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  • Trump Supporters ‘Take Over’ Town Hall With Nasty Surprise As Maxine Waters Tries To Leave

    06/25/2017 7:50:16 PM PDT · by dontreadthis · 57 replies
    youtube ^ | 6/24/17 | Breaking News 365
    Trump Supporters ‘Take Over’ Town Hall With Nasty Surprise As Maxine Waters Tries To Leave Maxine Waters got a big wake up call when she held a town hall in Gardena, California. The Calfornia Congresswoman was met by a few hundred President Donald Trump supporters who were there to protest. Maxine was shocked as the protesters “took over” the town hall, but
  • Just Damn! CNN putz Brian Stetler has dragged Phil Donahue out of the old folks home.

    06/25/2017 8:48:18 AM PDT · by Conserv · 60 replies
    I don't want to say it, but Trump is a P u $ $ Ygrabber... and it's our fault because we didn't vote. lmao. This crap is COMEDY GOLD. Then Donahue went on to say how Trump's rallies are a production. Said did you notice how they made sure to put pretty young WHITE GIRLS behind Trump. OH NOES! Not evil white girls!! How could he?
  • POTUS Goes on the Offensive (Jay Sekulow)

    06/17/2017 6:32:49 AM PDT · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 74 replies
    Twitter ^ | 16 June 2017 | Jay Sekulow
    POTUS Goes on the Offensive (Video)
  • Georgia Special Election

    06/14/2017 1:56:18 PM PDT · by LeonardFMason · 20 replies
    It is admittedly a small matter in light of the assassination attempt made on several Republicans, however, I sure hope the good people of Georgia punish the Democrat in the special election on the 20th. I trust this guarantees the win. A double digit win would be awesome.

    06/13/2017 8:32:49 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 46 replies
    Newsweak ^ | 6/12/17 AT 6:21 PM | TIM MARCIN
    Considering former FBI Director James Comey testified last Thursday that the president was a liar, last week wasn't particularly great for Donald Trump. And this week isn't off to a great start for the president, either. Trump's approval rating sunk to just 36 percent in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll released Monday. That's nearly the lowest point for Trump in the Gallup survey. Trump previously hit 35 percent approval on March 28 shortly after the Republican Obamacare replacement, the American Health Care Act, failed before the House of Representatives could even take a vote. Trump's disapproval rating, meanwhile, has...
  • Twitter Trolls Apparently Didn’t Like How Donald Trump Sang the National Anthem

    05/29/2017 11:31:55 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 41 replies
    Mediaite ^ | May 29, 2017 | Jon Levine
    In the next edition of Donald Trump can do nothing right ever, we give you the National Anthem. Shortly before delivering Memorial Day remarks Monday at Arlington National Cemetery, President Trump joined with the audience in the traditional signing of America’s national song. Unlike a lot in Trumpland, it all went off smoothly — but that still didn’t stop a certain class of Twitter liberal from taking exception. The crime this time was Trump’s personal rendition of the anthem, which trolls online apparently deemed insufficiently respectful — or something. Here’s a snapshot of the miasma of faux outrage. (TWEETS-AT-LINK) …...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Tell us your Favorite Name Song. Names in Titles or Lyrics ~ May 26, 2017

    05/25/2017 5:04:51 PM PDT · by Michael.SF. · 334 replies
    FreeRepublic ^ | may 25, 2017 | Michael SF
    ~Favorite "Name" Song's~ Van Morrison - Gloria *Video* A Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash *Video*
  • The Baneful Apocalyptic Triad of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia

    05/22/2017 11:04:34 AM PDT · by maavak · 14 replies
    Sputnik News ^ | May 22 2017 | Mathew Maavak
    An analysis on Trump’s recently concluded trip to Saudi Arabia and the ongoing one to Israel. Trump effectively blessed Saudi Arabia as a pillar of moderate Islam as part of his “Muslim reset”. One Arab writer even hailed Saudi-US ties as one that “shaped the wider world” and although the wider world would undeniably agree with that reality, it would nevertheless consign such ties to the very negative end of the global affairs spectrum. The Israeli press celebrated Trump’s royal treatment in Riyadh and observed how the president and select members of his cabinet danced with swords in a ceremony...
  • Federal gas tax increase - - please!

    05/09/2017 6:24:18 AM PDT · by finnsheep · 82 replies
    vanity | 5/9/2017 | finnsheep
    If there were ever a time to increase the gas tax it would be NOW! A tax bill is in the works. The Democrats want it "paid for." Oil price is way down and not likelihood of an increase soon. High tech improvements to oil discovery and production have drastically reduced oil prices. I am happy to pay more for a gas tax that would improve road and bridge infrastructure. PA increased the gas tax and nobody fussed much. A federal gas tax hike is long overdue and Democrats would vote for it!
  • Comey’s Third Door: Delay

    05/07/2017 6:47:21 AM PDT · by DonaldAx · 21 replies ^ | 5/5/2017 | Donald Ax
    FBI Director, James Comey, stated in public testimony on Wednesday that he had only two doors available to him just eleven days before the Presidential election when new Hillary Clinton emails surfaced on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The two choices he had were to either conceal these new emails from Congress and ultimately the American People or to reveal that new Clinton emails were found that may be important to the case.He wanted the public to go back with him to October 27, 2016 and asked what would any reasonable person have done, reveal or conceal? He said in his...
  • Chris Rock Reveals Hilariously Wrong Advice He Gave to Michelle Obama

    05/03/2017 7:20:17 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 20 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | May 3, 2017 | P.J. Gladnick
    Sometimes crossed signals can result in communication that go horribly and, in the case of comedian Chris Rock, hilariously wrong. What made the misunderstanding so funny is that it happened at the final White House party hosted by President Barack Obama. And the person with whom the signals were so horribly/hilariously misunderstood was First Lady Michelle Obama.  Chris Rock revealed what happened on the May 2 Tonight Show while recounting the laugh error to host Jimmy Fallon.
  • 63% of men think women mainly wear makeup to trick people into thinking they're attractive

    05/03/2017 3:24:42 AM PDT · by blackbetty59 · 253 replies
    YouGovUS ^ | May 1, 2017 | Yael Bame
    Makeup shamers, as beauty guru NikkieTutorials recently explained in a YouTube video, are those who try to make others feel guilty or inferior for enjoying cosmetics – they believe women wear makeup because they are too insecure not to or are just thirsty for the male gaze. New YouGov data suggests that makeup shaming may be just as prevalent as NikkieTutorials reports. The majority of US adults (55%) feel that women mainly wear makeup in order to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive – specifically, 63% of men feel this way. Similarly, 43% of Americans agree that women wear...

    04/25/2017 6:45:24 PM PDT · by windhover · 23 replies
    4/25/2017 | windhover
    A Trump veto cannot be overridden and the Lib-Demo- Rhinos know it. No mistake, this terrifies them, and no amount of involuntary elitist chastening can change this. Yes, we are on to you, and it just doesn't matter anymore. A Trump veto takes away the pressure that has intimidated the Republicans for decades. Now, the question may be asked, " Has Republican intimidation been sincere, or simply an excuse to go along with the same interests that move the Democrats? ". We will see. If they are not sincere, they must be replaced. What is absolutely required, is to kill...

    04/25/2017 1:27:18 PM PDT · by windhover · 45 replies
    VANITY | 4/25/2017 | windhover
    O.K. The Dems. have roared, "No wall", the Repubs. have predictably rolled over on their backs and begged for a tummy rub, and the government will run dry on Friday. Sound familiar? Anyone for a good Hurl? But hold your fire, I believe, and greatly hope the difference will be Trump, as follows; The GOP, of course, by nature or design will cave and vote a bill without a wall. If Senate concurs Trump will veto. It cannot be overridden. The Dems. scream and blame Trump. He doesn't give a lusty one, and the Repubs. are safe because they voted...
  • Best Movie Line Ever!!!

    04/23/2017 11:25:03 PM PDT · by waus · 27 replies
    You Tube ^ | 4-23-17 | waus
    This never gets old and I post it every once in a while. It's late enough at night to do it where the cranky people can't see it and get upset. As they are known to do.
  • Le Pen, Communist Mélenchon, Hack Macron & Corrupt Conservative Fillon Vie for Presidency

    04/23/2017 12:47:10 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 11 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 04-23-2017 | Michael van der Galien
    French voters will finally be able to vote for a new president today. They've suffered for years under the less than inspiring leadership of socialist Francois Hollande, but today they take the first step to replacing him with someone else -- someone better. Or not, of course. After all, although two candidates -- Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen -- are considered to be "conservative," they are not exactly the favorites to win the election. In Fillon's case, even proceeding to the second round may prove impossible. The first round of France's presidential election only serves to separate the top...
  • Should Fox Fire Shepard Smith?

    04/03/2017 2:20:25 PM PDT · by PingPongChampion · 50 replies
    Poletical ^ | April 1st, 2017 | T. Carter
    Fox News has been known to separate its programming into “opinion” and “news”, but some parts of its news wing have fallen prey to the beasts of fake news. One in particular is Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting, which has been dominated by the unsubstantiated claims surrounding Russia's meddling in the US election and the non-existent Trump-Russia connections. Almost daily, Shepard Smith wades into rants and allegations about Trump's connections to Russia while ignoring the larger, real and substantiated connections between Russia and the Clintons. For this, petitions and calls to have Smith fired have been growing. Shepard Smith is...
  • President Obama’s oldest daughter can’t control her temper like daddy taught her to.

    03/26/2017 6:19:26 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 97 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | March 26, 2016 | Carter
    Saturday, March 25, 2017, found Malia Obama, the 44th President’s oldest daughter, at the Parlor, an exclusive Soho club, for a 21-and-over event. Martina Markota was with Lucian Wintrich and was the first to make note of Malia Obama being there: Obamas daughter is next to me In a club in NYC right now — Martina Markota (@MartinaMarkota) March 26, 2017 The minor had been rubbing shoulders with other guests all night until she spotted the Gateway Pundit’s own White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich. She was quick to confront him: Again, Malia Obama is at the party my friend is...
  • Unfit for Duty

    03/03/2017 5:21:28 AM PST · by Mount Athos · 31 replies
    understanding the threat ^ | February 26, 2017
    The new National Security Advisor – Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster – and the Counter-Terrorism advisor to the President of the United States – Sebastian Gorka – both unequivocally state the “terrorist” threat America faces has nothing to do with “true” Islam. Both men are catastrophically wrong and, therefore, are leading America down a disastrous road towards defeat. The New York Times, Guardian, and CNN all report Lt General McMaster told members of the National Security Council Thursday he felt “radical Islamic terrorism” was an unhelpful way to describe terrorism because becoming a terrorist is actually “un-Islamic” in the first...
  • Vanity: Trumps Tax Returns show he was born in Kenya

    03/02/2017 7:44:42 PM PST · by shineon · 29 replies
    Just Kidding