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  • Honeymoon Over: Speaker Paul Ryan Targets His Own Republicans, Not Democrats, with Ads on Healthcare

    03/10/2017 7:05:00 AM PST · by HarleyLady27 · 48 replies
    Breitbart ^ | March 10, 2017 | Matthew Boyle
    House Speaker Paul Ryan is openly targeting House Republicans with television advertisements—while conspicuously not hitting Democratic members—to try to browbeat them into supporting his healthcare legislation. The ad then cuts to President Trump’s recent address to a joint session of Congress, where Trump says he wants to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”
  • From porkies to whoppers: over time lies may desensitise brain to dishonesty

    10/24/2016 9:18:45 AM PDT · by yoe · 27 replies
    The Guardian ^ | October 24, 2016 | Hanna Devlin
    The study suggests that telling small, insignificant lies desensitises the brain to dishonesty, meaning that lying gradually feels more comfortable over time. The study suggests that telling small, insignificant lies desensitises the brain to dishonesty, meaning that lying gradually feels more comfortable over time. Photograph: malerapaso/Getty Images Hannah Devlin
  • Hillary Says That Conflict Of Interest Questions With Her Foundation Will Be Answered AFTER Election

    09/07/2016 8:30:21 AM PDT · by xzins · 36 replies
    Young Conservatives ^ | September 6, 2016 | Andrew Mark Miller
    President Obama claims that his administration is the most transparent in history. That’s laughable and can be thoroughly debunked in under 10 seconds. Hillary Clinton is trying to replace him and we all know that she is the least transparent politician we have seen in decades. Over the holiday weekend, she finally answered a few questions from reporters and she said that the questions (which aren’t really questions anymore) of pay for play at her foundation will be answered. After the election… From The Daily Caller: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told reporters Tuesday that conflict of interest questions about the...
  • Betrayed by an America-hating press

    06/02/2016 3:05:43 AM PDT · by detective · 93 replies
    American Thinker ^ | June 2, 2016 | James Lewis
    When Trump calls a reporter a "sleaze," most Americans know exactly what he is talking about. We have often talked about it on American Thinker and, judging by our commentators, many Americans truly hate the media. Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rate as consistently the most hated institution in this country. The press lie constantly, and their lies are exposed every day by conservative radio and opinion sites. Lying to the public is a basic betrayal of a vital survival function in a democratic republic, a true stab in the back. It is a husband betraying his wife,...
  • EXPOSED: Molenbeek ‘Far Right’ Hit And Run Was Muslim-On-Muslim Attack

    04/04/2016 10:16:38 AM PDT · by detective · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 4 Apr 2016 | Liam Deacon
    A hit and run on a Muslim women in Molenbeek this weekend, blamed on ‘far right’ anti-Islam demonstrators, was in fact perpetrated by an allegedly drunk local youth named “Mohamed”. The revelation comes after news websites across the world – including the Daily Mail, the New York Post, EuroNews, the Evening Standard, Russia Today, the International Business Times, the Sunday Times, the Huffington Post, the Metro, ITV News, the Daily Caller, the Independent, the Sun, the Mirror and more – lumped the blame onto “far right” protesters in the no go zone of Brussels.
  • Here’s Why Several Journalists Got Caught in the Michelle Fields Media Hoax

    03/29/2016 2:33:27 PM PDT · by detective · 29 replies
    Danger and Play ^ | March 13, 2016 | Mike Cernovich
    Several journalists have been caught lying to the public and committing fraud, new video footage reveals. Before we begin analyzing the Michelle Fields hoax, watch this video, which surfaced last night.
  • Senator Ted Cruz Caught Blatantly Lying On Fox News Sunday…

    03/28/2016 1:58:18 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 177 replies
    Last Refuge Conservative Tree House ^ | March 28 2016 | sundance
    Senator Ted Cruz has been called Lyin’ Ted Cruz, by his campaign opponents due to the frequency of his telling outright lies. The frequency of falsehood is so excessive Politifact actually did a story about 90 random Cruz assertions which were checked and only 6% of his statements are actually TRUE, only 16% had SOME TRUTH. Yesterday Senator Cruz appeared on Fox News Sunday (full video here) and was caught in several more lies to add to his abysmal record. ....
  • Hmm: Carson Says Trump 'Doesn't Really Believe' Some of the Things He Says

    03/15/2016 2:04:10 PM PDT · by John Valentine · 64 replies ^ | March 15, 2016 | Leah Barkoukis
    “I needed to know that he could listen to other people, that he could change his opinions, and that some of the more outlandish things that he’s said, that he didn’t really believe those things,” Carson told The Hill.
  • WATCH: Debunking anti-Cruz myths (video)

    03/11/2016 3:17:42 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 76 replies
    Trevor Louden's New Zeal ^ | Feb 11, 2016 | Kristine Ruff
    There are quite a few rumors floating around in social media about Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz. Americans are used to the mainstream media lying about Ted Cruz (see here, here & here for just some examples.) But it is particularly painful when the lies come from supposed truth-tellers. The largest culprits starting and perpetuating anti-Cruz falsehoods are sundance of the Conservative Treehouse and Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report. They blatantly lie, or tell cherry-picked half truths, which are promptly disseminated in social media by an army of bullies who are seemingly not interested in civil debate. Why create false...
  • Ted Cruz: “what happened in Mississippi was appalling”… Really ? Really Ted ?

    01/20/2016 4:48:10 AM PST · by true believer forever · 124 replies
    Conservative Tree House ^ | July 8, 2015 | Sundance
    Senator Ted Cruz seems to express disgust and outrage against the tactics deployed by what he calls the “DC Machine”. Cruz states that their conduct in the Mississippi runoff was "incredibly disappointing" etc. However, we now know - from specific documentation provided by internal research into the activity around the Mississippi campaign - that the National Republican Senatorial Campaign, the NRSC, was the financier for the attack ads against Chris McDaniel. So who is the "DC Machine", this "leadership of the NRSC", that Senator Ted Cruz is so incredibly disappointed in? Whoopsie - Yes it would appear that Ted Cruz...
  • If We Had An Honest Media…

    10/25/2015 5:51:30 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 37 replies ^ | October 25, 2015 | Derek Hunter
    Did you watch Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi? If you did you should get a colonoscopy soon, because in those 11 hours you had enough smoke blown up there to give colon cancer to everyone in the country. If we had an honest media, the headlines Friday would have been about how the former secretary of state and current Democratic Party front-runner for president was caught lying to the American public about the cause of the Benghazi attack. Headlines would scream of how Hillary Clinton said one thing in private – to her daughter, the...
  • Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics 'evil and dishonest

    08/14/2015 8:07:39 AM PDT · by Cincinatus · 34 replies ^ | August 13, 2015 | Fox news
    Newly released emails from Lois Lerner show the former IRS official at the heart of the Tea Party targeting scandal calling Republican critics “evil and dishonest,” and even “hateful.” The emails -- part of a report released Aug. 6 by the Senate Finance Committee -- offer a revealing look at Lerner, who used to head the division that processes applications for tax-exempt status and was at the center of the scandal over the alleged targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. The bipartisan report found evidence that both the Obama administration’s political agenda, and the personal politics of IRS...
  • Exposing Gateway Pundit’s Dishonesty: He Altered a CT Scan Image to Trick His Readers

    08/21/2014 8:48:23 PM PDT · by Nachum · 66 replies
    little green footballs ^ | 8/21/14 | Charles Johnson
    Here’s another follow-up to my article about Jim Hoft’s dishonest tactics in promoting his bogus claim that officer Darren Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in a purported struggle with teenager Michael Brown. As I pointed out in the earlier piece, Hoft posted a stock image of a CT scan of a fractured eye socket, but apparently erased the words “UNIV OF IOWA” from his copy of the image. Well, thanks to LGF readers @franklinftw and @loveheylola, I can now remove the word “apparently” from that description, because we have proof that Hoft (or someone who works with him) did...
  • Media’s take on poverty issues exposes the dishonesty of the press

    08/01/2014 11:55:02 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 5 replies
    Hotair ^ | 08/01/2014 | Noah Rothman
    There is perhaps nothing which so perfectly exposes the partisan instincts of the political press as do our various National Conversations on poverty issues. When poverty again becomes a major focus of the media, as it often does when Republicans are on the political ascendancy, the intentions of Democrats are almost always framed as pure and decent. Republicans, meanwhile, are morally bankrupt, indecent, and self-serving – often simply for refusing to throw money at the problem at hand. Does that characterization sound a little unforgiving of the press? It should, and they have earned it. The most recent example...
  • Meet the Dishonest Radical Academic Eric Holder Tapped to Oversee Federal Election Law

    12/21/2013 11:07:43 AM PST · by jazusamo · 22 replies
    PJ Media ^ | December 20, 2013 | J. Christian Adams
    Her name is Pam Karlan. She has described herself as a “snarky, bisexual, Jewish woman.” She is a radical progressive. She is currently a law professor at Stanford, and a dishonest one at that. She will be joining Eric Holder’s Justice Department to oversee the enforcement of federal election laws during the 2014 midterm elections. PJ Media readers already know Pam Karlan as the professor who published dishonest scholarship about the Bush Justice Department’s voting rights enforcement. From PJ Media’s “ The Dangerous Dishonesty of Possible Supreme Court Nominee Pam Karlan “: Karlan’s dishonesty goes beyond womyn’s issues, and extends...
  • Looters 'swipe' up the mess in chaos zones (NYC: Post-Sandy Looting Starting)

    10/31/2012 4:20:09 AM PDT · by AmericanInTokyo · 104 replies
    New York Post ^ | 31 October 2012 | REBECCA HARSHBARGER, FRANK ROSARIO and JOSH SAUL
    <p>Hurricane Sandy brought out the worst yesterday in some sleazy New Yorkers, who looted stores and homes across the city.</p> <p>Some posed as Con Ed workers to dupe their victims.</p> <p>Police arrested more than a dozen looters in the Rockaways and Coney Island, which had been evacuated, and stood guard outside ravaged stores at the South Street Seaport. “This morning when they told us the water receded, I walked back to the house to feed [my pets],” said Eric Martine, 33, a cabby who lives in Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach. “Guys were looting, pretending they were Con Ed and holding people up. It was sick.” Residents said police warned them to beware of crooks pretending to be utility workers...</p>
  • Elected Durham County D.A. Tracey Cline — Former Mike Nifong Deputy — Removed from Office

    04/29/2012 12:55:04 PM PDT · by george76 · 9 replies
    Volokh ^ | April 28, 2012 | Eugene Volokh
    This happened last month, but I just learned of the case because the trial court decision was just posted on Westlaw; Cline is appealing the removal. The decision is here; a newspaper article on the subject is here; the statute authorizing the removal, N.C. Gen. Stats. § 7A-66(6), provides that a D.A. may be removed by a court for “[c]onduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute.” ... partly because it comes on the heels of the ouster of D.A. Nifong — Cline was the first D.A. elected following Nifong’s ouster, and had worked for...
  • Obama’s Kansas speech: some suspect facts (Three Pinocchios rating)

    12/07/2011 8:33:55 AM PST · by Qbert · 22 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 12/06/2011 | Glenn Kessler
    Channeling his inner Teddy Roosevelt, President Obama on Tuesday gave a feisty speech in Osawatomie, Kansas that sought to rebut Republican arguments that he is waging class warfare...[Snip] We’ll leave the politics to others, but how accurate were some of his facts?  “I mean, understand, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory. Remember in those years, in 2001 and 2003, Congress passed two of the most expensive tax cuts for the wealthy in history. And what did they get us? The slowest job growth in half a century...[Snip] Inserting the words “for the wealthy” was interesting phrasing by...
  • The Vatican Said What? [Document calling for 'Central World Bank' has no binding authority]

    10/24/2011 2:32:31 PM PDT · by Brian Kopp DPM · 47 replies · 1+ views
    Inside the Vatican / The Moynihan Report ^ | October 24, 2011 | Dr. Robert Moynihan
    The Vatican Said What? The important piece of news out of Rome today is that the Vatican has allegedly called for a "central world bank" in reponse to the continuing speculation and instability in the world financial system.  I say "allegedly" because the text in which this call appears is not by Pope Benedict, but by a Vatican office, the Council for Justice and Peace. Such an office can issue papers which do not bear the Pope's "seal of approval" in the same way that a papal encyclical would.  We are dealing here, then, with something on the order of...
  • Perry hits Romney on 'Race to the Top' -- but also Jeb Bush

    09/27/2011 10:24:12 AM PDT · by WFTR · 41 replies
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
    Rick Perry today spread a web video accusing Mitt Romney of taking two sides on a centerpiece of Barack Obama's education policy, Race to the Top. The issue came up in Thursday's debate in Orlando and Romney distanced himself from earlier comments, made a few days earlier in Miami. But in attacking Romney, Perry is by extension taking a shot at Jeb Bush, who has praised Obama's initiatives. ... The Washington Post notes that Perry selectively edited out the end of Romney's remarks, where he says "but for me, get that back to the state level."
  • Sarah Palin accused of taking cocaine in new book

    09/14/2011 11:06:24 PM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 50 replies ^ | September 15 2011 | Nick Allen
    The allegations about the former Alaska Governor, who has been pursued by the tabloid press since running for the Vice Presidency in 2008, were originally published in the National Enquirer, which quoted publishing sources close to the book.
  • Could Rand Paul and Ron Paul be Zionists?

    05/29/2011 11:37:51 AM PDT · by Christian_Capitalist · 179 replies
    The View From Masada Blog ^ | February 17, 2011 | Matityahu Ben-Yosef
    Could Rand Paul and Ron Paul be Zionists? on February 17, 2011 by Matityahu Ben-YosefWhile the Middle East has always been a volatile region, the last month has seen events unfold in the region whose global impact we still may not appreciate. From the fall of governments in Lebanon, Tunisia, and Egypt, and with other Middle East regimes to soon share their fate, the balance of power in the Middle East is changing before our eyes.However, the most significant revolution taking place in the Middle East right now may not have anything to do with what’s unfolded in those countries...
  • Bam's blue dog sham

    02/09/2011 3:32:31 AM PST · by Scanian · 5 replies
    NY Post ^ | February 8, 2011 | MICHAEL A. WALSH
    What to make of the news that the "centrist" Democratic Leadership Council -- the vehicle that helped propel Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1992 -- is suspending operations as it ponders an uncertain future? Conventional wisdom says that the DLC, which favored more business-friendly policies in order to make the party appealing to corporate contributors, could no longer compete in a hyperpartisan political environment. Or that the rabid Howard Dean/Daily Kos "Netroots" wing of the party simply overwhelmed its message. Or that in the age of Obama, as Clinton has faded, Hillary has vanished into the swamps of Foggy...
  • Quebec immigration consultant arrested in fraud ring

    01/15/2011 2:35:56 PM PST · by La Lydia · 4 replies
    National Post (Canada) ^ | January 15, 2010 | Stewart Bell
    TORONTO — The RCMP has arrested a Quebec immigration consultant accused of providing Canadian citizenship documents to hundreds of people in the Middle East so they could collect benefits and tax refunds from Ottawa. Ahmad El-Akhal, 62, was arrested Thursday following a 2-1/2-year investigation by the RCMP...His wife was also arrested as well as a suspected accomplice...The fraud ring is accused of securing immigrant status and citizenship for more than 300 residents of Lebanon and other Middle East countries and helping them bilk the Canadian government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars...“They were getting tax refunds, Goods and Services...
  • HHS is Paying Google with Taxpayer Money to Alter 'Obamacare' Search Results

    01/03/2011 1:43:13 PM PST · by La Lydia · 77 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | January 3, 2011 | Jeffry Anderson
    The brazenness of the Obama administration never ceases to amaze. Try typing "Obamacare" into Google, and you'll find that the first entry is now the Obama administration's If you don't particularly like that result, you'll probably hate the fact that you're paying for it. You'll get the same paid-for result if you type in "Obamacare facts," "Obamacare summary," "Obamacare info," "Obamacare overview," "Obamacare questions," "Obamacare explanation," "Obamacare basics," "Obamacare pros and cons," "Obamacare and elderly," and even "Obamacare and abortion." For each of these search terms, and many others, the Obama administration's site comes up first, as a paid...
  • Return of the Death Panel (Every part of the Obama Administration is lying to you.)

    12/27/2010 7:05:07 AM PST · by La Lydia · 72 replies · 4+ views
    Human Events ^ | December 27, 2010 | John Hayward
    ...Palin was able to shame the Democrats into dropping aggressive end-of-life counseling from ObamaCare during passage, but like everything else about the most disastrous bill of the modern era, it was a lie. The New York Times approvingly reports (Saturday) that the Administration is quietly restoring these provisions through regulation, specifically a Medicare policy that will “pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.” And just who will be writing those “advance directives?” I’d say the odds of this Orwellian government naming it the “Life Panel” are better...
  • Obama pay freeze for federal workers dishonest; 1.1 million still get pay raises

    12/06/2010 4:30:55 AM PST · by Suvroc10 · 20 replies
    Examiner ^ | December 6, 2010 | Marc Schenker
    Obama pay freeze for federal workers dishonest; 1.1 million still get pay raises. Just this past week, Obama, the "One" himself, announced a supposed pay freeze on federal employees with the lip service that it would (at least symbolically) go toward the long, arduous process of cutting federal spending and bringing down the record-shattering deficits he created. However, as with all things in Obamaland, deception is afoot much of the time! According to analysis on the subject, for the next two years that Obama claimed federal workers will have their pay "frozen," a whopping $2.5 billion will still be spent...
  • Schieffer shoots down White House smears against the Chamber of Commerce

    10/10/2010 3:23:09 PM PDT · by libstripper · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | October 10, 2010 | David Freddoso
    Obama advisor David Axelrod appeared on CBS Face the Nation this morning and was grilled on unsubstantiated accusations made by President Obama and the Democratic National Committee — which originated with left-wing groups – that the Chamber of Commerce was secretly taking foreign money to fund its election campaign ads. The New York Times has already panned the allegations as “spin”:
  • Another CBC scholarship scandal?

    09/10/2010 7:57:12 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 13 replies · 1+ views
    Hot Air ^ | September 10, 2010 | Ed Morrissey
    The Congressional Black Caucus has another scandal on its hands relating to the use of their charitable scholarships and nepotism. After the exposure of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s awards to her grandchildren and other family members and her attempts to mislead people about her actions, the CBC promised to audit the program and the use their members make of it. They can add another member to the priority list, according to Politico: "Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) awarded three scholarships from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to his stepdaughter and wife’s niece between 2003 and 2005, according to records from the...
  • Father James Martin SJ Promotes Homosexuality at America Magazine, Again! ZOT!

    08/22/2010 3:08:46 PM PDT · by 0beron · 2 replies
    The Eponymous Flower ^ | 08/21/2010 | Tancred
    We pointed out that it was strange that a very liberal parish in Minnesota was promoting heretical books by people like America's Father James Martin SJ and others, like one priest who advocates getting naked with other men on a retreat. Another one of America's editors was forced to resign a few years ago. This forces a new and interesting question, is there anyone in the Jesuit Order you can trust to accurately represent the Catholic Church's teachings on a widely disseminated public platform like the decrepit but allegedly Catholic America Magazine? [blockquote] Dr. Laura Schlessinger's announcement yesterday that she...
  • Once a Clymer...

    06/28/2010 9:31:33 AM PDT · by Noumenon · 10 replies
    NYT | June 28, 2010 | Adam clymer
    Adam Clymer, NYT when Strom Thurmond died: Strom Thurmond, Foe of Integration, Dies at 100 By ADAM CLYMER Published: June 27, 2003 And again, remembering Byrd: Robert Byrd, Respected Voice of the Senate, Dies at 92 By ADAM CLYMER Published: June 28, 2010
  • A Ban On Truth

    06/10/2010 6:02:09 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies · 976+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | June 10, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    Energy Policy: The advisory board on offshore drilling says it never endorsed a moratorium, which was added later by the interior secretary. The only thing transparent about this administration is its lies. Experts brought together by the Obama administration to review offshore drilling safety were asked to review recommendations in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. They did not give their blessing to the six-month drilling moratorium announced by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and have accused him of deliberately appending their report to make it seem like they did. According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, Salazar's May 27...
  • Mitt Romney Wins SRLC Straw Poll

    04/10/2010 3:56:34 PM PDT · by speciallybland · 334 replies · 4,006+ views
    Fox News ^ | 04/10/2010
    Mitt Romney: 439 votes Ron Paul: 438 votes Sarah Palin: 330 votes Newt Gingrich: 321
  • The chilling effect of 'lawfare' litigation (Islam)

    02/11/2010 11:03:32 AM PST · by La Lydia · 1 replies · 218+ views
    Guardian UK ^ | February 11, 2010 | Alan Dershowitz and Elizabeth Samson
    ...The UK is notorious for its plaintiff-friendly libel laws which have been accused of being "contemptuous of free speech" and making a "mockery of British justice" and because they silence writers through expensive litigation. But even as Britain attempts to prevent frivolous libel suits, the battle continues in the US. American courts are being utilised by radical Islamic groups to stifle writers through "lawfare" – the use of law as a weapon of warfare – a tactic that has had a "chilling effect" on free speech. In contrast to the British laws, American libel law favours defendants. However, plaintiffs in...
  • Hate preacher Abu Hamza's Ł280,000 house seized to pay back legal bill

    02/09/2010 12:58:35 PM PST · by La Lydia · 12 replies · 293+ views
    Daily Mail UK ^ | February 9, 2010
    Legal aid bosses have seized the house belonging to radical cleric Abu Hamza to pay off some of his defence costs. The Legal Services Commission appropriated the property in Greenford, west London, despite Hamza claiming it did not belong to him. It will now be sold in an attempt to pay off some of the Ł300,000 of taxpayers' money spent on his legal bills. Officials hope to raise Ł280,000 from the sale. Hook-handed Hamza, 51, is in jail as he attempts to fight extradition to the U.S. on terror charges at the European Court of Human Rights. He is also...
  • What is the TRUE starting time of the NFL games today?!? [INFURIATING!!!]

    I have checked almost every news outlet on the web - to include Google News, Yahoo Answers,,, even itself - and NONE of them will tell me the true starting times of the games today. I know that they do this to try to maximize their Nielsen ratings for as long a time period as possible, but the level of deceit, duplicity, disingenousness and societal thought control in this unified front of media dishonesty is absolutely infuriating to me. For instance, look at this screen capture from Notice anything missing? Like the starting times of today's...
  • U.S. Cuts Estimate of Bank Bailout Costs

    12/07/2009 6:07:36 AM PST · by La Lydia · 8 replies · 310+ views
    ABC News ^ | December 7, 2009
    The projected long-term cost of the government's bailout of the nation's big banks is going to be at least $200 billion less than previously thought, a United States Treasury Department official said Sunday. The Obama administration had estimated the cost to taxpayers of the $700-billion Troubled Asset relief Program, or TARP, would be $341 billion but now says it can cut that by $200 billion. "That improvement is driven by the fact that Treasury's investments to stabilize the system are delivering higher returns than anticipated and that Treasury does not anticipate having to draw upon the full $700 billion in...
  • The Pelosi Blueprint for Government Run Health Care

    10/30/2009 8:45:04 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 5 replies · 379+ views
    Heritage Foundation ^ | October 30, 2009 | Conn Carroll
    The new House health care bill (H.R. 3962) unveiled by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) yesterday clocks in at 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. As written, the bill purports to cost only $1.05 trillion over the first ten years and is paid for by over $700 billion in tax increases and cuts to Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug payments. But as troubling as those numbers are, the scariest thing about the bill is the solid foundation it lays for a complete government take over of the health care sector of our economy. The Washington Post describes the bill as...
  • The Baucus Bait And Switch (How CBO cooked the books for Baucus)

    10/08/2009 8:21:59 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 11 replies · 978+ views
    Heritage Foundation ^ | October 8, 2009 | Conn Carroll
    Throughout the health care debate, President Barack Obama repeatedly promised the American people that his health care plan “will help bring our deficits under control in the long term.” The problem is that the White House could not get the Congressional Budget Office to cooperate. Throughout the summer the CBO issued report after report showing that the versions of Obamacare working their way through Congress all added to the deficit. First, CBO found that the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) bill would increase the deficit by $1 trillion. Three weeks later, the CBO released a report...
  • B.C. university introduces grade worse than F

    08/12/2009 6:39:20 PM PDT · by Loyalist · 20 replies · 1,568+ views
    CTV ^ | August 12, 2009 | Darcy Wintonyk
    It used to be that the worst grade you could receive in school was an F, and that was bad enough. But B.C.'s Simon Fraser University is taking punishment to a whole new level, introducing a grade of FD -- meaning failure with dishonesty -- the worst possible grade a student can receive. Dr. Rob Gordon, director of criminology at SFU and acting chair of the senate committee on academic integrity, says the new grading is intended to curtail cheating using the internet. "What used to be a lot of cheating in libraries has changed quite significantly," he told
  • In Nigeria, Sharia Fails to Deliver

    08/12/2009 8:37:15 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 3 replies · 751+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 12, 2009 | Karen Brulliard
    KANO, Nigeria -- As military rule ended in Nigeria a decade ago, an Islamic legal system was swept into place on a wave of popular support...It has turned out in a way few expected. The draconian amputation sentences have mostly not come to pass. But neither has the utopia envisioned by backers of sharia law, who believed politicians' promises that it would end decades of corruption and pillaging by civilian and military rulers. The people are still poor and miserable and politicians are still rich. How the battles over sharia play out could have effects beyond Nigeria, a nation pivotal...
  • Pelosi Knocked Off Her Game

    05/12/2009 7:13:50 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 30 replies · 1,480+ views
    Roll Call ^ | May 12, 2009 | Tory Newmyer and Steven T. Dennis
    For Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), it’s a new week of old questions: What did she know about harsh Bush administration interrogation techniques, and when did she know it? Usually a master of message discipline, Pelosi has been thrown off balance by a mounting firestorm over whether she or her staff learned six years ago that intelligence officials were using extreme tactics such as waterboarding. For weeks, the Speaker has insisted she didn’t, though a declassified report last week suggested otherwise. And Republicans, sensing a rare opportunity, are moving to keep the heat on the discrepancy over competing versions of what...
  • Jihad, Dishonesty and Double Talk in Britain

    04/25/2009 3:25:23 PM PDT · by Cindy · 3 replies · 266+ views
    BRITANNIA RADIO - Blog ^ | Fri, 2009-04-24 09:41 | From the desk of A. Millar
    SNIPPET: "In the last few days, Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar, a leading member of the Tamil community in Britain was convicted of supplying bomb-making parts to the Tamil Tigers – a designated terrorist organization, banned both by Britain and the EU. According to the Guardian, the police had become aware of Chrishanthakumar’s activities five years ago, but had merely warned him to “stop buying electrical components.” This is perhaps all the more remarkable when one considers that in 2002 the Tamil Tigers – although nationalist rather than Islamist – leant support to Harakat-al Mujahideen, a Pakistani militant group affiliated with al-Qaeda. More...
  • Moral Education for the New Order

    04/14/2009 2:28:02 AM PDT · by Scanian · 5 replies · 439+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | April 14, 2009 | Kyle-Anne Shiver
    The Rasmussen folks last week revealed a poll wherein American young people are just about evenly divided on whether they prefer capitalism to socialism. Among our under-30 crowd, 37% prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided. Sucking at the teat of the state has never looked so good, apparently. Well, this certainly helps explain Obamamania. Tie this purely disgusting finding to last year's Josephson Institute Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, which determined levels of lying, cheating and stealing among high school students, and you'll see a very disturbing pattern of moral erosion. 30% stole from a...
  • Md. schools forbid illegals head count

    03/25/2009 3:15:08 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 32 replies · 880+ views
    Washington Times ^ | March 25, 2009 | Mark Chenoweth
    The Maryland State Board of Education on Tuesday said Frederick County officials are prohibited by federal law from seeking a count of how many illegal immigrants are in the county school system...the state board said county officials haven't shown sufficient reason to look into the legal status of all of the students in the school system and that asking immigration status might discourage some parents from enrolling their children in schools.... "I think that in the end, the real winners are the children who immigrate to Frederick County from other countries eager to take advantage of public education," Marita Loose,...
  • Congressman Defends Bogus Fuel-Cell Trip

    01/12/2009 3:28:01 PM PST · by John Semmens · 15 replies · 924+ views
    Representative Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) purported to have driven to Washington for the opening session of congress in a GM electric fuel-cell powered Equinox. “Taking this GM electric fuel-cell car to Washington reflects all that I will stand for as your Representative,” Massa boasted. Massa’s boast wasn’t true to the facts, though. The 282-mile distance between the congressman’s district and Washington exceeds the 200-mile range of the car and there are no refueling locations along the way. The trip was managed by abandoning the first car in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and continuing in a second identical car. Both fuel-cell cars ultimately had...
  • CNN Explains Inclusion of Sarah Palin in List of 2008’s Disgraced Politicians

    01/11/2009 7:29:58 PM PST · by John Semmens · 26 replies · 1,487+ views
    In a further bid to smear the defeated GOP vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the Cable News Network (CNN) included her name in a list with seven others: Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-Illinois: charged with attempting to sell a senate seat), former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.: caught cheating on terminally ill wife), Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (D-Detroit: in jail for obstruction of justice), Mayor Larry Langford (D-Birmingham: arrested for bribery, fraud and money laundering), Representative Tim Maloney (D-Fla: multiple extramarital affairs), Governor Elliot Spitzer (D-NY: consorting with prostitutes), Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska: convicted on bribery charges). While there can be little...
  • Lies, damned lies and Obama's lies

    10/30/2008 9:03:35 AM PDT · by tedbel · 629+ views
    ISRAPUNDIT ^ | Oct 30/08 | Michael Master
    Open letter to Obama The New York Times carried a story on Saturday, October 4, 2008 that proved you had a significantly closer relationship with Bill Ayers than what you previously admitted. While the issue of your relationship is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America about it. The Chicago Sun reported on May 8, 2008 that FBI records showed that you had a significantly closer relationship with Tony Rezko than what you previously admitted. In the interview, you said that you only saw Mr. Rezko a couple of times a year. The FBI files showed...
  • New Hampshire News Site Hits Obama for Mudslinging Politics and Dishonesty

    09/21/2008 1:33:32 PM PDT · by Obamalujah · 6 replies · 146+ views
    Right Werds, Korrekt Speech ^ | 09/21/2008 | Bear Nichols
    Are the Media finally hitting Obama for the obvious fact that he's just another Chicago-style politician? If only other Media sources would at least admit it even if they still support him. No one is saying McCain is not a typical politician, but it is disingenuous to claim Obama is of a different sort. The New Hampshire Union Leader writes on this very topic:
  • Oped For The Political Season

    09/03/2008 11:37:12 AM PDT · by MHGinTN · 10 replies · 225+ views ^ | 09/03/2008 | MHGinTN
    Oped For The Political Season [#6 in a series] What a spectacle! The obscenity of media whoring for the DNC/Obama campaign is astonishing to behold. Never in my 63 years have I seen anything to match it! The vast majority of media in America are engaged in rape of a conservative, accomplished, talented, beautiful, athletic, motherly, sincere W O M A N Â… because she is not from the left; she is not Hillary Rodham Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro. Before we go any further, letÂ’s see what is at the heart of this assault on Sarah Palin and her family...