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Keyword: domesticterrorists

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  • Those opposing Democrats are now "domestic terrorists", traitors, etc.

    10/20/2013 6:57:35 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 33 replies
    News-blogs-comments | 20 October 2013 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    So, the rhetoric level rises. All of us who disagree with the Democrats are now terrorists and traitors. What next?
  • Detained protesters accused of Chicago terror plot

    05/19/2012 11:13:47 AM PDT · by SmithL · 27 replies
    AP via SacBee ^ | 5/19/12
    CHICAGO -- Prosecutors say three men arrested in a raid on a Chicago apartment had planned to attack President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home and other targets, including police stations and police cars.
  • The 4 Most Outrageous Lies in Robert Redford’s New Pro-Terrorist Movie

    04/08/2013 9:07:39 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 04/08/2013 | John Boot
    In The Company You Keep, Robert Redford stars in as well as directs a story of an ex-Weather Underground radical who has been living quietly as a public-interest lawyer in upstate New York for more than 30 years. His true identity is discovered by an annoying reporter (Shia LaBeouf) after the apprehension of one of his co-conspirators (Susan Sarandon), who was one of four terrorists who robbed a bank and murdered several security guards in the process.Redford, that noted “liberal activist,” shows where his sympathies truly are. This is a movie that argues: 1. The Weathermen were fighting for peace....
  • Hmm… Shock Claim: Obama Only Wants Military Leaders Who ‘Will Fire on U.S. Citizens’

    01/22/2013 3:45:43 PM PST · by george76 · 191 replies ^ | January 22, 2013 | Jim Hoft
    Dr. Jim Garrow, the author of The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China, made the following claim . ... I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed. So, who is the source? Garrow replied: “The man who told me this is...
  • Anti-Jihad Ads Considered Constitutional

    10/01/2012 2:02:13 PM PDT · by Cindy · 67 replies - Top Opinion Story ^ | September 24, 2012 | Liana Whitehead
    SNIPPET: "New York City is the center of a public uproar as Internet blogger Pamela Gellar rises with an “anti-jihad” ad campaign." SNIPPET: "Gellar and her group are protesting the Jihad, which in definition is the religious duty of Muslims. According to the Dictionary of Islam, jihad is defined as “A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad . . . enjoined especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims.” The literal meaning of jihad, according to the British Broadcasting Network, “is struggle or effort, and it means much more than...
  • Animal rights group claims credit for Calif. arson

    01/10/2012 5:44:13 PM PST · by SmithL · 5 replies
    AP via SFGate ^ | 1/10/12
    Fresno, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities in California are looking into animal rights activists' claims that they caused the fire that destroyed 14 big-rig tractors and several trailers at the state's biggest beef operation. Activists claimed responsibility for the fire at Harris Farms in an email released by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. The email includes a detailed description of how the fire was lit at the state's largest cattle feeder, beef processor and beef marketer....
  • Staten Island Jihadist Blows Lid Off Plotter Network

    01/02/2012 10:51:10 AM PST · by bayouranger · 11 replies ^ | 1-02-12 | robert spencer
    Abdel Hameed Shehadeh wanted to join the U.S. Army so that he could turn and kill American soldiers. Instead, he has exposed a jihad network of impressive proportions that, if his assertions are true, should end the rush toward politically correct self-deception in the way law enforcement officials approach the problem of jihad terrorism in the United States. The criminal complaint against him says that he “and several other individuals” were being charged “in connection with a plot to travel overseas and wage violent jihad against the United States and other coalition military forces.” Shehadeh had planned to wage this...
  • Newspaper sues government to reveal 'secret' Patriot Act interpretation

    10/13/2011 3:03:10 PM PDT · by SaraJohnson · 33 replies
    zdnet (CBS News) ^ | Zack Whittaker
    The New York Times is suing the U.S. government for refusing to divulge how its law enforcement interprets the Patriot Act. After a series of Freedom of Information requests were declined to reveal the classified interpretation of the Patriot Act — a description that Senators Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Mark Udall (D-Colorado) described as “deeply disturbing” — the newspaper sought to battle it out in the courts. Some months ago, it was found that the Patriot Act was being interpreted by government departments in a way to aid their ongoing investigations, leading to calls that there was a “classified” element...
  • Homeland Security moves forward with 'pre-crime' detection (Big Government™ is watching you)

    10/07/2011 8:18:33 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 80 replies
    CNET ^ | 2011-10-07 | Declan McCullagh
    An internal U.S. Department of Homeland Security document indicates that a controversial program designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime is already being tested on some members of the public voluntarily, CNET has learned. If this sounds a bit like the Tom Cruise movie called "Minority Report," or the CBS drama "Person of Interest," it is. But where "Minority Report" author Philip K. Dick enlisted psychics to predict crimes, DHS is betting on algorithms: it's building a "prototype screening facility" that it hopes will use factors such as ethnicity, gender, breathing, and heart rate to "detect cues...
  • Liars Beware: Covert facial lie detector can spot falsehoods in real time

    09/14/2011 10:30:50 AM PDT · by SaraJohnson · 10 replies
    TECCA ^ | 9/13/11 | Mariella Moon
    The system spies on people through a camera, using powerful software that detects the changes in emotions on a person's face. The system bases its results on studies that associate lying to things like sudden eye movements, lip biting, heavy breathing, swallowing, and rapid blinking. Thermal imaging technology then determines rise in temperature brought about by an increase in blood flow, which is another telltale sign of lying. Professor Hassan Ugail (the head of the research) says, "When someone is making something up on the spot, brain activity usually changes and you can detect this through the thermal camera."
  • Post-September 11, NSA ‘enemies’ include us

    09/14/2011 10:10:01 AM PDT · by SaraJohnson · 20 replies
    Politico ^ | 9/8/11 | James Banford
    Somewhere between Sept. 11 and today, the enemy morphed from a handful of terrorists to the American population at large, leaving us nowhere to run and no place to hide. Within weeks of the attacks, the giant ears of the National Security Agency, always pointed outward toward potential enemies, turned inward on the American public itself. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, established 23 years before to ensure that only suspected foreign agents and terrorists were targeted by the NSA, would be bypassed. Telecom companies, required by law to keep the computerized phone records of their customers confidential unless presented with...
  • Oakland: More than 500 Block Israeli Ship From Unloading~ Video

    06/21/2010 1:19:47 AM PDT · by Islaminaction · 15 replies
    Logans Warning ^ | June 21st, 2010 | Christopher Logan
    You know the old saying “ignorance is bliss”, well when it comes to Islam ignorance will be the death of life as we know it. What these protesters fail to understand is that the Palestine vs Israel conflict is not about land, it is about Islam. The Islamic scriptures call for Muslims to fight and kill Jews, to reach judgement day. Book 041, Number 6985 Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews...
  • Founder of Ground Zero mosque part of group that helped fund Gaza flotilla

    06/05/2010 11:26:19 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 20 replies · 567+ views
    Hot Air ^ | June 5, 2010 | Allahpundit
    More specifically, he’s part of a group that’s funding another group that helped organize the flotilla. Too far removed for culpability? Let’s see. The imam behind a proposed mosque near Ground Zero is a prominent member of a group that helped sponsor the pro-Palestinian activists who clashed violently with Israeli commandos at sea this week. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, according to its Website. Perdana is the single biggest donor ($366,000) so far to the Free Gaza Movement, a key organizer of the six-ship flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade...
  • "Securing the Homeland by Renewing American Strength, Resilience and Values" [ John Brennan]

    05/26/2010 4:01:20 PM PDT · by Cindy · 34 replies · 510+ views - Speech ^ | For Immediate Release May 26, 2010 | n/a # Note: The following text is a quote: Home • Briefing Room • Statements & Releases The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 26, 2010 Remarks by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan at CSIS “Securing the Homeland by Renewing American Strength, Resilience and Values” Thank you very much John, and I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to CSIS for inviting me back. You invited me here a little after six months after I came into this administration and I greatly appreciate the invitation...
  • The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence

    03/30/2010 4:28:14 AM PDT · by ejdrapes · 117 replies · 3,010+ views
    Washington Post ^ | March 30, 2010 | Eugene Robinson
    The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence By Eugene Robinson Tuesday, March 30, 2010 ....By contrast, there has been explosive growth among far-right, militia-type groups that identify themselves as white supremacists, "constitutionalists," tax protesters and religious soldiers determined to kill people to uphold "Christian" values. Most of the groups that posed a real danger, as the Hutaree allegedly did, have been infiltrated and dismantled by authorities before they could do any damage. But we should never forget that the worst act of domestic terrorism ever committed in this country was authored by a member of the government-hating...
  • CAIR Attacks the Foreign Policy Research Institute

    03/16/2010 6:14:05 PM PDT · by Nachum · 2 replies · 167+ views
    front page ^ | 3/16/10 | Daniel Pipes
    CAIR’s Philadelphia chapter is holding a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday, March 17) at which it plans “to announce the launch of a nationwide campaign to challenge anti-Islam bias in a series of children’s books that the Washington-based Muslim civil rights group says promote ‘hostility toward Islam and suspicion of Muslims’.” The reference is to a ten-volume series for middle-schools and high schools titled the “World of Islam” produced by the Foreign Policy Research Institute and published by Mason Crest Publishers. (For the record, in 1986-93, I served as director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute; I had no role in...
  • Is the Secret Service Targeting the Birthers?

    01/07/2010 5:49:05 AM PST · by Sophia777 · 174 replies · 4,170+ views
    mother jones ^ | Thu Jan. 7, 2010 3:05 AM PST | By Stephanie Mencimer Over the past year, Secret Service agents charged with protecting President Obama seem to have taken a keen interest in the Birther movement, the committed group of anti-Obama activists around the country who claim the president was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and is thus ineligible to serve. The idea has been widely and repeatedly debunked (see's thorough takedown here), but that hasn't stopped Birthers from doggedly making their case in American courtrooms, to US attorneys, and even to a rural county grand jury, in the hopes that a judge will rule in their favor and Obama might...
  • Bill Ayers, Israel’s Latest Attacker

    01/07/2010 4:43:53 AM PST · by SJackson · 17 replies · 502+ views
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 1-7-09 | P. David Hornik
    “What a country. It makes me want to puke.”Bill Ayers, the former terrorist who’s now a professor of education at the University of Illinois, said that in 2001 about the United States.It’s a safe bet that people with his degree of America-hatred don’t like Israel either. Indeed, Ayers has now joined 431 academics in signing an anti-Israeli petition.Not surprisingly it accuses Israel of apartheid—the ritual accusation of the Israel-hating crowd that dreams of Israel’s Jewish-majority government being forced to dissolve the way South Africa’s white-minority government was forced to. The petition also “urge[s] our colleagues, nationally, regionally, and internationally, to...
  • Governor calls attack on UC Berkeley chancellor's home a 'type of terrorism'

    12/13/2009 11:04:15 AM PST · by SmithL · 19 replies · 962+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 12/13/9 | Bay City News
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger described Friday's attack on the home of the University of California at Berkeley's chancellor as a "type of terrorism" that will not be tolerated. Protesters angry about budget cuts and fee hikes vandalized Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's home on campus at about 11 p.m. Friday night, according to the university. "California will not tolerate any type of terrorism against any leaders, including educators," Schwarzenegger said in a statement released Saturday. He added that the incident was a criminal act, and participants will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. . . . At about 11 p.m....
  • Berkeley activists can sue over raid

    11/30/2009 9:39:19 PM PST · by SmithL · 3 replies · 332+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/30/9 | Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer
    BERKELEY -- Berkeley activists can sue federal agents for their role in a 2008 raid in which officers seized their computers and records in search of alleged threats by animal-rights advocates, a federal judge ruled Monday. The activist group Long Haul Inc. can try to prove that the search of its Berkeley offices exceeded legal boundaries, that agents misled the judge who issued a search warrant, and that it was targeted because of its left-wing views, said U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White. An unaffiliated group with offices in the same Berkeley building, East Bay Prisoner Support, also won the right...
  • Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

    06/28/2009 7:06:56 PM PDT · by Scythian · 50 replies · 1,555+ views
    (NaturalNews) As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green...
  • The Richmond High Gang Rape: Who’s to Blame?

    11/03/2009 10:26:30 AM PST · by AJKauf · 28 replies · 2,197+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | November 3 | Michele Catalano
    Richmond, California, is a town with a lot of questions and no immediate answers following the brutal gang rape and beating of a 15-year-old girl at her homecoming dance — an attack watched by at least ten other people. Richmond — located in the East Bay area of California, about 15 miles north of San Francisco — is a poverty-stricken industrial town that few outside of Northern California heard of until this week. It has been shoved into the spotlight, and the residents are angry over the public discussion of the incident. But somebody has to be at fault, starting...

    09/16/2009 8:24:56 AM PDT · by Psion · 39 replies · 1,993+ views
    The Last Crusade ^ | Sept. 16, 2009 | Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.
    Goodnight, America A Jihad Grows in Brooklyn byPaul L. Williams, Bam! Bam! Bam!It’s 3:30 a.m. in Brooklyn and Mohammad Boota, a Pakistani immigrant, is beating his barrel drum along Coney Island Avenue and Foster AvenueBoota, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1992 from Pakistan, is joined by other drummers, other Pakistani immigrants, as the cries of muezzins ring out from loud speakers throughout the borough.The racket goes on every morning during Ramadan.The pounding of the drums, Boota explains, is necessary to wake believers so they can eat a meal before the day’s fasting must begin.“Everywhere they complain,” Boota...
  • DOMESTIC TERRORISM In the Post 9/11 Era

    09/08/2009 2:03:33 PM PDT · by Cindy · 8 replies · 724+ views ^ | 09/07/09 | na
    Note: The following text is a quote: DOMESTIC TERRORISM In the Post-9/11 Era 09/07/09 Members of our Evidence Response Team set up their crime scene equipment after the June 10 shootings at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Nothing before or since has come close to the terror attacks of 9/11 in terms of lives lost, scope, and impact. And we know that al Qaeda led and inspired operatives still seek to strike our homeland—including with weapons of mass destruction. Which is why globally-fueled terrorism continues to occupy much of our time and attention these days. And yet, as we were...
  • Activists Topple Towers, Claim Dangers of AM Radio Waves (The Earth Liberation Front)

    09/06/2009 4:58:06 AM PDT · by Dallas59 · 50 replies · 2,431+ views
    CNN ^ | 9/4/2009 | CNN
    A group cited by U.S. officials as a domestic terrorism threat claimed responsibility Friday for knocking down two radio station towers in Snohomish County, Washington. Much of the tower system, owned by radio station KRKO, was "flattened like a pancake," the manager said. Much of the tower system, owned by radio station KRKO, was "flattened like a pancake," the manager said. The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) issued a statement saying opponents of the towers argue that "AM radio waves cause adverse health effects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with...
  • DoD Training Manual: Protests are "Low-Level Terrorism" (Tea Parties? Christian fascists?)

    06/16/2009 9:25:43 PM PDT · by Libloather · 75 replies · 3,549+ views
    Salon ^ | 6/14/09 | Dennis Loo
    DoD Training Manual: Protests are "Low-Level Terrorism"JUNE 14, 2009 7:35PM The Department of Defense is training all of its personnel in its current Antiterrorism and Force Protection Annual Refresher Training Course that political protest is "low-level terrorism." The Training introduction reads as follows: "Anti-terrorism (AT) and Force Protection (FP) are two facets of the Department of Defense (DoD) Mission Assurance Program. It is DoD policy, as found in DoDI 2000.16, that the DoD Components and the DoD elements and personnel shall be protected from terrorist acts through a high pirority, comprehensive, AT program. The DoD's AT program shall be all...

    06/02/2009 8:03:10 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 107 replies · 3,500+ views
    0210040JUN09 (date time group) | dcbryan1
    Freepers: After sleeping on it, I have decided to call you to action! A great injustice is being perpetrated by our main stream media (MSM) and our Commander In Chief (CINC), President Barrack Hussein Obama. The time now is 10:04 CST, 02 JUNE 09, exactly 24 hours after Privates William Long, 23 of Conway, AR, and Private Second Class Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville, AR became the first victims of terrorism on American soil since 11 SEP 01 and we have heard no statement from their Commander in Chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama. Almost as egregious as Obama’s silence, we...
  • Campaign to Blacklist Immigration Dissenters

    06/01/2009 10:45:33 PM PDT · by Bob017 · 17 replies · 625+ views
    Not long ago, I was leading my normal life as a policy analyst for a Washington think tank. I was writing an op-ed I hoped this paper might publish opposing “Progress by Pesach,” a campaign by Jewish organizations promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants and ending worksite immigration enforcement. I argued that legalizing millions of illegal aliens is to be complicit in overthrowing the rule of law, and increasing immigration at a time when the economy is hemorrhaging jobs displays callous disregard for the most vulnerable among us. But I’ve set that aside. The issue pales in comparison to another: A...
  • Army Recruiter Is Fatally Shot

    06/01/2009 6:54:05 PM PDT · by Fred · 55 replies · 2,448+ views
    NY Times ^ | 060109 | STEVE BARNES and JAMES DAO
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A 23-year-old man upset about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan opened fire from his truck at two soldiers standing outside a military recruiting station here on Monday morning, killing one private and wounding another, the police said. The gunman, identified by the police as Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad of Little Rock, fled the scene and was arrested minutes later a short distance from the recruiting station, in a bustling suburban shopping center. The police confiscated a Russian-made SKS semiautomatic rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and a handgun from his black pickup truck. The two privates, who were...
  • The Homeland Security "Domestic Terrorism" Report

    04/14/2009 5:16:53 PM PDT · by moneyrunner · 15 replies · 1,299+ views
    The Virginian ^ | 4/14/2009 | Moneyrunner
    It looks like the Obama Administration is getting ready to demonize Conservatives. What are the telltales of "Right Wing Terrorists?" Opposition to abortion. Opposition to illegal immigration. Learning to fight in the military Opposition to an African American President Having your house foreclosed Inability to get credit Being critical of outsourcing jobs Perceiving threats to the US by foreign powers Opposition to bigger social programs Criticism of government infringement of civil rightsPowerline fisks the Obama government report: Watch Out For Those Crazy Right Wingers! And if you think that this was simply a report to be written and filed away...
  • Anti-animal research group bombs car { Animal Liberation Front }

    11/28/2008 4:01:46 PM PST · by SmithL · 25 replies · 750+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 11/28/8
    Los Angeles, CA (AP) -- Anti-animal research activists are claiming responsibility for torching two vehicles they thought belonged to a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. Activists connected to the Animal Liberation Front say they destroyed the vehicles on Nov. 20 to protest the work of Goran Lacan, a researcher who used animals while investigating treatments for morbid obesity and eating disorders. The group accidentally targeted the wrong address, . . .
  • Video: Terrorists celebrate unity and love (Ayers & Dohrn)

    11/16/2008 10:40:31 AM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 12 replies · 702+ views ^ | November 16, 2008 | Allahpundit
    Via Breitbart, a paean to Hopenchange from two cretins well known for their activities in Chicago’s parks. At long last, we get to hear the dulcet tone in which the words “Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!” were so famously uttered. It’s everything I dreamed it would be.
  • Ayers: Oh, by the way, Obama and I actually are “family friends”

    11/14/2008 3:54:42 AM PST · by RobinMasters · 53 replies · 2,902+ views
    Hot Air ^ | NOVEMBER 13, 2008 | ALLAHPUNDIT
    Via Ace. The bad news? Obama was lying to us when he dismissed Ayers at the debate as merely “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” The good news? We already knew that, thanks to Axelrod and Mayor Daley. Anyway, belated confirmation.
  • It's Safe for Ayers to Surface Now (will be cuddled on Good Morning, America this morning!)

    11/14/2008 1:07:05 AM PST · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 82 replies · 1,753+ views
    Little Green Footballs ^ | 11/13/08 | Charles Johnson
    Now that Barack Obama is safely elected, people like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers no longer have to remain silent, and the media are suddenly interested in them. Former Weather Underground terrorist Ayers will appear tomorrow [FRIDAY, 11/14/08] on Good Morning America.
  • French anarchists linked to New York bombing

    11/14/2008 2:46:09 AM PST · by Cindy · 66 replies · 4,881+ views ^ | Last Updated: 1:48AM GMT 14 Nov 2008 | Henry Samuel in Paris
    SNIPPET: "A French couple arrested in connection with a series of anarchist attacks on the country's rail network have been linked by the FBI to a bomb attack in New York." ARTICLE SNIPPET: "French anti-terrorist police are holding 10 alleged members of a violent anarchist movement suspected of sabotaging power cables on high speed TGV train lines. But it now transpires that the alleged culprits were netted thanks to information from the FBI, which allegedly linked two of them to the home-made bomb attack on an army recruitment centre in New York's Times Square in March. Julien Coupat, 34, the...
  • D.C. Chapter to Freep Obama 'Family Friend' Bill Ayers on Mon. 11/17/08 at 'Busboys and Terrorists'

    11/13/2008 7:23:10 PM PST · by kristinn · 41 replies · 2,124+ views
    Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Kristinn
    The D.C. Chapter of invites all Freepers and lurkers in good standing to join us this Monday evening, November 17, as we freep unrepentent Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers at his book promotion appearance at Busboys and Poets, aka, Busboys and Terrorists, in Washington, D.C.When: 4 P.M. Monday, November 17, 2008. We'll stay into the evening as the Ayers event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.Where: Outside Busboys and Poets, aka Busboys and Terrorists, 14th St. and V St., NW, Washington, D.C.Nearest Metro: U St./African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Station, 13th St. exit, Yellow and Green Lines.Bring: American flags...
  • Anti-war protester tries to handcuff Karl Rove (Moonbat Alert)

    10/22/2008 6:01:14 AM PDT · by tobyhill · 46 replies · 1,757+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 10/22/2008 | ap
    SAN FRANCISCO - An anti-war protester confronted former Bush administration aide Karl Rove while he spoke at a San Francisco mortgage bankers' meeting. A statement by the group Code Pink identified the woman as 58-year-old Janine Boneparth, who tried to handcuff Rove in what she called a citizen's arrest for "treason."
  • Protester in SF attempts to handcuff Karl Rove (with video)

    10/22/2008 7:28:20 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 12 replies · 1,288+ views
    AP/Yahoo News ^ | 10-2-08
    An anti-war protester confronted former Bush administration aide Karl Rove while he spoke at a San Francisco mortgage bankers' meeting. *snip* Rove, who was speaking Tuesday at the Mortgage Bankers Association's annual convention, elbowed Boneparth away as she was escorted off the stage.
  • B.O.'s pals stink

    10/18/2008 7:38:41 PM PDT · by rickmichaels · 12 replies · 542+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | Oct. 18, 2008 | Salim Mansur
    Nineteen months or seemingly an eternity ago, in March 2007, the Washington Post published a long background piece by Peter Slevin on senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, and the relationship that connected both to Saul Alinsky (1909-72) of Chicago. The life experience Obama brings as his credentials for the White House is of a community organizer in Chicago. Slevin reported Alinsky's disciples hired Obama to "organize black residents on the south side, while learning and applying Alinsky's philosophy of street-level democracy." In 1985 Obama moved to Chicago and there discovered Alinsky through his disciples and writings. It...
  • Web archive shows both Obamas served with Bernardine Dohrn on U. of Chicago program

    10/08/2008 11:23:10 AM PDT · by The G Man · 57 replies · 2,351+ views
    Here's a link to a 2001 webpage for the University of Chicago showing both of the Obamas serving together with Bernardine Dohrn on the school's mentor program:click Current Mentors The following is a list of 2000-2001 mentors. An asterix indicates that the mentor has already been chosen.Ms. Bernadine DohrnProfessorNorthwestern School of Law*Mr. Barack ObamaSenatorIllinois State Senate Ms. Michelle ObamaAssociate Dean of Student ServicesUniversity of Chicago
  • Twisting the knife on Obama-Ayers... drip more please... don't stop...

    10/05/2008 6:05:18 PM PDT · by bahblahbah · 17 replies · 1,061+ views
    me | Oct 5 2008 | me
    It's time to twist the knife on this story... keep dripping in details the media doesn't like to talk about... Obama endorsed Ayer's book Ayer's gave Obama fundraisers Obama was serving with Ayers when his book fugitive days(September 10, 2001 publication date) came out when he gave this and this interviews... If you leave this alone it will be worthless, you've got to twist some more... take the focus off of "terrorist" and put it on left wing radical... who just happens to be an unrepentant terrorist...
  • Chicago TV in 2000: Obama admits a terrorist launched his career

    09/14/2008 7:52:58 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 65 replies · 419+ views
    doug ross@journal ^ | September 14, 2008 | directorblue
    Barack Obama was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly last week. BARACK OBAMA: ...on this Ayers thing, which you've been hyping, Bill. O'REILLY: Not that much. BARACK OBAMA: This guy did something despicable forty years ago. O'REILLY: Despicable last week. He said he didn't do enough bombing. That's last week. BARACK OBAMA: Here's a guy that does something despicable when I'm eight years old. Alright? I come to Chicago. He's working with Mayor Richard Daley, not known to be a radical. So, he and I know each other as a consequence of work he's doing on education. That is not an...
  • Santa Cruz firebombs look familiar

    08/04/2008 7:47:46 AM PDT · by SmithL · 8 replies · 226+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 8/4/8 | Wyatt Buchananand Demian Bulwa
    Santa Cruz -- The devices used in two firebombings targeting UC Santa Cruz biologists are similar to some used in the past by animal rights activists, investigators said Sunday. The bombs were so powerful they were like "Molotov cocktails on steroids," said Santa Cruz police Capt. Steve Clark.One struck the home of assistant biology Professor David Feldheim on Saturday morning, forcing him to flee with his family. The other exploded just a few minutes earlier, gutting a car parked outside the campus home of a second researcher.Later, Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputies went to the home of a third researcher...
  • Firebombs target UC researchers

    08/03/2008 8:18:41 AM PDT · by SmithL · 22 replies · 430+ views
    MediaNews via CoCoTimes ^ | 8/3/8 | Conan Knoll and Genevieve Bookwalter
    SANTA CRUZ — Firebombs were intentionally set on a porch and in a car belonging to two UC Santa Cruz researchers in separate incidents early Saturday in what police have classified as acts of domestic terrorism. Police are calling one of the bombings an attempted homicide. In one incident, a faculty member's home on Village Circle off High Street was intentionally firebombed about 5:43 a.m., according to police. The residence belonged to UCSC researcher David Feldheim, a neuroscientist who works with mice. He was one of 13 researchers listed in threatening animal rights pamphlets found Tuesday in a downtown coffee...
  • Multi-agency Cooperation: Investigation Of Domestic Terrorists In DC (Kudos To Melanie Morgan/MAF)

    05/08/2008 8:52:24 AM PDT · by tgslTakoma · 17 replies · 151+ views
    DC Radical Thug Website | May 5, 2008
    For a number of years now, the DC Police Department has been afraid to do the job that we the citizens hired them to do. Fear of lawsuits brought by various radical, leftist, socialist and anarchist groups has for years rendered the DC Police Department impotent in carrying out their duties; but that may have changed this week. On Monday, May 5, 2008, officers of the Montgomery County (MD) Police, DC Police and US Park Police coordinated a search of the home of well-known DC radical (and bicycle messenger/delivery boy), Luke Kuhn (aka "Wook"). While officers were executing the search...
  • FBI joins investigation into attack on Santa Cruz researcher

    02/28/2008 4:56:52 PM PST · by SmithL · 21 replies · 218+ views
    Santa Cruz, Calif. (AP) -- The FBI is investigating possible links between animal-rights activists in Southern California and a weekend attack on the home of a University of California, Santa Cruz researcher. Patti Hanson, an FBI spokeswoman, said the bureau was looking into possible connections to "domestic terrorism." A demonstration by six masked protesters in front of the UCSC scientist's Westside home Sunday afternoon turned violent when the group pounded on the door and were confronted by the researcher's husband, police reported. The incident invited comparison to recent attacks on UCLA researchers that were linked to animal-rights groups. No one...
  • Muslim Student Terrorists' Terror Ties and Terror Search

    08/12/2007 11:09:43 PM PDT · by SeafoodGumbo · 13 replies · 1,482+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 08-12-07 | Atlas
    They said it wasn't terror, but it was. Muslim student pipe bombers with mysterious liquid (fireworks, my ass)  tied to terror search and Ramadan Shallah and Tarik Hamdi (hat tip Bill Warner) RAMADAN ABDULLA IS FBI MOST WANTED TERRORIST Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah is wanted for conspiracy to conduct the affairs of the designated international terrorist organization known as the "Palestinian Islamic Jihad" (PIJ) through a pattern of racketeering activities such as bombings, murders, extortions, and money laundering. Shallah was one of the original founding members of the PIJ and is presently the Secretary-General and leader of the organization, which...
  • 2 Black Panthers to Teach at UNM

    08/19/2006 5:50:30 PM PDT · by CedarDave · 26 replies · 723+ views
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | August 19, 2006 | Debra Dominguez-Lund
    ...the University of New Mexico's African American Studies Program director says he's thrilled to have two of the Black Panther Party's founding members teaching at UNM this year. David Hilliard will begin teaching Tuesday ... through May. Elaine Brown, the only woman to chair the Panther party, will serve as a visiting lecturer. "Having them teach at UNM is unprecedented— all positive," Coleman said. The Black Panther Party, which was founded in 1966 and ended about 1980, is often remembered as a fist-raising group that took on the government, the police and anyone who stood in the way of its...
  • 'Dr.' Ron: Domestic Terrorists Might Suffer From Mental Illness

    06/23/2006 3:19:31 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 28 replies · 883+ views
    Hardball/NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    by Mark Finkelstein June 23, 2006 Even before the evidence on Haditha is in, Jack Murtha was ready to accuse American Marines of 'cold-blooded' killings. But let terrorists plan to kill Americans, and - what do you know? - liberals are quick to ascribe their acts to everything from poverty to insanity. Norah O'Donnell was the guest host on this evening's Hardball. Discussing the arrest of seven alleged domestic terrorists charged with plotting to blow up the Sears Tower among other targets, O'Donnell asked her panel of 'Hardball Hotshots': "where is this hatred coming from?" Mike Barnicle was first to...
  • FBI looks into Crow Canyon horse boarders' 'ALF' graffiti incidents

    04/24/2006 9:42:20 PM PDT · by SmithL · 9 replies · 3,985+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 4/24/6 | Sophia Kazmi
    CROW CANYON - Alameda County Sheriff's deputies are trying to find out who sprayed the initials "ALF," along with some other graffiti, first discovered Saturday at a Castro Valley horse boarding ranch. "ALF" could stand for Animal Liberation Front, a group that goes after organizations and corporations they suspect of animal abuse. ALF has been called a terrorist group by the FBI. But Sheriff's Lt. Bill Gaudinier said neither his office nor the FBI have yet connected group members to the vandalism. Sheriff's investigators also have not ruled out involvement by that group. The first example of graffiti was reported...