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  • Mueller Team: Flynn’s Given Us Everything (We’re running out of potential pathways for collusion)

    03/13/2019 9:05:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Hotair ^ | 03/13/2019 | Ed Morrissey
    Call this the shoe that didn’t drop. In a court filing late last night, the special counsel’s team filed a sentence recommendation regarding Michael Flynn, a supposed lynchpin of potential Russian collusion. Robert Mueller’s attorneys urged the federal judge to go easy on Flynn, thanks to his cooperation with their investigation, and claimed it was now “complete.”That means we won’t be seeing any collusion theories connecting through the man once thought to be a prime suspect for it: Michael Flynn’s cooperation in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is complete, lawyers for the special counsel said in a Tuesday night report...
  • Trump's former campaign chief Manafort faces what could be a life in prison for bank and tax fraud

    03/07/2019 4:49:03 AM PST · by Monrose72 · 45 replies
    CNBC ^ | 03-07-19 | Sarah N. Lynch
    President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be sentenced by a U.S. judge in Virginia on Thursday for bank and tax fraud. The fraud was uncovered during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election. Manafort could face what effectively would be a life sentence in prison for the eight charges the veteran Republican political consultant was convicted of by a jury in Alexandria last August.
  • British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal

    04/17/2017 11:37:05 AM PDT · by detective · 20 replies
    AIM ^ | April 17, 2017
    The British Guardian posted a report on April 13 claiming that its sources now admit that the British spy agency GCHQ was digitally wiretapping Trump associates, going back to late 2015. This was presumably when the December 2015 Moscow meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lt. General Michael Flynn took place. This runs contrary to the blanket nature of the denial insinuated in GCHQ’s carefully-crafted statement of March 17 claiming it was all “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous” that they conducted surveillance of “then president-elect” Donald Trump (emphasis added). The surveillance went back a year before he became “president-elect.”
  • The Case of Adam Lovinger: How Security Clearances of Trump Officials Are Politicized

    08/27/2018 5:25:59 PM PDT · by roses of sharon · 27 replies
    The Epoch Times ^ | 8/27/18 | Jeff Carlson
    Adam Lovinger was a Strategic Affairs analyst with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA). Since January 2017 he had been working on loan as a White House National Security Council analyst after being selected for the position by General Michael Flynn. “Security clearances are being weaponized against the White House by hostile career bureaucrats, thwarting the president’s agenda by holding up or blocking appointees.” “In Mr. Lovinger’s case, those weaponizing the security-clearance process include a senior official who remains on the job despite publicly disparaging President Trump as “unfit” to lead, a Pentagon attorney who instructed colleagues on the...
  • Q Anon: 02/18/19 Trust Trump's Plan

    02/18/2019 10:04:07 PM PST · by ransomnote · 2,205 replies ^ | 02/18/19 | FReepers, vanity
    “Trust The Plan” YouTube President Trump This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (The Plan) - 6 min Table tang-soo et. al. Q Boot Camp Quickest way to learn the basics about Q. YouTube Storm Is Upon Us Q - We Are The Plan - 6 min YouTube Dan Duval Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval-Part 3 -Excellent orientation to Q by Praying Medic YouTube Joe Masepoes Q - The Plan To Save The World - 13 min - popular introduction Also, Stormisuponus on Bitchute Threadreader Jason Wright Q Anon Is Real - Oct, Nov 2017 Q drops +...
  • Understanding Why the Deep State Had to Take Down General Michael Flynn

    01/16/2019 7:00:00 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 01/16/2019 | Frank Hawkins
    Does the American public really understand what happened to Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn?  Highlights of the case have been thoroughly exploited by the shallow, left-leaning media as a convenient avenue to attack President Trump.  But important elements of the story remain largely buried from public view. The tragic political demise of this distinguished general who was President Trump's initial national security adviser, one of the key jobs in the White House, has been well documented.  Former FBI director James Comey and the now disgraced upper echelon of the FBI and, subsequently, Special Counsel Robert Mueller maliciously trapped him, resulting in his ultimate...
  • Weapons that Hillary Clinton’s State Dept ran into Libya used to kill Amb. Stevens, CIA operators

    01/12/2019 4:25:56 PM PST · by Openurmind · 41 replies
    The National Sentinel ^ | 1/12/19 | Staff
    Shocking new details revealed last week by a former law enforcement official named Roscoe B. Davis in a series of tweets that were backed by previous reporting from Fox News allegedly implicate the Clinton Foundation as raking in millions of dollars running guns and other weapons into the Middle East. Furthermore, according to Davis’ information, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who once headed the Defense Intelligence Agency, was also allegedly targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Deep State because he knows all the details. Davis began his series of tweets claiming that people were once again showing...
  • Benghazi Junkies - Gripping Twitter Thread Sheds New Light on Hillary's Int'l Fast&Furious

    01/05/2019 9:48:15 AM PST · by gaijin · 49 replies
    Twitter, Roscoe B. Davis ^ | Jan 5th, 2019 | Roscoe Davis
    Are you such a Benghazi junky that you're fed up with it..? I still think you still need to see this Twitter vid clip series. I'll detail some highlights: You know about the Afghanistan stinger shootdown of a CH-47 and that they traced the missile serial number back to the CIA, right? This vid series shows the first interviews I've seen with Marc Turi, the CIA-associated arms dealer paid to arm "The Libyan Opposition" to Qaddafi. Did you know Turi was an Arizona neighbor of John McCain..? Or that just one of the many Libya-associated contracts that Turi handled was...
  • Bombshell: New Info Says Jamal Khashoggi Was A Foreign Influence Agent

    12/27/2018 11:28:57 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 60 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 12/27/2018 | Jim Hanson
    Jamal Khashoggi’s op-eds published in the very influential Washington Post certainly qualify as attempts to change U.S. policy against Saudi Arabia and in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Washington Post has caused itself a major scandal since it has come to light they and their martyred “reformer” Jamal Khashoggi were publishing anti-Saudi propaganda for Qatar. They tried to bury this in a pre-Christmas Saturday news dump, but that can’t stop the damage this will do to their reputation.“Text messages between Khashoggi and an executive at Qatar Foundation International show that the executive, Maggie Mitchell Salem, at times shaped the...
  • Exculpatory Russia evidence about Mike Flynn that US intel kept secret

    01/02/2019 1:54:04 PM PST · by yesthatjallen · 38 replies
    The Hill ^ | 01/02/19 | John Solomon
    Sometimes public silence can be deafening or, for that matter, misleading. For nearly two years now, the intelligence community has kept secret evidence in the Russia collusion case that directly undercuts the portrayal of retired Army general and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn as a Russian stooge. That silence was maintained even when former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates publicly claimed Flynn was possibly “compromised” by Moscow. And when a Democratic senator, Al Franken of Minnesota, suggested the former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief posed a “danger to this republic.” And even when some media outlets opined about...
  • Why Was The General Targeted?

    12/27/2018 9:38:19 PM PST · by bitt · 54 replies ^ | 12/27/2018 | nick
  • Three oddities in FBI handling of Flynn interview

    12/26/2018 11:47:34 AM PST · by bitt · 17 replies
    The Hill ^ | 12/26/2018 | kevin r bronk
    Let’s get this part out of the way: Michael Flynn believes he lied to FBI agents during an interview, as well as to the vice president, and he pleaded guilty to criminal charges. He owns that; it’s on him. But while Washington and the media fixate on that aspect of the story, the recently released “302” of his interview with the FBI — the official form that agents use to summarize certain interviews — is so odd that it only helps to perpetuate perceptions that the FBI was targeting the Trump campaign, and then the Trump administration, for mostly political...
  • The Neverending, Mysterious Saga of Michael Flynn

    12/23/2018 8:59:46 PM PST · by bitt · 22 replies ^ | 12/23/2018 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Certainly, no one should defend a top-ranking federal employee’s lying to federal investigators or to his superiors in the Trump Administration, if that is what former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did, as evidenced by his own confession. Note if Flynn lied to President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence about details of his private conversations, then that is unethical and understandably should be grounds for dismissal. The distinction, however, is whether Flynn deserved to be fired or to be in jail. What put Flynn in legal jeopardy were the general’s statements to FBI investigators that purportedly were false, and...
  • NBC News Analyst Urges Indictment of Trump Children [semi-satire]

    12/23/2018 9:53:16 AM PST · by John Semmens · 7 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 23 Dec 2018 | John Semmens
    NBC News legal analyst Jill Wine-Banks sent out a "tweet" suggesting that "if we can't get Trump directly we could threaten to embroil his children in legal jeopardy." Banks pointed out that "Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller used this tactic to persuade Gen. Flynn to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit. Maybe it would work the same magic if Trump's sons and daughters were similarly threatened." Addressing concerns that such a tactic might be construed as extortion, Banks asserted "we are at war to determine who shall rule America. Will it be the obviously unqualified interloper Donald Trump? Or...
  • #Mueller still has NOT filed the ORIGINAL #302.

    12/20/2018 5:55:39 PM PST · by saywhatagain · 25 replies
    Twitter ^ | December20, 2018 | Sidney Powell
    Friends please pay attention! Despite #JudgeSullivan minute order this week, #Mueller still has NOT filed the ORIGINAL #302. The one dated 2/15 with #Strzok name is altered @Barnes_Law & is NOT original. Notes of #Pietka & other info missing too! #Flynn . . . . Sidney Powell
  • Judge Sullivan's Calculus : General Flynn's Vindication Isn't a Question of Law - it's a Question..

    12/20/2018 9:05:42 AM PST · by bitt · 24 replies ^ | 12/19/2018 | Rex
    Like many, I was expecting a different outcome from today's sentencing hearing for General Flynn. The wretched history of the case, combined with revelations of recent days exposing the disgraceful way General Flynn was set up by the likes of Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Yates, gave many of us high expectations that by now, General Flynn would be a free man. However, I forgot a lesson that I explained in a recent article, explaining POTUS Trump's logic in delaying declassification : don't move against your enemies, when they still have a voice. To his credit, Judge Emmett Sullivan didn't forget...
  • The Real Story of the Flynn Hearing

    12/19/2018 8:22:21 PM PST · by bitt · 75 replies
    wsj opinion ^ | 12/19/2018 | Michael Leeden
    The dramatic Tuesday hearing for former national security adviser Mike Flynn didn’t produce a sentence. Instead, Judge Emmet Sullivan gave Mr. Flynn a delay to reconsider his options. I was in the courtroom, and my reading of Judge Sullivan’s treatment of Mr. Flynn (with whom I co-wrote a 2016 book) was rather different from what most reporters have said and written. Judge Sullivan repeatedly invited Mr. Flynn to reconsider his guilty plea on a charge of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Judge Sullivan stressed that he had not presided over earlier proceedings in the case and that he...
  • The Evidence Coming Out Of The Flynn Case Makes Mueller Look Worse And Worse

    12/19/2018 11:56:02 AM PST · by detective · 71 replies
    The Federalist ^ | December 19, 2018 | Adam Mill
    As Michael Flynn stood for sentencing Tuesday, you could imagine the special counsel attorneys audibly exhale in relief as he declined to withdraw his guilty plea. Until that moment, it was an open question whether Judge Emmet Sullivan would excuse the government’s now apparent misconduct. Instead, the judge blasted Flynn for “selling out” his country and wondered whether a “treason” charge might have been considered at some point. The Federalist’s Sean Davis hypothesized that the judge was frustrated by the Flynn team attempting to have his cake and eat it too. If Flynn wanted to attack the government’s abuse of...
  • Q Anon: 12/18/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/18/2018 10:23:39 PM PST · by ransomnote · 2,395 replies ^ | 12/18/18 | FReepers, vanity
    “Trust The Plan” YouTube President Trump This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (The Plan) - 6 min YouTube Storm Is Upon Us Q - We Are The Plan - 6 min YouTube Dan Duval Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval-Part 3 -Excellent orientation to Q by Praying Medic YouTube Joe Masepoes Q - The Plan To Save The World - 13 min - popular introduction Also, Stormisuponus on Bitchute Threadreader Jason Wright Q Anon Is Real - Oct, Nov 2017 Q drops + commentary Twitter Paul Serran What is Q? - 31 point introduction Medium Martin Geddes WWG1WGA:...
  • Letter to Judge Sullivan in Support of General Michael T. Flynn

    12/18/2018 9:26:46 PM PST · by bitt · 32 replies ^ | 12/18/2018 | Robin Gritz
    Original letter sent to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan by former Special Supervisory Agent Robyn Gritz, who worked closely with General Flynn in counter-terrorism operations as more fully described in the letter, as well as an inside view into the character and tactics used by those in charge of his investigation, by someone who has come to know them well.