strategy of the West has always been to divide and conquer. By sticking together, helping one another, and resisting NATO’s anti-Serbian agenda, NATO can only do so much.

We must remember who we are and help our fellow brothers and sisters to resist this unprecedented evil. Even the Ottomans and Nazis were unable to destroy our spiritual heritage and spirit as NATO with its quisling robots has been able to do in the recent conflicts. We have to draw a collective line in the sand and realize that evil cannot be appeased - cannot be compromised with - it must be defeated.

We must seek allies within the international community - particularly within BRIC nations - to condemn the recent actions in Kosovo and stop this merciless persecution of Serbs there. This can be done but not while entertaining the fantasy that Serbia will someday join the failing European Union. For goodness sakes, look at what is happening in Greece if you want to see how Serbia will be treated there!

It reminds me of how the Serbs in many cases were invited back into Austro-Hungarian lands (e.g. Zemun) and were so persecuted as Orthodox Christians that they WILLINGLY returned to the Ottoman empire because the persecution they suffered there was far less than in “Catholic” lands.

Think about it people! History IS repeating itself!

Let’s all work together to help expose the truth of what the West is doing in Kosovo by first accepting that is WRONG and that in our hearts and minds, Kosovo IS and will always be Serbia!


Michael Pravica, Ph.D.


8 posted on 09/28/2011 9:47:40 AM PDT by Ravnagora
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To: Ravnagora
Photos: "Politika Online" Sept. 28, 2011 _____________
9 posted on 09/28/2011 9:59:04 AM PDT by Ravnagora
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