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  • Obama administration to blame for jailing of hero Bin Laden doctor, says Pakistani report

    06/01/2013 3:43:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 33 replies
    Fox ^ | May 31, 2013 | Sib Kaife
    It was the Obama administration that sealed the fate of the Pakistani doctor jailed for helping nail Usama Bin Laden, by divulging key details after the fact and dooming any chance Shakil Afridi's cover story could win his freedom, according to a confidential Pakistani report. When former Secretary of Defense and ex-CIA Director Leon Panetta publicly acknowledged Afridi's role in the ruse which helped the CIA pinpoint Bin Laden's presence in an Abbottabad compound, any chance that Pakistani authorities could help him get out of the country vanished, according to what some have called Pakistan’s version of the 9/11 Commission,...
  • Fact Check: Did Obama selectively quote Usama bin Laden in counterterror speech?

    05/28/2013 3:32:02 PM PDT · by don-o · 5 replies
    Fox News ^ | May 28, 2013
    President Obama is being accused of selectively quoting Usama bin Laden, by using a snippet of an anti-America screed to make it sound like Al Qaeda was breaking under the weight of the U.S. drone program. snip Thomas Joscelyn, a senior fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, argued that bin Laden's full quote has a far different meaning than that conveyed by the excerpt Obama cited last week. "When you look at the context of the whole statement, it doesn't support their story," he told
  • FBI Report: Florida Family Had Ties to People Linked to 9/11 Attacks

    04/16/2013 8:14:49 AM PDT · by kristinn · 13 replies
    The Miami Herald ^ | Tuesday, April 16, 2013 | Dan Christensen and Anthony Summers,
    A Saudi family who “fled” their Sarasota area home weeks before 9/11 had “many connections” to “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001,” according to newly released FBI records. One partially declassified document, marked “secret,” lists three of those individuals and ties them to the Venice, Fla., flight school where suicide hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi trained. Accomplice Ziad Jarrah took flying lessons at another school a block away. Atta and al-Shehhi were at the controls of the jetliners that slammed into the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people. Jarrah was the...
  • Candidly Speaking: Groveling to the Brotherhood

    01/18/2012 9:27:55 PM PST · by americanophile · 12 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 01/18/2012 | ISI LEIBLER
    It is profoundly disconcerting to read media reports of the unseemly competition between the US and Western governments to curry favor with the Muslim Brotherhood in the wake of its electoral victory in Egypt. There are chilling parallels between such behavior and the disastrous European policy of appeasing the Nazis which paved the way for World War II. What those attempting to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood fail to comprehend is that this organization represents one of the most fanatical and dangerous of the radical Islamist groups in the region, with a dark record of violence and terrorism imbedded in its...
  • Bin Laden's Son Is Hospitalized After He Hears His Father's Voice [Omar Bin Laden]

    09/04/2010 1:23:31 AM PDT · by Cindy · 21 replies
    ABC News ^ | JULY 9, 2010 | By LARA SETRAKIAN
    Note: Video included. "Bin Laden's Son Is Hospitalized After He Hears His Father's Voice Omar Bin Laden Is Treated for Schizophrenia, Wife Asks for Divorce" July 9, 2010 SNIPPET: ""It's true that he was put on medication but released himself early," said a spokesman for Zeina Al Sabah, Omar's wife. The spokesman confirmed that Omar had bipolar disorder and was on anti-depressants." SNIPPET: ""Omar loves and hates Osama at the same time," she said." SNIPPET: "Omar, 29, has denounced his father's terrorist tactics and ideology. But he still maintains an emotional bond..." SNIPPET: "Much of Osama Bin Laden's family, comprising...
  • Unofficial release of Usama Bin Laden at-sea-burial photo from US Navy.

    05/05/2011 9:04:56 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 36 replies
    05 MAY 2001 | dcbryan1
    Uh oh....looks like some Navy squids took a picture of bin Laden being buried at sea!
  • Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house (Reuters Photos - Graphic)

    05/04/2011 3:42:05 PM PDT · by mojito · 59 replies
    Calgary Sun/Reuters ^ | 5/4/2011 | Unattributed
    ISLAMABAD - Photographs acquired by Reuters and taken about an hour after the U.S. assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan show three dead men lying in pools of blood, but no weapons. The photos, taken by a Pakistani security official who entered the compound after the early morning raid on Monday, show two men dressed in traditional Pakistani garb and one in a t-shirt, with blood streaming from their ears, noses and mouths. The official, who wished to remain anonymous, sold the pictures to Reuters. None of the men looked like bin Laden. U.S. President Barack...
  • Obama: We’re Not At War With Islam / Islam: We’re At War With You

    05/04/2011 7:35:19 PM PDT · by Walter Scott Hudson · 5 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | May 4, 2011 | Walter Hudson
    When President Barack Obama announced to the world that Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces in Pakistan, he made sure to distinguish the Al-Qaeda leader's career of terror from any religious affiliation. ... the United States is not –- and never will be -– at war with Islam. I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; Conservative talk radio host Bill Cunningham, who was on the air at the time of Obama's announcement, took the president's claim further and suggested that...
  • Photos from the Bin Laden Raid

    05/04/2011 1:27:44 PM PDT · by gandalftb · 77 replies · 2+ views
    Reuters ^ | Wed May 4, 2011 3:50pm EDT | Adrees Latif
    Photographs acquired by Reuters and taken about an hour after the U.S. assault on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan show three dead men lying in pools of blood, but no weapons. The photos, taken by a Pakistani security official who entered the compound after the early morning raid on Monday, show two men dressed in traditional Pakistani garb and one in a t-shirt, with blood streaming from their ears, noses and mouths. The official, who wished to remain anonymous, sold the pictures to Reuters.
  • Thank You President Bush: Unapologetic Leadership vs Opportunistic Hypocrisy!

    05/01/2011 9:24:54 PM PDT · by xuberalles · 13 replies
    Self | May 1, 2011 | Self
    Much love & respect to our fighting men & women who have made this glorious day possible; the death of Usama Bin Laden. And thank you President Bush for setting this chain of events in motion and never relenting from your goal of defeating terrorism...all despite being demonized & protested by countless liberals who will now shamelessly attempt to take credit for the sacrifices of our military! And will someone please remind President Obama, President Bush made the capture and/or killing of Usama his top priority; as well as approving countless missions aiming to do just that. And unless my...
  • President Obama Refuses to Acknowledge the Islamic Threat to America

    01/11/2010 6:06:24 PM PST · by parkerj · 3 replies · 363+ views
    theFinancialSkinny ^ | January 11, 2010 | theFinancialSkinny
    So Mr. President, prove to us that an airport official in Amsterdam didn't conspire with Al Qaeda to bomb this plane. Show us Abdulmutallab's original passport and visa. Maybe you can find it where you hide your birth certificate.
  • Should We Close Israel?

    01/04/2010 3:44:14 PM PST · by parkerj · 28 replies · 1,365+ views
    theFinancialSkinny ^ | January 4, 2010 | theFinancialSkinny
    Victoria's Secret televises a show each year of attractive, scantily clad females whom Usama bin Laden and his merry band of Neanderthals find scandalous and hold out as an example of American evil. Should we close Victoria's secret?
  • One of the Men Who Created Al Qaeda Rips Into Usama bin Laden

    02/25/2009 12:38:24 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 15 replies · 1,783+ views
    Fox News ^ | Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | Bret Baier
    Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine: Founding Fodder One of the founders of Al Qaeda has written a book repudiating terrorism and railing against Usama bin Laden and deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri. The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, better known as Doctor Fadl, led an Islamist insurgency in Egypt in the 1990s. Now he writes that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were both immoral and counterproductive: "Ramming America has become the shortest road to fame and leadership among the Arabs and Muslims. But what good is it if you destroy one of your enemy's buildings, and he...
  • Interview with Bin Laden Task Force Leader Michael Scheuer

    02/21/2009 12:25:52 PM PST · by ADReditor · 2 replies · 303+ views
    American Daily Review ^ | 09/11/2008 | John Barnhart
    "The first one I knew of was an attempt to try and capture Bin Laden in the second week of June 1998 and the White house decided they didn't want to do it because they were afraid that if it went bad, or Usama Bin Laden resisted and it went bad and he were to be killed that America would be accused of assassination. The last chance that I know of consecutive opportunities on five consecutive nights in May of 1999 in Kandahar City, Afghanistan and we knew which house he was spending the house in on each of those...
  • Swedish terror suspect extradited from Czech Republic to the United States

    09/25/2007 12:28:10 PM PDT · by Grzegorz 246 · 19 replies · 394+ views
    AP ^ | Tuesday, September 25, 2007
    PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- A Swedish citizen wanted in the U.S. on suspicion of plotting to set up a terrorist camp there was extradited Tuesday from the Czech Republic, officials said. Czech Justice minister Jiri Pospisil ruled on Sept 18 there was no reason to refuse a U.S. extradition request for Oussama Kassir, spokeswoman Zuzana Kuncova said. Kassir left the country by plane on Tuesday bound for the United States, said Kuncova. Kassir was arrested on Dec. 11, 2005, at Prague's Ruzyne international airport while flying from Stockholm, Sweden, to Beirut, Lebanon. He has been held in a Czech prison...
  • Usama bin Laden Does His Best Ward Churchill Impression

    09/12/2007 4:36:37 AM PDT · by theothercheek · 15 replies · 439+ views
    Blogger News Network ^ | September 12, 2007
    In the video Usama bin Laden released last week, he attempts to rebut the "neocon" assertion that immediate withdrawal from Iraq will precipitate a genocidal bloodbath with a history lesson that could have been delivered at any number of college campuses in the U.S.: "[T]he morality and culture of the holocaust is your culture, not our culture. In fact, burning living beings is forbidden in our religion, even if they be small like the ant, so what of man?! The holocaust of the Jews was carried out by your brethren in the middle of Europe, but had it been closer...
  • Usama For President?

    09/10/2007 4:31:19 AM PDT · by theothercheek · 7 replies · 371+ views
    Usama bin Laden must be following the U.S. presidential campaign so closely that he has begun channeling the talking points of several candidates, as evidenced by this transcript of his latest video: UBL: "[D]espite America being the greatest economic power and possessing the most powerful and up-to-date military arsenal as well; and despite it spending on this war and is army more than the entire world spends on its armies; and despite it being the being the major state influencing the policies of the world, as if it has a monopoly on the unjust right of veto; despite all of...
  • Transcript: Counterterror Experts Debate Clinton Claims on 'FNS'

    10/02/2006 2:08:18 AM PDT · by windchime · 72 replies · 2,141+ views
    Fox News ^ | October 1, 2006 | Fox News
    The following is a partial transcript of the Oct. 1, 2006, edition of "FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace": "FOX NEWS SUNDAY" HOST CHRIS WALLACE: Bill Clinton said a lot of things in our interview last week. How much of it was true? Well, we've assembled a panel of experts to discuss just that: Daniel Benjamin, a counterterrorism expert for the Clinton National Security Council; Michael Scheuer, who ran the CIA unit that hunted Usama bin Laden; and Lawrence Wright, author of a behind-the-scenes new book on the run-up to 9/11 called "The Looming Tower." We should note we invited...
  • The Bill Clinton "bullying factor"

    09/28/2006 6:50:49 PM PDT · by redstate38 · 95 replies · 2,386+ views ^ | 9/28/06 | Marie Jon'
    President Bill Clinton was overbearing, threatening, and in the face of "FOX News Sunday" host Chris Wallace. The wild eyed, finger wagging Clinton was astonishing to watch and embarrassing. He possibly could have been charged with assault and battery against the Fox host. Chris Wallace, the son of liberal 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace, appeared to be overwhelmed by the ire of his guest. Clinton was ready to pounce on anything the mild mannered interviewer asked. In most states, an assault/battery is committed when one person 1) tries to or does physically strike another, or 2) acts in a threatening...
  • US Treasury names suspected al Qaeda fund-raisers

    08/03/2006 12:57:36 PM PDT · by WmShirerAdmirer · 6 replies · 840+ views
    Yahoo News/Reuters ^ | August 3, 2006 | Reuters Staff
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday named the Philippine and Indonesian branches of the International Islamic Relief Organization as fund-raisers for al Qaeda and other terror groups. It also designated one of the Saudi-based organization's high-ranking officials, Abd Al Hamid Sulaiman Al-Mujil, as a fund-raiser for al Qaeda. The action means that no American can have any dealings with the two branches of the organization or with Al-Mujil and that any assets they have in the United States will be frozen. "Al-Mujil has a long record of supporting Islamic militant groups, and he has maintained a cell...
  • Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism

    10/28/2003 7:07:05 AM PST · by Prince Charles · 6 replies · 2,509+ views
    Insight ^ | 10-27-2003 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism Posted Oct. 27, 2003 By Kenneth R. Timmerman Generations of Muslims in the Middle East have been raised on the anti-Western, anti-Semitic theologies of Ayatollah Khomeini and in the Saudi Wahhabi system of madrassas (religious schools). This foundation set the stage for the rise of Osama bin Laden. Doaa 'Amer is a professional TV anchor who hosts Muslim Woman Magazine on IQRAA TV, a satellite channel broadcasting throughout the Arab world. As she tells it, her job is to educate the next generation of children to be "true Muslims." Readers accustomed to hearing Islam described...
  • Treasury Designates MIRA for Support to Al Qaida (Clinton confidante was a major Al Qaida financier)

    07/14/2005 9:08:51 PM PDT · by kaehurowing · 8 replies · 915+ views
    Treasury Department Press Release ^ | July 14, 2005 | U.S. Treasury Department
    July 14, 2005 JS-2632 Treasury Designates MIRA for Support to Al Qaida ******In 2003, MIRA and Faqih received approximately $1 million in funding through Abdulrahman Alamoudi. According to information available to the U.S. Government, the September 2003 arrest of Alamoudi was a severe blow to al Qaida, as Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised money for al Qaida in the United States. In a 2004 plea agreement, Alamoudi admitted to his role in an assassination plot targeting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and is currently serving a 23 year sentence.******
  • US Spy Ordered to Bring Home Bin Laden's Head on Dry Ice

    05/03/2005 5:02:46 PM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 50 replies · 2,550+ views
    AFP ^ | Tue May 3
    US spy chiefs ordered agents to deliver Osama bin Laden's severed head in a box of dry ice and hoist heads of other Al-Qaeda leaders on pikes, a retired field officer has disclosed. As America reeled in shock days after the September 11 attacks in 2001, former CIA officer Gary Schroen was sent to Afghanistan to help the opposition Northern Alliance to topple bin Laden's hosts the Taliban. He told National Public Radio in an interview broadcast on Monday and Tuesday that he stopped by the office of then-CIA counterterrorism director Cofer Black for final instructions. He said he was...
  • US Establishes Base in Bin Laden’s Backyard: 21 killed

    08/21/2006 6:02:19 PM PDT · by wjersey · 42 replies · 2,599+ views
    Afgha ^ | 8/17/2006 | Matt DuPee
    In the small rural community of Kamdesh, Nuristan province, US troops recently constructed a base that houses hundreds of troops, making it the first such outpost of its kind to be built in one of the most untamed areas of Afghanistan. The base at Kamdesh is dug into a rugged mountain side that backs up to a sheer mountain side; prime real estate in the insurgent saturated northeast. Serving as an extension of forward operating base Naray, which lies due south in Kunar province, Kamdesh aims to reach further into the northern areas, namely Nuristan, to help the locals with...
  • Osama's biographer says nukes in U.S. Border used to smuggle WMDs inside America, says source

    05/24/2006 11:25:47 AM PDT · by LittleBillyInfidel · 216 replies · 5,106+ views
    WORLD NET DAILY From ^ | 5/23/6 | WND Staff Reporter (Source: Ryan Mauro)
    Al-Qaida has smuggled tactical nuclear weapons and uranium into the U.S. across the Mexican border and is planning to launch a major terrorist attack using a combination of nukes and dirty nukes, according to an interview with Osama bin Laden's biographer, Hamid Mir, in
  • Pakistan not doing enough on terrorism, U.S. says

    05/06/2006 8:18:51 AM PDT · by Saberwielder · 22 replies · 517+ views
    Reuters ^ | May 6, 2006 | Yousuf Azimy
    Pakistan not doing enough on terrorism, U.S. saysSat May 6, 2006 7:08 PM ISTBy Yousuf AzimyKABUL (Reuters) - Pakistan is not doing enough to help root out Taliban and al Qaeda leaders who have found safe haven in its lawless tribal lands along the Afghan border, a senior U.S. security official said on Saturday.Most al Qaeda and Taliban leaders are in Pakistan, and while the United States did not know where Osama bin Laden was hiding, he was probably on the Pakistan side of the border, said Henry Crumpton, State Department coordinator for counterterrorism.Pakistan, a vital U.S. security ally, has...
  • The Case For Iraq's WMDs, Al Qaeda Connections, And Russian Involvement

    03/25/2006 4:31:59 AM PST · by rabair · 2 replies · 514+ views ^ | March 25, 2006 | Randy
    I've set out to create a sort of information clearinghouse of post-war information on Iraq's WMDs, ties to terror groups, ties to Al Qaeda in particular, Russia providing aide to Saddam, etc. I wanted to have post with a lot of background so as newly released documents continue to roll in and get translated and liberals whine "so what, this is just one document", we can always link back to this post or find older links in it. It started out mainly just for my personal use, for when I post on developments as they come, I will always link...
  • Does Dubai Port World have contracts with Bin Laden Construction?

    02/23/2006 11:59:54 AM PST · by bigbear82 · 12 replies · 1,495+ views ^ | 02-23-06 | Sage G. Rafferty
    Has Dubai Port World, the company that was given management responsibilities of several U.S. ports, had any contracts with Bin Laden Construction Company in the past? Do they have contracts with them now? If Dubai Port World itself does not have contracts with the company, its owners might. In order for a foreigner to start a business in the Emirates, he/she must get a citizen of the UAE to sponsor it - in other words to basically own it. Dubai Port World is actually owned by citizens, but it is run by foreigners. Many UAE citizens own multiple businesses without...
  • Bin Laden cannot be named in Damra trial

    06/16/2004 7:24:29 AM PDT · by Nasty McPhilthy · 4 replies · 418+ views
    The Plain Dealer ^ | 6/15/04 | John Caniglia
    Bin Laden cannot be named in Damra trial Judge fears mention would inflame jurors Tuesday, June 15, 2004 John Caniglia Plain Dealer Reporter A federal judge, fearing the mention of Osama bin Laden would prejudice jurors, barred prosecutors from bringing up the terrorist's name during imam Fawaz Damra's trial, which begins today in Akron. Damra, the leader of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, is accused of concealing his ties to terrorism on immigration forms in 1994. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and deported. U.S. District Judge James Gwin's decision helped Damra, 41,...
  • Video - The Odd Couple: Senator John Kerry and Osama Bin Laden - The Quotes

    02/06/2006 4:04:30 AM PST · by rabair · 4 replies · 407+ views ^ | February 5, 2006 |
    I created this little video the other day, in honor of Kerry and Bin Laden's almost identical statements... It was spawned of my disgust at the Washington Post calling Pat Robertson and Ahmadinejad a "duo", etc. a few weeks back, and ignoring all the Bin Laden tape quotes that sound like they were ripped right out of the Dems playbook. I'm to lazy to copy everything over, so just read my post for the history, that also links to other old posts for more background, and then watch the video. This was my first attempt at using "Windows Movie Maker",...
  • al-Photoshop: al-Where al-is al-Zawahiri?

    01/14/2006 9:48:16 AM PST · by rabair · 10 replies · 481+ views ^ | January 14, 2006 |
    ah ha!
  • The selective silence of CAIR

    07/23/2005 5:11:06 PM PDT · by Land_of_Lincoln_John · 4 replies · 350+ views
    Marathon Pundit ^ | July 23, 2005 | Marathon Pundit
    The Council on American Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR, fashions itself as a mainstream, moderate group. Well, read this article by noted scholar Daniel Pipes, and see if you agree with CAIR's claims. An excerpt: CAIR is particularly worrisome because it claims to be nothing but a mild public affairs organization promoting "interest and understanding among the general public with regards to Islam and Muslims in North America," and is widely seen as such. In fact, it is radical to the core; to quote its chairman, Omar M. Ahmad (as reported by the San Ramon Valley Herald in July...
  • U.N. asked to punish two Saudi activists

    12/21/2004 6:16:45 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 10 replies · 698+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 12/21/04 | Edith M. Lederer - AP
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia asked the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday to impose sanctions on British-based Saudi dissident Saad al-Faqih for allegedly providing financial and material support to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. The United States and Saudi Arabia also asked the council to impose sanctions on Saudi businessman Adel Abdul Jalil Batterjee, who was instrumental in founding the Benevolence International Foundation, an Islamic charity that the United States has previously deemed a global terrorist group. Council diplomats said the two names were circulated among the 15 Security Council members on Tuesday. If...
  • U.S. Pledges to Share Evidence as 9/11 Retrial Begins in Germany

    08/10/2004 3:07:48 PM PDT · by OESY · 2 replies · 588+ views
    New York Times ^ | August 10, 2004 | MARK LANDLER
    HAMBURG, Germany, Aug. 10 — A German court today began a retrial of Mounir el-Motassadeq, the only person convicted of involvement in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, with the disclosure that the United States will for the first time share evidence about the plot. Mr. Motassadeq's conviction was thrown out in March by an appeals court, which said that critical evidence had been withheld by American authorities. After having been sentenced to 15 years in prison, Mr. Motassadeq was freed in April. The decision by the United States to offer limited cooperation to the Germans introduces a combustible element to...
  • Terrorist ‘aided abduction plot’

    04/22/2005 5:53:43 AM PDT · by piasa · 3 replies · 470+ views
    Times Online, of the Sunday Times [UK] ^ | April 21, 2005 | Sophie Kirkham
    A KEY al-Qaeda operative responsible for recruiting the shoe bomber Richard Reid and one of the September 11 hijackers helped to kidnap five British children from their Norwich home and take them to Libya, a court was told yesterday. Djamel Beghal, 39, is serving ten years in a French prison for plotting a suicide attack on the US Embassy in Paris and was described as so dangerous that even other al-Qaeda members thought him beyond the pale. While he was living in Leicester in the late 1990s Beghal, an Algerian, met Azzedin Journazi, from Libya, at a city mosque and...
  • The suspects lived in Indy as teen-agers during the 1960's (Philippines terror arrest)

    12/31/2003 6:23:47 AM PST · by Miss Marple · 36 replies · 1,062+ views
    The Indianapolis Star ^ | December 31, 2003 | Fred Kelly and Tim Evans
    <p>An Indianapolis family kept vigil Tuesday awaiting news of two brothers they say are wrongly being held in the Philippines for suspected ties to terrorists.</p> <p>"This is like a (bad) dream," said Pamela Stubbs Thornton, a sister of the detained men, Michael Ray Stubbs and Jamil Daud Mujahid.</p>
  • Al-Qaeda's Completed Warning Cycle - Ready to Attack?

    03/09/2005 9:35:10 AM PST · by Saberwielder · 23 replies · 1,672+ views
    Jamestown ^ | March 3, 2005 | Michael Scheuer
    Al-Qaeda's Completed Warning Cycle - Ready to Attack?   03/03/2005 - By Michael Scheuer DCI Porter Goss's testimony before Congress on February 16 that Soviet nuclear material could be in al-Qaeda's hands is a troubling coda to speeches by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in late 2004. Bin Laden's October 30 speech was treated by the media as an attempt to influence the election. Most post-speech commentary also claimed the speech moved bin Laden away from war and toward political discourse. That the speech was directed to the American people is clear. What received little notice, however, is that...

    12/17/2004 8:39:50 AM PST · by Saberwielder · 26 replies · 1,034+ views
    South Asia Analysis Group ^ | December 17, 2004 | B.Raman
    BIN LADEN: AN OPEN LETTER TO PETER BERGENby B.Raman Dear Mr.Bergen, We have never run into each other in any of the innumerable seminars on jihadi terrorism in general and Al Qaeda in particular which I keep attending, but you are one of the few Al Qaeda watchers whose comments I carefully look for and read with attention and respect. Your comments are often tinged with a healthy dose of skepticism which, I have always felt, is an important component of good analysis. 2. Before going to bed on Thursday night, I leant from the TV channels about the latest...
  • U.S.: Pakistan of little help in the hunt for bin Laden

    12/13/2004 4:51:45 AM PST · by Saberwielder · 8 replies · 663+ views
    Daily Breeze ^ | December 13, 2004 | James Risen and David Rohde
    U.S.: Pakistan of little help in the hunt for bin Laden By James Risen and David Rohde THE NEW YORK TIMES Hunting for Osama bin Laden, the CIA established a series of small, covert bases in the rugged mountain frontier of northwest Pakistan in late 2003. Bin Laden, the terrorist leader, was being sheltered there by local tribesmen and foreign militants, the agency had concluded, and he controlled a group of handpicked operatives dedicated to attacking the United States. But since the bases opened, the CIA officers stationed there have been strictly supervised by Pakistani officials, who have limited their...
  • Famous Fools Website

    11/06/2004 11:56:50 AM PST · by AwareTexan · 7 replies · 1,076+ views
    "Stupidity is not limited to any one group of people. Sometimes the people we look up to most make the biggest fools of themselves. When they do, we are here to point it out."
  • COWARDS..........

    10/31/2004 7:23:53 AM PST · by CHARLITE · 16 replies · 889+ views
    COWARDS .... One day after Usama bin Laden went on Al Jazeerah television and warned America, in so many words to vote for John Kerry and not for Bush, how did we respond? Like Spain! Overnight, Kerry went up 2% in the polls. What did you say to a pollster? Were you one of the newest victims of the terrorists, a willing victim? Americans, mainly democrats, have cowered down before the world’s bully! I cannot believe this is happening in the United States of America! Party before country! We were the sons and daughters of those who fought nobly at...
  • Pakistan ‘gives Al-Qaeda refuge’

    10/30/2004 5:01:31 PM PDT · by Saberwielder · 55 replies · 1,876+ views
    The Times ^ | October 31, 2004 | Nicholas Rufford
    Pakistan ‘gives Al-Qaeda refuge’ Nicholas Rufford OSAMA BIN LADEN is being given safe haven with the help of Pakistani officials, British security sources believe. Recent intelligence reports coming from remote tribal areas of Pakistan have indicated the Al-Qaeda leader is being given refuge by senior figures in the regional government. America has given Pakistan tens of millions of dollars since the start of the war on terrorism and the hunt for Bin Laden. There is growing impatience in Washington at the failure of the military to capture him. He is believed to be hiding along the mountainous 1,500mile frontier between...
  • U.S. general says bin Laden apparently alive but no longer controls al-Qaeda

    10/19/2004 4:45:58 PM PDT · by cgk · 38 replies · 1,434+ views
    By John J. LumpkinASSOCIATED PRESS2:35 p.m. October 19, 2004 WASHINGTON – The top American commander in Afghanistan said Tuesday he has no evidence Osama bin Laden is in day-to-day control of al-Qaeda but suggested the long-absent terrorist leader is alive. Lt. Gen. David Barno, speaking to reporters during a visit to the Pentagon, talked mostly of a lack of evidence about bin Laden's whereabouts, health and current role in the al-Qaeda network. He remains, however, a critical target, Barno said. Still, "I don't see any indications that he is in day-to-day command and control, as it were, of the al-Qaeda...
  • BREAKING NEWS: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Swears Oath of Allegiance to Usama Bin Laden/Al-Qaida

    10/17/2004 11:11:48 AM PDT · by anonpenetfi · 24 replies · 1,414+ views ^ | 10/17/04 | (10/17/04): Abu Maysarah al-Iraqi, official media representative of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Tawheed wal-Jihad Movement in Iraq has released a new statement on behalf of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. According to the document, after 8 months of tense and prolonged negotiations, Zarqawi and his loyal fighters in central Iraq have sworn an oath and officially joined "under the banner" of Usama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. Speculation has been rampant since Zarqawi first emerged in media reports over his relationship with Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. It is significant to note that many of Zarqawi's top lieutenants have been trained in Al-Qaida military...
  • Anti-War Group Doubts Authenticity of Saddam/WMD Documents Authenticity

    10/12/2004 7:36:24 AM PDT · by Quilla · 26 replies · 820+ views
    CNSNews ^ | October 12, 2004 | Marc Morano
    An anti war group says it doubts the substance and authenticity of's exclusive report based on Iraqi intelligence documents that show Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and had ties to terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda. "[The article] is probably a complete fabrication. There is just so much evidence to the contrary that Saddam and Osama [bin Laden] hated each other, were in opposite poles in the world. It's just really tough to swallow," said Michael Austin of in an interview conducted just a day or two after the original article was published. "It just seems...
  • An Oil-For-Food Connection?

    07/31/2004 10:35:36 AM PDT · by MamaLucci · 24 replies · 2,627+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 8/9/2004 | Caudia Rosset
    An Oil-for-Food Connection? From the August 9, 2004 issue: On whether any of Saddam's loot made its way into Osama's pockets. by Claudia Rosett 08/09/2004, Volume 009, Issue 45 IF, as the 9/11 Commission concludes, our "failure of imagination" left America open to the attacks of September 11, then surely some imagination is called for in tackling one of the riddles that stumped the commission: Where exactly did Osama bin Laden get the funding to set up shop in Afghanistan, reach around the globe, and strike the United States? So let's do some imagining. Unfashionable though it may be, let's...
  • Qaeda-Linked Group Vows 'Bloody War' on Europe

    07/28/2004 2:08:03 PM PDT · by BushisTheMan · 27 replies · 1,235+ views
    Reuters ^ | 07/28/2004 | Reuters
    Muslim militants claiming links to al Qaeda vowed in a statement on Wednesday to launch a "bloody war" on Europe after a "truce" offered by Osama bin Laden expired earlier this month. ... The group had warned in an internet statement earlier this month it would launch new attacks on Europe once the truce, which expired in mid-July, ended. Al Qaeda leader bin Laden, in an audiotape on April 15, gave European states three months to pull troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries or face new attacks like the Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people on...
  • White House Releases August 6, 2001 PDB

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    White House Press Office | 2/10/2004 | Jeff Gannon, White House Correspondent
  • US scotches reports on bin Laden's capture

    02/21/2004 5:32:35 PM PST · by MegaSilver · 12 replies · 201+ views ^ | 21 February 2004
    Washington, Feb 21 (UNI) The US has scotched reports coming out of Pakistan that its forces have captured Osama bin Laden. ''That would be news to everybody in this room. No, I haven't heard anything -- haven't heard anything like that,'' spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters at the White House here yesterday. Asked to clarify what prompted President Pervez Musharraf to say a couple of weeks ago that Pakistani forces would have bin Laden by the year-end, the spokesman said, ''I speak for the President. Obviously, I don't speak for President Musharraf.'' As for whether the capture of bin Landen...
  • Bin Laden 'boxed in' by US soldiers

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    The Weekend Australian ^ | 22 February 2004 | The Sunday Mail (Qld)
    OSAMA bin Laden is reportedly surrounded by United States special forces in a mountain range that straddles north-west Pakistan and Afghanistan. Internationally respected investigative journalist and author Gordon Thomas says the al-Qaida terror group leader has been sighted for the first time since 2001 and is being monitored by satellite. In a report to be published in a British newspaper, Thomas says bin Laden is in a mountainous area to the north of the Pakistani city of Quetta. The region is said to be a stronghold for bin Laden supporters and the terror kingpin is estimated to have 50 of...