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To: Mia T
Oh yes, the "gulping for air" chapter. Did you ever see this? When that book first came out, I couldn`t resist making the "gulping for air" chapter even more bull sh*tty that it already was and I sending it off to her Hellness. I live in NYC and believe me, she read this. To date I have not heard back from her, but I am assuming I am at risk for Arkancide. .

Chapter 11: Gulping for Air

The shock and outrage when William revealed his affair with Monica

itlery ran to her William in the pouring rain as she could not help herself. The conspirators had tried and tried to destroy their love, but their love was immortal, eternal and knew no bounds.

Running out naked in the rain and dense fog and through a sunny field filled with chirping bluebirds toward her knight, she embraced her William like a iron clamp..

"My love! My love!" she said as she gulped for air.

Glorious music filled the air, harps and violins swelled and swelled to a bursting crescendo and they kissed, drinking in deeply the bottomless black pit of each others souls. They were as one and nothing could ever come between them again.

William picked up his true love in his arms as Disney characters frolicked about them and flowers sprouted from Hitlerys golden sunshine hair. Angels appeared in the sky with harps and heavens light cast down upon them as her Prince carried her over the threshold of the mansion of the plantation, the servants from the taxpayers cheering as they passed. The rain poured harder and lighting began to strike, but golden sunshine showered down echoing the beating heart of love that Hitlery had for her Prince William. It was so long since they last met and again the music swelled as they passionately embraced each other.

William manly kicked open the door of the bedroom as smoke blew out his nostrils and he threw Hitlery onto the bed that had a canopy of lace and silk. Harps and violins played as Hitlery said..

"My William, William my love! Thy conspirators, have they no shame? Are they blind to our love? Their deceit shall never seperate our immortal flesh! We shall rule the universe of space and time and their nonsense of an intern will be all for naught."

William suddenly grew silent and turned his head from her. Hitlery saw his sudden concern and said

"William? What is it my love?"

"Hitlery, I have something to confess"

"What is it William my love?" Hitlery replied as she stared deeply into his eyes, her hand on his cheek.

"I-I..I...I..... No I cannot tell you!" he said as he dramatically turned his head away raising the back of his hand over his face.

He stood up and walked towards the window, the moonlight shining on his horns. The music was dramatic now and Hitlery could tell William was deeply concerned and she walked to him laying her hand over his and looking up into his red eyes.

"William, you know I love you! Our love knows no bounds! We shall live through this and our love will grow stronger and stronger evermore until the universe is ours and I am supreme ruler of both space time and dimension!"

Hitlery could see the anguish growing in her Williams eyes and she said lovingly,

"William, the conspirators...W-w-what they said cannot be true! Tell me William!"

William did not answer and hung his head low. The music grew ever more dramatic, low and intense...

"William answer me!"

Hitlery felt her heart beat ever harder as she began to gulp for air...

"William, I know the conspirators lied about your rape of Juanita, your affair with Gennifer, you sexual assault of Katherine, your sexual assault of the airline stewardess, your sexual assault of Paula. I know this too must also be a lie! Tell me my love..Tell me the intern is also a lie!"

William said nothing but looked into Hitlerys eyes and his eyes said all she needed to know. Hitlery stepped back from William and felt her heart fall into the bottomless pit of her soulessness. She raised her hand to her chest as the back of her other hand rose across her mouth...

"No! .N-N-N-NOOOOOOO NOOOO..Noooo! What are your eyes telling mine? They doth reveal unto me a truth which I cannot accept lest mine heart be savaged! " she said as she felt herself gulping for air as the tears began to well in her eyes! "Nooo" she said as she slapped him across the face and then ran from the room! William cried out to her

"My love! I was only trying to protect you and SoHo!"

"Beygone from me, mine heart it doth crack, begone forever you betraying beast!" said Hitlery as she ran and ran! The music swelled dramatically...she felt her life and her heart sink away from her, destroyed for evermore as she ran down the stairs naked and out through the front door of the mansion and towards her magnificent white stallion, Whitewater. She jumped on the horse and it reared on it`s hind legs, whinnied and galloped away through the golden fields of mud as tears clouded her eyes.

"No NO NO!!" she cried louder and louder as she gulped and gulped and gulped and gulped and gulped for air..


Her William had deceived her and her heart was smashed into oblivion! Whitewater sprinted across the meadows until Hitlery made it to the top of her favorite hillside, Hill Airy, and fell into a heap, in a wad of golden hay, and she cried and cried and cried!!

"How? Why? Seems he a dove, his feathers are but borrowed say I!"

All the thoughts she could not get out of her mind! The utterly unexpected betrayal of her innocence! She continued crying as heavens light shined down upon her, and she fell asleep. Finally after several hours, she awoke only to find her William standing over her.

"You! I never want to see you again. Begone from me cad!" she screamed.

William hung his head low, and said

"OK, My love, I don`t blame you for hating me my love. But before I go, I have one word to say to you........Senator."

Hitlery stood up and clamped herself around her William with her legs like Whitney Houston did with Bobby Brown. Their love was again eternal.

Stay tuned for the next episode from Hitlery Clinton, the renowed writer of romance...Tissues included with every book

25 posted on 06/26/2005 9:58:33 AM PDT by EdHallick (It`s time to play the feeuuud! "Name something evil" "Hitlery" ..Good answer good answer "Survey say)
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To: EdHallick; Mia T; listenhillary; Leapfrog; marty60; SAMNOW; garyhope; bitt; mmercier; MikeA; ...
Superb post and great construction on your part, EdHallick! I'm very impressed. This is stunning. Have you visited this site? - "Bloody Bill Clinton - American Caligula"

26 posted on 06/26/2005 10:09:31 AM PDT by CHARLITE (I propose a co-Clinton team as permanent reps to Pyonyang, w/out possibility of repatriation....)
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To: EdHallick


The 'gulping for air' passage confirms that the current clinton anti-Klein battle cry, "trash for cash" is in fact self-referential...


27 posted on 06/26/2005 10:19:25 AM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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