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  • Taking the final leap Five join Fort’s historical cavalry

    05/08/2017 7:45:06 AM PDT · by SandRat · 11 replies
    Sierra Vista Herald ^ | Monique Brand
    FORT HUACHUCA — At exactly 2:20 p.m. on Friday, five soldiers took a knee and placed shiny spurs on their boots. “Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the newest members of the B Troop, 4th Cavalry Division,” said Garrison Commander Col. Whit Wright to the crowd. A wave of cheers followed. For close to 16 weeks, the group — four men and one woman — learned all things 1880s as they now represent the Fort’s historic horseback soldier. Sgt. Kascia Vigil, the class’s only female student, joined the troop as it “was something prideful about them.” “This training was...
  • The Washington D.C. Axis of Evil and the need for Article V Now

    05/01/2017 12:48:28 PM PDT · by Art in Idaho · 48 replies
    self | May 1, 2017 | Art in Idaho
    It’s blatantly obvious Trump voters have been betrayed. I’m not blaming President Trump, I’m blaming Congress who just passed a boondoggle pork budget that goes counter to everything we voted for. It has the usual programs intact, plus several funding increases, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary Cities and not one cent towards The Wall. President Trump must be furious, as are we. Their excuse is "It's just part of the 2017 budget process, Trump will do 'his stuff' in the 2018 budget." I don't buy it. How many times have they kicked the can down the road before? It’s blatantly...
  • The myth and true story of Marie Harel, Brie and Camembert Cheese

    04/28/2017 8:10:20 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 18 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | Kyle Weissman
    Historian Kyle Weissman writes an article in response to Google's recent doodle commemorating the 256th birthday of Marie Harel, the greatest producer of Brie Cheese in France and the inventor of camembert Cheese. Or was she? The story or Brie Cheese and its close relative camembert is as old as France herself. From the battlefields of Lombardy, the court of Charlamange and Henry IV, to the French revolution and the Vendee Uprising.  The story of Cheese in France is an amazing one. In fact throughout the medieval world, Cheese was as important as was bread. Bread was an important matter...
  • Socialism, liberalism is fascism and Nazism (In pictures and words)

    04/27/2017 12:22:55 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 10 replies
    If anyone ever tells you that conservatives are fascists or that socialism is the opposite of fascism, take a good look at these quotes and pictures to learn the truth.
  • Obama’s Hidden Iran Deal Giveaway

    04/24/2017 5:26:50 PM PDT · by Art in Idaho · 32 replies
    Politico ^ | April 24, 2017 | Sean McCabe
    When President Barack Obama announced the “one-time gesture” of releasing Iranian-born prisoners who “were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses” last year, his administration presented the move as a modest trade-off for the greater good of the Iran nuclear agreement and Tehran’s pledge to free five Americans. “Iran had a significantly higher number of individuals, of course, at the beginning of this negotiation that they would have liked to have seen released,” one senior Obama administration official told reporters in a background briefing arranged by the White House, adding that “we were able to winnow that down to...
  • Media Ducks and hides [black]racist shooter's Muslim Faith

    04/22/2017 10:01:16 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 5 replies
    Try as they might, this time the left wing media failed to bury the story of a black criminal murdering white people because they are white. The shooting in Fresno California by terrorist Kori Ali Muhammad was one of the worst in the state's history and so violent and bloody that there was no way to bury it. Often the media will bury a story about a minority attacking white people such as the case with the Knoxville Massacre. Often covering up the criminal's race and beliefs. This time they just couldn't do it and they failed bury the fact ...
  • Since Roe v Wade 44 Million Abortions Were Performed; Meanwhile 38 Million Immigrants Arrived

    04/20/2017 1:48:12 PM PDT · by Thalean · 13 replies
    National Economics Editorial ^ | April 15, 2017 | Spencer P Morrison
    "Between 1990 and 2013 some 46.08% of all abortions were performed on women with previous terminations. There have been 44,0112,775 legal abortions since 1973, when Roe v Wade gave abortion constitutional protections. This, of course, does not include abortions that were performed in private. Interestingly, this is greater than the total number of legal immigrants in the USA (38 million), and the total number of illegal immigrants (11-33 million) as well."
  • The Archipelago Tax Plan

    04/18/2017 3:58:19 PM PDT · by Art in Idaho
    self | April 18, 2017 | Art in Idaho
    The Archipelago Tax Plan The dreaded April 15 has come and gone. Today is the last day you can send in your taxes. Americans have dutifully done their taxes and sent them in hoping there is some rhyme and reason why they’re paying so much in taxes. I’ve always been somewhat of a tax resister because my basic premise is taxation is redistribution of wealth. I also think redistribution of wealth is theft. If you look at historical trends, when taxes approach 30% of a person’s income, there is a lot of grumbling which eventually leads to revolutions. Many American...
  • No Diversity Here: Officially Recognized 'Fact-Checkers' All Lean Left

    04/13/2017 4:09:57 PM PDT · by kevcol · 10 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | April 13, 2017 | Tom Blumer
    Further, these "fact checkers" have taken advantage of their platforms to select and evaluate politicians' and pundits' claims in a decidedly unfair and unbalanced manner. Finally, thanks to the willing cooperation of the world's dominant search engine and the leader in social media, "fact checkers" are transitioning into roles which could ultimately position them as de facto news censors.
  • What advantage was there to Hilary Clinton in putting e-mails on her own server?

    04/04/2017 4:10:51 PM PDT · by annalex · 26 replies
    Quora ^ | Nov 14, 2016 | Gordon Miller
    Q: I’m not wanting to start a political thing (though it no doubt will) but has she ever explained why it was benefit to her to use a personal server rather than the State Departments’. (I’m a Brit by the the way) A: Gordon Miller, works at G3i Ventures LLC Ironically, I am uniquely qualified to answer this question. From 2004–2005, I was the lead functional architect for the State Messaging Archive Retrieval Toolset (SMART), the official e-mail system of the US Department of State. When I started on the team, it was under the leadership of Sec. Powell. He...
  • The 15th-Century Monk Who Crowdsourced a Map of the World

    04/04/2017 9:10:57 AM PDT · by NYer · 13 replies
    Atlas Obscura ^ | April 3, 2017 | Adam Kessler
    Detail from Fra Mauro's map, a work of unprecedented thoroughness and accuracy. PUBLIC DOMAIN If you had landed in Venice during the mid-15th century, you might have been accosted by a monk with a prominent nose and baggy, smurf-like hat. Ignoring your exhaustion and atrocious body odor after a long sea journey, he would have dragged you to a nearby tavern and cross-examined you about your travels. What was the weather like? What kind of precious gems were mined? What animals did you encounter, and how many heads did they have?The monk was Fra Mauro, a 15th-century version of Google...
  • The Gray Lady builds a new list of offensive racial terms

    03/27/2017 1:08:48 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 50 replies
    HotAir ^ | March 27, 2017 | Jazz Shaw
    It seems as if everyone in the mainstream media world is taking a fresh look at their style guides this year… for some reason. (*cough*) First we saw the Associated Press preparing to twist their pronouns in strange and unusual directions to avoid offending transgender activists. Now, thanks to some sharp work at The Daily Caller, we learn that the New York Times has grown unhappy with the old list of racially insensitive terms and may be adding a few more. A group of New York Times journalists released a list of racial terms they find “bothersome” Sunday. NYT’s Race/Related...
  • Satanists: Kill the disabled and homeless and those who help them

    03/26/2017 1:05:04 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 39 replies
    Okay, this  is pure gold I gotta share. I know its Sunday but this needs to be shared especially with atheists and skeptics who ridicule the faithful, say Christians are menace, a nuisance and so on. You think those of us who seek the lord and who are Christian are a threat equal to Islamic jihad? THINK AGAIN... This was shared with me by a friend. On a satanic forum called the 600 club, the satanists have basically advocated that all the homeless and disabled are parasites. For the homeless, the alternatives to mandatory excution are either A. Forced military...
  • Judge Sides With Trump Administration, Refuses To Block Travel Ban

    03/24/2017 12:19:33 PM PDT · by muktar96 · 34 replies
    News Heist ^ | 03/24/2017 | News Heist
    A federal judge in Virginia ruled Friday against blocking President Trump’s executive order that called for temporarily stopping the entry of immigrants from six majority-Muslim nations and refugee admittance overall.
  • Socialist Europe is nothing but a big Potemkin village

    03/24/2017 6:18:06 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 10 replies
    mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    In 1787, Russian Empress Catherine Romanov the Great visited Crimea. Her tour guide was her lover Prince Grigory Potemkin. The Prince's estates in Crimea were shoddy and run down. To give her majesty the impression that all was well and that Crimea was pristine and beautiful, he erected portable settlements and facades along the river that her boat would be travelling. The deception worked, The middle aged aristocrat impressed the Middle aged Empress and Prince Grigory curried favor with the empress. In reality, behind the facade, Grigory's subjects lived in abject poverty and misery. An Austrian delegation toured Potemkin's...
  • Youtube's most Senile and Liberal pinko oldfartrants

    03/22/2017 8:17:19 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 11 replies
    mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    Several days ago, one of my arch nemesis oldfartrants, a senile old hippie bum from West LA who has a YouTube channel advocating socialism has now called for the overthrow of Donald Trump. This, after spending nearly a decade referring to Conservatives as traitors and opponents of Barack Obama as seditionists. He attacks Trump comparing him to Hitler and attacking other conservatives such as Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Sarah Palin and so on. Yet now its not treason anymore to be in dissent, its no longer treason to want to overthrow an elected official like Trump or...
  • SSI program shows that socialism is a failure and liberals don't care.

    03/22/2017 8:12:11 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 34 replies
    mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    Social Security... The SSI program. Liberals hail it as the toast of socialism. Liberals promulgate SSI as proof that government cares. The social secuirty program cares, the program is there to help those who cannot help themselves and that welfare state is superior to Christian charity. According to New York Times columnist and leftist Charles Blow, "Social security is the gift of Washington to the American people. It is what makes America a higher standard in freedom and prosperity." Just like everything printed by the Bolshevik News media including the Times and its left wing mouth pieces, nothing could be...
  • Denial aint a river for liberals, its more of an oceanic world

    03/15/2017 1:42:59 PM PDT · by mainestategop
    mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    The left and its allies the main stream corporate media have denied till their throats were hoarse that Europe in particular countries like Sweden have a growing crime problem thanks to Muslim immigrants. Despite years and years of no-go zones, riots, demonstrations, chants of allah-akhbar in the streets of Malmo and Stockholm, speeches by clerics and refugees advocating violence and abuse towards women and non-muslims ad nauseum, the far left wont own up. In Europe the problem is much worse... Leftist governments have banned news outlets from reporting rapes and murders, police are forbidden from mentioning ethnicity and religious orientation...
  • Bubba Malik Obama Posts Barack's Real BC

    03/12/2017 9:01:26 AM PDT · by bogusname · 29 replies
    Malik Obama tweets "Indeed, what is it?" and posts a photo of a Mombasa, Kenya birth certificate which is most likely the real one. The Conservative Post Article
  • The Conflict within the Deep State Just Broke into Open Warfare

    03/10/2017 8:34:41 AM PST · by amorphous · 26 replies
    Charles Hugh Smith Blog ^ | 9 March 2017 | Charles Hugh Smith
    The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle--it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation. The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle--it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation. When do the unlimited powers of the Intelligence/Security agencies threaten America's domestic and global national interests? The CIA and its political enablers claim the agency's essentially unlimited powers, partially revealed by Wikileak's Vault 7, pose no threat to America's interests, since they are intended to "defend" American interests. This is the rationale presented by...