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  • Malibu Homeowner Facing $4 Million Fine For Blocking Beach Access

    12/09/2016 6:57:14 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 16 replies
    cbs2la ^ | 12/09/2016
    “The biggest complaint from most of the property owners out here is the litter and the lack of respect for property boundaries,” Wagner said. Wagner says signs should clearly spell out rules, including not going to the bathroom on the beach, cleaning up after pets and picking up trash. And beachgoers should abide by them or face consequences. .... The trouble is, it’s often difficult for some to get to certain beach area. Sometimes, it’s because public pathways are closed for repairs. And some property owners do all they can to keep the public out. The owner of one home...
  • Hot-air balloon pilot who crashed into power lines and killed all 15 passengers was high...

    12/09/2016 11:09:23 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 26 replies
    Dailymail.com ^ | 9 December 2016 | Liam Quinn For
    Nichols suffered multiple medical problems including type II diabetes, depression and chronic pain from fibromyalgia. Some of those conditions should have prohibited him from operating an aircraft. As part of his treatment, he was taking 13 prescription medicines, many of which are also prohibited for pilots at the controls. A toxicology test performed on his body found seven different drugs in his blood and urine that were prohibited by the FAA, including oxycodone and the sedative diazepam, also known as Valium. Such drugs can impair brain function and motor controls, according to the NTSB documents. He had also been convicted...
  • Here's why everyone is suddenly obsessed with a rubber boot that's been around since 1911

    12/08/2016 10:24:34 AM PST · by Daffynition · 124 replies
    business insider ^ | Mar. 12, 2015 | Dennis Green
    A old article, I know. But we can't cite AP, USA today, so this is the best I could do. If this is a problem for you. Move on. You probably noticed a lot of brown and tan rubber-bottomed foul weather shoes this season. Most likely, it's L.L. Bean's Bean Boot, which has undergone a popularity spike. But they're not trendy on purpose. In fact, the boot has been in production — largely unmodified apart from slight changes for new technology — for more than 100 years. Their popularity has waxed and waned during this time, but they've always endured....
  • Mysterious Deep-Sea Animal Rediscovered after 116 Years

    12/07/2016 5:41:09 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 30 replies
    SCI NEWS ^ | Dec 6, 2016 | Natali Anderson
    Bathochordaeus charon — an extremely rare species of giant larvacean — has been rediscovered, more than a century after the only previous known specimens of the species were found. Larvaceans are solitary, free-swimming tunicates, animals with a primitive spinal cord but no real backbone. These fragile animals are usually less than 0.4 inches (1 cm) in length, but some giant larvaceans in the deep sea grow up to 3.5 inches (9 cm) long. In 1900, German marine biologist Carl Chun identified the first giant larvacean, Bathochordaeus charon. Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) were next to document...
  • Florida Marathon Runner Gets Lost, Goes Missing for 12 Hours

    12/06/2016 2:43:42 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 35 replies
    Melissa Kitcher ended up six to seven miles off course — with no phoneMelissa Kitcher had full intentions of completing her first half-marathon Sunday, but it's safe to say she pictured it ending a little bit differently. Kitcher went missing for nearly 12 hours after running off the trail during the Trail Hog Half-Marathon at the Carlton Reserve near Venice in Sarasota County, Florida. "I kept thinking to myself, 'Wow, how do people run these trails? I can't even walk them,'" she said. "When I hit the power lines I said, 'Yes I'm definitely way off course. I'm lost.'" But...
  • Gore praises Ivanka Trump on climate policy after meeting

    12/06/2016 7:20:02 AM PST · by crusher · 132 replies
    Politico ^ | 12/5/2016 | Christiana Lima
    Former Vice President Al Gore touted Ivanka Trump's commitment to a climate policy "that makes sense" Monday night after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter. “It's no secret that Ivanka Trump is very committed to having a climate policy that makes sense for our country and for our world and that was certainly evident in the conversation that I had with her," Gore told Chris Hayes on MSNBC's "All In." "I appreciate the fact that she is very concerned about this." Gore stressed that he preferred to "not give too many details" about the meeting but called it...
  • Slow Mo Pile Up on Montreal's Snowy Streets

    12/05/2016 2:36:57 PM PST · by fella · 25 replies
    YouTube ^ | 5 Dec 2016
    Slow Mo Pile Up on Montreal's Snowy Streets
  • North Carolina Man Hooks Massive 112-Pound Catfish While Fishing

    12/02/2016 8:47:10 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 97 replies
    CBS News ^ | December 2, 2016 | JENNIFER EARL
    It was hook, line and sinker — literally — for a man who went out fishing over Thanksgiving. Equipped with only a small rod, Wilmington, North Carolina, resident Riahn Brewington struggled as he tried to pull out a fish from Cape Fear River last week. He caught a catfish, but not just any catfish: a giant catfish that weighed more than 112 pounds. The bloated fish was bigger than the top half of Brewington’s body. Brewington couldn’t believe his eyes, and neither could his friends when the fisherman posted his prized catch on Facebook. “Holy Catfish!!!” one Facebook user exclaimed....
  • Beaver walks into Md. store, finds only artificial Christmas trees, and proceeds to trash it

    12/01/2016 6:27:33 PM PST · by DUMBGRUNT · 48 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 1 Dec 2016 | Justin Wm. Moyer
    Cpl. Yingling had a unique call for service when the suspect, pictured, was witnessed causing prop. Destruction at a store in Char. Hall. The “suspect attempted to flee the area,” as the sheriff’s office put it in a statement, but it was apprehended by animal control and released to an animal rehabilitator — hopefully not just to be released into the wild, but to be taught basic shopping etiquette.
  • Dramatic Video: Shark attacks seal at Truro beach

    12/01/2016 12:35:15 PM PST · by Capt. Tom · 18 replies
    Cape Cod Today ^ | November 29, 2016 | CapeCodToday Staff
    The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared an incredible video of a white shark attacking a grey seal in shallow water off Truro. The video, shot on November 26, 2016 by Kenvor Cothey, is embedded below. It's a bit difficult to watch as the seal clearly suffered a mortal wound. The Conservancy points out the shark struggling a bit to get back into deeper water. The Conservancy post states, "This is what we believe may be happening when white sharks strand on Cape Cod." The video description states that the video was shot "at the beach on High Head Road, at...
  • Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED

    12/01/2016 5:58:05 AM PST · by Tilted Irish Kilt · 46 replies
    ventcore.com ^ | 11/30/16 | Paul Dorian
    Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. announced: 'I cannot recall last time I have seen such a cold anomaly forecast across almost entire USA.' While we end November on a warm note here in the eastern US, there are changes unfolding across the Northern Hemisphere that will likely bring a widespread very cold air mass into the US next week. This cold air mass is first going to arrive in Alaska this upcoming weekend with some spots in that state plunging to 40 degrees below zero and way below normal for early December. After that, the cold air dives into the...
  • The Great Scandinavian Musk Ox War

    11/30/2016 9:56:58 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 15 replies
    Atlas Obscura ^ | Cara Giaimo
    For decades, Sweden and Norway have been arguing over musk oxen citizenship. Last month, a lonely musk ox named Brutus wandered far from his herd in Sweden and stole the country’s heart. Brutus was hoping to find a mate, but his roaming took him so far afield that there were no females within miles. Local and national news organizations covered his plight. Myskoxe.se, a Swedish website dedicated to musk oxen, is keeping detailed track of his journey, posting brief updates and paparazzi-style photos. “Brutus is out hiking,” they wrote on September 12. “What he has in mind—it is not known.”...
  • Video: Police Trailcams Get Pranked

    11/30/2016 11:51:27 AM PST · by Morgana · 8 replies
    coasttocoastam.com ^ | November 30, 2016 | George Noori
    Video: Police Trailcams Get Pranked A pair of trailcams deployed by police in Gardner, Kansas revealed an array of surprising 'wildlife' in their local park via some incredibly creative pranksters. The cameras had been set up in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a mountain lion that was reportedly seen recently in the area by residents. However, when the police department checked the cameras after they had been running for a few days, they were stunned by what they found. Amidst images of expected creatures like skunks and raccoons were numerous photos of people in costume 'performing' for the...
  • Driving Through The Wildfire In Chalet Village Near Gatlinburg Tennessee

    11/29/2016 1:02:51 PM PST · by navysealdad · 33 replies
    "We almost didn't make it out alive But we did Escape The Forest Fire In Chalet Village Tennessee"
  • Semiautomatic Rifles and Handguns Legalized for Hunting in Pennsylvania

    11/28/2016 6:28:18 AM PST · by C19fan · 18 replies
    Breitbart ^ | November 27, 2016 | AWR Hawkins
    A new law, signed last week by Governor Tom Wolf (D), opens the door for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to allow semiautomatic rifles and handguns to be used for hunting beginning in 2017. “Semiautomatic” refers to the firearm’s action; such an action uses recoil to cycle, replacing a spent shell with a loaded one so it is chambered and ready to go when the hunter pulls the trigger.
  • Video: When turkeys explode

    11/23/2016 10:11:03 AM PST · by Red Badger · 17 replies
    phys.org ^ | November 21, 2016 | Provided by: American Chemical Societ
    Credit: The American Chemical Society ============================================================================================================================ There are three times more cooking fires—the most common cause of house fires—on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year. And the thousands of "turkey-fryer explosion" videos on YouTube are a testament to why frozen turkeys and hot oil are an especially dangerous mix. With the holiday coming up, Reactions teamed up with the District of Columbia Fire Department to explain the chemistry behind grease fires, how they happen and how to avoid them this Thanksgiving. Watch the video here: Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-11-video-turkeys.html#jCp
  • What Your Favorite Rifle Cartridge Says About You

    11/22/2016 5:24:01 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 136 replies
    American Hunter (NRA) ^ | 6 Mar, 2015 | Philip Massaro
    We all have a favorite, regardless of what our intended quarry may be; that one rifle cartridge that is near and dear to us. Just as our favorite colors can be indicative of our personalities, our favorite rifle cartridge can tell an awful lot about us as shooters. Let us begin, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. 1. .223 Remington This is the Banty rooster of the bunch, the case with the Napoleonic complex; you embrace it believing you can take on the whole world with a microscopic cartridge, and you may just be right. You have no desire, whatsoever,...
  • America’s Oldest Hunter? 103-Year-Old Hunter Bags Biggest Buck of His Life

    11/21/2016 4:15:06 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 27 replies
    OutdoorHub ^ | November 21, 2016
    Here’s a feel-good hunting story for you. A 103-year-old hunter bagged the biggest buck of his life, and his granddaughter was right there with him to witness it all. On November 8, Clyde Roberts, a 103-year-old hunter, went out to his trusty old treestand and bagged the biggest buck of his life. He was hunting with his granddaughter, Christin, who said, “I will never forget it.” “Papa like to tell everyone that I got so excited… of course I did!” Christin said. “Not only had I been able to hunt with my 103-year-old grandfather, but I witnessed him take the...
  • After 164 Years, Smith & Wesson is (Probably) Changing its Name

    11/21/2016 11:27:36 AM PST · by Rio · 75 replies
    Wide Open Spaces ^ | 11/18/2016 | Eric Nestor
    CNN Money has reported that Smith & Wesson might be in for a name change. Why would this 164-year-old gun business want to change it’s name now? “We believe that changing our corporate name to American Outdoor Brands Corporation will better reflect our strategic focus on the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor markets,” Smith & Wesson stated. Will the changing of Smith & Wesson‘s name to American Outdoors Brand change S&W forever? Only time will tell.
  • Woman accidentally shot in head at Raleigh gun show, sheriff says

    11/19/2016 12:35:59 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 48 replies
    WNCN ^ | November 19, 2016, 3:13 pm
    William, who has a concealed carry permit had bought two weapons, one similar to a gun he already owned. Once they were in the vehicle to leave the fairgrounds, Daniel handed his personal weapon and one of the handguns he had purchased to Judd, who was sitting in the backseat, to compare the two weapons, officials said. As they were leaving the parking lot, Judd accidentally caused the loaded weapon to discharge. “The projectile struck the seat and then struck Mrs. Glosson in the back of the head,” said Sheriff Donnie Harrison. “She was alive and talking when she left...
  • Lot 60: Newly Discovered U.S. Colt Model 1847 Walker Revolver (up for Auction)

    11/19/2016 12:02:25 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 53 replies
    Auction Zip ^ | November 19, 2016 | by Amoskeag Auction Co
    Auction No. 112 – Session 1 by Amoskeag Auction Co November 19, 2016, 9:00 AM EST | Manchester, NH, US Live Auction Lot 60: Newly Discovered U.S. Colt Model 1847 Walker Revolver (262 views) Newly Discovered U.S. Colt Model 1847 Walker Revolver Estimate: $75,000 - $125,000 Description: serial #B Company No. 45, .44 caliber, 8 ⅞" barrel with good bore that shows rifling its entire length with scattered and patchy light pitting present, moderate in a couple areas. This revolver was recently discovered in Massachusetts and was sent to Herb Glass, Jr. for a complete evaluation. Mr. Glass studied the...
  • The Best 24/7 Live Streams Currently on Youtube

    11/18/2016 10:45:39 PM PST · by fella · 17 replies
    The Best 24/7 Live Streams Currently on YouTube
  • Polar bear killed sled dog where cute viral video was shot

    11/18/2016 10:41:05 PM PST · by Daffynition · 55 replies
    EdmontonSun ^ | November 17, 2016 | staff reporter
    If it's too cute to be true, it probably is. The owner of a Manitoba dog sanctuary, whose dog was the subject of a heartwarming viral video with a polar bear, told CBC News that a bear has killed and eaten one of his dogs. The viral clip, which was posted online over the weekend, showed an enormous polar bear stroking a lounging dog on the head for several fascinating and adorable moments. While many were awed by the unlikely friendship, conservation officers were called to remove three polar bears from Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary in Churchill, Man., last week,...
  • California Drought Kills Off More Than 100 Million Trees

    11/18/2016 4:41:13 PM PST · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 25 replies
    CBS SF BAY AREA ^ | 18 NOVEMBER 2016 | AP
    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The California drought has killed more than 102 million trees in a die-off of forests that increases the risk of catastrophic wildfires and other threats to humans, officials said Friday. The latest aerial survey by the U.S. Forest Service shows there are 36 million more dead trees since May in the state and there has been a 100 percent increase since 2015. “These dead and dying trees continue to elevate the risk of wildfire, complicate our efforts to respond safely and effectively to fires when they do occur and pose a host of threats to life...
  • VANITY: New Mossberg Maverick 88. Scabbard or Case?

    11/18/2016 8:46:58 AM PST · by InsidiousMongo · 20 replies
    I just bought a Mossberg Maverick 88. I have a heat shield from a Mossberg 500 coming as well as a side saddle. I would like to purchase a scabbard but have no clue which one to choose and if scabbards can support a long gun with a 6-shell side saddle. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Whale Makes Rare Appearance in New York Harbor by the Statue of Liberty

    11/18/2016 7:47:51 AM PST · by fungoking · 13 replies
    ABC news ^ | 11/17/16 | AVIANNE TAN
    Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here! A whale made a rare appearance in New York Harbor near the Statue of Liberty this morning, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Coast Guard Petty Officer Frank Iannazzo-Simmons said the whale was spotted around 8:00 a.m., reported ABC-owned station WABC in New York. Iannazzo-Simmons added that the Coast Guard put out a travel advisory to boaters cautioning them to avoid contact with the whale. The whale was likely a humpback, according to Howard Rosenbaum, ocean giants director at the Wildlife Conservation Society based in New York City. Rosenbaum told WABC that...
  • Heartwarming Video Shows Polar Bear Petting Eskimo Dog in Canada

    11/18/2016 7:36:34 AM PST · by Silentgypsy · 51 replies
    GMA Yahoo ^ | 11/17/2016 | AVIANNE TAN
  • Alaska moose locked antlers in a fight, then froze together in a slough

    11/17/2016 5:14:24 PM PST · by Daffynition · 99 replies
    ADN via WaPo ^ | November 17, 2016 | Karin Brulliard
    The sight of hulking moose isn't uncommon around Unalakleet. But Brad Webster had never seen moose like this before. Webster, a social studies and science teacher, was showing a friend around the grounds of the Bible camp that he helps maintain. It was early November, cold enough that the slough at the site was covered in a sheet of ice thick enough to walk on and clear enough to see through.
  • VIRAL VIDEO: Father and Son Spot Mountain Lions Swimming in Shasta Lake

    11/17/2016 3:03:17 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 6 replies
    News10 ^ | November 17, 2016 | Vince Cestone, KRON, Shelby Nelson, KRON and Vicki Liviakis
    It is a rare sight in Northern California, but two mountain lions were caught on camera going for a swim. The two giant cats were spotted at Shasta Lake, which is just north of Redding. A father and his son witnessed the mountain lions as they swam across the lake. The pair posted videos they took on facebook, which instantly went viral. “We see two things in the water that we had never seen before, so we stopped, turned around for a quick second, and next thing you know we see two large mountain lions swimming across the lake,” father...
  • Oregon Man’s Body Dissolved After Fall Into Yellowstone Hot Spring

    11/17/2016 11:28:04 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 105 replies
    KTLA ^ | , Updated at 06:37am, November 17, 2016 | Anthony Kurzweil
    The body of an Oregon man who slipped and fell into a scalding hot spring while he was trying to “hot-spot” at Yellowstone National Park earlier this year dissolved before rescue crews could finish their recovery, according to a recent report. A view of a hot spring at the Norris Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park on May 12, 2016. (Credit: Mladen Amtonov/AFP/Getty Images) Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, was with his younger sister when he walked more than 200 yards away from the boardwalk on June 7 to a hot spring called Pork Chop Geyser. Scott was planning to “hot-spot,”...
  • A Bird in China Looks Like Trump, and the Internet is Exploding

    11/17/2016 10:39:43 AM PST · by Red Badger · 22 replies
    www.usnews.com ^ | 11-17-2016 | By Rachel Dicker
    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 'pheasant-elect.' Stop what you're doing. This is important. Photos of a golden pheasant in Hangzhou Safari Park are going viral on Chinese social media for the bird's resemblance to President-elect Donald Trump: Meet the pheasant-elect: Bird sporting 'Donald Trump's hairstyle' soars to internet fame in China https://t.co/qYUbMcDYmV pic.twitter.com/VTPlDcaBcp — People's Daily,China (@PDChina) November 14, 2016 A journalist in Hangzhou noticed the similarity between Mr. Trump's mane and the pheasant's signature golden crest and took pictures of the bird, which then went viral, MailOnline reports. According to the pheasant's keeper, identified only as Mr. Gao, the...
  • ‘Walk with Walnut’, hundreds of dog owners join man on final walk of his [dog]

    11/16/2016 1:37:30 AM PST · by Daffynition · 23 replies
    EveningStandard ^ | 12 November 2016 | Jamie Bullen
    Hundreds of dog owners joined a man on his final walk with his beloved whippet before the pet was put down. Mark Woods issued an emotional Facebook plea for walkers to join him as he took Walnut for his last scamper on Porth Beach in Cornwall. He said he made the heartbreaking decision to put down the dog after his health began to spiral in his old age. Mr Woods posted an open invite to celebrate the end of Walnut’s life after 18 “incredible” years which soon went viral as thousands showed their support.
  • 40 Years of Night Owls: In Search of the Yeti, Vampires and Toilet Tips for the Himalayas

    11/13/2016 11:08:13 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 10 replies
    ChrobucleLive ^ | 13 NOV 2016 | Mike Kelly
    Veteran Night Owls broadcaster Alan Robson reveals his interest in the paranormal and the supernaturalBroadcaster Alan Robson made his name with his Night Owls show. But he’s well known for his interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. As a result he has written a number of books about the subjects and contributed to programmes at home and abroad, including the Scariest Places on Earth hosted in the US by Linda Blair who starred in The Exorcist. His interests have taken him to some out-of-the-way places where he has witnessed bizarre happenings. He has watched a corpse having a stake...
  • Hiker Crosses Paths With Hillary Clinton on Chappaqua Trail

    11/10/2016 9:34:18 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 112 replies
    CBS News ^ | November 10, 2016
    A New York woman who went for a hike in Chappaqua Thursday got a surprise when she ran into Hillary Clinton on the trail. The woman, Margot Gerster, posted about the encounter on Facebook Thursday afternoon, saying she took her daughters for a walk because she has been “so heartbroken” about the results of the presidential election. Clinton conceded the race at an event in New York City Wednesday morning. “As we were leaving, I heard a bit of rustling coming towards me and as I stepped into the clearing there she was, Hillary Clinton and Bill with their dogs...
  • It's Morning in America Again!!!

    11/09/2016 3:47:49 AM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 11 replies
    Look out the window | Wednesday, November 9, 2016 | Momaw Nadon
  • This Giant Iowa Buck is All About that Mass

    11/08/2016 7:34:36 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 4 replies
    Last month, OutdoorHub published an article for the top early season bucks. It’s November 7th, the rut is just starting to really heat up, and we already have an early favorite for the best buck taken during the rut. Austin Pontier shot this giant of a buck near Osceola, Iowa, on November 6 and early rumors put this deer on a massive scale. Judging by this photo alone, this buck could gross score more than 200 points, maybe even 220 or more. Sometimes, pictures can make bucks look a little bigger than they prove to be, however, that doesn’t seem...
  • FULL - Ted Nugent Performance at Donald Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, MI. (11-8-16)

    11/08/2016 9:19:05 AM PST · by bigbob · 12 replies
    YouTube ^ | 11-8-16 | Ted Nugent via YouTube
    Full -Ted Nugent Performance at Donald Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, MI. (11-8-16) Star Spangled Banner and Fred Bear

    11/07/2016 6:44:41 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 25 replies
    Trident gun fishing is only for the bold; we follow one young hunter on the path to catch the smartest prey in the seaMy friend Danai keeps all her fishing supplies in one corner of her beach house. There are things like flippers, snorkels, and masks; a buoy that you wear around your waist to alert incoming boats that you’re in the water; and...a trident gun? “What do you do with that?” I asked her. It was probably a stupid question, but was the gun even real? Was this some kind of staple for every Greek beach house, like the...
  • Passengers Find Snake on a Plane to Mexico City

    11/07/2016 12:57:05 PM PST · by Red Badger · 49 replies
    ktla.com ^ | Updated at 12:15pm, November 7, 2016 | by Mariel Turner
    Passengers on an Aeromexico plane discovered a terrifying sight near the overhead bins over the weekend: a dangling snake. The flight, which was scheduled to land in Mexico City on Sunday, made a quick landing and animal control took the stowaway reptile into custody. The snake can be seen in video posted by Twitter user @Inda_medina: La vibora voladora…ja ja ja. Una experiencia única en el Vuelo Torreón-México, vuelo 231 de Aeroméxico. Eso si…Prioridad en aterrizaje. pic.twitter.com/qwDk6Wtszw — Indalecio Medina (@Inda_medina) November 6, 2016 “The procedures carried out for this flight are currently being evaluated to determine how the animal...
  • Potential Powerful Swell Increases Likelihood of Titans of Mavericks Competition

    11/05/2016 9:06:45 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 2 replies
    NBC Bay Area ^ | 11/4 | Brendan Weber
    Big-wave surfers around the globe are keeping their eyes glued to the Bay Area. Officials with the renowned Titans of Mavericks surfing competition announced Friday that the competition is currently in the orange alert stage, meaning that a potential swell of monstrous waves could make a beeline for the surfing spot just a few miles from Half Moon Bay and signal the start of the famous challenge. The next step is for organizers to up the status to red, which would tell thrill-seeking surfers that the competition is extremely likely to happen within a matter of days or hours. At...
  • Meet the First Women Selected for the Titans of Mavericks Competition

    11/05/2016 2:28:01 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 5 replies
    NBC Bay Area ^ | Nov 4, 2016
    While only one can win the heat, the six female big-wave surfers have already made history in the competition's 17-year history, as the first women selected to compete as official competitors at the Titans of Mavericks. Sarah Gerhardt, Emily Erickson, Paige Alms, Jamilah Star, Keala Kennelly, Andrea Moller have been announced as official competitors with Bianca Valenti and Wrenna Delgado as alternates. Sarah Gerhardt Sara Gerhardt, of Santa Cruz, California, is noted as the first woman to surf the Mavericks and has been quoted as an inspiration to other aspiring big-wave surfers in a feature for Santa Cruz Waves. Andrea...
  • Ancient 400-Pound Salmon Fought With Dagger-Like Teeth

    11/04/2016 4:02:10 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 14 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 04, 2016 | Kacey Deamer
    Giant, spike-toothed salmon that weighed almost 400 lbs. once made their home in the ancient coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean, according to new research. The now-extinct salmon species spawned in California rivers approximately 11 million to 5 million years ago, the scientists said. The fish measured up to 9 feet long, with spike-like teeth that were more than 1 inch long. Though its dagger-like teeth could have been deadly for prey, the ancient salmon was probably a filter feeder rather than a predatory species, meaning the fish took in water full of plankton as it swam, as modern Pacific...
  • Sheriff: Boy, 8, Accidentally Hit By Arrow, Seriously Injured

    11/04/2016 1:10:13 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 25 replies
    CBS Minnesota ^ | November 4, 2016
    An 8-year-old Amboy, Minnesota boy is in the hospital after he was accidently struck by an arrow Thursday afternoon, according to the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office says shortly before 4:37 p.m. the boy was accidentally shot with an arrow by his brother, who was shooting bow and arrow at a target. The victim was taken by helicopter to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, where he is in serious but stable condition. The incident remains under investigation.
  • Video: Super Duck Rescues Chicken from Dive-Bombing Hawk

    11/03/2016 7:30:23 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 18 replies
    OutdoorHub ^ | October 31, 2016
    Never fear, Super Duck is here! In this crazy video, a hawk dive bombs a chicken out of nowhere, thinking it was easy prey. However, that was not the case. You see, this hawk chose the wrong farm to try and steal an easy meal. This particular farm is patrolled by a certain duck that doesn’t put up with thieves. The hawk dive bombs a chicken like a flash of lightning and jumps on top to finish it off. But then, suddenly, Super Duck comes to the rescue. Just in the nick of time, the duck heroically scares off the...
  • Surfers, Beach Goers Get a Dose of Big Waves in Pacifica

    11/03/2016 7:04:15 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 25 replies
    NBC Bay Area ^ | 11/3 | Michelle Roberts
    The Coast guard issued a high-surf advisory Thursday and warned surfers and swimmers to be on the lookout for dangerous sneaker waves. Even the regulars at Pacifica State Beach said it was tough to catch a clean wave Thursday afternoon. "The waves are a little big for this beach," said Francis St. Amant. Ann Hicks and her two kids enjoyed the massive swells from a safe distance. \ "They’re only a sneaker if you’re not watching," she said with a snicker. "I think it’s pretty strong for the kids to play." A couple of miles north along the cliffs in...
  • Gun ownership data?

    11/03/2016 9:52:02 AM PDT · by stuck_in_new_orleans · 20 replies
    Hope some freepers can hopefully lend a hand. I am trying to find the best source for gun ownership by state. Is there a reputable source for this that someone can reccomend? Thanks.
  • Fresno Sheriff’s Deputy Dies After Colleague Discharges Weapon in ‘Tragic Accidental Shooting,’...

    11/02/2016 8:50:51 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 32 replies
    ktla ^ | 11/02/2016 | tracy bloom
    Deputy Sgt. Rod Lucas, 46, and three other people were in the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office — located near the Fresno Airport — around 3:40 p.m. Monday when the incident took place, the agency stated in a news release. Lucas was discussing how to carry a backup weapon with a detective, who had his firearm out. During the course of the conversation, the detective’s gun fired off one round, striking Lucas in the chest, the release stated. CPR was performed in the office before Lucas was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased, according to officials. ......
  • Record Supermoon and 9 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in November

    11/01/2016 11:51:13 AM PDT · by Heartlander · 15 replies
    National Geographic ^ | November 1, 2016 | Andrew Fazekas
    Record Supermoon and 9 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in November The coming month brings the roaring lion of meteor displays, dazzling planets, and plenty more reasons to look up at the night sky. You’ll even have the chance to catch the most impressive supermoon in nearly seven decades.So dust off those binoculars and mark your November calendar!Moon and Saturn—November 2 About an hour after local sunset, catch the razor-thin crescent moon hanging over Saturn. The cosmic pair will appear less than three degrees apart, or less than the width of your three middle fingers held at arm’s length. Adding to...
  • Five million-year-old extinct 'super salmon' was 9 FEET long with a mouth full of spiked teeth

    10/31/2016 7:15:54 AM PDT · by C19fan · 24 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | October 31, 2016 | Ryan O'Hare
    A giant extinct salmon used a mouthful of spiked teeth to fight rivals more than five million years ago. The coastal waters of the Pacific were home to the bizarre species with huge teeth, a new study shows. The spike-toothed salmon reached sizes of three to nine feet in length (0.91 to 2.7m) - much larger than the typical salmon found in the Pacific today.
  • A Shift in Culture as More Women Take Up Hunting

    10/30/2016 6:46:10 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 17 replies
    Sioux City Journal ^ | 10/31 | Danielle Ferguson
    The sound of a gunshot crackled through miles of soon-to-be combined land, bringing one pheasant to the ground in a single plop. Carol Bothe and her crew spent the opening day of pheasant season pushing through fields, waiting for the perfect shot. Bothe, of Brandon, is part of a growing female segment of small game hunting license holders.