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To: bkopto

Let’s get these stories back in the mix also...

I wonder how ol’ Barry got his hands on this SS#

Don’t come looking at Gramama Obama’s Bank

Tucked away on the 10th floor of South Beretania apartments in Honolulu, Hawaii is quite a woman, the one engineered profile online suggests for Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham, the grandmother who raised Barack Hussein Obama when he was abandoned by his mother, but for the wonder woman profile which was created online, the one question jumps out that no one has noticed:

If Madelyn Dunham was thee woman as her profile states who paved the way for all women in banking, thee woman who raised Barack Obama, then why is Barack Obama running away from this woman, why is she hiding in an apartment in Hawaii, when her presence would have gotten her the entire Hillary Clinton feminist vote as we are told in her profile that Grandma Dunham was better than the invention of the wheel for women?

I have stumbled across the answer in this as it is so old that even the internet servers are being scrubbed of the stories which lead to Madelyn Dunham.

The first red light which went off for Grandma Dunham was when I was attempting a profile search which all living people have. “Someone” has scrubbed Madelyn Dunham’s profile in spots and is listing her as 40 years younger. Mr. Obama’s sister, Mya, is listed as a relative, but not one Barack Obama is listed.

As an example if one uses as a control, Henry Kissinger, who is oft times blamed for all things globalist and who should be one person who could have his profile information scrubbed, one can find Dr. Kissinger listed with family and associates.

So if Doc Kissinger is in the system, why is Madelyn Dunham, the paver of banking ways for women and raiser of messiah not listed?

I believe the key starts out with Mrs. Dunham’s choice of employment at Bankho, or the Bank of Hawaii starting in 1960 where she was elevated after 10 years in 1970 as Vice President. That is quite a meteoric rise from bank teller to executive in that short of period of time. Mrs. Dunham’s expertise was in Escrow Accounts which are used as 3rd party money transfer accounts between two people who basically do not trust each other and still need a deal to be done.

It was during this period that the Democratic machine in Hawaii was killing bank examiner bills, because at the same time the two largest banks in Hawaii were making a huge push into the Pacific Rim from 1963 to 1970. You thought opening doors to China began with Kissinger and Nixon? Nope someone was paving that way a decade before and 30 years before Bush 41 set upon what is termed his policy to modernize China.

Bank of Hawaii is listed as the largest bank in Hawaii of that period and expanded into the Pacific Rim buying up assets during the Vietnam War.

It is into this which Madelyn Dunham was being promoted as an expert in money transfers for her entire career and this is why she is being hidden away and planted stories are abounding about old Gram banking leader and Stanley Ann, anthropologist, and no one is mentioning what these two women were setting up in an international Marxist or globalist scheme which has yet to come to fruition, until their Barack hits the stage.

On March 31, 1980, Jimmy Carter enacted the Depository Instituions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980 which would phase out all savings rate ceilings on consumer accounts and deregulated the banking industry. People have heard nonstop it was Reagan or Bush who started all of this deregulation when the fact is comrade Carter initiated what was to become the biggest economic rape of the world. Rush Limbaugh has invested a great deal of time noting Jimmy Carter and his housing act started this housing mess, but it was the banking rape which Carter set into place which America is being rocked by now.

I ask people to keep with this for the punchline as the situation is laid out, because you will not believe what the Obama women were setting up for the globalists.

Mrs. Dunham would retire in 1986 from the escrow fund of Bankoh. Her daughter who was an anthropoligist would then go into, banking. Huh? You might question. Yes she went into banking in Indonesia setting up microfinance for poor women there.

What on earth is microfinance?

Ever heard of a progressive changing their name to a liberal? That is exactly what microfinance is. Microfinance is in the late 1980’s, a savings and loan for destitute 3rd world types. If people remember history in BCCI and other savings and loans raping American small investors in the Bank of Coccaine and Crime International, then you know what Stanley Ann Dunham has now set up as the largest loan system to a billion people in Indonesia. Microfinance is the term no one has yet figured out which is the next derivative as the globalist cartels have set this monster up in every impoverished nation in the world.

Getting ahead of the story, the Rothschilds are currently in India providing microfinance for poor Indian farmers with the money being crop seed which fails and they can not repay. The end result is the Rothschild cartel owning Indian farmland while Indian farmers commit suicide. The cartel though is enjoying record exports of tainted grain grown on poisonous ground being sold around the world, including to Americans.

So Gram Dunham leaves the bank running the new world escrow service forming and Stanley Ann is setting up savings and loans in the 3rd world as she happens to find her way to New York too running the World Women’s Banking created the United Nations in 29 poverty nations around the world.
Follow this now please, World Women’s Banking was brainchild of Stichting INGKA Foundation of the Netherlands. INGKA owns an international furniture outlet chain, but holds it’s assets in a $36 billion dollar account making it the richest on earth. For a modern tax rape in the United States, this is exactly what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are doing as they keep their assests out of tax coffers while preying on consumers. I ask you to remember that Buffet has billion dollar foundations for each child and raped over 31 billion dollars out of the markets which people lost in the last months.

This is what the Dunham women were setting up for the 3rd world and is about to be sprung.

Now we come to Bank of Hawaii dumping huge amounts of money into Asian markets in a money transfer in the 1990’s. Of course that money loaned did not stay in Asia in the least, it instead was part of the Bill Clinton Indonesian, yes Indonesia again, Riaydi and Lippo Group money funneling campaign funds into the Clinton reelection bid with Al Gore. What people missed in this was the money from the Chinese was not just about bribes to the Clintons. The Indonesians, Chinese and Clinton globalists were after the real prize of the New York Stock Exchange offering up the communist Chinese Xiamen International Bank to both the Hang Seng and New York.

It would be Hawaii’s Democratic machine which would use billions of dollars in Kamaehameha School funds with Bishop Estate to underwrite the public offering of Xiamen.
This should be sounding familiar in the same corruption engulfing Illinois in funds being embezzled there and Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s names popping up in funds allotted to them. Do you remember what William Ayers was after in his Chicago school initiatives was federal funds and Tony Rezko was playing with Chicago real estate making slums for blacks.

Are you seeing a Marxist pattern here in moving money around in public funds, real estate, poor people in housing and massive market collapse?

So the money went out of Hawaii while the Chinagate money came into the mainland. Soon enough the Asians who dumped their excess in the American markets had their economies tanked. Hawaiian investors lost record sums, but that means the cartels gained billions.

Bush 41 would send in the FBI to Hawaii for all this Democratic coruption, but being replaced by Bill Clinton, it would be Webster Hubbell number 3 at Justice under Janet Reno would shut down the investigation. In order to cover up the failure of half of Hawaii’s industrial banks in this nation rape, Bill Clinton appointed Donna Tanuoe who had absolutely no banking experience as head of the FDIC. She would hold that position until 2001 and is currently now part of the executive committee of, the Bank of Hawaii, our old escrow account operative Madelyn Dunham’s place of vocation.

This massive money laundering scheme was set up off the mainland and collapsed ruining Hawaiians was not even covered by the press no more than if it was in another nation. Some in the press probably think Hawaii is another nation. Donna Tanuoe emerged in covering up the massive collapse of Hawaiian banking in the 1983 to 1985 period of the last years of Madelyn Dunham employment. She set the stage in the FDIC for what America is currently imploding in now.

John McCain and Republican banking committee members tried in Senate Bill 190 to reign this in in 2005, but were stopped by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

If people want to know a really small world, behold Bank of Hawaii is now run by a flunky who covered up the original nation rape where Mrs. Dunham worked and the other bank in Hawaii just happened to be purchased by BNP Paribas SA, currently owned by Nadhmi Auchi of Saddam Hussein oil for food bribery to the Clintons and the world socialists, with money laundering, who just happened to be in Chicago buying up Tony Rezko’s real estate and shaking hands with Barack Hussein Obama. Toss in Marc Rich who was the genius behind BCCI funding and Bill Clinton’s pardon, and one has the entire banking fraud scheme of the past 30 years now engulfing the world.

Now do you perhaps understand why one planted story on Madelyn Dunham as wonder woman is being circulated and why Barack Obama is running from this woman and not featuring her as she should be a campaign asset for the female vote in America?

If not let us enter the future of an Obama age, when the term “risky microfinance” starts cropping up. I ask you to think about 1 billion Indonesian, Indian, Bangladeshi, African, ok if we go the full route, number it 2 billion women all in microfinance. Suppose they have on average 1000 dollar loans which would talley 2 trillion dollars, plus the sewing machines, materials, grains etc... all these poor people were sold like the Indian farmers. That would make a 4 trillion dollar profit already from Stanley Ann Dunham’s microfinance “helping the poor”. Now crash that debt system just like the Obama backers crashed the United States derivative markets to assist him. Imagine forclosing on 2 billion people’s 40 acre farms just like the Rothschilds are accomplishing in India.

Does that not sound like a pretty good scheme where you sold poor people goods you made, put them into debt, crash the system and then take their collateral which you as a cartel can now exploit in farming making the slaves buy food from their own land.

Now do you understand why Barack Obama and his syndicate have targetted specific stories leading everyone away from Grandmama Obama and Mama Obama? In these women’s actions was the genisis of financial diaster which is the ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future. The last things Barack Obama wants is anyone sniffing around his family’s Hawaiian banking past or his family’s Indonesian banking past as it leads right into Chicago banking and New York finance collapse that Barack Obama has a part in.

Nobody has put this scheme together and is this blog’s exclusive again. The Congress isn’t going to mention this. The pundits will not touch this, so maybe the remainder 299 million Americans and those speaking Spanish had better start chatting about this so the Congress and pundits will have to.

Make my Nobel and Pulitzer checks out to Sturm Ruger as I like their firearms for a shopping spree.


I am the producer/host of a public access (Olelo) TV show called “Corruption in Hawaii.” I have spent the last 6 years exposing different aspects of the Hawaii machine. I am also running for a Trustees position in the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). I am not well perceived by either the Democrats or the Republicans.

During the month of August, approximately $6,700.00 was spent advertising a segment of my show titled, “What does Hawaii’s bank Losses mean to you?” Bank trust accounts was the focus of the show. The show featured a guest who described the losses he experienced in his family trust, which was handled by Pacific Century Financial corp., (formerly Bank of Hawaii). He lost $1 million, plus $300 thousand in legal fees.

Numerous people called and said that they too, had experienced significant losses. Last week the public access station pulled the segment of the show. The next day the CEO of Pacific Century resigned. Two of the board of directors for the public access station are with the two big banks. I believe that this is linked to a national scheme to white-wash and cover-up the “Clinton / Gore link to the Hawaii bank scandal.” I hope the enclosed chart and attachments will help clarify the situation.

The important points in this story revolve around the fact that Hawaii’s Democratic machine played a major role in the Chinagate scenario that grew out of the investigation into illegal foreign campaign fundraising.

The machine headed by Hawaii’s political godfather, Senator Dan Inouye was being investigated by the FBI during former
(R) President George Bush tenure. The basis of the investigation stemmed from allegations of extortion and bribery aimed at the administration of former (D) Gov. John Waihee. The investigation was killed by Clinton’s friend Webster Hubbell, the number three man in the Justice Dept. under Reno. (Associated Press story Washington,J. Solomon, FBI failed to act on Fund-raising of ex-Hawaii couple) The point of the story seems to be that the FBI knew early on about the illegal fund-raising activities of this Hawaii couple and their link to President Clinton/Gore.

Eventually the investigation focused on Indonesian banking tycoon, Mochtar Riady and his Lippo Group. The basis of the story I am trying to relay to you is that Hawaii’s Democratic Machine used the billions of dollars of the Kamehameha Schools / Bishop Estate assets to undertake the task of underwriting and orchestrating the initial public offering of the Xiamen International Bank on the Hang Seng and the N.Y. Stock Exchange. This would have the effect of legitimizing a Communist Chinese banking entity on the biggest stock exchange in the U.S. and open the doors allowing American money to capitalize a communist regime. (please see, stories relating to the Bishop Estate and Trustee Henry Peters, Panin North America story and the stories linking Goldman Sachs/Robert Rubin.)

The chart includes a history of Hawaii’s Democratic leaders and their tie-in to Hawaii’s two biggest banks and their efforts to spear-head expansion throughout Asia and the Pacific-Rim. It begins in 1963 to 1970, when a group of Hawaii legislators killed a Bank Examiner Bill. They were already employed as legal counsel or otherwise associated with the top banks. This I felt was a good point to begin telling you the story because it begins to reflect a pattern of using politically appointed people to legally white-wash or cover-up the wrong-doing of the big banking and financial interest here in Hawaii.

Today the same thing is happening, and this time they were successful in persuading President Clinton to push Hawaii’s Donna Tanoue to become the head of the FDIC. The significance in this is that the only time anyone here in Hawaii heard of Ms. Tanoue was when she was tapped to cover-up the scandals that arose when 9 out of 20 of Hawaii’s Industrial banks failed. Many of them were linked to former (D)Gov. Geo Ariyoshi and other high ranking Democratic Party old boys. The results were that no one was convicted or sentenced to do time and the people of Hawaii ended up footing the bills.

(Honolulu Advertiser, April 30, 1998, Advertiser Washington Bureau, John Yaukey) (Honolulu Advertiser, Mar. 29-30, 1985, “Spend Thrifts” regarding

The political connections between former Gov. Geo Ariyoshi and the failure of the Hawaii Thrifts)

The point in telling you this is that once again Hawaii’s top bank are in a financial tail-spin and Donna Tanoue has been conveniently positioned to allow the banks to expand throughout Asia, the Pacific-Rim and the western part of the U.S. The FDIC has a role in approving or setting the standards for bank acquisitions. If Hawaii’s banks are in trouble, then how does that effect the 1,100 banks, savings and loan companies and credit unions that are insured by the FDIC? (Pacific Century Financial Corp.’s, formerly Bank of Hawaii’s stock hit a 52week low prompting their CEO, Lawrence Johnson to resign last week amid rumors of other banking problems (the problems will be based on the banks management of trust fund accounts and securities violations).

So, there are essentially two stories here one surrounds the interesting factors that point to the way Hawaii’s political machine has played a role in opening the door so that American capital can flow through to a Communist Chinese banking group and the other factor is based on the way the Hawaii political machine has positioned one of their own to (Ms. Donna Tanoue) white-wash and cover-up their efforts to expand throughout the Asia, the Pacific-Rim and the U.S. Ms. Tanoue was instrumental in covering-up the insider dealing that led to the failure of 9 of 20 industrial banks in 1983-1985. If she is allowed to do the same thing as the head of the FDIC it could affect the men, women and children who are the depositors of the 1,100 banks, savings and loan and credit unions insured by the FDIC — in other words every man, women and child across America. So much for Hawaii’s politics and Hawaii politicians and their banking friends. Please find enclosed chart. If you are interested I can forward more info on the subject.

Greg Wongham
Corruption in Hawaii

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This post needs to be:
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To: phockthis

Don’t forget about the reports that Stanley Dunham worked for Tim Geithner’s dad at the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. I’m surprised that more people haven’t looked into that interesting connection.

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To: phockthis


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