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  • Five Steps to Better Mental Health - A Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent

    12/16/2018 9:13:28 AM PST · by Salvation · 1 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 12-15-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Five Steps to Better Mental Health - A Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent Msgr. Charles Pope • December 15, 2018 • In modern times, we tend to link our notions of happiness and inner well-being to external circumstances and happenstance. We think that happiness will be found when the things of this world are arranged in the way we like. If we can just accumulate enough money and creature comforts, we think we’ll be happy and have a better sense of mental well-being.Yet many people can endure difficult external circumstances while remaining inwardly content, happy, and optimistic....
  • God's Name Will not be Mentioned

    12/15/2018 5:12:11 PM PST · by pcottraux · 9 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | December 15, 2018 | Philip Cottraux
    Gods Name Will Not be Mentioned By Philip Cottraux I personally think theres no such thing as an atheist. Deep down inside, everyone knows theres a God. Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness (Romans 2:15). The reality is they dont believe He doesnt exist; they hate Him. The war against everything related to God, the intense hatred of all religion, and the burning desire to scrub any mention of His name from society betrays their true feelings. The murky reference to separation of church and state is a thinly-veiled false...
  • [Catholic Caucus] Day by Day -- Saints for All, Blessed Mary Frances Schervier, 12-15-18

    12/15/2018 4:58:37 PM PST · by Salvation · 1 replies ^ | 12-15-18 | FranciscanMedia
    Franciscan Media Image: Monument for Mary Frances Schervier | Aachen, Germany | photo by Berthold Werner Blessed Mary Frances Schervier Saint of the Day for December 15 (January 3, 1819 – December 14, 1876)  Blessed Mary Frances Schervier’s Story This woman who once wanted to become a Trappistine nun was instead led by God to establish a community of sisters who care for the sick and aged in the United States and throughout the world.Born into a distinguished family in Aachen—then ruled by Prussia, but formerly Aix-la-Chapelle, France—Frances ran the household after her mother’s death, and established a reputation...
  • Urgency to Save Us, as Seen in a Christmas Commercial

    12/15/2018 7:50:27 AM PST · by Salvation · 9 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 12-14-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Jesus’ Urgency to Save Us, as Seen in a Christmas Commercial Msgr. Charles Pope • December 14, 2018 • The John Lewis Christmas commercial shown below has a surprise ending. We are led through a traditional story line about a child who can’t wait for Christmas, but there’s a twist at the end. You may wish to watch the ad before continuing, lest my comments ruin the surprise.As I watched the commercial, I was first reminded of these Scripture passages: It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:34), and God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor...
  • The Lover of Righteousness

    12/15/2018 5:57:48 AM PST · by metmom · 2 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1993 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    "'Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever, and the righteous scepter is the scepter of His kingdom. Thou hast loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; therefore God, Thy God, hath anointed Thee with the oil of gladness above Thy companions'" (Heb. 1:8-9). As the eternal God and King, Christ loves righteousness and hates lawlessness. In these days it's difficult for us as Christians to be totally supportive of our governmental leaders when we see so much of what God calls righteous compromised or ridiculed. But the King of kingsChrist Himselfis the only leader who has a perfectly right attitude toward...
  • Christ's Coronation and Intercession

    12/15/2018 5:57:16 AM PST · by metmom · 2 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1997 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    God highly exalted Him (Philippians 2:9). Christ is the Sovereign of the universe and a faithful High Priest. Christ was exalted not only in His resurrection and ascension, but also in His coronation. Mark 16:19 says, When the Lord Jesus had spoken to [the apostles], He was received up into heaven, and sat down at the right hand of God. In Scripture the right hand is a symbol of power and authority. What is the extent of Christs authority? Ephesians 1:20-22 says, [God] seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and...
  • Cardinal Mller: Priests Duty-Bound to Resist Bishops Demanding Protestant Communion

    12/14/2018 7:14:27 PM PST · by marshmallow · 16 replies
    Church Militant ^ | 12/12/18 | Stephen Wynne
    Says clerics 'rightly disobey' prelates ordering open CommunionROME ( - Cardinal Gerhard Mller is speaking out against bishops who order their priests to admit Protestants to Holy Communion. Mller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, stressed that clerics are duty-bound to refuse such orders, saying they "rightly disobey" bishops who mandate such action. The cardinal's statements come in the wake of an erroneous pronouncement by German Bp. Felix Genn, head of the diocese of Mnster. On Nov. 20, Genn published a pastoral guide featuring new directives, introduced by the German bishops earlier this year, that...
  • [Catholic Caucus] Day by Day -- Saints for All, St. John of the Cross, 12-14-18

    12/14/2018 7:03:08 PM PST · by Salvation · 3 replies ^ | 12-14-18 | FranciscanMedia
    Franciscan Media Image: Saint John of the Cross | Diego de Sanabria | photo by igH09d8z-bGi8g at Google Cultural Institute Saint John of the Cross Saint of the Day for December 14 (June 24, 1541 – December 14, 1591)  Saint John of the Cross’ Story John is a saint because his life was a heroic effort to live up to his name: “of the Cross.” The folly of the cross came to full realization in time. “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me” (Mark 8:34b) is the story of John’s...
  • Christ's Superior Nature

    12/14/2018 6:41:11 PM PST · by metmom · 3 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1993 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    "Of the angels He says, 'Who makes His angels winds, and His ministers a flame of fire.' But of the Son He says, 'Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever'" (Heb. 1:7-8). Jesus Christ is God, and He created the angels. People today who claim that Jesus was just a man, an angel, a prophet, or some inferior god are in error and bring upon themselves the curse of God. The Bible, and especially the writer of Hebrews, are clear about who Christ is. First, the writer deals with the nature of angels when he says, "Who makes His...
  • Christ's Resurrection and Ascension

    12/14/2018 6:40:36 PM PST · by metmom · 1 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1997 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    God highly exalted Him (Philippians 2:9). Christs resurrection and ascension were the first two steps of His exaltation. The first step on Christs progress from humiliation to exaltation was His resurrection. In Acts 13 Paul preached on the resurrection of Christ, declaring: [God] raised up Jesus. . . . And as for the fact that He raised Him up from the dead, no more to return to decay, He has spoken in this way: I will give you the holy and sure blessings of David. Therefore He also says . . . Thou wilt not allow Thy holy one to...
  • A Humorous Call to Confession

    12/14/2018 9:33:59 AM PST · by Salvation · 9 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 12-13-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    A Humorous Call to Confession Msgr. Charles Pope • December 13, 2018 • Sometimes our pets teach us a lot about ourselves. The video below shows various dogs resisting the taking of a bath. Some hide; some go limp and become passive; others get feisty.I see here a similarity with Catholics when they hear that it is time for Confession. Advent is an important time to go to Confession because we are preparing for the birth of our Savior. He is called Jesus (a name that means “God saves”) because He will save us from our sins. It would...
  • [Catholic Caucus] Day by Day -- Saints for All, Saint Lucy, 12-13-18

    12/13/2018 7:07:48 PM PST · by Salvation · 3 replies ^ | 12-13-18 | FranciscanMedia
    Franciscan Media Image: St. Lucy | photo by Lawrence OP | flickr Saint Lucy Saint of the Day for December 13 (283 – 304)  Saint Lucy’s Story Every little girl named Lucy must bite her tongue in disappointment when she first tries to find out what there is to know about her patron saint. The older books will have a lengthy paragraph detailing a small number of traditions. Newer books will have a lengthy paragraph showing that there is little basis in history for these traditions. The single fact survives that a disappointed suitor accused Lucy of being a...
  • Video: Why II Peter Was Written

    12/13/2018 4:14:24 PM PST · by pcottraux · 7 replies
    YouTube ^ | December 13, 2018 | Philip Cottraux
    Hello everyone! I'm a few days late posting this due to technical difficulties. But the good news is I got it resolved. This week's episode of "Why the New Testament Was Written" focuses on Peter's second epistle. It also takes a further look at how the Nero persecutions ended and the long-term ramifications they had on early Christianity.Video: Why II Peter Was WrittenVideo clocks in at 10:17. Two more to go!
  • 'Lead us not into temptation': Should the wording of the Lord's Prayer be changed?

    12/13/2018 9:06:35 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 46 replies
    Christian Today ^ | 12/13/2018 | Mark Woods
    Moves to change the wording of the Lord's Prayer used by Catholics around the world appear to be gathering pace as the Italian Bishops' Conference has submitted a new version to the Vatican for approval. At issue is the wording of the line usually rendered in English as 'and lead us not into temptation'. Pope Francis last year took issue with that, saying it was wrong to imagine God could tempt people to do wrong and that it was 'not a good translation'. 'A father does not lead into temptation, a father helps you to get up immediately,' he said...
  • Worship of Distinction

    12/13/2018 6:13:51 AM PST · by metmom · 1 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1993 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    "When He again brings the first-born into the world, He says, 'And let all the angels of God worship Him'" (Heb. 1:6). Jesus Christ is greater than angels because He is worshiped. Even though Jesus Christ humbled Himself and was made lower than the angels for a time, angels are still to worship Him. Since angels are to worship Him, then Christ must be greater than them. Angels have always worshiped Christ, only they worshiped Him as God. It wasn't until His incarnation that angels were commanded to worship Him as God's Son. It is a sin to worship anyone...
  • Elements of Christ's Exaltation

    12/13/2018 6:13:22 AM PST · by metmom · 2 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1997 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    God highly exalted Him (Philippians 2:9). Christ followed the path to glory so that we could follow Him. Because Christ humbled Himself, the Father wonderfully exalted Him. His exaltation includes the elements of both His resurrection and His coronationHis exaltation to the right hand of God. The apostle Peter said Jesus was raised up again and exalted to the right hand of God (Acts 2:3233).Peter and the other apostles preached, The God of our fathers raised up Jesus. . . . He is the one whom God exalted to His right hand as a Prince and a Savior, to grant...
  • The Everlasting Gospel: The Mystery of the Bread of Life

    12/12/2018 7:47:38 PM PST · by amessenger4god · 3 replies
    Unsealed ^ | 12/12/2018 | Hillary
    Then the angel said to them, Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:10-11) The gospel was always and ever meant to be good news. It tells us who God is and how we can be saved. For many, the modern gospel has become a fear-based method of behavior control and doubt and jumping through hoops, just in case the how didnt work, or in...
  • [Catholic Caucus] Day by Day -- Saints for All, Our Lady of Guadalupe, 12-12-18

    12/12/2018 3:13:53 PM PST · by Salvation · 5 replies ^ | 12-12-18 | FranciscanMedia
    Franciscan Media Image: The Virgin of Guadalupe | public domain Our Lady of Guadalupe Saint of the Day for December 12  The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe The feast in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe goes back to the 16th century. Chronicles of that period tell us the story.A poor Indian named Cuauhtlatohuac was baptized and given the name Juan Diego. He was a 57-year-old widower, and lived in a small village near Mexico City. On Saturday morning December 9, 1531, he was on his way to a nearby barrio to attend Mass in honor of Our...
  • Exaltation Follows Humility

    12/12/2018 3:11:43 PM PST · by metmom · 2 replies
    Grace To ^ | 1997 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    Therefore also God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:9-11). God will exalt the humble. Having plumbed the depths of Christs humiliation (Phil. 2:5-8), Paul now soars to the heights of His exaltation (vv. 9-11). Like Paul, the apostle Peter affirmed that the great theme of Old Testament prophecy was...
  • [Catholic Caucus] Would Jesus Have Come If Adam Had Not Sinned? Why Did He Wait So Long...?

    12/12/2018 8:15:16 AM PST · by Salvation · 18 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 12-11-18 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Would Jesus Have Come If Adam Had Not Sinned? Why Did He Wait So Long Before Coming? Msgr. Charles Pope • December 11, 2018 • Continuing our series of questions related to the Incarnation, we next ponder whether Jesus would have come at all had we not sinned in the garden. We also consider why He waited thousands of years before coming to our rescue.Would Jesus have come if Adam had not sinned?St. Thomas Aquinas (in his Summa Theologica) first states that there are different opinions on the matter. He also notes that God’s power is not limited and...