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  • White House Wanted USS John McCain ‘Out of Sight’ During Trump Japan Visit

    05/29/2019 6:31:23 PM PDT · by MAGA_patriot · 74 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 5/30/2019 | Rebecca Ballhaus and Gordon Lubold
    The White House wanted the U.S. Navy to move “out of sight” a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain, a war hero who became a frequent target of President Trump’s ire, ahead of the president’s visit to Japan last week, according to an email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. In a May 15 email to U.S. Navy and Air Force officials, a U.S. Indo-Pacific Command official outlined plans for the president’s arrival that he said had resulted from conversations between the White House Military Office and the Seventh Fleet of the U.S. Navy. In addition to instructions...
  • End of the Line - Part II

    05/22/2019 6:57:09 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 8 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 5-22-19 | MOTUS
    It may seem a bit anti-climatic but this is the story that stuck in my craw like a tablespoon of cinnamon - Boomer Bequest Is Millennial Misery –  subtitle: Saddled with student and public debt, today’s young adults will long pay the price for our elders’ folly. A hat tip to the copyeditor, just reading it raised my blood pressure. It also succinctly summarizes the article and lets you know out of the box that it was written by one of the aggrieved generation. Boomers invented the Happy Face which Millennials appropriated and turned into Frowny FaceBuckle up buttercups, this...
  • The End of the LIne? Part I

    05/21/2019 4:29:05 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 1 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 5-21-19 | MOTUS
    The Wall Street Journal ticks me off quite regularly. The balance of never-Trumpers to rational conservatives is deeply skewed towards the abyss. Much of the non-business content tends towards the trendy which I am decidedly not. But I have been reading the WSJ since grad school when I got a complementary subscription for a semester. It was an education in itself – all the stories about capital building, financing, taxes, accounting, bottom lines, products, marketing – oh my! All the mysteries of the business universe revealed. Of course I didn’t learn how business really worked until much later.Yet due to...
  • Chinese billionaire tied to $6.5 million payment for Stanford met with Trump

    05/03/2019 2:55:27 PM PDT · by zeestephen · 63 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 03 May 2019 | Eva Dou
    Not long after his daughter got into Stanford University with the help of a $6.5 million payment, Chinese pharmaceutical billionaire Zhao Tao met with President Trump to promote a key Beijing foreign-policy initiative. [The MSM never stops, does it? For those who don't know, the WSJ news section has always been center-left, or worse.]
  • Maduro Forces Gun Down Unarmed Aid Workers,Headlines Vary

    02/22/2019 11:13:01 AM PST · by keat · 23 replies
    February 22, 2019 | ^self
    Amidst reports that Venezuelan Soldiers loyal to Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro gunned down civilian volunteers attempting to deliver humanitarian aid at the southern border with Brazil, killing one and wounding over a dozen, Marxist media outlets in the US have been mostly silent. Those that have commented have chosen some interesting headlines for the massacre. New York Times Deadly Violence Erupts on Brazil Border in Venezuela Aid Showdown Vox President Maduro’s forces clash with Venezuelans in aid showdown NBC News Woman killed, dozen injured after clash with Venezuelan security forces CNN Venezuela's military kills woman in standoff over international aid...
  • Siberian Gold Find Brightens Ruble’s Future

    02/08/2019 12:19:29 PM PST · by DUMBGRUNT · 24 replies
    WSJ ^ | 7 Feb 2019 | Thomas Grove
    “This is the Holy Grail of gold mining effectively, given the quality and given the scale,” The news is good for both Polyus and the Russian government. Unlike other producers that move their bullion on world markets, Polyus sells its gold exclusively to large Russian state banks, which then resell it to the country’s central bank. Once mining begins, the bank can use the mine’s gold to support its ruble currency or sell it for extra foreign currency in times of crisis. According to Polyus, Sukhoi Log is likely to be producing more than 1.6 million ounces of gold every...
  • Another Virginia Official Has a Yearbook With Blackface Photos: GOP legislative leader defends self

    02/08/2019 6:19:15 AM PST · by billorites · 51 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | February 7, 2019 | Scott Calvert & Jon Kamp
    RICHMOND, Va.—A top Republican Virginia lawmaker was forced to defend his role editing a college yearbook with photographs of students in blackface, as the state’s political crisis spread to both parties Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Thomas Norment served as managing editor of the 1968 yearbook at Virginia Military Institute that included the blackface photos and racial slurs. Gov. Ralph Northam, Democrat, faces calls to step down following the emergence last week of a photo from his medical-school yearbook that showed a person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb. Mr. Northam said he wasn’t in the picture, after...
  • No Wall Street Journal, Trump’s tariffs did not spark a wave of farm bankruptcies

    02/08/2019 7:35:21 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 2 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 02/08/2019 | Jack Hellner
    The Wall Street Journal has been against Trump’s trade tariffs, and any chance they get they will put blame on the tariffs for bad things, even when it is obvious they are not to blame. On Thursday they had a front-page story which attributed a wave of Chapter 12 bankruptcies (50 total in the U.S.) partially to small tariffs put in place by Trump in 2018. Any business reporter with a brain knows that those small tariffs had nothing to do with bankruptcies that occurred in 2018. Those farmers had to be struggling with too much debt for years, and...
  • Pompeo Hires Nasty #NeverTrump Hack Mary Kissel Who Regularly Trashes Trump as Top Adviser

    11/28/2018 7:04:19 AM PST · by Proud White Trump Supporter · 29 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | Nov 28, 2018 | Jim Hoft
    Mary Kissel from The Wall Street Journal is one of those nasty and predictable #NeverTrump hacks on TV today. She’s so bitter and angry that your tend to mute your TV when you see her pop up on a discussion panel. But that didn’t stop the U.S. State Department from hiring the anti-Trump hack to be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s new senior adviser for policy and strategic messaging.
  • Hillary Will Run Again

    11/11/2018 3:15:06 PM PST · by Trump20162020 · 104 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | November 11, 2018 | Mark Penn
    Get ready for Hillary Clinton 4.0. More than 30 years in the making, this new version of Mrs. Clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will come full circle—back to the universal-health-care-promoting progressive firebrand of 1994. True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies. She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House. It’s been quite a journey. In July 1999, Mrs. Clinton began her independent political career on retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s farm in upstate New York. Her...
  • We’ve Grown Accustomed to Trump

    10/17/2018 4:41:32 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 41 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | October 17, 2018 | Lance Morrow
    Even progressives treat the president as a familiar monster. And he hasn’t destroyed the world yet. It’s hard to prove intangibles, harder still when they are in motion, like October clouds, moving rapidly across millions of minds. One obvious but neglected intangible is worth noticing in the weeks before the elections: The country—consciously or unconsciously—has gotten used to Donald Trump. Twenty-one months into his administration, Mr. Trump has been processed, or half-processed—even subtly domesticated—by the large, complicated American mind, which is improvisational and on the whole incoherent except in moments of national crisis. Even progressives to whom he is a...
  • The Scourge of ‘Diversity’ (interview with Heather Mac Donald)

    10/13/2018 5:34:29 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 14 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 12, 2018 | Jillian Kay Melchior
    ... When it comes to race, Ms. Mac Donald’s views are more conventionally conservative. She argues that minorities could overcome economic and educational disparities by embracing “bourgeois values.” She opposes all forms of affirmative action, and believes admissions and hiring should be based solely on aptitude tests and objective measures of performance. She even opposes the University of California’s guaranteed-admissions plan, which admits the top 9% of students from every California high school, regardless of the school’s overall performance. The mechanism is a covert way to reintroduce race into admissions, she says, in violation of Proposition 209, which prohibits race...
  • WSJ: Ford Ally Pressured Her friend, Leland Keyser To Change Her Story

    10/05/2018 7:34:29 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Hotair ^ | 10/05/2018 | Ed Morrissey
    As attorneys for Christine Ford Blasey demanded an FBI investigation over the last two weeks, the Wall Street Journal reports that her allies were pressuring one witness to change her story. Ford named Leland Keyser as one of four potential witnesses to the Washington Post, but once her name became public, Keyser issued a statement through her attorneys that she cannot recall ever being at a party with Brett Kavanaugh.Almost immediately, a Ford friend began pressing her to modify her first statement — and that friend just happened to be a former FBI agent: A friend of Christine Blasey...
  • **** YOU! GO TO HELL: Georgetown Prof Loses It On Muslim Trump Voter

    12/27/2016 8:00:32 PM PST · by tcrlaf · 43 replies
    Daily caller ^ | 12-27-2016 | Katie Frates
    A Georgetown University associate professor had a month-long meltdown after a Muslim woman explained why she voted for President-elect Donald Trump. Asra Q. Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor and Wall Street Journal reporter, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post Nov. 10 explaining why she, as a Muslim woman and “long-time liberal,” voted for Trump. “I support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change,” Nomani wrote. “But I am a single mother who can’t afford health insurance under Obamacare.” C. Christine Fair, a previously “friendly colleague,” went on a 31-day screed against Nomani spanning across Twitter...
  • Trump officials to announce closure of Palestinian Liberation Organization office in DC: report

    09/10/2018 7:35:07 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 27 replies
    The Hill ^ | 09/09/18 11:04 PM EDT | BRETT SAMUELS
    National security adviser John Bolton is expected to announced Monday that the U.S. will shutter the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) office in Washington, D.C., The Wall Street Journal reported. “The Trump administration will not keep the office open when the Palestinians refuse to start direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel,” Bolton is expected to say, according to a draft of his speech reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Bolton will reportedly threaten the International Criminal Court with sanctions if it carries out investigations into the U.S. and Israel. ADVERTISEMENT The action against the PLO, which serves as the main entity...
  • Nailed by Steel Tariffs: Trump protectionism is driving a Missouri company to the brink.

    09/10/2018 8:36:08 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 97 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | September 9, 2018
    When President Trump promised to make America great again, the employees at Mid Continent Nail in Missouri probably didn’t expect he would put them out of work. But the steel tariffs imposed in June have the company hanging by a thread. Mid Continent is the largest nail manufacturer in the U.S. and has been in Missouri for more than 25 years. It had 500 employees at its Popular Bluff plant and was the second largest employer in the small town before the Trump tariffs hit. The trouble for Mid Continent is that foreign producers making nails abroad use low-price steel...
  • Twitter CEO personally weighed in on company's handling of Alex Jones, Richard Spencer accounts

    09/03/2018 10:14:46 AM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 6 replies
    The Hill ^ | 09/03/18 | Brett Samuels
    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has at times overruled or chimed in at the last second on decisions regarding controversial accounts on the platform, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The news outlet reported two separate instances where Dorsey favored keeping far-right personalities on the platform. Dorsey reportedly told one person that he had overruled a decision to kick conspiracy theorist Alex Jones off the platform last month. The Infowars founder was eventually blocked from tweeting for a week after one of his tweets was deemed to have violated the platform's rules. The Wall Street Journal reported that Dorsey acted similarly...
  • WSJ: Five Republican Senators Met With Sessions, Urged Him Not to Quit

    08/29/2018 6:37:12 AM PDT · by Magnatron · 138 replies
    NewsMax - Wall Street Journal ^ | 29 August 2018 | Jason Devaney
    Five Republican senators had breakfast with Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week and encouraged him to not resign despite constant pressure from President Donald Trump. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sessions invited Sens. John Cornyn of Texas, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and John Kennedy of Louisiana to dine with him last Thursday morning at the Department of Justice. The meeting took place in Sessions' dining room and included a lengthy discussion about Trump's repeated attacks on him. The senators, according to the Journal, urged Sessions to keep doing what he's...
  • Leakers to NYT Confirm FBI Ran Spy Operation Against Trump Campaign

    05/17/2018 5:04:08 AM PDT · by Mount Athos · 72 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 16 May 2018 | Kristina Wong
    Leakers to the New York Times confirmed in a story published on Wednesday that the FBI had run a spy operation on the Trump campaign that involved government informants, secret subpoenas, and possible wiretaps. The story comes ahead of the release of the pending Department of Justice inspector general report on the FBI’s actions during the 2016 election, and likely is an attempt by the leakers to paint the FBI’s efforts in the most flattering light possible. But the story revealed that the FBI – which is supposed to be an apolitical agency – was spying on the Trump campaign...
  • Another press shill attacks Trump as unfit, forgetting how bad Obama was

    02/22/2018 1:08:12 PM PST · by Kaslin · 19 replies
    American ^ | February 22, 2018 | Jack Hellner
    On Wednesday there was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by William Galston titled: "The Clear and Present Danger of Trump.” A bold insert said: His weekend Twitter outburst calls into question his ability to discharge his powers. The article starts off: In business, it is said, the customer is always right. Politics is more complicated, because citizens are called upon to be more than consumers. “The people commonly intend the public good,” Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 71, “but their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always reason right about the means...