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Free Republic Monthly Budget

Once we get our monthly donations to the point where they will cover all of our expenses, we will not need to have fundraisers.

Est. Recurring Monthly Contributions $11,077

Monthly Expenses
  Bandwidth Costs $500  
  Systems and Programming 7,000  
  Management and Admin 13,500  
  Legal and Accounting 1,000  
  Bank Fees, Credit Card Fees, Processing Fees 900  
  Equip, Maintenance and Repairs 600  
  Office Expenses, Rents, Insurance, Telephone, ISP, Supplies, Allowance for Declines/Cancels 2,500  
  Travel Expenses 1,200 27,200

Est. Monthly Shortfall ($16,123)

Est. Recurring Monthly Contributions

This is the amount contributed by the monthly donors only. It does not include one-time donations.

Est. Monthly Shortfall

Amount needed in one-time donations per month or additional monthlies need to meet budget needs.