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  • Denouncing

    12/27/2013 12:48:39 PM PST · by slimjohn · 139 replies
    This is just not right.
  • First Picture Of Captured Terror Suspect Released [Caution: Graphic image]

    04/19/2013 7:22:44 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 189 replies
    The 19-year old Dzhokhar has seen better days...
  • South Korea Furious Over Illegal Chinese Boats(SUV charged into Chinese embassy in protest)

    12/13/2011 4:48:23 PM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 9 replies
    ABC News ^ | 12/13/11 | Joohee Cho
    Dec 13, 2011 4:10am South Korea Furious Over Illegal Chinese Boats Public anger in South Korea has escalated a day after a Chinese boat captain stabbed a South Korean coast guardsman to death and seriously injured another with a knife. The captain is charged with murder while resisting arrest by coastal police patrolling illegal Chinese fishing boats at the West Sea’s exclusive economic zone. In one indication of South Korean rage, a 34-year-old man smashed his SUV three times into a police bus guarding the Chinese Embassy inSeoul. And South Korean headlines today strongly criticized the increasing number Chinese fishermen...
  • Do Indians Hate America?

    11/14/2011 5:39:10 PM PST · by SJackson · 73 replies · 2+ views
    Bad Eagle ^ | November 13, 2011 | David Yeagley
    Liberals want everyone to think that Indians hate America. They’ve well-trained a number of professional Indian protesters, and together with America’s subversive media and universities, there is definitely a distinct impression that American Indians have a hostile disposition toward the United States, or at the least, Indians have a permanent resentment toward the country. The Indian drum supposedly beats out an everlasting drone of discontent. It is a hard image to break. Even though it is not true that Indians hate America, it is true that liberals have succeeded in influencing many Indians through offering them positions on NGOs and...
  • Want Proof of How Democrats Would Shut You Up, Tea Partiers?

    08/06/2011 10:42:37 PM PDT · by Nachum · 58 replies
    Big Journalism ^ | 8/6/11 | Warner Todd Huston
    On MSNBC, John Kerry told us that Tea Party ideas are not “real” ideas, not “factual,” and thinks that the media should stop reporting on anything that smacks of ideas or news coming from Tea Partiers. If this isn’t proof of how Democrats and leftists would use the power of government to quash free political speech, what is? Not long ago, several Democrats tried to once again raise the ugly head of the defunct Fairness Doctrine that was killed during the Reagan administration in order to limit the free political speech of conservatives.
  • How Bad Are Bachmann’s Headaches?

    07/20/2011 11:25:13 AM PDT · by Nachum · 59 replies
    fox news ^ | 7/20/11 | Steve Brown
    A campaign spokesperson for presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says a report documenting the severity of the Minnesota congresswoman's migraines is overblown. But, there has been at least one admitted instance of Bachmann being sidelined for days due to a severe migraine and other instances of her falling ill on the House floor. In an article posted by The Daily Caller Monday night, un-named sources described Bachmann's migraines as regular and debilitating, often interrupting her work schedule. Alice Stewart, national press secretary for Bachmann's White House bid, joined the campaign in mid-June, and Stewart says she has seen no evidence of...
  • Guest Post: How Much Would It Cost To Buy Congress Back From Special Interests?

    06/30/2011 11:27:07 AM PDT · by Nachum · 22 replies
    zero hedge ^ | 6/30/11 | Tyler Durden
    Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds How Much Would It Cost To Buy Congress Back From Special Interests? Here's a thought: let's buy our Congress back from the special interests who now own it. We all know special interests own the U.S. Congress and the Federal machinery of governance (i.e. regulatory capture). How much would it cost the American citizenry to buy back their Congress? The goal in buying our Congress back from the banking cartel et al. would not be to compete with the special interests for congressional favors--it would be to elect a Congress which...
  • How House GOP can - and should - block Obama recess appointments

    05/12/2011 5:16:06 PM PDT · by Nachum · 13 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 5/12/11 | Philip Klein
    Republicans shouldn't settle for issuing outraged press releases the next time President Obama makes a recess appointment. Instead, they should use their constitutional powers to block him from taking such action in the first place. In his first two years in office, Obama made 28 recess appointments, many of which were of highly controversial nominees who likely wouldn't have been confirmed otherwise. Obama will keep making such appointments until House Republicans thwart him. Remember that when Democrats took over Congress in 2007, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked President Bush from making recess appointments by holding pro forma Senate sessions...
  • How Obama 'compromises'

    01/31/2010 7:48:19 AM PST · by aquapub · 10 replies · 610+ views
    Ever since Scott Brown's stunning upset victory in Massachusetts, Obama has been forced to acknowledge the existence of Republicans...beyond insulting, demonizing and falsely blaming them for everything and excluding them from every step of the process. Now, the "post-partisan" candidate for "change" wants to "work together"...
  • Kennedy’s Death Spurs Calls to Pass Health Legislation

    08/26/2009 8:37:14 AM PDT · by MaestroLC · 259 replies · 7,527+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | August 26, 2009 | By Jake Sherman
    <p>The death of Sen. Edward Kennedy quickly became a rallying cry for Congress to pass health care overhaul legislation.</p> <p>House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office sent an email to reporters at around 2:30 a.m. today, just hours after his death, calling for the passage of health care overhaul. “Ted Kennedy’s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration,” the statement read.</p>
  • Public Security: China begins gun crackdown to ensure social stability

    03/27/2009 8:01:28 PM PDT · by Flavius · 3 replies · 431+ views
    chicoms ^ | March 24, 2009 | chinese communists
    China has launched a crackdown on gun crimes to ensure social stability, the Ministry of Public Security said Tuesday in an online statement.
  • How music lessons hold the key to brainier children

    09/20/2006 5:48:57 PM PDT · by blam · 93 replies · 3,316+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 9-20-2006 | Roger Highfield
    How music lessons hold the key to brainier children By Roger Highfield, Science Editor (Filed: 20/09/2006) Young children who take music lessons show more advanced brain development and improved memory than those who do not, according to a study published today. Suzuki pupils in concert: research shows evidence of early musical learning being linked to advanced brain development Researchers claim to have found the first evidence of musical training being linked to greater attention skills. After a year, musically trained children performed better in a memory test that is correlated with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, mathematics...
  • How Did The Chimpanzee Cross The Road

    09/14/2006 4:16:06 PM PDT · by blam · 16 replies · 610+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 9-14-2006
    How did the chimpanzee cross the road? 14 September 2006 From New Scientist Print Edition. Cautiously, it would seem. When it comes to crossing roads, chimps seem to have formulated their own version of a highway code. What's more, the time they spend pondering a strategy before crossing depends on how dangerous the road is. When some monkeys and baboons cross risky terrain, adult males travel at the front of the group to reduce the risk of it being attacked by predators. This had never been recorded in great apes, but now Kimberly Hockings of the University of Stirling in...
  • "Time Line" (test model only)

    09/07/2006 10:54:12 PM PDT · by Ken H · 51 replies · 851+ views
    FR | today | FR
    This thread is to serve as a file for the known information on the time line, and for adding new information as it becomes available. Please include link to source of your information.
  • How British Names Conquered The World

    08/30/2006 6:28:00 PM PDT · by blam · 41 replies · 1,354+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 8-31-2006 | Charles Clover
    How British names conquered the world By Charles Clover (Filed: 31/08/2006) The biggest concentration of people called Salt is in Stoke-on-Trent, as is the greatest number of people called Pepper, according to a new study which maps the spread of British names across the globe. The number of people with either surname is roughly equal so the reason for this is likely to be that both Salts and Peppers derived their names from people who made pots for condiments in the Potteries, according to the authors of the study, published at the Royal Geographical Society's annual conference yesterday. What the...
  • How Modern Were European Neanderthals?

    08/25/2006 12:05:53 PM PDT · by blam · 51 replies · 1,163+ views
    Eureka Alert ^ | 8-25-2006 | Hannah Johnson
    Contact: Hannah Johnson 44-117-928-8896 University of Bristol How modern were European Neanderthals? Neandertals were much more like modern humans than had been previously thought, according to a re-examination of finds from one of the most famous palaeolithic sites in Europe by Bristol University archaeologist, Professor Joao Zilhao, and his French colleagues. Professor Zilhao has been able to show that sophisticated artefacts such as decorated bone points and personal ornaments found in the Châtelperronian culture of France and Spain were genuinely associated with Neandertals around 44,000 years ago, rather than acquired from modern humans who might have been living nearby....
  • Could Use Some Ideas from Knowledgeable Freepers

    08/11/2006 1:35:51 PM PDT · by genefromjersey · 39 replies · 754+ views
    08/11/06 | vanity
    I could use some help in figuring out how individuals,corporations,etc. might financially exploit Joe Biden's (and another questionable group's) plan to divide Iraq into 3 balkanized countries with one EU-like capitol in Baghdad, and "an equitable share of the oil revenues". I scent a big-ass weasel in the woodpile ! Who would gain-financially-from such a division,and how ? I'd appreciate any (non-political)ideas you might suggest.(I already dislike Biden,so I don't need schooling in that !)
  • How To Tell Earthlings That Martian Life Is Here

    08/01/2006 2:31:56 PM PDT · by blam · 19 replies · 1,009+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 8-1-2006 | David Shiga
    How to tell Earthlings that Martian life is here 18:40 01 August 2006 news service David Shiga The Spirit and Opportunity rovers that continue to explore Mars are not designed to search for life. But if a sample return mission is ever sent to Mars, scientists could test for it in the rocks brought back to Earth. In 1996, news of possible signs of life in a Martian meteorite called ALH84001 leaked out ahead of a press conference that had been scheduled by NASA. This was partly because a high-ranking White House official told a prostitute about the meteorite....
  • How U.S. took out top Iraq terrorist (Bomb finished in Tucson ends a two-week chase )

    06/09/2006 8:26:55 PM PDT · by SandRat · 13 replies · 1,007+ views
    Arizona Daily Star (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ) ^ | Hamza Hendawi and Jim Krane
    BAGHDAD — U.S. and Iraqi forces zeroed in on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi over two weeks, tracking his spiritual adviser to the terrorist leader's doorstep and unleashing the airstrike that included a bomb equipped in Tucson that killed them, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Thursday. The first bomb used in the airstrike was a laser-guided Paveway GBU-12, Lt. Gen. Gary North, the top U.S. air commander in the region, told Reuters. Raytheon makes the bomb's guidance systems in Tucson
  • How Locusts Decide It's Time To Swarm

    06/02/2006 2:09:48 PM PDT · by blam · 15 replies · 647+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 6-1-2006 | John Pickrell
    How locusts decide it's time to swarm 19:00 01 June 2006 news service John Pickrell Juvenile locusts marching in a swarm (image: Gabriel A Miller) The precise moment at which a group of independently milling locusts loses its chaotic aspect and transforms into a highly aligned swarm has been pinpointed by researchers. The finding could provide a new weapon in the campaign to control the pests which devastate vegetation in Africa and Asia, with dire impacts on agriculture, health and economies. Previous work has shown that solitary locusts can be induced to swarm when individuals in concentrated populations repeatedly...