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  • Amy Coney Barrett Nomination to the Supreme Court Advanced to Senate Despite Democrat's "Surreal Boycott" of Vote

    10/22/2020 8:46:10 AM PDT · by Lenora Thompson · 39 replies
    Lenora Thompson, Patriotic Writer ^ | 10/22/2020 | Lenora Thompson, Writer
    Rarely has our nation seen a judge more competent and qualified to serve on the Supreme Court than Amy Coney Barrett. During her confirmation hearing, she held me in thrall with the magnificence of her mind. Only once before has anyone inspired the thought, "Greatness walks amongst us." His name is Trey Gowdy. In Amy Coney Barrett, I feel the same awe and chills once again. With Amy's confirmation, Lady Justice will no longer peek from underneath her blindfold. No longer will there be a finger surreptitiously pushing down on one side of her Scales of Justice. When Barrett's Senate...
  • Nevermore War... The Pale Horse Comes

    10/21/2020 7:40:21 PM PDT · by usar4me · 11 replies
    Author ^ | October 21, 2020 | Ronald Nelson
    What pain drives men to suffer the pangs of war... too, send their best and brightest to stand before the sword... too, bleed red the earth. Where comes this driving force and its counsel to war... to war, in our streets and back yards, where our children will reap of the steel of man's rain. Shall we not suffer long for such a reproach before God.... too, drive our swords into the very heart of our brothers? Where comes this silent killer to steal their innocence, to reap the tears of our daughters... and harvest the strength of our young...
  • 1865: Mexican Republican officers, under the Black Decree

    10/21/2020 7:37:22 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 4 replies ^ | October 21, 2009 | Headsman
    On this date in 1865, two Republican generals, four colonels, and various other officers captured earlier in the month were executed on the authority of Mexico’s notorious Bando Negro — the “Black Decree.” Halfway into his ill-fated three-year reign as “Emperor,” Maximilian I was in a bad way against Mexican president-turned-guerrilla Benito Juarez. On October 3, 1865, he authorized summary execution for captured Republicans … and for anyone else who ran afoul of a nearby military official without having speedy proof of his or her political bona fides. All individuals forming a part of armed bands or bodies existing without...
  • Far left already plotting takeover of Biden administration

    10/20/2020 10:45:36 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 18 replies ^ | PUBLISHED: October 19, 2020 at 7:36 p.m. | UPDATED: October 20, 2020 at 7:59 a.m. | By Joe Battenfeld
    The dirty little secret of this presidential campaign may be that while Joe Biden ran as a moderate his administration will be run by the far left, led by running mate Kamala Harris, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad.” The planned progressive takeover is already underway. Warren has been aggressively lobbying for a prominent Cabinet post for months after she was left out as a vice presidential pick. You can expect that lobbying effort to ratchet up to a fever pitch if Biden wins the White House. Other Massachusetts Democrats, dominated by the far...
  • 2011: Muammar Gaddafi

    10/20/2020 7:34:26 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 15 replies ^ | October 19, 2019 | Headsman
    Dictator Muammar Gaddafi (several alternate transliterations are familiar, such as Qaddafi and Gadhafi) was killed by his captors during the Libyan civil war on this date in 2011 — an act very much on the extrajudicial and summary side of the foggy borderlands defining an “execution”. Libya’s despot since ejecting the British-supported King Idris way back in 1969, the wily colonel steered his state for 40-odd years; his blend of pan-Arabism, Islamic socialism, pan-Africanism, and direct democracy is known as the Third International Theory and expounded in Gaddafi’s own manual of political theory, The Green Book — which became required...
  • Remembering Herbert Hoover: Freedom and Impossible Modern Expectations

    10/20/2020 7:18:52 AM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 5 replies ^ | 20th October, 2020, American time | Ozguy1945
    Failure-proof freedom is not possible. But we strive for it. Herbert Hoover knew in 1936 just how bad “perfect” plans could become. What good did it do the pharaohs in Exodus to resist the will of God and think that they could overcome the pestilences He sent them. Nowadays entire societies think that by shutting down they can conquer a pandemic. The world is slowly realising that lockdowns don’t save us and the economic truth of what we are as workers, traders and customers. This knowledge may come too late to save the Trump presidency. But will the spirit of...
  • Biden Crime Family - Historical FR Post Update

    10/20/2020 7:11:48 AM PDT · by ConservativeInPA · 8 replies
    Free Republic Posts ^ | October 20, 2020 | ConservativeInPA & FRiends
    The October Surprise - Biden Crime FamilyPrior to the October 14, 2020 BombshellThis is in chronological order. Scroll down for most recent stories. Where Biden Crime Family members are noted, it is assumed Joe Biden is also part of the story. I will not repeatedly name Joe next to links. 8/3/2002: Ashley Biden Sen. Biden's Daughter Arrested 8/4/2002: Ashley Sen. Biden’s Daughter Arrested in Altercation2008 8/24/2008: Beau Biden Whew boy! "Joe Biden's son is the one who got Obama out of this (Sinclair) mess." 8/24/2008: Hunter Biden My Son, The Lobbyist: Biden's Son a Well-Paid DC Insider 8/25/2008: Hunter MBNA...
  • Liz Warren Holds Enthusiastic Rally for Sleepy Joe Biden in Front of 8 Supporters – But 2 of them are too Young to Vote

    10/19/2020 9:03:32 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 43 replies ^ | By Jim Hoft Published October 19, 2020 at 10:40am
    Joe Biden is hiding in his basement today. He called a lid. In his place Senator Liz Warren is campaigning for the former corrupt Vice President. Warren held an enthusiastic rally in front of eight people this morning in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. At least two of the eight were too young to vote.
  • 1998: Twenty-four Sierra Leone rebels

    10/19/2020 7:45:48 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat ^ | October 19, 2013 | Headsman
    Fifteen years ago today, thousands of Freetown residents piled into a stone quarry on the outskirts of the Sierra Leone capital to cheer the firing squad executions of two dozen soldiers linked to the previous year’s coup. In an episode of Sierra Leone’s intractable 1990s civil war, the government of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was overthrown in 1997 by a military clique in alliance with the murderous Revolutionary United Front (RUF). This was the height of Sierra Leone’s “blood diamond” chaos, and the RUF had earned an international reputation for savagery in exploiting this lucrative trade — most vividly symbolized by...
  • Joe Biden and Son Crime Syndicate: The Journey of Hunter Biden's Hard Drive Data From Repair Shop to Rudy Giuliani

    10/18/2020 3:26:17 PM PDT · by Lenora Thompson · 10 replies
    Lenora Thompson, Patriotic Writer ^ | 10/18/2020 | Lenora Thompson, Writer
    Hunter Biden's hard drive. The biggest news story of last week (and perhaps the whole year!) and the gift that keeps on a-giving. Late Thursday (10/16/2020) evening, Rudy Giuliani granted an exclusive interview to the Daily Caller. Here's what we learned. The journey of Hunter's hard drive data did not run smoothly. It also took more time than one would assume and has been vetted more thoroughly than the Left wants you to know. According the Left, the data came from a computer hack. Not even remotely true. But even if it did, the data is still sound. If it...
  • (Semi-Vanity) Biden/Pelosi/Kerry Crime Families Time Line

    10/18/2020 7:22:55 AM PDT · by ConservativeInPA · 16 replies
    Free Republic Posts with Many Sources ^ | October 18, 2020 | ConservativeInPA & Others
    I'm keeping a running list of Biden Crime Family (BCF) Posts in my profile. Here's the latest snapshot: The October Surprise - Biden Crime FamilyPrior to the October 14, 2020 Bombshell 8/3/2002: Sen. Biden's Daughter Arrested 8/4/2002: Sen. Biden’s Daughter Arrested in Altercation2008 8/24/2008: Whew boy! "Joe Biden's son is the one who got Obama out of this (Sinclair) mess." 8/24/2008: My Son, The Lobbyist: Biden's Son a Well-Paid DC Insider 8/25/2008: MBNA paid Biden son at critical time for bill 9/2/2008: TIMES INVESTIGATATION REVELS BIDEN FAMILY EMESHESED IN DC MONEY GAME 9/8/2008: The son also rises (Joe Biden influence...
  • Why I Will Not Vote the Democratic Ticket: Historical Document

    10/18/2020 6:12:27 AM PDT · by blueyon · 23 replies
    Wall Builders ^ | ??? | Unknown/Wall Builders
    I am opposed to the Democratic Party, and I will tell you why. Every State that seceded from the United States was a Democratic State. Every ordinance of secession was drawn by a Democrat. Every man that endeavored to tear the old flag from the heaven that it enriches was a Democrat. Every enemy this great Republic has had for twenty years has been a Democrat. Every man that shot Union soldiers was a Democrat. Every man that starve union soldiers and refused them in the extremity of death a crust was Democrat. Every man that tried to destroy this...
  • 31: Sejanus, captain of the Praetorian Guard

    10/17/2020 10:12:16 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 19 replies ^ | October 18, 2008 | Headsman
    Over the course of this day in 31, Lucius Aelius Seianus went from virtual master of the Roman Empire to strangulation at the order of the Senate. Known simply as Sejanus, he was of equestrian stock who rose to prefect the Praetorian Guard when Tiberius succeeded Augustus as Rome’s first citizen. It was not yet the “infamous Praetorian Guard”. Sejanus would make it so: his were the institutional aggrandizement — long outliving Sejanus — that would position the Guard to arbitrate imperial succession; his the persecutorial internal policing that made it a swords-and-sandals Gestapo.
  • Nextrush Unplugged: Weekend Version Trump, Biden, Fauci "Markets" Real Domestic Terrorism Real News Updates

    10/17/2020 7:26:03 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 5 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 10/17/2020 | Nextrush/Self
    Welcome to the weekend calculating Day 216 of the Dictatorship of COVID-19 where crisis leads to authoritarian government unquestioned and unchecked even by elections... New Zealand's dictator on two counts-COVID-19 and firearms-winning big in terms of her country's politics with almost half of the popular vote. Jacinda Ardern's Labor Party looking at a majority in its own right in the 120 seat parliament..... Donald J. Trump Dow Jones 30,000, Joe Biden Dow Jones 15,000, Anthony Fauci Dow Jones 7,500 Ever look at the political situation that way. I looked by my quarterly statement retirement investments last week and my dad...
  • 1934: Harry Pierpont, Dillinger mentor

    10/17/2020 7:48:36 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 3 replies ^ | October 17, 2012 | Headsman
    At 12:09 a.m. this date in 1934, Harry Pierpont — a partner of notorious gangster John Dillinger — was electrocuted at the Columbus, Ohio penitentiary. This Indiana-born criminal helped Dillinger transition from local malcontent to FBI’s Most Wanted* in prison in Michigan City, Indiana. Pierpont was a professional armed robber and the leader of a gang that knocked over several Indiana banks in the mid-1920s before his capture. That was right about the time that fellow Hoosier Dillinger was catching an absurdly harsh 10-to-20-year sentence for robbing a local grocer in Mooresville — a sentence Dillinger helped bring on himself...

    10/17/2020 6:16:19 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 37 replies
    Powerline ^ | 17 Oct 2020 | Paul Mirengoff
    In 1970, baseball’s post-season consisted of a best of five playoff series in both leagues plus the World Series. Thus, the minimum number of post-season games was ten. The 1970 playoffs were completed in one game over that minimum number. The Baltimore Orioles, smarting from their upset loss to the New York Mets in the 1969 World Series, swept aside the Minnesota Twins in three straight. The combined score of the three games was 27-10. In the National League, the Cincinnati Reds swept the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, this was a tighter series. The Reds needed ten innings to win the...
  • Ocasio-Cortez, House progressives warn Biden on corporate hires

    10/16/2020 6:32:53 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 13 replies ^ | By ALEX THOMPSON 10/16/2020 08:30 AM EDT
    WASHINGTON — The election is still 18 days away but Democrats are already drawing battle lines over what a Biden administration ought to look like. Left-wing House members including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Katie Porter, Ayanna Pressley, Raúl Grijalva and candidate Jamaal Bowman along with 39 progressive groups signed a letter, obtained by POLITICO, arguing that no C-suite level corporate executives or corporate lobbyists ought to have Senate-confirmed positions in a Biden administration. “One of the most important lessons of the Trump administration is the need to stop putting corporate officers and lobbyists in charge of our government,” they wrote. “As...

    10/16/2020 4:50:30 AM PDT · by SMARTY · 26 replies
    10-16-2020 | self
    Oprah can't open her maw without showing her ignorance.
  • 1946: The Nuremberg Trial War Criminals

    10/15/2020 9:18:52 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 20 replies ^ | October 16, 2009 | Headsman
    Victor’s justice was never better served than this date in 1946, when the brass of Third Reich hung for crimes against humanity during the late World War II. The landmark legal proceeding* is covered well enough in many other sources for this humble venue to break new ground. Apart from trailblazing international law, the trial was notable for the gut-punching film of German atrocities; this relatively novel piece of evidence is available for perusal thanks to the magic of the Internet. Caution: Strong stuff. An hour’s worth of Nazi atrocities.The climactic hangings in the predawn hours this day in Nuremberg...
  • Musings on a Washington Circus

    10/15/2020 8:35:27 PM PDT · by jfd1776
    Illinois Review ^ | October 15, 2020 AD | John F Di Leo
    Reflections on the confirmation process, now and then... While watching the news this week, one was forced to ponder many things... the Supreme Court, the United States Senate, the wonders of the internet, and how far we have fallen as a nation. We have more information at our fingertips today than anyone ever had in generations before. Questions might take hours in a library to research, staring at encyclopedias, digging through dusty old reference books, even squinting to read old periodicals on microfiche. Such methods still exist, for data not yet digitized, but 90% of what we need is now...