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There's so much great Russian pop music out there and I am fortunate to be exposed to a lot of it.

When you watch these videos, remember the people who want Russians to be our enemies. Why?

The pics link to Youtube videos.

Vremya I Steklo:


Iowa (yes, like the state) is a pretty good pop/rock band I like a lot.

OK, now here's some epic sh*t:

Leningrad, one of the greatest music videos ever:

Leningrad, mini-movie and song about Louboutin shoes. Fun.

Leningrad and Glukoza, because all Russian girls are cool. This song is so kick-ass.

Little Big (these guys crack me up)

This one has some computer-generated PG-13 nudity but it is visually stunning.


That last one better make you dance!

And I leave you with "Chocolate" by Serebro. Great song. Great video of hot Russian girls eating food.

Yeah, this is our enemy.

More to come!