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Editorial (News/Activism)

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  • Give the brave Chattanooga servicemen the Purple Heart

    07/27/2015 6:51:40 PM PDT · by From The Deer Stand · 10 replies
    Local | July 27, 2015 | From The Deer Stand
    Awarding the Purple Heart to the five brave American military men who were murdered by an Islamic terrorist is a no-brainer, unless you're in the politically-correct Obama Administration. These brave men were attacked on our soil by someone following the ISIS lead. His attack on our members of military was an act of war. Our government will hem and haw over something obvious and we, as patriotic Americans, are getting awful testy over nitpicky words, putting a cushion around evil Islam, and putting our military members secondary. Award the Purple Heart now!
  • CNN poll: 64% of Republicans prefer securing border and deportation of illegals over legalization

    07/27/2015 6:29:46 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    Hot ^ | July 27, 2015 | ED MORRISEY
    This should answer the question of why Donald Trump resonates with the Republican base. Despite having criticized Mitt Romney for being too hardline on immigration in 2012, Trump has until very recently embraced the hardline positions — and those turn out to be very popular among GOP voters. A new poll from CNN shows that normalizing the illegals who have been living here gets 55% support from the general public, but 64% of Republicans prefer deportation: The poll also finds Trump’s positions on immigration are at odds with those of most Americans, but may be providing him a boost in...
  • The Millennial Generation's Problem with Patriotism

    07/27/2015 6:17:41 PM PDT · by giant sable · 5 replies
    Task & Purpose ^ | July 27, 2015 | Will DuVal
    Drunkenly waving the American flag at a frat party is not a real demonstration of love for country.
  • Planned Parenthood's President Is Just as Disgusted as You Are by Those Videos

    07/27/2015 2:11:16 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 42 replies
    Rush ^ | July 27, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Ma Richards' daughter, Cecile, who runs Planned Parenthood was on a Sunday show yesterday, this week with synopsis, and she said that the "most disgusting part" of all of these videos that we have seen of Planned Parenthood -- the exposure of the harvesting of body parts from human babies for sale ostensibly to advance medical research... Ma Richards' daughter says that the most disgusting part about those videos is the deceit of the pro-life activists. Here listening to the audio sound bites. This is yesterday on This Week with Stephanopoulos, who said, "If there's no financial benefit to...
  • Phony GOP Conservatism Has Worn Out Its Welcome

    07/27/2015 1:28:56 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 69 replies
    Creators Syndicate ^ | July 28, 2015 | David Limbaugh
    The long-simmering disconnect between the Republican Party's conservative base and its leaders in government has degenerated into a full-blown schism. While President Obama accelerates his increasingly radical agenda, the GOP, despite its congressional majority, can barely muster an objection, let alone block his momentum. Other than to offer a toothless public rebuke of Obama's destructive schemes, what was the point of the 2014 GOP congressional landslide? It's no longer just a small percentage of conservatives questioning the GOP. Our people are furious and rightly so. I've recently shared my opinion that Donald Trump's explosive surge is because of his...
  • Does John Kerry Think the Iran Deal Will Launch Him to the Presidency?

    07/27/2015 1:28:25 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies
    Rush ^ | July 27, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: The Ayatollah Khamenei is doubling down, ladies and gentlemen. Ayatollah Khamenei is going crazy as a tweeter. He puts out a picture... Honestly, folks, you've probably seen this by now because it happened over the weekend. The Ayatollah Khamenei or somebody claiming to be the Ayatollah Khamenei -- I didn't know these guys tweeted 'cause they're stuck in the seventh century, and I know that Twitter wasn't around then. So that's why I doubt that it's actually the Ayatollah Khamenei. But it hasn't been disavowed by the Ayatollah Khamenei, so maybe it's real. It's a silhouette of Barack Obama...
  • Trump Doubled Down -- and It Worked

    07/27/2015 12:54:25 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies
    Rush ^ | July 27, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: To the audio sound bites first quickly. I want to remind you just to hear it from my own lips. Last Monday on this program. RUSH: That was last Monday. I was warning everybody that Trump's not playing by the rules, and it really is an important point. I know I've made this over and over again, but it's required, particularly to make impressions on low-information voters. The fact is when the media, Washington establishment, whoever, starts acting outraged over something a public figure said... They're doing it now with Huckabee, by the way, over what he said about...
  • Sowell: Documented Irresponsibility

    07/27/2015 12:51:21 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 8 replies
    Creators Syndicate ^ | July 28, 2015 | Thomas Sowell
    People who entered the United States illegally may be called "undocumented" in politically correct circles, but what is all too well documented is the utter irresponsibility of both political parties in dealing with immigration issues. Both Democratic and Republican administrations have left the border with Mexico porous for years porous not just for Mexicans but for anybody else, including terrorists from the Middle East. Two very different issues have gotten jumbled together in the political stew called "comprehensive immigration reform." The first and most fundamental issue is whether we are going to have an immigration policy at all. The...
  • Angelo Codevilla's Take on Trump

    07/27/2015 12:36:59 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 23 replies
    Rush ^ | July 27, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Angelo Codevilla and Trump. As you know, Mr. Codevilla is a renowned academic and has served as special advisor to various Senate committees. He has written a piece that actually became a book on "the ruling class," his term to describe the Washington establishment, but it's not limited to Washington. It really is the political establishment that compromises members of both parties, and instead of calling them the establishment, he called them "the ruling class" or "the political class." It was so well written, I read the whole thing on this program. It appeared in the American Spectator. He...
  • Slaying the Abortion Giant

    07/27/2015 12:20:35 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Joe Rigney
    We’re entering the third week of the Planned Parenthood video marathon. Two videos are out with more to come. And yet the ghoulishness of the videos hasn’t stopped the White House from standing by them, Hillary from defending them, and the DOJ from investigating those who exposed them for the callous barbarians that they are. Those of us who are appalled by the videos are trying to figure out what to do with the present opportunity. One author has ably explained why it’s nearly impossible to defund Planned Parenthood. They’re deeply entrenched, with one political party deeply committed to preserving...
  • Starnes: Emasculated Republicans Block Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood

    07/27/2015 10:48:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Todd Starnes
    <p>Senate Republicans had a chance to stop Planned Parenthood from butchering unborn children and selling their body parts to the highest bidder. Instead, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to put up a vote -- thumbing his nose at Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, along with every pro-lifer in the nation.</p>
  • Conservatives Are Going After Law Enforcement Agencies In the Name of Property Rights

    07/27/2015 10:31:23 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Kevin Glass
    Joseph Rivers, an aspiring artist from Michigan, had his dreams shattered by federal agents. On a train to California, where he was going to start a video production business, he had his $16,000 in life savings seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency under the mere claimed suspicion that it was going to be used as drug money. A hunch or suspicion is enough for some law enforcement agents to seize someone's property and hold it until they prove themselves innocent. As the Albuquerque Journal, which first reported Rivers' case, quoted the DEA agent in charge: "We don't have to prove...

    07/27/2015 9:58:22 AM PDT · by Lakeshark · 26 replies
    Powerline ^ | 7/27/15 | Angelo M. Codevilla
    In the land of the blind, so goes the saying, the one-eyed man is king. Donald Trump leapt atop other contenders for the Republican presidential nomination when he acted on the primordial fact in American public life today, from which most of the others hide their eyes, namely: most Americans distrust, fear, are sick and tired of, the elected, appointed, and bureaucratic officials who rule over us, as well as their cronies in the corporate, media, and academic world. Trumps attraction lies less in his words grace or even precision than in the extent to which Americans are searching for...
  • Turkey Uses ISIS ( Islamic State ) as Excuse to Attack Kurds

    07/26/2015 8:22:22 AM PDT · by george76 · 5 replies
    Gatestone Institute ^ | July 26, 2015 | Uzay Bulut
    Turkish government is using ISIS as a pretext to attack the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party). Turkey just announced that its air base at Incirlik will soon be open to coalition forces, presumably to fight ISIS. But the moment Turkey started bombing, it targeted Kurdish positions in Iraq, in addition to targeting ISIS positions in Syria. In Turkey, millions of indigenous Kurds are continually terrorized and murdered, but ISIS terrorists can freely travel and use official border crossings to go to Syria and return to Turkey; they are even treated at Turkish hospitals. If this is how the states that rule...
  • KURDS, PALESTINIANS AND DOUBLE STANDARDS-Who really deserves statehood?

    07/27/2015 5:37:44 AM PDT · by SJackson · 12 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Joseph Puder
    The Washington Post headline on June, 2, 2015, read: Obama Makes an Impassioned Case for a Palestinian State. While President Obama and his administration are eager for the establishment of another unstable and likely terrorist Arab (there are 21 Arab states, and Palestine is the 22nd) state called Palestine, they have largely ignored if not betrayed the Kurds in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. The Kurds are one of the largest national groups globally without a state of their own, and they are yearning for one independent Kurdish state. Justice for the Kurds, it seems, is subjected to the whims...
  • The Meaning of Life

    07/27/2015 4:51:51 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Matt Barber
    I suppose its a bit more of an anecdote than a commentary. Twenty-two years ago and it seems like last week. Isnt that something old farts say? The aftermath from the previous nights whirlwind revelry had become all too familiar. Friends had come and friends had gone. My tiny, one bedroom apartment in Thornton, Colorado, was, once again, strewn with empty beer bottles and soggy cigarette butts that lay decomposing in makeshift ashtray tombs. The pungent pong of stale beer and cheap tobacco turned my stomach as I, having just roused at the crack of noon and suffering the hangover...
  • Can Trump Save America Alone?

    07/27/2015 4:07:20 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 53 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Terry Paulson
    In spite of the provocative nature of his seemingly unchecked comments, its clear that Donald Trump and his polarizing comments are not going away. After all, theres something very attractive about a truth teller whos not afraid of expressing his views in a town known for political correctness, safe comments, and excuses. The faithful want more than campaign promises from politicians who once elected seem to get a strong case of Potomac Fever. Many wonder if fearless campaigning will translate into fearless, effective leadership. By Trumps own admission, hes beyond rich, rich enough not to need anyones campaign funds. He...
  • President Obama to Abortionists: Thank You, Planned Parenthood. God Bless You.

    07/27/2015 3:53:08 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Ken Blackwell
    Planned Parenthood pays no taxes. Under President Obama, they’ve made more than $500 million in profits, but they claim to be a “non-profit” organization. They kill more than 800 children every day. And they have from the earliest days targeted minority women. They once had a “Negro Ministers” project designed to recruit black pastors to push first birth control and then abortion in minority neighborhoods. Now, in two startling videos, we have seen Planned Parenthood leaders engaged in a ghoulish traffic in the organs of unborn children whom they have killed. My colleague at Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, discussed...
  • What Gun Should I Get?

    07/27/2015 3:42:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 41 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Katie Kieffer
    Dr. Seuss new book, What Pet Should I Get? inspired me to write a Seuss-style poem from the perspective of a mother who wants a gun to defend her family. My poem is a plea for 2nd Amendment rights in the wake of recent mass tragedies committed by Dylann Roof, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez and John Houser. As you know, Ive written many columns in defense of gun rights. However, given last weeks tragic shooting in a Louisiana movie theatre, I will try reaching hearts and minds by presenting my facts in a more creative way. Please share this column with...
  • 'Anti-bullying classes' a cover for Gay Advocacy [Sponsored by a Repubican Governor]

    07/27/2015 3:28:02 AM PDT · by markomalley · 18 replies
    The gay rights movement has been very subversive in our schools. They claim they want kids to be taught tolerance towards gay kids, so they won't be bullied. But that's not what these tolerance and "anti-bullying" classes are really teaching. They are actually advocacy classes aimed at teaching a physically unhealthy lifestyle. The latest example of this can be seen at a middle school classroom in Iowa: The Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth claims to be the largest homosexual youth conference in the nation, but contrary to popular opinion, its purpose is not fostering understanding in the schools or...
  • The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion

    07/27/2015 1:51:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 44 replies ^ | July 27, 2015 | Kurt Schlichter
    Republicans fear a repeat of 1992, with a squishy Bush at the head of the ticket watching helplessly as some populist businessman/novelty act hands the election to a Clinton. But Democrats should fear the far more likely repeat of 1968. Ah, the 1968 convention just thinking of it brings a smile to the face of every normal American. Lets start with hordes of Chicago cops kicking the psychedelia out of dirty hippies. Footage of all-American flatfoots clocking VC-flag waving pinkos with nightsticks is more erotic than a hundred Fifty Shades books. Just thinking about it makes me want to...
  • Cops as Criminals

    07/26/2015 5:53:03 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 81 replies ^ | July 26, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    Late one night, during high school, I was driving home when several police cars zoomed by. Curious about what was going on, I followed them down a residential street, where they pulled up to a house. I drove by and saw some officers walking up the sidewalk, but couldn't tell what they might be after. So I pulled into a driveway, turned around and drove back. My curiosity still unsatisfied, I then looped around the block to make one more pass. Wrong decision. One of the cops pulled his car up behind me, turned on his lights, jumped out and...
  • On Sunday, Donald Trump Showed Why His Campaign Is Doomed

    07/26/2015 1:51:12 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 109 replies
    The Fiscal Times ^ | July 26, 2015 | Rob Garver
    For the past six weeks, an overarching concern for the Republican Party has been the impact that Donald Trump might have on the GOP primary election particularly the damage he could do on the debate stage by turning an already unmanageable 10-candidate forum into a full-on circus. On Sunday, though, Trump himself gave one of the clearest examples yet of why his candidacy is doomed to fail, and why, if handled properly, the debate stage could be his Waterloo. Trump has staked much of his campaign on his promise to solve what many of his supporters see as a...
  • The Overlooked Flaw in the Iranian Deal

    07/26/2015 1:30:22 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies ^ | July 26, 2015 | Bruce Bialosky
    You have to give President Obama credit. The man is an optimist. He believes a country that has spent the better part of its existence since overthrowing the Shah in 1979 -- sticking its thumb in the eye of America and our allies -- will abide by an agreement and potentially create a new world order. That man glows with optimism. You have to love it. Since the nuclear deal has been announced there has been a flood of analysis. I have read both sides, though I have to say there was a lot more condemning the deal than defending...
  • Iran Can Buy A Lot of Terror With $100 Billion

    07/26/2015 1:07:15 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | July 26, 2015 | Jeff Jacoby
    As a US senator and a candidate for president a decade ago, John Kerry couldn't bring himself to worry overmuch about Islamic terrorism. Today, as a secretary of state trying to sell a nuclear accord that would lift economic sanctions from the world's leading state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, he still can't. During his run for the White House in 2004, Kerry insisted that the danger from global jihadists should be viewed as primarily an "intelligence gathering, law enforcement, public diplomacy effort," not a military conflict. "We have to get back to the place we were," he told an interviewer...
  • Will Obama Solve His Guantnamo Problem by Returning It to Cuba?

    07/26/2015 11:56:09 AM PDT · by Brad from Tennessee · 26 replies
    Breitbart ^ | July 21, 2015 | By Frances Martel
    During Mondays flag-raising ceremony at the newly reopened Cuba embassy in Washington, D.C., Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez made a point to note to reporters that the reestablishment of diplomatic relations would not be complete for the communist dictatorship without the return of the entire Guantnamo Bay military base to Cuban sovereignty. With the continued existence of a prison on the military base arguably the most major blight of President Obamas record in the eyes of his liberal base, could handing it off to a rogue state be the Presidents way to finally keep his promise to close Gitmo? The...
  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 8:40:19 AM PDT · by Second Amendment First · 47 replies
    Chicago Trubune ^ | JULY 24, 2015
    More bad news for Chicago (and Illinois) taxpayers arrived Friday morning in a 35-page, double-sided packet. On one of the last pages: "The entire Act is void." Cook County Circuit Court Judge Rita Novak tossed out Chicago's pension reform law. City Hall had negotiated the pension changes for municipal and labor employees with many of the city's unions on board. But Novak, using the Illinois Supreme Court's May pension opinion as her sword, ruled that the city's plan violates the Illinois Constitution: A public worker's pension is a contract that cannot be "diminished or impaired." lRelated Revenge of the pension...
  • A Tale Of Two Deaths: How Democrats Treat Victims Differently Based On Race

    07/26/2015 6:03:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | July 26, 2015 | Derek Hunter
    All the Democratic Party presidential candidates have come under fire from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd for not addressing the rare occurrence of black people dying at the hands of police. They appear to have learned their lesson and are in full political cover mode when it comes to the death of Sandra Bland. Bland, who was black, hanged herself, according to all the evidence, after an arrest following a traffic stop in which she became combative with police. But she has become the latest cause for the progressive left, particularly the #BlackLivesMatter movement. In spite of a coroner’s report to the...
  • Looking Away From Abortion

    07/26/2015 2:23:40 AM PDT · by Brad from Tennessee · 36 replies
    New York Times ^ | July 25, 2015 | By Ross Douthat
    IN an essay in his 1976 collection, Mortal Lessons, the physician Richard Selzer describes a strange suburban scene. People go outside in the morning in his neighborhood, after the garbage trucks have passed, and find a foreignness upon the pavement, a softness underfoot. Looking down, Selzer first thinks he sees oversize baby birds, then rubber baby dolls, until the realization comes that the street is littered with the tiny, naked, all-too-human bodies of aborted fetuses. Later, the local hospital director speaks to Selzer, trying to impose order on the grisly scene. It was an accident, of course: The tiny corpses...
  • Three for the Money: Carly, Walker, and Cruz

    07/26/2015 12:14:41 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 29 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | July 26, 2015 | Clarice Feldman
    This week, three of the Republican candidates showed their mettle and had very good weeks......Carly FiorinaCarlys ability to handle the press and make a name for herself without a large staff or campaign chest continues. This week, she capitalized on videos showing Planned Parenthood to be involved in a distasteful racket, negotiating for the best price for aborted fetal tissue.Mainstream news outlets pretty much ignored the story,.......Carly Fiorina, however, with her penchant for the main shot, did not ignore the issue....The more people see her in action, the more they like her.[SNIP]Scott WalkerScott Walker also carried on the fight against...
  • As Hillary! Craters, Democrats Search for Panic Button

    07/25/2015 4:20:16 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 88 replies
    PJ Tatler ^ | July 25, 2015 | Michael Walsh
    Toast It’s no longer a question of whether Hillary! Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016; it’s only a question of when she will drop out of the race rather than face humiliation a second time: Democrats are seeing warning signs after a new poll showed Hillary Clinton losing three swing states and deep in negative territory on questions of character. One Democratic strategist who spoke on condition of anonymity described the poll results as “the canary in the coal mine.”The poll, from Quinnipiac University, surveyed voters in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. President Obama won all three...
  • VA whistleblowers finally exonerated

    07/25/2015 4:09:16 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 1 replies
    Hot ^ | July 25, 2015 | JAZZ SHAW
    It’s a rare day when we have a story about the Veterans Administration which winds up focusing on some good news. No… before you get your hopes up, the agency has not been fixed. But there is at least one small sliver of justice coming down the pike which might begin to make the entire ordeal seem worth the battles involved. It seems that the people who blew the whistle on the agency’s corrupt, failed practices and were later punished for doing so are getting some measure of restitution for their trials. (From the WaPo) These whistleblowers have now been...
  • The Errant Environmental Encyclical

    07/25/2015 3:17:32 PM PDT · by Brad from Tennessee · 6 replies
    TownHall ^ | Jul 25, 2015 | By Paul Driessen
    The Laudato Si encyclical on climate, sustainability and the environment prepared by and for Pope Francis is often eloquent, always passionate but often encumbered by platitudes, many of them erroneous. Man has slapped nature in the face, and nature never forgives, the pontiff declares. Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as in the last 200 years. It isnt possible to sustain the present level of consumption in developed countries and wealthier sectors of society. Each year thousands of species are being lost, and if we destroy creation, it will destroy us. The pope believes climate change...
  • Video: Belgian police arrest two former Gitmo detainees for AQ recruitment

    07/25/2015 2:32:28 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 1 replies
    Hot ^ | July 25, 2015 | ED MORRISEY
    Quelle surprise? Mais, non. The recidivism rate among former detainees at Guantanamo Bay’s prison is rather high — at least 25-30%, and that’s the cases we’re able to track. The CNN report on the arrest of two former detainees in Belgium has two more interesting angles to it, however: Two former detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba were arrested by Belgian police in a counterterrorism operation targeting a recruiting network for al Qaeda in Syria. They were arrested Wednesday night along with three others as they were about to break into a house to raise funds in the...
  • Letter from an Australian to America: Here's why I love you, USA

    07/25/2015 11:17:43 AM PDT · by Baynative · 38 replies
    FoxNews ^ | July 3, 2015 | Nick Adams
    In 5,000 years of recorded human history, there has been no nation even resembling the United States. The American model has offered, and continues to offer, a greater chance for dignity, hope and happiness for more people than any other system. As Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister, put it: Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy. Lady Thatcher was right. The philosophy is one of individual liberty, free-market opportunity and belief that it's all a gift from God. America is the best idea the world has ever had, the greatest value system ever devised. What are...
  • Without My Rifle, I Am Useless

    07/25/2015 10:52:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | John Nantz
    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Did the Rifleman’s Creed flash through the minds of Sergeant Carson A. Holmquist, Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, Lance Corporal Squire K. Wells, Staff Sergeant David A. Wyatt, and Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith as they were being fired upon by the cur Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez? Could their thoughts have settled briefly upon the sentence, “Without my rifle, I am useless?” Of course, we’ll never know because they were slain by a Muslim terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Tuesday, the sixteenth. Their fates were sealed by...
  • The Unbearable Heavy Financial Burden of "Light" Rails

    07/25/2015 10:44:48 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 25 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | Helen Raleigh
    You know our country is in serious financial trouble when lawmakers are considering selling a portion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in order to partially replenish the U.S. highway trust fund. Yet, the apparent financial distress doesn't stop the Department of Transportation from continuing to hand out millions of federal matching funds to entice local governments to either expand or build light rails under its "New Starts" program. Several U.S. cities jumped on the fed induced light rail frenzy. The latest example is Lone Tree, Colorado, a picturesque small town with a population of 13,267. The Lone Tree city...
  • Lincoln Chafee: Awful Bad, Awful Sad

    07/25/2015 9:39:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | Arthur Schaper
    For the first time in national history, a Rhode Island native son is running for President: Lincoln Chafee. Stumbling is more accurate, since shortly after declaring an exploratory committee, he fumbled into making himself a full-fledged candidate, and all the campaign finance hoopla which accompanies it. A one-term Republican US Senator, then one-term Independent Governor, Chafee entered the 2016 Presidential Election as a Democrat. Confused? Cable news program Common Sense openly derided his ambitions: Are you kidding me? MSNBC took his campaign seriously enough, asked him serious questions, and Chafee already looked like a deer in headlights. Joining the repeal...
  • Know Your Enemy: A Primer on Islamic Jihad

    07/25/2015 5:57:40 AM PDT · by markomalley · 17 replies
    National Review ^ | 7/25/15 | Rep. Steve King
    Islamic jihad has declared war on the United States and all of Western civilization. ISIS has announced its intention to dominate the world and fly its black flag from the White House in continuation of a 1,400-year-old war against us infidels. In the first 100 years after the death of Mohammed (a.d. 632)`, Islamic jihad conquered most of the known world except Western Europe. Christian forces blocked the first century of Islamic conquest at the very bloody Battle of Tours on October 10, 732. Islamic jihad continued to threaten the very existence of Christianity throughout the next millennium. October 7,...
  • Tancredo: Muslim Immigration Should Be Halted in Wake of Chattanooga Terrorism Attack

    07/25/2015 5:53:51 AM PDT · by markomalley · 24 replies
    Big Government ^ | 7/24/15 | Tom Tancredo
    Okay, Muslim immigration halted in wake of Chattanooga terrorism attack isnt todays newspaper headline. But it ought to be.We ought to halt all legal immigration and refugee resettlement from Muslim-majority countries and declare an indefinite moratorium until two changes occur. First, we must devise a better way to identify and deny admission not only to terrorists but also to persons who sympathize with radical Islamism. It will surprise the average American to learn we are not capable of doing that today.The need for those new rules is highlighted by a recent poll showing more than 40 percent of Muslims...
  • Trump, Smarter Than You

    07/25/2015 4:52:15 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | Autry J. Pruitt
    Say what you will about Donald Trump but the man is exciting. Within minutes of bringing his comb over, in your face style and strong name ID to the main stage of the Republican primary field, people started freaking out as his popularity rose. This excitement is not owing to some grand policy insight, his pledge to build a great wall or his excoriation of China and Mexico. What excites people about him is his authenticity. Whether you love Trump or want to dump Trump, there is one consistent philosophy about the man: he feels authentic. Even for those who...
  • Time To Fix Our Federal Criminal Justice System

    07/25/2015 4:26:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | Ken Blackwell
    House Speaker John Boehners statement last Thursday calling for criminal justice reform was a welcome cap to a week of bipartisan and inter-branch voices calling for reform of our federal prison system. The Speaker is the latest in a long list of conservatives championing an approach to sentencing and corrections policymaking that is not just tough on crime but Right on Crime. In just one week, the Speaker announced that he supports criminal justice reform moving forward in the House of Representatives, The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a two-day hearing on federal criminal justice reform, and Barack...
  • Its Time to Rethink Our Labor Laws

    07/25/2015 4:20:05 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | John C. Goodman
    Jeb Bush is a fan. Ditto for Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Hillary Clinton isnt so sure. Martin OMalley says it exposes the need to update our labor laws. Everyone is talking about Uber these days. The topic has even become part of the presidential election. Full disclosure: Im also a fan. I travel a lot. When I am away from home I typically use Uber cars if they are available. When I do, I often ask the drivers how they like working with Uber. I have never had one complain.The most common comment from Uber drivers: they like the...
  • Five Consequences of America's Moral Collapse

    07/25/2015 4:08:00 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies ^ | July 25, 2015 | John Hawkins
    Americans have become so non-judgmental that many people can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. We congratulate ourselves for being nicer, more sensitive and less prejudiced than past generations of Americans, but we dont stop to consider how much more there is to morality than that. An America that isnt full of good people wont remain a good nation, nor will it remain strong and free over the long haul. Our countrys lack of morality has real consequences that are capable of eventually sinking us as a nation. 1) The Collapse Of Marriage: There used to be...
  • Revenge of the Radical Middle

    07/25/2015 2:09:21 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 26 replies
    National Review ^ | July 25, 2015 | Matthew Continetti
    Two decades ago, in the spring of 1996, Newsweek magazine described a group of voters it called the radical middle. Formerly known as the Silent Majority, then the Reagan Democrats, these voters had supported Ross Perot in 1992, and were hoping the Texas billionaire would run again. Voters in the radical middle, Newsweek wrote, see the traditional political system itself as the countrys chief problem. The radical middle is attracted to populists, outsiders, businessmen such as Perot and Lee Iacocca who have never held office, and to anyone, according to Newsweek, who is the tribune of anti-insider discontent. Newt Gingrich...
  • The war on Trump

    07/24/2015 4:50:48 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 80 replies
    wnd ^ | July 23, 2015 | Joseph Farah
    I dont get it. Why are Democrats giving advice to the Republicans about how dangerous Donald Trump is to the GOP plans for capturing the White House? Does that make sense? If you were a Democrat, and you really believed Donald Trump posed a toxic threat to Republican efforts to regain the presidency, why would you warn the GOP about their folly? Something doesnt make sense here. Do you know what I mean? The establishment medias at it, too. We all know how what we euphemistically call the mainstream media are really a bunch of partisan Democrat jackals, right? Why...
  • Cruz Calls McConnell a Liar

    07/24/2015 1:58:34 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 67 replies
    Rush ^ | July 24, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: It's Open Line Friday, folks. That's another element that we want to squeeze into today's programming content, that is, phone calls from you, and on Friday pretty much whatever you wish to talk about is fine. We're also gonna add another element to the program today, which we very rarely do, and that is we're going to have a guest. Yes indeed. The guest is going to be on the phone. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas went to the floor of the United States Senate today and called Mitch McConnell a liar numerous times. He called Mitch McConnell a...
  • Civility: Cruz Debates Code Pink

    07/24/2015 1:36:13 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies
    Rush ^ | July 24, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Yesterday in front of the White House during a Concerned Women for America rally, Ted Cruz was speaking. Now, this a great example of what everybody says conservatism (imitating) -- "needs to of good cheer. We can't be dour and sour and mean-spirited and negative. We have gotta be of good cheer, we gotta be laughing, we gotta be enjoying life, we gotta be upbeat." Well, here is an example of that, Ted Cruz calmly, respectfully debating the lunatics from Code Pink for 20 minutes who tried to show up and blow this event up. CRUZ: We can have...
  • Crazy Leftists Think They're Normal

    07/24/2015 1:28:29 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 25 replies
    Rush ^ | July 24, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: We start Long Beach, California, with John. Thanks for calling, sir. You are up. CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing? I interviewed you one time many years ago in Long Beach, when you were here back around 1992 when you were emerging as a force. But, anyway, that's not what I called about. I wanted to agree with you and your contention that -- I've been in the newspaper business, in journalism, for 36 years now. The first week I started was when the hostage crisis started in 1979 so, you know, I go back that far. And I...
  • Old Lurch Steps In It Again and Again

    07/24/2015 1:15:44 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    Rush ^ | July 24, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: The Iranian nuke deal. John Kerry has admitted -- yesterday we had the story, many of you didn't believe it -- John Kerry has now admitted the United States will help protect Iran's nuclear program from sabotage. I know, I know. Many of you heard that story yesterday, and you didn't believe it. What do you mean? I have e-mails on it. We're gonna defend Iran? Say if Israel wants to take out some nuke sites? Yeah, we are pledged to shield Iran's nuclear program from sabotage. Say a computer hack? We'll defend them against that. Any kind of...