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  • PSA Group says it is exploring acquisition of GM's Opel

    02/14/2017 5:39:50 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 6 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Feb 14, 2017 8:11 AM EST
    France’s PSA Group, maker of Peugeot and Citroën cars, says it’s exploring a “potential acquisition” of Opel, the money-losing European business of General Motors Co. […] GM has endured years of losses at Opel, its main brand in Europe. It had hoped to reach break-even by now, but last year posted a loss of $257 million for the year. …
  • Man 'cured' of prostate cancer after doctors shock tumour to death with testosterone

    11/30/2016 7:21:13 PM PST · by Enterprise · 26 replies ^ | 30 NOVEMBER 2016 | Sarah Knapton
    A man with advanced prostate cancer is believed to be cured after doctors 'shocked' his tumour to death with huge amounts of testosterone. The result has been described as 'unexpected' and 'exciting' because most prostate cancer therapies work by depriving tumours of testosterone, because cancer uses it as a fuel.
  • PARODY VIDEO: Rogue Guns! A Super Accurate Anti-Gun PSA!

    09/08/2015 5:47:36 PM PDT · by StevenCrowder · 7 replies ^ | 09/08/2015 | Steven Crowder
    Guns are inanimate objects that kill people, and this one has a mustache. Meet Roger Goodman, a gun lobbyist with an opinion, just not an informed one. But when did that matter? It doesn't. Let's move on. In this informative infomercial, Roger Goodman explains the multitude of reasons why guns should never be allowed ever. Not in your homes. Not with your wives. And especially not with your children. Watch as Goodman exposes the issues of "Rogue guns" running rampant across this country. #BetterCallGoodman
  • ‘Gun shop’ wasn’t only thing fake in CeaseFire ‘social experiment’ PSA

    05/27/2015 8:58:20 AM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    Examiner ^ | 5/27/15 | David Codrea
    Per my report published Friday at The Shooter’s Log, actors were used to portray customers in a fake gun shop “public service announcement” produced by States United Against Gun Violence. That information comes from the New York City Mayor's Office of Media in its response to a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request submitted in March. Additionally, all replica firearms used were evidently “authorized” without official documentation to ensure legality and inventory accountability. Except, per the NYC permit, the "gun buyers" were actors... States United to Prevent Gun Violence-You Tube video screen shot “Actors are interviewed on camera in a...
  • 'Monumentally Stupid' Anti-Gun PSA Urges Kids to Steal Parents’ Firearms [and take them to school]

    12/24/2014 10:50:04 AM PST · by grundle · 52 replies ^ | December 23, 2014 | Jennifer O'Neill
    The controversial Dec. 13 clip from Sleeper 13 Productions in San Francisco, titled “Stop Gun Violence - PSA,” shows a teenage boy take a handgun from his mother’s dresser drawer, stash it in his backpack, and bring it to class. Walking up to his teacher after the period ends, the student slaps the gun on her desk. “Can you take this away?” the child actor asks the shocked teacher. “I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.” Then the messages “Our children deserve a safe world” and “Stop gun violence now” are plastered onscreen before production credits run,...
  • PSA encourages kids to steal parents’ guns, hand over to teachers

    12/22/2014 12:18:11 PM PST · by redreno · 37 replies
    A startling new anti-gun ad released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to commit a series of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns and turning them over to school officials, The Daily Caller reported Monday. Sleeper 13 Productions released the controversial video on Dec. 13. It shows a pouty, young boy wandering into his parents’ bedroom, stealing a handgun out of their dresser drawer and then shoving it into his backpack
  • What's Your Worst Talk-Radio PSA Announcement? - Weekend Vanity

    05/18/2014 8:32:26 AM PDT · by dagogo redux · 74 replies
    May 17, 2014 | dagogo redux
    For all you talk radio fans, driven nuts by the Kars-4-Kids, anti-bullying, starving kids, etc etc etc PSA ads: what are your least favorite, most hated of these sadistic brain-assaults?
  • Senator Larry Martin, South Carolina

    03/04/2014 12:00:11 PM PST · by servo1969 · 5 replies ^ | 3-3-2014 | Herschel Smith
    Senator Larry Martin was responsible for heading the effort to kill the legislative efforts in support of open carry in South Carolina. During this effort, he said the following. “If the 2nd amendment has been as you interpret it, why hasn’t SC law reflected that for the last 140 years? I’m sorry but you are describing an ‘unlimited’ right that has never been the case with the 2nd Amendment. My view of the 2nd Amendment has always been the right to own guns and keep them in our homes, business, and property and not to wear a gun whenever to...
  • This Safe Driving Ad From New Zealand Will Give You The Chills

    01/10/2014 1:11:47 PM PST · by Morgana · 26 replies
    Michael Berry ^ | Michael Berry
    This Safe Driving Ad From New Zealand Will Give You The Chills video only
  • PSA Response to “The Thing” from a Dr. Seuss Book

    12/19/2013 10:48:22 AM PST · by mononymous
    Mononymous1/Wordpress ^ | 12/19/2013 | Mononymous1
    Voice PSA: public_svc1 Text: “The following is a public service announcement: Millenials, if you no longer live in your parents’ basement; if you actually have a job and more importantly, if you voted for Obama, remember, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Enroll at today and fill in the blanks for the NSA. Thank you.”
  • Using the Zimmerman Case to Campaign Against "Stand Your Ground" is a Non-Starter

    08/20/2013 3:40:19 PM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 14 replies
    O'Mara Law Blog ^ | 8/20/2013 | Mark O'Mara
    I’ve watched the “Stand Up to ‘Stand Your Ground’” PSA several times now. The PSA features a dramatic reenactment of the encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. While the PSA uses actual audio from George’s non-emergency call and witness 911 calls, the visual details of the reenactment are wildly inaccurate and they are unsupported by the actual evidence. By airing an interpretation of events that are easily dismissed as factual fantasy, the proponents for changes in the self-defense statutes in various states are actually damaging their arguments. I have stated that Florida Statute 776 can use some polishing to...
  • Sandcrawler PSA: A Subliminal Message From Dear Leader (upside down eagle)

    05/12/2013 12:42:14 PM PDT · by Nachum · 12 replies
    My Pet Jawa ^ | 05/12/13 | staff
    Carry on and remember there are no red states or blue states but the United States of Bronco Bama and our dear leader Bronco Bama has the Presidential Seal of the fallen Eagle to prove it. Update: Dear leaders White House twitter account's background image has a fallen Eagle as in upside down. Don't see it? Well then look below the fold:
  • Video: Milwaukee County sheriff’s PSA on self-protection

    01/26/2013 9:24:13 AM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies
    Hot ^ | January 26, 2013 | ED MORRISSEY
    One rule of thumb when hosting a radio talk show: don’t bring an audio clip on the air “cold,” i.e., without having heard it yourself. That’s probably especially true when you’re guest-hosting for a good friend and mentor. However, after Hot Air reader Tim R sent this to me near the end of the first hour of last night’s Hugh Hewitt show, I asked Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson to check it out for hour two as I was wrapping up an interview with John Eastman on the recess-appointment ruling. In the break, I asked, “Can we use that?” Duane answered, “Oh,...
  • Cuomo Dipping Toe In '16 Water With Star-Studded Hurricane Sandy PSA?

    11/28/2012 5:41:06 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 17 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Throughout his tenure as Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has chosen to maintain a suprisingly low profile. Think quick: how much footage have you seen of him in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath compared to his cross-George Washington Bridge buddy, Chris Christie? But has Cuomo finally decided the time has come to make himself more visible? A PSA for Hurricane Relief, aired on Morning Joe today, featured a star-studded cast of Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Whoopi Goldberg, Edie Falco, Michael J. Fox and Julianna Margulies and Nathan Lane. One panel, devoid of reference to the relief organization, starkly read "Join...
  • Panel’s Advice on Prostate Test Sets Up Battle (Obama's death panels alert)

    10/08/2011 7:47:29 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 67 replies
    NY Times ^ | 10/8/11 | GARDINER HARRIS
    A day after a government panel said that healthy men should no longer get screened for prostate cancer, some doctors’ groups and cancer patients’ advocates began a campaign to convince the nation that the advice was misguided. Their hope is to copy the success of women’s groups that successfully persuaded much of the country two years ago that it was a mistake for the same panel, the United States Preventive Services Task Force, to recommend against routine mammograms for women in their 40s.
  • Panel's Pitch to Nix Routine Prostate Cancer Tests Draws Strong Reaction

    10/07/2011 10:56:02 PM PDT · by neverdem · 33 replies
    PBS' Newshour ^ | Oct. 7, 2011 | Interrogatory
    Transcript JEFFREY BROWN: Men shouldn't be routinely tested for prostate cancer. That was the recommendation today of an influential government panel that looked at whether PSA tests can extend lives by detecting cancer earlier.The tests measure levels of a protein made in the prostate. But the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said they do more harm than good, including unnecessary biopsies, surgery, radiation and impotence. The panel concluded that -- quote -- "The common perception that early detection prolongs lives is not supported by the scientific evidence."Last year, more than 217,000 American men were diagnosed with prostate cancer; 32,000 died...
  • Retirement: Savings Alone don't work

    08/28/2011 11:12:37 AM PDT · by TruConservative · 31 replies
    Democracy Forums ^ | August 16, 2011 | Truth
    The great faith of Americans in their 401ks as retirement funding is misplaced. When push comes to shove and you retire, if you are like most Americans, you will find that social security provides more income for you than drawing down on your 401k balance. Now, don’t get me wrong. I urge everyone to invest the maximum in their 401k. It is a great source of comfort and eventually a key part of retirement. But it is no substitute for social security. Those who would sacrifice social security so that you could put more into 401ks or other private savings...
  • Homeland Security PSA: Terrorist white guy bombs train station

    08/18/2011 6:28:42 AM PDT · by CharlyFord · 49 replies
    Youtube/Dept. Homeland Security ^ | Aug 15, 2011 | Unlnown
    Learn more about the "If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign at
  • Hollywood Celebrities Perform Fake PSA Encouraging Casual Sex Facebook Status

    06/23/2011 7:35:50 AM PDT · by patriotgal71 · 2 replies
    The Culture and Media Institute ^ | 6/23/2011 | Erin R. Brown
    It's no secret that Hollywood and its "values" are contributing mightily to the moral decay of American culture, and 2011 romantic comedies have been some of the raunchiest to date. But the stars of the summer 2011 sleazy hookup film "Friends with Benefits" have involved Facebook in promoting their flick.
  • Please...Don't Drink And Drive

    11/24/2010 3:07:21 PM PST · by scottfactor · 29 replies · 1+ views ^ | 11/24/2010 | Scott Factor
    Tomorrow, while celebrating with friends and giving thanks for all that He has given, please…don’t drink and drive. This video is the message America needs to see, but the alcohol lobby won’t allow you to see. So, I present it here: (Forgive me if I offend anyone, but it needs to be told)
  • Yes, It’s 2010: Muslim Group Releases Video Promising Not To “Take Over Country”

    09/01/2010 1:13:22 AM PDT · by lbryce · 30 replies · 1+ views ^ | August 31, 2010 | Jon Bershad
    Ok, what’s more depressing? The fact that, in the year 2010, a group of Muslims (ie. practitioners of the second largest religion in the world) have to film a video where they seriously and without irony promise not to take over the country or the fact that the video succeeds in making them seem less like terrorists but accidentally makes them look like the aliens from the remake of V. Seriously, if any Fox News personalities start filing reports that Muslims like to hide in their space ships and eat gerbils, I’m going to lose my mind. > Yes, an...
  • Debit whammy

    08/08/2010 1:06:54 PM PDT · by CutePuppy · 44 replies
    NY Post ^ | August 08, 2010 | Catherine Curan
    A week from today, one in 10 New Yorkers who use debit cards will be red-faced at a retail checkout counter when their cards are declined. That's because Aug. 15 is the kickoff day for new federal rules requiring existing bank and credit union customers to opt in for debit-card and ATM overdraft coverage -- a massive change in banking regulation that many consumers have ignored or failed to notice. The choice for customers is this: Opt in to overdraft coverage, meaning you can use your debit card even if you overdraw your account, but pay a $20-$30 penalty every...
  • Sussex Safer Roads Partnership's 'beautiful' 'Embrace Life' seatbelt PSA

    02/20/2010 8:31:53 AM PST · by LA Woman3 · 3 replies · 205+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | 2/9/2010 | Catey Hill
    Many critics are ripping the quality of Super Bowl ads this year. Jezebel calls them "boring" and Gawker takes "boring" one step further and deems 2010 "the year without an original Supe Bowl commercial." So amid all the disdain for what is normally the pinnacle of advertising each year, the new "Embrace Life" public-service announcement that has been circulating around the Web recently is a breath of fresh air to many. "This video has gotten a lot of mentions on blogs this week, and now I see why. All I can saw is "WOW," writes. The ad, created by...
  • A Public Service Announcement

    01/15/2010 9:36:16 AM PST · by nuconvert · 20 replies · 862+ views
    It’s a tragic story: A busy kitchen, a distracted parent, a curious toddler, and a cupboard carelessly left open — the perfect ingredients for a recipe… of addiction! Once a child develops a taste for kitten huffing, he or she is often lost… for life.
  • Gory, Shocking PSA Warns of Texting While Driving Danger [Every Teen Driver Must See This]

    08/20/2009 11:51:31 AM PDT · by CMoran325 · 44 replies · 9,532+ views
    AOL Tech ^ | August 17, 2009
    The dangers of driving while texting (DWT) are undeniable, yet people continue motoring along, heads down, fingers flying, as they clog up traffic or swerve in and out of lanes. In a nod to the classic blood-and-guts driver's ed films of the '50s and '60s, a police department in Wales has decided the best way to raise awareness of the deadly DWT epidemic is to disgust and scare the crap out of people. The new public service announcement, which spares no details, includes snapping necks, piercing screams, blood galore, an orphaned child, a dead infant, and multiple helicopters. The only...
  • RA, Others Join Diabetes as Major CVD Risk Factors: Consensus on management reached.

    07/21/2009 1:02:32 AM PDT · by neverdem · 8 replies · 456+ views
    Family Practice News ^ | 1 July 2009 | MITCHEL L. ZOLER
    COPENHAGEN — Rheumatoid arthritis and two other rheumatic diseases are as strong as diabetes as risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prompting a European League Against Rheumatism task force to issue the group's first consensus recommendations for managing cardiovascular risk in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis. “In our view, rheumatoid arthritis [RA], ankylosing spondylitis [AS], and psoriatic arthritis [PsA] should be seen as new, independent cardiovascular risk factors,” Dr. Michael T. Nurmohamed said at the annual European Congress of Rheumatology. “Very importantly, the risk is comparable to type 2 diabetes,” added Dr. Nurmohamed, a rheumatologist at the...
  • - Flu Prevention PSA Contest: HHS Needs You ($2500 award)

    07/17/2009 6:49:05 PM PDT · by Jean S · 11 replies · 424+ views
    White House ^ | 7 /9/09 | Katie Stanton
    Today, as the Administration holds a day-long summit on H1N1, we're excited to announce that HHS is launching a new PSA campaign contest to encourage more Americans to get involved in the nation's flu preparedness efforts by making a 15, 30 or 60 second video Public Service Announcement (PSA). The goal of the contest is to tap into the nation's creativity to help educate Americans about how to plan for and prevent the spread of the flu and the H1N1 virus.   The videos can be funny, cute, dramatic, but most of all, they should help make a positive impact....
  • Rush Limbaugh incurs the wrath of hunting rights groups for supporting the Humane Society in PSAs

    04/29/2009 1:29:55 AM PDT · by pissant · 38 replies · 1,565+ views
    LA Times ^ | 4/28/09 | staff
    When conservative talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh decided to record a series of public service announcements for the Humane Society of the United States, many animal lovers on both sides of the political aisle applauded. After all, the topics Limbaugh spoke about in the PSAs, like opposing dogfighting, hardly seemed controversial. "Opposition to cruelty and the embrace of the human-animal bond are universal values," Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle wrote, adding that his group's aims were "in step with those of all good people" regardless of political affiliation. But a coalition of 28 hunters' rights groups are furious with Limbaugh for...
  • 1976 Swine Flu PSAs Attempt to Scare Citizens Into Getting Shots

    04/29/2009 12:21:01 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 15 replies · 776+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | April 28, 2009 | An enterprising conspiracy theorist on Monday posted a pair of U.S. government PSAs from 1976, urgin
    An enterprising conspiracy theorist on Monday posted a pair of U.S. government PSAs from 1976, urging citizens to quickly get a swine flu vaccine or risk becoming "very sick"-- although that pandemic never materialized. The two sensational videos attempt to show that anyone and everyone can get the bug and pass it to children, teachers, postal workers, veterinarians and acquaintances. ("Betty's mother gave it to her best friend Dottie, but Dottie had a heart condition and she died.") SNIP The agency, evidently, had a taste for scaremongering. As it turned out, its recommendation was unfounded. Not only did the 1976...
  • UK: Government advertisements run 10,000 times a day

    03/29/2009 6:32:43 PM PDT · by hreardon · 26 replies · 1,716+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | March 29, 2009 | Ian Johnston
    Stop smoking. Drink less. Learn new skills. Stop defrauding the benefit office. Claim tax credits. Wear a condom. Join the Army. Britons are being bombarded by more than 10,000 government advertisements every day, prompting accusations that Labour is creating the "ultimate nanny state". Messages from the state were relayed to the population via television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and billboards on more than 3.7 million occasions during 2008, according to new research by media analysts at The Nielsen Company.
  • Diddy Appears in Drink Driving Campaign

    10/18/2008 7:04:04 AM PDT · by Hillary's Folly · 7 replies · 429+ views
    NME ^ | staff
    P. Diddy has appeared in a Public Service Announcement sponsored by a brand of vodka to encourage people in the US to drink sensibly. Instead of the typical PSA though, Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, wanted the message to be conveyed in a movie-type scene which he says is funny without being preachy. "Instead of doing a regular PSA saying, 'Hi, I'm Sean Combs and I'm here to talk to you for Ciroc,' I actually shot a scene from a movie, what happens when the music stops and two young ladies leave early because they're feeling a little...
  • BBC: Drug for deadly prostate cancer ( Limited Trials so far...but promising )

    07/21/2008 9:26:08 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 4 replies · 355+ views
    BBC ^ | Monday, 21 July 2008 00:10 UK 23:10 GMT, | BBC Staff
    Drug for deadly prostate cancer Aggressive prostate cancer has a poor prognosis Scientists are hailing a new drug to treat aggressive prostate cancer as potentially the most significant advance in the field for 70 years. Abiraterone could potentially treat up to 80% of patients with a deadly form of the disease resistant to currently available chemotherapy, they say. The drug works by blocking the hormones which fuel the cancer. The Institute of Cancer Research hopes a simple pill form will be available in two to three years. We believe we have made a major step forward in the treatment...
  • Thre Golden Compass: Dusted (MTV Movie Review: clutter, confusion, and strangely lacks magic)

    12/07/2007 10:43:59 AM PST · by Mrs. Don-o · 57 replies · 288+ views
    MTV Movie News ^ | December 7, 2007 | Kurt Loder
    Where are Harry and Frodo when you really need them? Here is a magical-mystery movie with everything money can eagerly buy: big-name stars, boffo effects, a story pre-sold in a mass-cult fantasy novel. The only thing "The Golden Compass" lacks, alas, is magic. And its mystery is a little too mysterious. The picture looks great — director Chris Weitz and his town-size team of digital technicians have created a fantasy world of misty cities, gleaming dirigibles and intricate steampunk gadgetry that really pops. But in attempting to cram as much as possible of Philip Pullman's 400-page novel into a two-hour...
  • Prostate Cancer Test Declared Useless By PSA Pioneer

    09/10/2006 5:41:18 PM PDT · by Coleus · 3 replies · 660+ views
    Health Talk ^ | 09.11.06
    The PSA test, used to screen men for detecting prostate cancer has been declared all but useless by a pioneer in the procedure. Stanford University School of Medicine professor Dr. Thomas Stamey said "The PSA era is over in the United States." Dr. Stamey and colleagues examined more than 1,300 prostate tissue samples removed by urologists at Stanford over the past 20 years. Researchers divided the data from the samples into four five-year periods between 1983 and 2004. They found a substantial decrease in the connection between PSA levels and the amount of prostate cancer over time. In the first...
  • The Tragic Treatment of the UAE Ports Deal

    02/25/2006 3:00:55 AM PST · by Cannoneer No. 4 · 472 replies · 4,489+ views
    StrategyPage ^ | February 24, 2006 | Harold C. Hutchison
    February 24, 2006: The recent controversy over the acquisition of the British firm Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, by Dubai Ports World, a state-run company in the United Arab Emirates, has been largely a matter of heat opposed to light. This is largely because of a number of myths that have quickly circulated throughout the blogosphere. These myths have led to a lot of controversy that has cast one of the strongest American allies in the Persian Gulf in a poor light that is undeserved. First, a look at the United Arab Emirates is in order. This is a...
  • Perpetual State Of Agitation

    02/25/2006 6:59:11 AM PST · by Tribune7 · 11 replies · 478+ views
    County Press ^ | By Joe O'Loughlin
    How often do you hear a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on TV or radio? You hear warnings about the dangers of smoking, drinking, improper diet, lack of exercise as well as taking proactive measures of regularly scheduled screenings for early detection of diseases, etc. These are all fine and worthy endeavors.
  • ABC's Gen. Hospital to Air Gay Friendly PSA

    01/12/2006 9:17:27 AM PST · by Dane · 19 replies · 1,445+ views
    Mediaweek ^ | 1/12/06 | John Consoli
    ABC's Gen. Hospital to Air Gay Friendly PSA John Consoli JANUARY 12, 2006 - ABC, during its daytime soap opera General Hospital, will air a public service announcement featuring General Hospital actors Ben Hogestyn and Lindze Letherman, that urges viewers to take a stand against homophobia. The spot will also air on the cable network SoapNet, which, like ABC, is owned by the Walt Disney Co. The spot will urge viewers to "be an ally and a friend" to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The spot has drawn praise from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and...
  • Study Questions Prostate Cancer Screening (both diagnostic methods prove ineffective)

    01/10/2006 12:42:25 AM PST · by presidio9 · 8 replies · 790+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Mon Jan 9, 2006 | CARLA K. JOHNSON
    Two widely used tests for prostate cancer failed to save lives in a new study, adding to the debate over whether men should be screened for the disease. The study was small — only 1,002 men — and will not be the final word on the issue. But it may hint at what lies ahead when the results of two large studies of prostate cancer screening appear in a few years. The researchers looked at two screening tests that are performed millions of times a year in the United States: a blood test that measures prostate specific antigen, or PSA,...
  • Why is the Ad Council giving free ad time to a terrorist-related organization?

    12/04/2005 9:21:40 PM PST · by B Knotts · 5 replies · 436+ views
    12/04/05 | Me
    Anyone else notice this? Recently, I've heard some public service announcements (PSAs) on the radio for the "Humane Seal" campaign. This is not associated with the Humane Society (which is also becoming radicalized), but with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). PCRM, is, of course, an arm of PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which has in the past funded the terrorist group ALF (Animal Liberation Front). My question is: why is the Ad Council giving free air time to these creeps? Especially given the somewhat misleading nature of this particular "campaign." An aside: PCRM is not...
  • PSA sponsored by CAIR

    11/23/2005 8:29:35 AM PST · by Hildy · 25 replies · 549+ views
    CAIR ^ | November 23, 2005 | Hildy
    I saw this public service announcement on TV yesterday, and it's really been bothering me. You can watch it yourself by clicking on the link above. It starts out fine enough...Muslims condone violence, yada yada yada...but listen to what the last woman says...she says...ISLAM is about peace and JUSTICE. Sorry, that's troubling to me. And I think it should be troubling to everybody (as well we know). What exactly is their definition of Justice? Well, I think I know. So even when they think they're doing good, they still can't hide who they are. Please watch the commercial and tell...
  • US Airways Planes' New Look Reflects Practicality, Heritage

    08/25/2005 7:13:33 PM PDT · by Dan Nunn · 9 replies · 889+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 23, 2005 | Keith Alexander
    When designing the new look for US Airways, America West executives turned their back on high-salaried Madison Avenue image consultants. Instead, they interviewed employees from both of the merged airlines: flight attendants, pilots, mechanics and executives. The result: a look that's neither too corporate nor too casual, according to Travis Christ, America West's vice president of marketing who oversaw the new US Airways design. Christ said the merged airline's style would best be described as "right down the middle between American and Southwest [airlines]." The newly redesigned planes, which make their debut today, aspire to a brighter appearance than US...
  • An SCB Public Service Announcement (Still think alcohol doesn't affect your judgment?)

    08/19/2005 9:25:21 PM PDT · by Prime Choice · 27 replies · 1,219+ views
    Sacred Cow Burgers ^ | 08/19/2005 | Sacred Cow Burgers
  • McGruff Turns 25: Taking a Bite out of Time

    07/02/2005 6:02:57 PM PDT · by freedom44 · 3 replies · 262+ views
    USNewswire ^ | 07/02/05 | USNewswire
    WASHINGTON, June 30 /U.S. Newswire/ -- McGruff the Crime Dog, the trench coat-wearing icon who has taught millions of Americans how to "Take a Bite Out of Crime," celebrates his 25th birthday -- or 175 in dog years. Created by adman Jack Keil in 1980, McGruff was modeled after famous gumshoes such as television's Colombo for the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign to teach straightforward messages about safety and crime prevention. According to a Department of Justice study, three out of four Americans think they can do something to prevent crime, in part due to McGruff's messages over the past...
  • Harmony Gold Honors United Nations' 60th Anniversary (Robotech)

    04/09/2005 11:33:29 PM PDT · by Simmy2.5 · 3 replies · 362+ views
    Characters from company's classic anime series "Robotech" to star along with PSAs from Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Colin Farrell, Lenny Kravitz and other celebrities. LOS ANGELES ­ April 4, 2005 ­ In honor of the United Nations' 60th anniversary this year, the United Nations (UN) will debut a special Public Service Announcement (PSA) at MIP TV 2005. The 60-second spot, produced by Harmony Gold, is part of a broader effort to increase awareness of the work of the UN during this special period culminating with the 60th opening session of the UN General Assembly in the Fall. The unique element...
  • Wal-Mart helps sell the Marine Corps (HONEST!!!)

    03/28/2005 4:41:24 PM PST · by SandRat · 29 replies · 1,027+ views
    USMC Press Release ^ | 03/28/05 | Staff Sgt. Marc Ayalin
    MARINE CORPS RECRUITING COMMAND, QUANTICO, Va. (Mar 28, 2005) -- The next time you’re at Wal-Mart shopping for a new television, don’t be surprised to see a few Marines in their combat utilities in the home theater department. No, it’s not a military exercise. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the world’s largest retailer, recently approved the airing of two Marine Corps public service announcements (PSAs), “Family Photos” and “For Country.” Both spots vividly highlight the efforts of the Corps’ active duty and reserve Marines and its veterans who’ve made contributions to the Corps’ legacy. During the spring and summer, viewers will have...
  • U.N. landmine commerical won't air in US.

    03/09/2005 1:22:14 PM PST · by billorites · 32 replies · 1,205+ views
    BoingBoing ^ | March 7, 2005
    A U.N. commercial depicts American girls playing in a soccer match. A girl steps on a landmine and there's a big explosion. Kids get blown apart. CNN and other networks don't want to air the ad. The explosion appears to kill and injure some girls, sparking panic and chaos among parents and other children. Shrieks of horror are heard through much of the spot, and a father is shown cradling his daughter's lifeless body, moments after celebrating a goal she had scored. It closes with a tag line reading: "If there were landmines here, would you stand for them anywhere?...
  • U.N. 'explodes' American kids (Ads about kids getting blown up playing soccer)

    03/06/2005 2:38:26 PM PST · by wagglebee · 85 replies · 5,428+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 3/6/05 | Joe Kovacs
    A new United Nations campaign designed to get the public involved in the global fight against landmines is apparently too explosive for American television, as it depicts children being blown apart on a soccer field. The 60-second public-service announcement titled "Kickoff" shows a match in progress before a buried mine on the playing field is detonated. (Editor's note: Click here to view the ad, some content is graphic.) The explosion appears to kill and injure some girls, sparking panic and chaos among parents and other children. Shrieks of horror are heard through much of the spot, and a father...

    02/28/2005 12:41:17 PM PST · by The Spirit Of Allegiance · 8 replies · 741+ views
    Advertising Age Magazine ^ | 2/28/2005 | AdAge
    The U.N. PSA No One Will Air Marketer: United Nations Brand: U.N. Mine Action Service Title: "Kick Off" Agency: Brooklyn Brothers, New York Since December, Richard Kollodge of the United Nations Mine Action Service has been trying to get TV to run a PSA underscoring the dangers of land mines. CNN, Lifetime Television and ABC affiliates KGOT-TV and WJLA-TV have flatly refused, he said. Dozens of other broadcasters are ducking the issue. Each year nearly 20,000 people are killed or seriously injured by land mines in 80 countries. Mr. Kollodge's job is to do something about it.... (free registration required)...
  • Girl Scouts Agree With Summers (HArvard President)

    02/06/2005 12:38:49 PM PST · by JCRoberts · 316+ views
    Bolg! Blah! Blah! ^ | February 6th, 2005 | J.C. Roberts2
    As I was listening to the radio last week, I heard two separate Public Service Announcements dealing with girls, math, and science. Here are text transcripts of the PSAs and accompanying links: 1) “By the sixth grade, many girls lose interest in math and science so it’s up to parents to help create a brighter future for them. For some simple ideas, go to A public service announcement brought to you by Girl Scouts of USA and AdCouncil.” PSA 1 2) “By sixth grade, too many girls lose interest in math and science and in just a few short...
  • Testing: Obesity May Skew Prostate Test

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    NY Times ^ | January 25, 2005 | JOHN O'NEIL
    VITAL SIGNS Obesity appears to skew the results of the most common test used to detect prostate cancer, a study released yesterday concluded. According to the study, which was released online and will be published in March in the journal Cancer, earlier research has shown that obese men have a lower survival rate for prostate cancer and that their cancer tends to be diagnosed in more advanced forms. The researchers, led by Dr. Ian Thompson of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, wondered whether obesity might in some way throw off the results of testing for...