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Current Location: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth Place: Wood County, West Virginia, USA - I was kicked out when I was 2 months old - I had too many teeth
Raised in: Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA - I went to college at age 18 and never moved back - I don't want anything do large populations or cities. My current location has too many people and I cannot wait to retire.
Planned retirement migration: Boundary County, Idaho, USA

My father's side of the family immigrated to Isle of Wight County, Virginia Colony from England and from Isle of Jura, Scotland to Moore County, the Province of North Carolina prior to 1650 (multiple ancestors). My mother's side of the family immigrated to Carlton County, Minnesota, USA from Lappi (Lapland), Finland in 1896. My family is white, protestant and conservative (less those still living in Minnesota, but they no longer like Obama). I have two daughters, one which is in high school (cyber school) and the other is at Penn State. My daughters have done stints in private school, public school, home school and cyber school (which is kind of like homeschooling in our household today). My elder daughter did not graduate from government school and my youngest has no plans to do so either.

Political Leanings
Mixture of radical, right-wing conservative and Libertarian. I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, pro-self-responsibility, anti-government, anti-regulations and anti-taxes.

I am proponent of diversity with limits. For instance, having an American population that consists of men and women is a good thing. The "with limits" part applies to anyone that thinks they are one of the other 49 Facebook genders. Man and Woman, that's enough. As for racial diversity, I believe in one race, the American race. A requirement to be part of the American race is the ability to read, write and speak America; regional accents are allowed. Speaking like your are from the ghetto excludes you from the American race.

I like meeting people from different cultures when I visit their countries. I don't like meeting people from different cultures when I go to the grocery store.

I am a Christian and as such I believe you are damned to hell if you do not take Jesus Christ as your savior. I get along with politically conservative Jews. I think Islam is a death cult and not a religion. Every Muslim believer has had their mind infected with evil since Mohammad was a terrorist and pedophile. I will never aid a Muslim in anything.

Life begins at conception. Ending that life is murder. In terms of law, there should not be any federal legislation on abortion. The only thing that would remotely create a need for a federal anti-abortion law is if an abortion provider operated a clinic on the boundary of two states and the woman receiving the abortion had one leg in a stirrup in one state and the other leg in another state. (see the 10th Amendment)

Homosexuals and the confused
Men, know the difference between your gun and your rifle. Teach your sons the difference between the two. Teach them how to use a rifle, but do not touch their guns. If you don't have a gun, you are a woman. There should be no confusion now. Women and men are meant to be together. Women are meant to be feminine. Men are meant to be masculine. Men, if your son acts or sounds feminine, toughen him up.

Political Correctness
I am not politically correct. I grew up and formed my vocabulary and language skills prior to PC. I will not change my language to make someone feel comfortable. I may sound insensitive, but if you know where my heart is you would know the exact opposite.

Race and National Origin
I believe in American exceptionalism. As such, I also believe that there are countries/cultures inferior to ours. There are some places and people that we do not want to imitate. As for race, I am not color blind. I was heading that way prior to Obama becoming president, but to be completely honest Obama has made me into a racist. 95+ percent of blacks voted for Obama. I have a real problem with that. I also have a real problem with everyone of other races that voted for Obama. I prejudge, but hold my tongue. So when I see a black person I immediately think, "There's an Obama loving fool that wants to be a taker and hurt me as a maker." I hold my tongue until it is confirmed. In my personal life, I have not confirmed otherwise. There are some black public figures that I respect, e.g., Allen West.

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