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  • The case for restricting hate speech

    06/22/2017 6:39:53 AM PDT · by C19fan · 42 replies
    LA Times ^ | June 21, 2017 | Laura Beth Nielsen
    As a sociologist and legal scholar, I struggle to explain the boundaries of free speech to undergraduates. Despite the 1st Amendment—I tell my students—local, state, and federal laws limit all kinds of speech. We regulate advertising, obscenity, slander, libel, and inciting lawless action to name just a few. My students nod along until we get to racist and sexist speech. Some can’t grasp why, if we restrict so many forms of speech, we don’t also restrict hate speech. Why, for example, did the Supreme Court on Monday rule that the trademark office cannot reject “disparaging” applications—like a request from an...
  • A New Twist on Teaching Economics

    06/21/2017 7:14:49 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies ^ | June 21, 2017 | Walter E. Williams
    Greg Caskey is a 27-year-old Abington, Pennsylvania, native who is a social sciences teacher at Delaware Military Academy. The academy is a thriving charter high school in Wilmington, Delaware, that was founded in 2003 by two retired military officers, Charles Baldwin and Jack Wintermantel. Students from all socio-economic backgrounds attend the school, which is doing a stellar job of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and, just as importantly, moral character and self-discipline. Mr. Caskey is one of the school's standout teachers. He has developed an innovative way of teaching the principles of economics to the school's students -- a curriculum...
  • Barack Obama: “The US Must Give Up Some of Its Freedoms to the UN”

    06/16/2017 6:44:55 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 92 replies
    Sources News ^ | 6/12/2017
    Former President Barack Obama in Montreal this week warned the world against income inequality and the concentration of wealth, all while pulling down $7,700 per minute at his $400,000 speech. Obama’s first post-presidency address on Canadian soil was loaded with anti-Trump, anti-capitalism and anti-American rhetoric. Big surprise there. Obama said that the concentration of wealth fans fears that governments exist solely to benefit the powerful, NBC reported and noted that Obama is now “striving to be an international community organizer.” He said the U.S. and other nations showed there was a better way “in creating an international order that was...
  • Lena Dunham: Losing Birth Control Could Mean a Life of Pain

    06/11/2017 6:51:57 AM PDT · by C19fan · 59 replies
    NY Times ^ | June 9, 2017 | Lena Dunham
    I was 12 the first time I felt the crippling cramps. I hadn’t yet gotten my period and was happily running around a state fair with my best friend, mouth full of cotton candy, when it hit me: a steady drum of pain beneath my pubic bone, a throbbing in my back that made its way down both my legs. I fell to the muddy ground. Suddenly the Ferris wheel was a nightmare, the carnival games distorted and unpleasant. I blacked out.
  • Run, Hide, Tell vs. Stand and Fight

    06/04/2017 6:59:42 AM PDT · by Tudorfly · 42 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 06-04-2017 | Anthony Joseph & Ekin Karaskin
    The Metropolitan Police have issued a warning to 'run, tell and hide' as they hunt for terrorists who went on a rampage on the streets of London tonight.
  • California: One-Gun-a-Month Bill Passes Senate as House of Origin Deadline Approaches

    06/01/2017 10:05:02 AM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 17 replies
    NRA-ILA ^ | 5/31/2017 | Unknown
    The deadline to pass bills from their house of origin is this Friday, June 2. Yesterday, May 30, the Senate passed anti-gun bill, Senate Bill 497, which extends California’s one-handgun-a-month limitation to all guns, by a vote of 25 – 13. It is obvious this legislation is another attempt to place more barriers on those exercising their rights and does nothing to address the criminal misuse of firearms or firearm trafficking. Criminals who generally acquire their firearms through illicit means will continue to ignore California’s stringent laws including limitations on the number of firearms that can be acquired within a...
  • Let’s Study The U.S. Constitution – Part 3

    06/01/2017 8:18:12 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 4 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 6/1/17 | Susan Frickey
    If you approach the study of our Constitution with the mental image of building a house, it’s easier to comprehend and retain what you are learning. The original four short pages that make up the seven Articles of the Constitution provide the concrete foundation and the framework. The authors were literally called the “framers” of the Constitution. The Articles are short, to the point, and critically important in understanding the foundation of our republic. Patrick Henry said, “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people. It is an instrument for the people to restrain the...
  • Paris Café Owner sells CCTV footage of Terrorist attack, fined

    06/01/2017 7:30:06 AM PDT · by ThinkingAllowed · 6 replies
    RT ^ | 5/31/2017 | unknown
    The proprietor of the Casa Nostra restaurant in Paris has been fined and ordered to pay compensation to five victims featured in a CCTV video he sold without consent of the café being shot at in November 2015 during the terror attacks that killed 130. Dimitri Mohamadi was found guilty of “disclosing video images to an unauthorized person” and illegally installing a video surveillance system. He was fined €10,000, his two intermediaries involved in selling the footage €5,000 and €1,500, and all three have been told to pay damages of €6,000 to the five victims.
  • Memorial Day 2017

    05/29/2017 4:43:58 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 12 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 5-29-17 | MOTUS
    "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." —Winston ChurchillAs we do on this day each year, we pause to remember the men and women who died fighting for our freedom. We stand by humbly, gratefully, silently, to honor their sacrifice.We remember…We mourn for those lost…And we mourn for those they’ve left behind…As we reflect again on the the steep price of freedom.By all means, enjoy your picnics, parades and celebrations today – it is a holiday after all. But do pause to remember and honor all the brave Americans across...
  • Trump Says He Looks Forward to Speaking With Pope About How Christian Teachings Lead to Freedom

    05/20/2017 4:41:19 PM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 51 replies
    CNSNews ^ | 05/20/2017 | Staff
    In his weekly address released today, President Donald Trump said he is looking forward to talking with Pope Francis about how Christian teaching can put the world on a path to freedom. Trump noted that after his visits in Saudi Arabia and Israel, he will be traveling to the Vatican. “I'll head to the Vatican,” said Trump, “where I will have the great honor of an audience with Pope Francis. I look forward to speaking with the Pope about how Christian teachings can help put the world on a path to justice, freedom, and peace.” {..snip..}
  • The Dangerous Advance on Assisted Suicide You Probably Haven't Heard About

    05/20/2017 2:17:45 PM PDT · by DFG · 26 replies
    newsbusters ^ | 05/20/2017 | Bobby Schindler
    We're living through a time when there seems to be something new and alarming in the news every day. Our media cycle is dominated by the dramatic, and one consequence of this is that alarming events can unfold on the state and local level going unnoticed despite their ultimately national consequences. One such example is before Oregon's state legislature. First introduced in January, an alarming bill, SB 494, would radically change the meaning of healthcare in that state, with the potential for national ripple effects. SB 494 would put countless medically vulnerable persons at risk of a premature and untimely...
  • Washington Post urges colleges to censor speech if someone thinks it’s racist

    05/12/2017 6:24:50 AM PDT · by C19fan · 18 replies
    College Fix ^ | May 11, 2017 | Greg Piper
    Does The Washington Post editorial board have the slightest familiarity with First Amendment precedents? In response to the racist-banana incident at the private American University – now under investigation by the U.S. attorney in D.C. as well as the FBI – the editorial board has declared that all colleges should censor students if someone thinks their speech or behavior is racist:
  • Orioles Hall of Famer becomes U.S. citizen in Baltimore

    05/11/2017 11:05:35 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 11 replies
    WBAL Baltimore ^ | May 11, 2017 | by Omar Jimenez
    So far this year, almost 10,000 people have become U.S. citizens in Maryland. One of the newest citizens is a Baltimore Oriole who gave the city nine memorable years. he special ceremony, which happens twice a day in Baltimore, was a little more nerve-wracking than stepping onto the field at Camden Yards. Orioles Hall of Famer Melvin Mora has become a U.S. citizen after 17 years in the country. "I was trying not to cry," Mora said. "I said, 'What am I doing?' You know, I've been hitting with 40,000 people and now my hands are shaking so you know...
  • Trump’s Executive Order Fails to Address Most Pressing Religious Liberty Threats

    05/05/2017 6:00:17 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 23 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | May 4, 2017 | Ryan T. Anderson
    President Donald Trump said he’d promote commonsense policies that would “Make America Great Again” and would stand up to politically correct bullying from the left.So why isn’t he doing that in the case of religious freedom?Twice now, he has failed to stand up for commonsense policy on religious liberty when liberal opponents lashed out against it.Back in February, he caved to the protests of liberal special interest groups as he declined to issue an executive order on religious liberty that had been leaked to hostile press.And earlier today, he issued an executive order on “free speech and religious liberty” that...
  • Why people are rich and poor: Republicans and Democrats have very different views

    05/02/2017 1:25:43 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 31 replies
    Pew Research Center ^ | May 2, 2017 | by SAMANTHA SMITH
    Beyond partisan differences over economic policies, there are stark divisions on a fundamental question: What makes someone rich or poor? Most Republicans link a person’s financial standing to their own hard work – or the lack of it. Most Democrats say that whether someone is rich or poor is more attributable to circumstances beyond their control. The public overall is about evenly divided over which has more to do with why a person is rich: 45% say it is because he or she worked harder than most people, while 43% say it is because they had more advantages in life...
  • Pew: More Americans now prefer a bigger gov't with more services to smaller one with fewer services

    04/25/2017 7:35:25 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies
    Hotair ^ | 04/24/2017 | AllahPundit
    That’s not unheard of, according to Pew, but it’s awfully rare over the last 40 years polling. And it doesn’t seem to be a fluke result in light of yesterday’s NBC poll. That survey found 57 percent saying that government should do more to solve problems and meet the needs of Americans, a 20-year high. Pew asked a different question along the same lines: Do you prefer a bigger government that offers more services or a smaller one that offers fewer services? Result: 48/45. The last time that metric was evenly split was 2008.Pew drilled down and asked people...
  • Cultural Marxism and Euphemisms

    04/24/2017 11:56:49 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 2 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/24/17 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
    Liberalism is not really freedom; it thrives on divisiveness, separation, and inequality Cultural Marxist academics, their sycophant students, and the main stream media are at war with America—a war of violent Marxist ideology and a war of cleverly chosen words and euphemisms that appear time and time again in many college courses, high school classes, in propaganda literature, newspapers, conferences, and in the manufactured news. Cultural Marxists are regular guests on all the alphabet soup networks masquerading as real news, spewing their hatred, their disdain and disrespect for our President, and their calls to renewed violence in the streets through...
  • Leftist Delusion Spreading; You Can’t Have Freedom Without Economic Liberty

    04/23/2017 8:48:31 PM PDT · by smashtheleft · 9 replies | 4/23/17 | Shawn Mitchell
    The American left is becoming more brazen. It feels empowered and unashamed to censor conservative speech on campus and elsewhere. It frankly condemns property rights and the free enterprise system. Its champions like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren coldly mock prosperous entrepreneurs and even disparage abundant consumer choice on the shelves of grocery and department stores. That worldview is obviously far from America’s cultural and constitutional roots. In choosing the blessings and risks of independence over the security and servitude of colonial dependence, the founders crafted a constitution carefully structured to protect property, contract, and economic rights.
  • Conservative versus left-wing tax protests

    04/19/2017 8:27:21 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/19/17 | Daniel Greenfield
    Conservatives want fewer chains. Leftists insist that the problem with the chains is that not everyone is chained down hard enough A conservative tax protest is a protest that taxes are too high, too onerous or illegal. A left-wing tax protest is a demand for more taxes on someone else. Or, in this case, a baseless accusation that someone else isn’t paying enough taxes. It’s hard to think of a better way to summarize the fundamental differences between conservatives and the left when it comes to big government.
  • Huffington Post Blog Suggests Taking Away White Men’s Right To Vote

    04/13/2017 2:36:17 PM PDT · by blam · 70 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 4-13-2017 | Alex Griswold
    A blog post published Thursday on the Huffington Post's South African version of the site advocated stripping white men of their right to vote. Shelley Garland is an activist and feminist completing a Master of Arts degree in philosophy and "working on ways to smash the patriarchy." "Could It Be Time to Deny White Men the Franchise?" she asked Thursday in the title of her blog post. "It is time to wrestle control of the world back from white males, and the first step will be a temporary restriction of the franchise to them," according to Garland. "If white men...