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  • Expert: ‘Exodus’ from high-tax states like New York, California ‘just beginning’

    06/21/2019 6:39:34 AM PDT · by SleeperCatcher · 93 replies
    The National Sentinel ^ | 6/21/19 | Jon Dougherty
    Thanks in large part to the Trump-GOP tax reform law passed in December 2017, residents of high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California are leaving in high numbers — and the exodus is only just beginning, say experts. “It took a few months for taxpayers to realize the dollar implications – until they actually filed their tax returns this year,” Alan Goldenberg, a principal at Friedman LLP, told Fox Business. “It quantified the impact of the loss of the SALT deduction when people saw it in front of their eyes on their tax return.”
  • Suicide rates among young people reach their highest level since 2000

    06/20/2019 4:26:09 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 21 replies
    NBC News ^ | June 18, 2019 | Erika Edwards
    Suicide rates among young people are rising, reaching the highest levels since 2000, a study published Tuesday finds. But most alarming, the researchers said, was a 21 percent rise in boys aged 15-19 dying by suicide in 2017 from the year before. "Previous studies talked more of an increase in female suicide, but what we’re showing is that rates among males are also increasing rapidly," Oren Miron, the study's lead author and a research associate in biomedical informatics at Harvard Medical School, told NBC News.
  • The US suicide rate is up 33% since 1999

    06/20/2019 5:02:38 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 64 replies
    CNN ^ | June 20, 2019 | Jacqueline Howard
    NN)The suicide rate in the United States continues to climb, with a rate in 2017 that was 33% higher than in 1999, new research finds. Suicide rates among people 15 to 64 increased significantly during that period, rising from 10.5 per 100,000 people in 1999 to 14 per 100,000 in 2017, the most recent year with available data, according to annual research published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics on Thursday.
  • The Growing Crop of Millennial GOP Donors

    06/12/2019 5:11:24 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | June 11, 2019 | Fritz Brogan
    The future of the GOP is bright and the conservative movement is growing by leaps and bounds. This week, hundreds of conservative young professionals from across the country will gather in New York at Mavericks Conference 2019 to hear from and engage with top leaders in business and government on a variety of topics, such as innovation, technology, and the 2020 election. More specifically, these young professional conservatives- all of whom work in a variety of industries and are under forty years old - will discuss what they can do to help elect like-minded local, federal and state-wide candidates in...
  • Gay Suicides Are On The Rise. This Epidemiologist Explains Why.

    06/06/2019 8:09:28 AM PDT · by fwdude · 105 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | 06/05/2019 | Michael Hobbes
    One of the indescribable aspects of being a member of a minority group is knowing that things are better than they have ever been and, simultaneously, not good enough. The LGBTQ community has won the right to same-sex marriage and achieved unprecedented visibility in politics, media and entertainment. Yet we still lag far behind the straight and cis population when it comes to mental health, substance abuse and HIV rates. Travis Salway is an epidemiologist trying to close this gap. In 2014, he discovered that in Canada, suicide had surpassed HIV as the leading cause of death among gay and...
  • Tornado, severe weather outbreak most 'prolonged stretch' in 8 years -- and here's why

    05/29/2019 9:58:50 AM PDT · by Innovative · 35 replies
    Fox News ^ | May 29, 2019 | Travis Fedschun
    A two-week onslaught of volatile weather has wrought death and destruction from the Southern Plains to the Northeast, bombarding the country's interior with disaster after disaster all because of a stalled weather pattern. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Storm Prediction Center has received more than 500 reports of tornadoes in the last 30 days. The 442 twisters reported in May -- which is historically tornado season's busiest month -- is still nearly double the 3-year average of 226 cyclones. "The threat is ongoing in the same areas we have seen over the past couple of days," Fox News Senior...
  • IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity

    05/23/2019 8:01:27 AM PDT · by BadLands59 · 55 replies
    NBC ^ | 5/22/2019 | Evan Horowitz
    IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity An intelligence crisis could undermine our problem-solving capacities and dim the prospects of the global economy. People are getting dumber. That's not a judgment; it's a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline. SNIP If we want to prevent America from suffering this fate, we’d better figure out why IQs are dropping elsewhere. But it’s uncharted territory. Until recently, IQ scores only moved in one direction: up. And if you're thinking, "Isn't the test set up so that...
  • Why so wet? Arctic warming is a factor (Man-Made Global Warming)

    05/20/2019 10:22:51 AM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 36 replies
    Buffalo News ^ | May 20, 2019 | Don Paul
    SNIP Some of you are familiar with forecasts of increased and lengthier drought in arid regions as seen in the climate models going back to the 1980s. Those forecasts cover a span of many decades and extend into the next century. The mean over the next 100 years will see expanded and worsened drought in already arid regions. But breaks in the trend will be showing up periodically due to increased blocking and stagnation in the jet stream. When the jet stream weakens/slows, it “buckles” more, sagging into blocked patterns which greatly inhibit west-to-east winds aloft. This weakening is tied...
  • Millennials Are Demanding Better Job Titles — and Taking Pay Cuts of Up to $10,000 for Them

    05/17/2019 3:17:54 AM PDT · by C19fan · 72 replies
    Money ^ | May 17, 2019 | Prachi Bhardwaj
    You have to work hard to get your dream job. But your dream job title might just be a pay cut away. According to one hiring expert, more and more job applicants initiate conversations about lowering their starting salaries in favor of getting the job title they want, with no change to their job description and responsibilities.
  • America just had its lowest number of births in 32 years, report finds

    05/15/2019 9:57:47 AM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 52 replies
    CNN ^ | May 15, 2019 | Jacqueline Howard
    America's fertility rate and the number of births nationwide are continuing to decline. The number of births for the United States last year dropped to its lowest in about three decades, according to provisional data in a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Even though the number of births we've seen in 2018 is the lowest that we've seen in 32 years, the total fertility rate is at a record low," said Brady Hamilton, a natality expert at the center and first author of the report.
  • Trump’s Average Approval Rating Reaches Highest Point Since February 2017

    05/14/2019 8:13:09 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/14/2019 | AllahPundit
    On Friday he touched 45.1 percent in the RCP poll of polls. Today he’s up a tick to 45.3. The last time he had seen 45 percent in RCP was February 21, 2017.It’s remarkable, and maybe not coincidental, that he’s hitting new heights in approval at a moment when House Democrats are closer to impeaching him than they’ve ever been. The past month has been consumed with chatter about the Mueller report’s evidence of obstruction of justice, about Bill Barr misleading Congress by concealing Mueller’s concerns about his summary, and about a so-called “constitutional crisis” triggered by the White...
  • The Affluent Woman Falls Into a New Gender Gap

    05/03/2019 5:50:02 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 40 replies ^ | May 3, 2019 | Suzanne Fields
    Freud was supposed to be a wise man, but he could never answer the question "What do women want?" When he suggested that women who want the power and authority to be like men suffer "penis envy," he coined a modern myth. He didn't get it quite right, but the meaning behind his diagnosis became a driving force of modern feminism. (You could ask the women running for president.) A half-century after Freud, ambitious women saw their chance. With the pill, affirmative action, college education, and careers, they felt free not to marry. And today, they're marrying later and marrying...
  • The World Doesn't Care About Groupthink

    04/12/2019 1:45:01 AM PDT · by a little elbow grease · 9 replies ^ | 4/9/19 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Conventional wisdom may change in a flash (remember ‘peak oil’?), but elites remain elites, united by common interests. The adage “nothing last forever” is an understatement. Far more accurate is something like “nothing lasts until next week.” ____ Saint-to-Sinner Silicon Valley A decade ago, even most Republicans admired the rugged entrepreneurialism of the high-tech Masters of the Universe who had built a multitrillion-dollar, world-dominating Internet, and the computer, mobile-phone, online-sales, and social-media industries, defined by marquee companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. In turn, Democrats gave up their suspicions of big money, as they canonized liberal Jeff...
  • Tesla vehicle sales dropped 31% last quarter

    04/04/2019 9:36:56 AM PDT · by Lurch Addams · 53 replies
    CNN ^ | 4/03/2019 | CNN
    Tesla on Wednesday reported a massive drop in auto sales for last quarter, though the company said it's confident it will still reach its annual sales goal. About 63,000 vehicles were delivered to customers in the first three months of 2019 — a 31% drop compared to the prior quarter. The total sales figures included about 50,900 Model 3 sedans, Tesla's best-selling vehicle, and 12,100 luxury Model S sedans and Model X SUVs.
  • Right-wing terrorism and violence may actually have declined

    04/04/2019 5:31:27 AM PDT · by SJackson · 24 replies
    Washington Post ^ | April 2, 2019 | Jacob Aasland Ravndal
    The March 15 terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, triggered a debate about the terrorist threat from the far right in Western democracies. Two competing narratives leave the public with mixed signals. On the one hand, right-wing terrorism is often portrayed as marginal compared to Islamist terrorism. This is also reflected in terrorism research, which, since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, has mainly been preoccupied with Islamist terrorism. This one-sided focus on Islamist terrorism may have kept the public unaware of the fact that in most Western democracies, the number of deadly attacks motivated by far-right beliefs is considerably...
  • Ratings for CNN and MSNBC continuing to crash, as viewers migrate to Fox News prime time

    04/03/2019 9:40:42 AM PDT · by detective · 27 replies
    American Thinker ^ | April 3, 2019 | Thomas Lifson
    Karma has come calling at CNN and MSNBC, the avid broadcast-promoters of the Russia hoax. Viewers who deserted the conspiracy theorists after it turned out that Mueller reported no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia are staying away and — even worse! — migrating to Fox News.
  • How Your Avocado Toast Is Funding Mexican Drug Cartels

    04/03/2019 5:43:33 AM PDT · by McGruff · 41 replies
    Civilized Life ^ | Jan 10, 2019 | Brandon Hicks
    It’s become a cliché in online journalism to bring up the popularity of avocado toast as an example of how millennials are disrupting restaurants or killing traditional meal structures or whatever. However, it turns out the recent glut of avocados in North America isn’t the fault of toast-eating hipsters. Instead, the blame actually lies with overzealous Mexican drug cartels. While the vast majority of our avocado supply comes from Mexico, the US actually banned the crop in the US until a 1994 trade agreement made it possible to exchange certain goods between the countries, according to a new segment from...
  • Pew: Nearly 20% of world's migrant population lives in the US

    04/01/2019 6:03:45 AM PDT · by artichokegrower · 47 replies
    American Thinker ^ | April 1, 2019 | Rick Moran
    A new study by Pew Research reveals that 18% of migrants in the world live in the US. This is an astonishing number given the grief the US gets from nations around the world - and the left in this country - for not doing enough to solve the migrant crisis.
  • Facts, Not Myths, Back National Popular Vote’s Surge in Popularity

    04/01/2019 5:24:47 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 119 replies ^ | April 1, 2019 | Rachel Alexander
    Ronald Reagan was reportedly fond of referencing the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Monahan’s admonition, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”Today, that would most particularly include opponents of the growing drive to enact the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would award 270 electoral votes and the presidency to the candidate who wins the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.Of all the myths conjured up by naysayers to try and torpedo the compact, perhaps the most egregious portray the measure as either unconstitutional or an effort to eliminate...
  • ObamaCare enrollment declines slightly to 11.4M signups for 2019

    03/25/2019 1:48:35 PM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 11 replies
    The Hill ^ | 03/25/19 | Peter Sullivan
    ObamaCare signups declined by about 400,000 people from 2018 to 2019, according to new data released Monday by the Trump administration. The report shows that about 11.4 million people signed up in 2019, down from 11.8 million people last year. The Trump administration downplayed the change, calling it a “minimal decline” in the number of people signing up for health insurance under the law. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees ObamaCare, also said in a news release that there is “stability on the Exchanges,” a departure from arguments long made by other Republicans, including President Trump,...