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  • Theresa May triggers Article 50 with warning over security as EU leaders rule out key Brexit demand

    03/29/2017 1:20:40 PM PDT · by Repeal 16-17 · 13 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | March 29, 2017 | Laura Hughes, Kate McCann, and Gordon Rayner
    Theresa Mayís Brexit negotiations got off to a bruising start as she threatened to withdraw cooperation on security and Europeís heavyweights flatly rejected one of her key demands. The Prime Minister started her day of history by talking of a ďdeep and special partnershipĒ with post-Brexit Europe, but within hours she and the EUís most powerful leaders were trading blows. Mrs. May invoked the dark days of the Cold War as she warned the EU its ďfragileĒ security would be ďweakenedĒ if it failed to reach a deal with Britain.
  • Apple Dials Up Encryption as Mobile Threats Soar

    03/28/2017 3:08:00 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 6 replies
    Infosecurity Magazine ^ | March 28, 2017 | By Phil Muncaster
    The infection rate in mobile networks ‚Äď which includes Windows/PC systems connected by dongle and mobile IoT devices ‚Äď rose ‚Äústeadily‚ÄĚ during the year to hit a new high of 1.35% in October. The vast majority of infections (85%) discovered in mobile networks belonged to smartphones, with Android (81%) the main culprit, followed by Windows/PCs (15%) and 4% linked to iPhones and other mobile devices. Nokia explained: ‚ÄúMany people are surprised to find that Windows/PCs are responsible for a large portion of the malware infections detected when analyzing mobile network traffic. These Windows/PCs are connected to the mobile network using...
  • Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants

    03/23/2017 5:50:45 PM PDT · by SpeedyInTexas · 43 replies
    NYTimes ^ | 03/23/2017 | MICHAEL D. SHEAR
    The Trump administration is making it tougher for millions of visitors to enter the United States by demanding new security checks before giving visas to tourists, business travelers and relatives of American residents. Diplomatic cables sent last week from Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson to all American embassies instructed consular officials to broadly increase scrutiny. It was the first evidence of the ďextreme vettingĒ Mr. Trump promised during the presidential campaign.
  • Why do White House Roof Security Dress in Black?

    03/25/2017 7:07:33 AM PDT · by Gadsden1st · 66 replies
    Vanity...Just saw shot of White House, there are 8 S. S. guards on roof. Why are they in Black? They stand out as targets. Don't they have white (Winter) camo??? Sorry for Vanity..
  • Apple says recent WikiLeaks CIA docs detail old, fixed iPhone and Mac exploits

    03/24/2017 2:35:08 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 9 replies
    TechCrunch ^ | March 23, 2017 | by Matthew Panzarino
    Apple says that its preliminary assessments of the WikiLeaks documents released today indicate that the vulnerabilities it details for iPhone and Mac were fixed years ago. The documents, which originated with the CIA, detailed a variety of methods for compromising ¬ó breaking into ¬ó Apple devices if an agent was able to gain physical access to the device.The leaks were a part of the ¬ďVault7‚Ä≥ documents, which WikiLeaks has been dribbling out. Some of the exploits, like NightSkies, could access personal info like call logs and SMS conversations ¬ó but only with physical access.Apple¬ís full statement is as follows We...
  • Hackers threaten to wipe millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts if Apple doesnít pay by April 7th

    03/22/2017 12:17:49 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 46 replies
    MacDailyNews ^ | Wednesday, March 22, 2017 ∑ 9:29 am
    ‚ÄúA hacker or group of hackers is apparently trying to extort Apple over alleged access to a large cache of iCloud and other Apple email accounts,‚ÄĚ Joseph Cox reports for Motherboard. ‚ÄúThe hackers, who identified themselves as ‚ÄėTurkish Crime Family‚Äô, demanded $75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum, another increasingly popular crypto-currency, or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards in exchange for deleting the alleged cache of data.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThe hackers provided screenshots of alleged emails between the group and members of Apple‚Äôs security team. One also gave Motherboard access to an email account allegedly used to communicate with Apple,‚ÄĚ Cox reports. ‚Äú‚ÄėAre...
  • Secret Service Removed Alarm Sensors From Fence Intruder Climbed Over

    03/21/2017 3:11:56 PM PDT · by HarleyLady27 · 61 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | March 21, 2017 | Cristina Laila
    The fence jumper who roamed around the White House grounds for 17 minutes before being apprehended by the Secret Service was able to breach security so easily because the sensors along the fence had been reportedly removed. The agency had removed alarm sensors along an area of one fence that the intruder scaled, according to two sources familiar with details of the incident. One source said superiors in the Uniformed Division told Secret Service personnel to remove the sensors and piece them together for use elsewhere. They were never replaced.
  • The Secret Service Needs Help: Five Recent ĎBreachesí Under Trump

    03/21/2017 9:04:50 AM PDT · by Epoch Times · 24 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | March 21, 2017 | Jack Phillips
    There were a series of breaches and scandals involving the Secret Service under the Obama administration. For example, during President Obamaís first year in office, Washington couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed his first state dinner after getting past security. Later, in November 2011, a man with a semiautomatic rifle parked near the White House and opened fire at the building. No one was injured, but former first family member Sasha Obama was inside at the time. The Washington Post in 2014 reported that the Secret Service apparently didnít know it happened until later. Between 2012 and 2014, there were...
  • President Trump No Longer Safe At The White House

    03/19/2017 9:49:53 AM PDT · by davikkm · 63 replies
    IWB ^ | Pamela Williams
    President Trump No Longer Safe At The White House Ė LAST NIGHT Man Drove Up To The WH With A Bomb In His Car Ė March 19, 2017 President Trumpís life is in danger. Yesterday a fence jumper was on the White House property 15 minutes before he was spotted and arrested. Then last night around 11pm a man drove his car to the WH, but the Secret Service stopped him, as he looked suspicious. They were correct in their analysis, as he had a bomb in his car. The Secret Service have made the statement that President Trump is...
  • President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent

    03/17/2017 7:23:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 73 replies
    Fox News Politics ^ | March 17, 2017 | Malia Zimmerman
    The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who once guarded presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Bongino made the stunning assessment in an interview Friday with Fox News. It followed an incident last Friday night when a man jumped the White House fence and may have roamed the property for as long as 15 minutes before he was stopped by the Secret Service. Jonathan Tran, who carried two cans of mace, set off multiple alarms, Bongino said, and was even spotted by Secret Service officers, but was...
  • Star Trek Themed Kirk Ransomware and a Spock Decryptor!

    03/17/2017 5:13:53 PM PDT · by LouieFisk · 9 replies
    Bleeping Computer ^ | March 16, 2017 | Lawrence Abrams
    Boldly going where no man has gone before, the Kirk Ransomware brings so much nerdy goodness to the table that it could make anyone in IT interested. We have Star Trek, Low Orbital Ion Cannons, a cryptocurrency payment other than Bitcoin, and a decryptor named Spock! Need I say more? Discovered today by Avast malware researcher Jakub Kroustek, the Kirk Ransomware is written in Python and may be the first ransomware to utilize Monero as the ransom payment of choice.
  • Congressman: We need a National Guard for cybersecurity

    03/14/2017 6:35:44 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    CNN Tech ^ | March 12, 2017 | Selena Larson
    There are few people with computer science backgrounds who work in the federal government. Long hours coupled with smaller salaries make it hard to recruit techies to Washington, according to Representative Ruben Gallego. But one way to get more tech people to serve their country is to set up a cybersecurity reservist system, like a National Guard for digital security, said Gallego, a Democrat from Arizona. "We have to accept that, look, this person is not going to man a machine gun, why would we put them through bootcamp, we're never going to send them to the front line," Gallego...
  • Palestinian protesters demand Abbas resign over security coordination with Israel

    03/14/2017 12:01:27 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 2 replies
    Several hundred Palestinians marched in an anti-government protest Monday, calling for the resignation of Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas and criticizing his security coordination with Israel. Abbas administers parts of Judea and Samaria and his policy of cooperation between Israeli troops and PA forces against Islamic militants is unpopular among Palestinians. Despite the tense relationship between Israel and the PA, the two benefit from limited coordination on security issues. .....
  • EXCLUSIVE: Former Secret Service Agent Warns Trump ĎNot Secureí In the White House

    03/11/2017 6:20:23 PM PST · by blam · 66 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 3-11-2017 | Aaron Klein
    A former Secret Service agent who served in the security details of both Presidents Bush and Obama warned on Saturday that President Donald Trump ďis not secure in the White House right now as it stands.Ē Dan Bongino, who was also an instructor at the training academy of the Secret Service, was commenting on Friday nightís reported breach of the White House complex, at least the seventh such incident in recent years. Bongino stated: ďIf one guy with a backpack and Omar Gonzales with a bad knee could get near the residence of the White House, can you tell me...
  • I can't distinguish between angry and scared, anymore. (vanity)

    03/11/2017 10:01:46 AM PST · by Baynative · 21 replies
    Youtube-FBN ^ | Feb 9, 2017 | Youtube
    The more the scandals left by Obama are unraveling the more I am conflicted between anger and fear over what is in our future. It is bad enough (and not completely unexpected) to learn that Obama has been working harder to destroy our country that we thought. But, the depth of his support in the media is in my opinion, in need of far more exposure and very serious punishment.
  • [Updated] WikiLeaks Not Ready to Share Code with Tech Companies Ė

    03/09/2017 11:26:42 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 9 replies ^ | March 9, 2017 | Rafia Shaikh
    Google has finally come out of the closet and is saying what Apple did about the latest CIA leaks†Ė many of the flaws leaked are outdated and already patched. As the companies continue to review†the documents, it is becoming clear that most of the reported vulnerabilities are outdated. However, none of the tech firms mentioned in the documents have yet said if ďallĒ of the CIA exploits are patched.Analysts believe that this could be because the tech firms lack access to the hacking code. Only the CIA and WikiLeaks can share further details with the tech industry to help it...
  • Apple says most vulnerabilities in Wikileaks docs are already patched

    03/08/2017 8:20:08 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 40 replies
    Tech Crunch ^ | March 7, 2017 | by Kate Conger
    Wikileaks today published a trove of documents, allegedly taken from the CIA, that detail the governmentís efforts to hack popular devices like iPhones, Android phones, and Samsung smart TVs. But Apple is pushing back against claims that the CIAís hoarded vulnerabilities for its devices were effective. The documents, if they are indeed legitimate, include charts that detail iOS exploits that would allow the CIA to surveil iPhone users and, in some cases, control their devices. Some of the exploits may have been developed in-house, while others appear to have been purchased, copied or downloaded from non-governmental sources. However, Apple...
  • Global elitesí love of iPhone made iOS a prime target of CIA

    03/07/2017 6:16:30 PM PST · by Swordmaker · 21 replies
    Cult of Mac ^ | March 7, 2017 | BY LEANDER KAHNEY
    Although Googleís Android dominates the worldwide smartphone market, the CIA concentrated on Appleís iOS because of its popularity among global elites, WikiLeaks reports.The huge trove of leaked CIA documents, codenamed ďVault 7Ē and released Tuesday by WikiLeaks, reveals that the CIA formed a special unit called the Mobile Development Branch (MDB) to infect smartphones. And within that unit, Appleís iOS was a prime target. According to WikiLeaks, the CIAís MDB developed or exploited a range of hacks, vulnerabilities and even specialized malware to turn iPhones and iPads into spying devices. Compromised iPhones and iPads can track usersí conversations, texts, geolocations...
  • THREE Lucian Wintrich University Speaking/Panel Events Canceled..Schools Claim ďSecurity ConcernsĒ

    03/03/2017 5:20:25 AM PST · by davikkm · 5 replies
    thegatewaypundit ^ | Matt Armstrong
    ďIn lumine Tuo videbimus lumenĒ (In Thy light shall we see light) is Columbia Universityís motto. However, they are keeping many students in the dark when it comes to debates about free speech on campus. The Gateway Punditís White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich, along with Breitbart writers Charles Nash and Allum Bokhara, were booked by a Columbia University student organization to give an open panel discussion on campus free speech set for Thursday, March 3rd. The student organization was also organizing to invite a liberal writer on the panel to debate Wintrich, Nash, and Bokhara. Days before the event the...
  • Hidden backdoor discovered in Chinese IoT devices

    03/02/2017 9:49:29 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 11 replies
    BetaNews ^ | March 2, 2017 | By Ian Barker
    Researchers at Trustwave have uncovered a backdoor in IoT devices from a Chinese manufacturer that could leave them open to exploitation. The backdoor is present in almost all devices produced by VoIP specialist DBLTek, and appears to have been purposely built in for use by the vendor.It uses a simple challenge and response mechanism to allow remote access. However, Trustwave's investigation has shown this scheme to be fundamentally flawed in that it is not necessary for a remote user to possess knowledge of any secret or password, besides the challenge itself and knowledge of the protocol/computation used.The issue permits a...
  • Muhammad Ali's son detained at Florida airport for his 'Arabic-sounding name'

    02/24/2017 10:12:16 PM PST · by Jyotishi · 74 replies ^ | Saturday, February 25, 2017 | ANI
    In a shocking development, it has been revealed that the son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials earlier this month at a Florida airport, and was repeatedly asked about his religion. Muhammad Ali Jr, 44, and his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the first wife of Muhammad Ali, were arriving at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on February 7 after an event in Jamaica, when they were pulled aside while going through customs because of their 'Arabic-sounding names', reports the USA Today quoting Ali's family friend and lawyer Chris Mancini. Camacho-Ali was let go after she showed...
  • Microsoft catches up to Valentine's Day Flash flaw massacre (but ignores Win7, wtf!)

    02/23/2017 10:35:21 AM PST · by dayglored · 35 replies
    The Register ^ | Feb 23, 2017 | Simon Sharwood
    Critical update deals with five ways to do remote code execution on Windows Microsoft's popped out a Security Update for Adobe Flash.Adobe did likewise last week, celebrating hackers' love for Flash by releasing it on Valentine's Day. That dump addressed no fewer than 13 CVEs that allowed code execution due to: Type confusion vulnerability Integer overflow vulnerability Use-after-free vulnerabilities Heap buffer overflow vulnerabilities Memory corruption vulnerabilities Microsoft's now caught up, issuing the Update to fix the mess on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016.The attack succeeds by poisoning...
  • New macOS ransomware spotted in the wild

    02/22/2017 5:15:34 PM PST · by Swordmaker · 10 replies
    Macworld ^ | February 22, 2017 | By Lucian Constantin
    The programís creator asks for payments but doesnít have the encryption key to unlock victimsí files A new file-encrypting ransomware program for macOS is being distributed through BitTorrent websites, and users who fall victim to it wonít be able to recover their files, even if they pay. Crypto ransomware programs for macOS are rare. This is the second such threat found in the wild so far, and itís a poorly designed one. The program was named OSX/Filecoder.E by the malware researchers from antivirus vendor ESET who found it. OSX/Filecoder.E masquerades as a cracking tool for commercial software like Adobe Premiere...
  • Homeland Security Employees Locked Out Of Computer System

    02/22/2017 8:41:26 AM PST · by davikkm · 13 replies
    IWB ^ | Pamela Williams
    Before I even talk about DHS employees being locked out of the computer systemÖlets look back at a prior story on DHS. A government watchdog agency is investigating allegations that Department of Homeland Security officials improperly attempted to breach the Georgia secretary of stateís internal elections network last year. In a Jan. 17 letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, DHS Inspector General John Roth said his office was probing ďa series of ten alleged scanning events of the Georgia Secretary of Stateís networkĒ that may have originated from DHS-affiliated IP addresses. DHS IG spokeswoman Erica Paulson confirmed the...
  • Exclusive: NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that ďthe Islamic State is not Isl

    02/21/2017 10:59:05 AM PST · by Jyotishi · 26 replies
    Jihad Watch, ^ | Monday, February 20, 2017 | Robert Spencer
    President Trump has confirmed that retired Lt. General H.R. McMaster is his new choice to be his National Security Adviser. Score one from the swamp. A source that has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals has informed me that he was present in August 2014 when McMaster was the featured speaker for the President's Lecture Series at National Defense University in Washington, D.C. McMaster addressed an assembly of all the students in the colleges of the National Defense, including the National War College, the College of International Security Affairs (CISA), the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security...
  • Multiple People Breach TSA Checkpoint Without Screening at JFK: Report

    02/20/2017 12:31:12 PM PST · by COBOL2Java · 21 replies
    Breaking 911 ^ | February 20, 2017 | Breaking 911
    NEW YORK ó Nearly a dozen people bypassed security at John F. Kennedy international airport Monday morning. According to the New York Daily News, eleven people walked through the unattended area left unguarded by the TSA.
  • Washington v. Trump: A Disturbing Eruption of Judicial Lawlessness

    02/19/2017 6:36:05 PM PST · by K. Evanston Treadwell · 16 replies
    Official Blog of K. Evanston Treadwell ^ | February 20, 2017 | K. Evanston Treadwell
    Dear readers, President Trump recently released an Executive Order banning the travel to the United States of citizens of several terror-infested nations (1). Federal Judge James Robart of Seattle issued a temporary restraining order in response to the EO, and a 9th Circuit panel subsequently ruled against the government's attempt to have it lifted (2). For those unfamiliar with federal immigration law and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the statutory provision giving the President the authority to exclude foreigners from the United States is 8 U.S. Code Section 1182. More specifically: (f)Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by...
  • A Guide to Getting Past Customs With Your Digital Privacy Intact (Link Only Per Copyright)

    02/18/2017 11:10:35 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 10 replies
    Wired | February 17, 2017 | By ANDY GREENBERG
    This is an article with some advice on how to maintain your digital privacy when traveling internationally to countries that will invade those devices seeking data. . . including returning to the U.S. Posting only the link due to Wired's copyright restrictions about posting even fair use quotations: A Guide to Getting Past Customs With Your Digital Privacy Intact (Link Only Per Copyright)
  • Six White House staffers fired after failing security test

    02/16/2017 6:14:29 PM PST · by markomalley · 63 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 2/16/17 | Anna Giaritelli
    The White House dismissed six aides on Thursday after the staffers failed FBI background checks. Some of the aides were physically "walked out of the building by security" a day earlier. Those affected had failed the SF86, a Questionnaire for National Security Positions used to determine whether a government employee is eligible for a security clearance. The test takes into consideration a person's credit score, substance use and various personal subjects. Caroline Wiles was among the six escorted off the property. Wiles worked as Trump's scheduling director and is the daughter of Susan Wiles, who managed Trump's Florida campaign. Wiles...
  • Senate Nixes Obama-Era Gun Rule

    02/15/2017 9:32:03 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 17 replies
    The Hill ^ | 02/15/17 | JORDAIN CARNEY
    The Senate nixed an Obama-era rule that could block some people receiving Social Security disability benefits from being able to buy a gun. Senators voted 57-43 to strike down a regulation that requires the Social Security Administration to report people who receive disability benefits and have a mental health condition to the FBI's background check system. The database is used to determine eligibility for buying a firearm. The Senate's move will send the resolution of disapproval, which also passed the House last week, to President Trump's desk, where he is expected to sign it. The rule was implemented by the...
  • The CIAís War on Trump

    02/15/2017 6:10:33 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 28 replies
    Accuracy in Media ^ | 12/12/2016 | Cliff Kincaid
    The CIAís War on Trump by Cliff Kincaid on December 12, 2016 You couldnít fault Donald J. Trump for concluding that the CIA is out to get him even before he starts his presidency. Former CIA officials Michael Morell, Michael Hayden and Philip Mudd have all denounced him. Plus, former CIA operations officer Evan McMullin ran against him as an independent presidential candidate. Obamaís director of the CIA is John Brennan, who recently disclosed that he voted for the Communist Party (CPUSA) ticket when he was in college. He was hired by the CIA anyway and quickly rose through the...
  • Security Analyst Tony Shaffer: Obama White House Behind Mike Flynn Phone Call Leaks (Video)

    02/14/2017 3:23:54 PM PST · by davikkm · 16 replies
    Former CIA analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer told FOX Business Network to be careful what they ask for. Democrats want an investigation into the Mike Flynn phone calls with Russia.

    02/09/2017 3:48:23 PM PST · by monkapotamus · 324 replies
    President Donald J. Trump Twitter ^ | February 9, 2017 | President Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump ‚ÄŹ@realDonaldTrump 11m11 minutes ago SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!
  • Judicial Overreach on National Security

    02/07/2017 10:18:03 AM PST · by fivecatsandadog · 7 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 2/6/17 | Joseph Klein
    Judge Robart took it upon himself to substitute his judgment for the presidentís. The judge gave unwarranted deference to the speculative, vague interests asserted by the states of Washington and Minnesota, who claimed without any concrete evidence that the temporary suspension of entry of aliens from the seven countries ďadversely affectsĒ their own ďStatesí residents in areas of employment, education, business, family relations, and freedom to travel.Ē This preposterous conclusory assertion overlooks the fact that the affected individuals temporarily barred from entering the country are not residents of these states and are not entitled to the statesí protection.
  • Sources: Feds identify Philly woman in probe of secret recordings at GOP retreat

    02/04/2017 7:01:09 AM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 40 replies
    Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 02/04/2017 | Jeremy Roebuck & Jonathan Tamari
    Federal authorities have identified a Philadelphia journalist as the woman who infiltrated and might have secretly recorded a closed-door discussion of congressional Republicans at their Center City retreat last week, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the matter. After a probe involving multiple agencies, they said Emily Guendelsberger is unlikely to face federal charges in Philadelphia, despite getting past security and into a room in the Loews hotel where Vice President Pence met privately with senators and representatives.
  • Former Nazi and Democrat George Soros Connected to Every Major Protest Since November Election

    02/04/2017 9:57:06 AM PST · by HarleyLady27 · 69 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | Feb. 4, 2017 | Jim Hoft
    The University of California, Berkeley, the self-proclaimed ďhome of the free speech movementĒ, on Wednesday night gave conservatives a Nazi style beat-down on Wednesday night.
  • New SMB bug: How to crash Windows system with a 'link of death'

    02/03/2017 7:53:50 PM PST · by markomalley · 22 replies
    The Register ^ | 2/3/17 | Thomas Claburn
    US CERT on Thursday issued a security advisory warning that all currently supported versions of Windows are vulnerable to a memory corruption bug that can be exploited to crash computers from afar."Windows fails to properly handle a specially-crafted server response that contains too many bytes following the structure defined in the SMB2 TREE_CONNECT Response structure," the security organization said. "By connecting to a malicious SMB server, a vulnerable Windows client system may crash (BSOD) in mrxsmb20.sys." The vulnerability was initially rated 10 out of 10 in terms of severity, but has since been downgraded to 7.8. To make use of...
  • Top Cruz Aide Tapped for Senior Role on Trump National Security Team

    01/30/2017 6:07:46 PM PST · by ForYourChildren · 8 replies
    The Washington Free Bacon ^ | 01/30/2017 | Adam Kredo
    A senior adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) who played a critical role in crafting his national security agendaóincluding efforts to stop the Iran nuclear deal and designate the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist entityóhas been tapped by the Trump National Security Council to serve as senior director for strategic assessments, a role that encompasses the fight against terrorist forces, the Washington Free Beacon can exclusively reveal. Victoria Coates, a top Cruz aide and his longtime confidante, has departed the senator's office to serve as senior director for strategic assessments in the new White House NSC, a role...
  • On Trial: Lawsuits Against Trump On ĎMuslim Immigration Baní Will Fail Fast

    01/29/2017 7:03:38 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 16 replies
    Law Newz ^ | Jan 28, 2017 | Robert Barnes
    On Trial: Lawsuits Against Trump On ĎMuslim Immigration Baní Will Fail Fast by Robert Barnes | 10:09 am, January 28th, 2017 Council American-Islamic Relations announced an intention to sue President Donald Trump over his executive order banning most immigrants from Syria, and other countries that lack certain vetting standards and have issues with terrorism. Overnight, refugees who were in the air on the way to the United States are now being detained, and have also filed legal actions. The ban is perceived by some as a partial Muslim ban. Either way, at any trial, the law supports Trumpís order, and...
  • Woman impersonated lawmakerís wife, snuck into GOP retreat

    01/29/2017 2:22:10 AM PST · by 11th_VA · 70 replies
    Washington Post ^ | Jan 28, 2017 | By Erica Werner | AP
    WASHINGTON ó A woman impersonated the wife of a GOP lawmaker and snuck into the congressional Republican retreat in Philadelphia Thursday, the same day President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence appeared, retreat organizers told lawmakers late Saturday. The revelation came as the nonprofit Congressional Institute that organizes the retreat investigates how audio of the gathering leaked. In an email to GOP lawmakers, institute president Mark Strand did not directly say that the impersonator was the same person who leaked the audio, but that was the implication. ďThe Congressional Institute is continuing to investigate this breach in order to...
  • Iran says to ban U.S. visitors in retaliation to Trump move

    01/28/2017 5:00:25 PM PST · by EagleUSA · 54 replies
    MSN ^ | 1/28/2017 | Joshua Lott
    Iran said on Saturday it would stop U.S. citizens entering the country in retaliation to Washington's visa ban against Tehran and six other majority-Muslim countries announced by new U.S. President Donald Trump. "While respecting the American people and distinguishing between them and the hostile policies of the U.S. government, Iran will implement the principle of reciprocity until the offensive U.S. limitations against Iranian nationals are lifted," a Foreign Ministry statement said. "The restrictions against travel by Muslims to America... are an open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great...
  • Apple iPhone 7 is being hardened to handle military-grade secrets (UK)

    01/26/2017 11:52:07 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 7 replies
    Techrepublic ^ | January 25, 2017 | By Nick Heath
    iPhone chosen over a Android handset to be turned into "dual-persona" device that can be used to discuss confidential matters. BT chose to Harden the iPhone 7 after rejecting the Samsung Note 4. Image: CNET The iPhone 7 is being turned into a phone capable of safeguarding military-level secrets for the UK armed forces. Telecoms giant BT is hardening the security of the device to allow UK military personnel to use it to discuss state secrets and for storing sensitive data. Describing the iPhone 7 as the "device of choice" for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Steve Bunn, technical...
  • Report: Trump has given up personal cellphone

    01/20/2017 6:39:50 AM PST · by C19fan · 27 replies
    The Hill ^ | January 19, 2017 | Cyra Master
    Trump apparently told a friend on Thursday that he has given up the phone on the advice of security agencies.
  • Trump National Security Team Gets a Slow Start

    01/19/2017 7:21:09 AM PST · by mulder1 · 52 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 1-18-17 | Mark Landler
    WASHINGTON ó The Obama administration has written 275 briefing papers for the incoming Trump administration: nearly 1,000 pages of classified material on North Koreaís nuclear program, the military campaign against the Islamic State, tensions in the South China Sea, and every other kind of threat the new team could face in its first weeks in office. Nobody in the current administration knows whether anyone in the next has read any of it. Less than three days before President Obama turns the keys to the White House, and the nuclear codes, over to President-elect Donald J. Trump, Mr. Trumpís transition staff...
  • DC Police Prohibited From Having Body Cameras On At Inauguration Day Protests

    01/16/2017 4:53:26 PM PST · by blueyon · 116 replies
    bluelivesmatter ^ | 1/16/17 | Officer Blue
    DC Police will not be able to run on their body cameras at inauguration day protests. Washington DC Ė All DC Police Officers have recently been outfitted with body cameras, but they will be in serious trouble if they have them on during the Inauguration Day protests. NBC News 4ís Mark Segraves reported that itís ďagainst the lawĒ for body cameras to be on while police are at protests unless the officer is required to take action. This means that officers can turn the cameras on when they want to arrest somebody, but they will be unable to capture what...
  • The Treadwell Plan: Simple Fixes for Immigration Security (Part 2)

    01/14/2017 9:36:08 AM PST · by K. Evanston Treadwell · 6 replies
    Official Blog of K. Evanston Treadwell ^ | January 13, 2017 | K. Evanston Treadwell
    The Treadwell Plan: Simple Fixes for Immigration Security (Part 2) Dears readers, Thank you for stopping by. This is a continuation of Part 1 (available here: The following are further suggestions for the improvement of U.S. immigration security, generally with a view towards keeping the worst individuals out or reducing the illegal population generally. 6. Amend and enforce U.S. Code provisions controlling criminal penalties for illegal entry Surprisingly for a country that is such a target for illegal immigration, the U.S. does not usually charge aliens criminally for the mere act of illegally crossing or attempting to cross the...
  • Trump Puts Giuliani in Charge of Cyber Security After Russian Hacking Revelations

    01/12/2017 5:09:29 PM PST · by true believer forever · 16 replies
    The Observer ^ | 01.12.17 | True Believer Forever
    In the aftermath of reports that Russian agents acting at the behest of strongman Vladimir Putin compromised the presidential electionóand perhaps even President-elect Donald Trump himselfóthe incoming commander-in-chief announced he is turning to the man he passed over for the role of U.S. Secretary of State last year: former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. In a statement to the press this morning, the president-electís transition team announced that Giuliani would provide consultation on the matter of cyber security. Until recently, Giuliani served as head of the global cyber security practice at mega-firm Greenberg Traurig.
  • Donald Trump's dangerous criticism of the intelligence services [Mehr Gefšlschte Nachrichten]

    01/07/2017 5:32:36 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 52 replies
    Deutsche Welle ^ | 01.07.2016 | Michael Knigge
    A US president does not have to be on friendly terms with his spy agencies. On the contrary: US history demonstrates ó not only since the services provided false evidence of alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which were cited as a main reason for waging war against that country ó that a healthy dose of skepticism, better still, a well-founded mistrust of the intelligence services, is necessary. This applies to US intelligence agencies in their entirety, but also in particular to the current Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who has built up a reputation of occasionally bending...
  • ĎNo Friction at Allí with Trumpís Private Security...

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    Fox40 ^ | 1/7/2017 | CNN Wire
    US Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy wants to set the record straight about President-elect Donald Trumpís private security team and whether itís causing conflict with his agents. In an exclusive interview with CNN ó his first since Trumpís election ó Clancy also offered a wide-ranging look at the unique logistical challenges of providing security for the President-electís large family and securing his New York residence. Most of all, however, he wanted to push back against suggestions that there were conflicts between the Secret Service and the private security team thatís protected Trump for years. Politico reported last month that Trumpís...
  • The Treadwell Plan: Simple Fixes for Immigration Security (Part 1)

    01/07/2017 11:39:17 AM PST · by K. Evanston Treadwell · 6 replies
    Blog of K. Evanston Treadwell ^ | January 5, 2017 | K. Evanston Treadwell
    The Treadwell Plan: Simple Fixes for Immigration Security (Part 1) Dear readers, The following suggestions were composed after discussions with many highly experienced individuals with years immigration experience (both in and out of government). As I intend to reach the broadest possible audience I have tried to communicate these succinctly and without legal or technical jargon. Your responses are greatly appreciated. 1. Require biometric registration of all alien departures Remarkably, and likely unknown to many citizens, foreigners entering the U.S. are only fingerprinted upon entry. Exit records are unreliable and based on matching of biographical data to airline passenger records....