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Conspiracy (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • History shows rushing to impeach the President could backfire

    05/22/2017 6:24:40 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    The Brisbane Times | May 22, 2017 | Michael J. Gerhardt for The Washington Post
    Link only due to copyright issues:
  • Rudy Giuliani: I Believe Trump Over Comey

    05/22/2017 4:23:57 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 4 replies
    TMZ ^ | May 22, 2017
    Rudy Giuliani has worked with both Donald Trump and James Comey ... and if push comes to shove over who's telling the truth, Rudy's squarely in Trump's corner. The former NYC mayor arrived at LAX Sunday, and the photog grilled him hard ... grilled him about the alleged Comey memo, Lindsey Graham's statement the probe is now a criminal investigation, Trump's poll numbers ... the works. Giuliani didn't flinch ... he's as solid a Trump supporter as they come.
  • Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

    05/22/2017 5:11:10 AM PDT · by bryan999 · 55 replies
    Saturday, an anonymous person who works in Washington DC, alleged on 4Chan’s /pol/ subgroup that high-ranking current and former Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder investigation. This comes after internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim DotCom, admitted on Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks.
  • Poll: Should President Trump be impeached?

    05/21/2017 11:25:46 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 41 replies
    Headline of the Day Poll Should President Trump be impeached? Yes, he colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary. No, the entire Russian conspiracy is a Democrat lie.
  • Views from QCA: Donald Trump controlling the minds of American media

    05/21/2017 9:20:24 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 11 replies
    The Dispatch-Argus ^ | May 21, 2017 | Eugene Mattecheck Jr.
    "Never let them get control of your mind." I've used that phrase my whole life. It means think critically, don't let emotion cloud your intellect. The media today, doesn't subscribe to that philosophy. They don't control their own minds. Donald Trump does. Mainstream media laughed off his candidacy. There was a belief he wasn't serious. YouTube videos abound with entertainers, pundits and politicians saying, "Donald Trump will never become president." The majority of pollsters, operating in a "used to be" reality used old methods to canvass a new world. "Popular culture," unaware they are neither popular, nor culture, made it...
  • How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

    05/21/2017 1:10:39 PM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 46 replies
    New York Post ^ | February 11, 2017 | Paul Sperry
    When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House. In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only...
  • Pro-Bernie Class Action Against DNC: Media Diverts Attention with Russia

    05/21/2017 8:25:48 AM PDT · by impetrio1 · 14 replies
    Black & Blonde Media ^ | 5/21/17 | Black & Blonde Media
    Ever wonder why the media is doing their non-stop Russia, Russia, Russia, recitation tirade? Could it be because they'd prefer we all look one way while something much more damaging is occurring they don't want getting any air time?
  • Are WaPo ‘Sources’ and ‘Officials’ Real or Fake Trump Impeachment Fuel?

    05/20/2017 7:36:39 AM PDT · by impetrio1 · 30 replies
    Black & Blonde Media ^ | 5/16/17 | Black & Blonde Media
    As said here on many instances, no reputable news editor (back in the day) would ever allow a story to be published that contained quotes from people who would not go on-the-record, in fact to even present such a piece would be tantamount to issuing a resignation letter. Again, this was to protect the credibility of that publication, both with the public and financially. That was then.
  • A Coup Attempt, Not a Constitutional Crisis

    05/19/2017 11:00:32 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    PJ Media's Spengler ^ | May 18, 2017 | David P. Goldman
    A ranking Republican statesman this week told an off-the-record gathering that a “coup” attempt was in progress against President Donald Trump, with collusion between the largely Democratic media and Trump’s numerous enemies in the Republican Party. The object of the coup, the Republican leader added, was not impeachment, but the recruitment of a critical mass of Republican senators and congressmen to the claim that Trump was “unfit” for office and to force his resignation. It’s helpful to fan away the psychedelic fumes of allegation and innuendo and clarify just what Trump might have done wrong. Trump will not be impeached,...
  • What nobody's talked about. [Marsha Marsha Marsha]

    05/19/2017 3:27:57 PM PDT · by Fhios · 8 replies
    5/19/17 | [Total Vanity]
    Nobody has talked about how the Democrats have enabled Russia to interfere with our political system. Even to the detriment of the USA. Now, the dems base fully hooked on Russian connections, Russia can just selectively leak, true or not, items that will bring the U.S to tumultuous times.
  • Russian Embassy tweets meme connecting Hillary Clinton to Seth Rich’s murder

    05/19/2017 3:13:13 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    Hot Air ^ | May 19, 2017 | John Sexton
    Friday morning the Russian embassy in the UK tweeted a meme suggesting Hillary Clinton was connected to the murder of Seth Rich. Here’s the tweet:(TWEET-AT-LINK) So, first of all, there’s the graphic. “Who killed Seth Rich?” is superimposed over the face of Hillary Clinton. Obviously, the suggestion being made is that Rich was murdered for the leak of DNC material which damaged Clinton. But it could also be taken as suggesting that Hillary herself ordered a hit on Rich. Then there’s the text which states that Seth Rich was “#WikiLeaks informer….” That’s a claim that was recently made in two...
  • Maxine Waters Reveals Proof Trump is Russian Agent 😂

    05/19/2017 2:09:38 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 20 replies
    You Tube ^ | 19 May 2017 | Mark Dice
    Video 4:18
  • Colleges Are Putting Tampons In Men’s Bathrooms Because Men Can Have Vaginas Too

    05/19/2017 9:08:32 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 36 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 5/19/17 | Amber Randall
    The following article appeared in the on May 18. Words fail me, except to say that the transgendered, psychological whack-jobs who are attempting to portray their particular perversions as somehow "normal" should be told to straighten up and save their lunacy for each other only. Ed. By Amber Randall Colleges across the country are putting tampons in men’s bathrooms in an effort to bring about “menstrual equity” in restrooms. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brown University and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are just a few colleges who placed menstruation products in their male and gender neutral bathrooms, reports the...
  • Is Lyme Disease an accidentally released bioterror pathogen?

    05/19/2017 8:51:36 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 14 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 5/19/17 | Suzanne Eovaldi
    A dangerous, large scale outbreak of painful Lyme Disease is being predicted for this summer by a video reporter who has suggested that this animal disease might have been spread to the U.S. population as an inadvertent escape pathogen from the U.S. Plum Island Animal Research facility. Because we've had a very mild winter, "all the conditions are right for one of the biggest outbreaks of LD this summer," says video researcher David Zublick. "What if your backyard is a breeding ground for a most heinous act of bioterrorism by our own government," asks Zublick about research done at Plum...
  • Who Could Lead in Syrian Settlement?

    05/14/2017 8:22:05 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 2 replies
    Right Wing Conservative News Blog ^ | May 14, 2017 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg
    "The Syrian crisis can only be resolved by means of interaction between Moscow and Washington, Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington, told Sputnik…. "…In an interview with Sputnik, Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington, said that even though the resolution of the Syrian crisis stipulates involvement of many political players, the problem cannot be resolved without cooperation between Russia and the United States." Having lived through the Cold War, I tend to look at all politics, through filters...
  • The Comey affair; lies and reality pass like trains in the night

    05/14/2017 5:26:26 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 7 replies
    Jon Rappoport's Blog ^ | May 14, 2017 | Jon Rappoport
    Fired FBI Director Comey is obviously in trouble. Cry for him. He’ll have to go on food stamps and welfare now, won’t he? Will he be able to collect Social Security? He’s too young! He needs crowdfunding. Send canned food. The media are portraying Trump firing Comey as “breathtaking,” “stunning,” “shocking.” They’re saying this is how Washington is reacting. If you live in Washington, try to find somebody who is really sucking air and trying to breathe. Find somebody who is leaning against a wall because he’s stunned. Find somebody whose eyes are rolling up inside his head from the...
  • Condo tower with Islamic museum and mosque to rise at proposed Ground Zero Mosque site

    05/14/2017 5:21:02 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 25 replies ^ | May 13, 2017 | Pamela Geller
    “We are still building an Islamic museum and sanctuary,” says the shady developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque scheme, Sharif El-Gamal. An Islamic sanctuary is a mosque. The article adds: “An Islamic museum ‘is just as much of an insult,’ Pamela Geller, a blogger and one of the center’s most vocal opponents, wrote in an email. ‘It will be like having a museum touting the glories of the Japanese Empire at Pearl Harbor.’” This is what I actually told the New York Times: “The 16-story mosque that El-Gamal initially planned to build there has not been built. Our efforts in...
  • University of Buffalo Students Shout Down Robert Spencer Lecture on Jihad

    05/14/2017 5:14:04 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 27 replies
    PJ Media ^ | May 12, 2017 | Robert Spencer
    Last Monday, I appeared at the University of Buffalo at the invitation of the courageous students of Young Americans for Freedom. They have to put up with campus Left-fascist thuggery on a daily basis, while I was able to leave Buffalo the morning after the event. I say I “appeared,” because to say “I spoke” would be exaggerating a bit. Rather, I spoke a few sentences and made a couple of points in between being screamed at by Leftist and Islamic supremacist fascists who think they’re opposing fascism. The Spectrum, the student newspaper of the University at Buffalo, reported: Robert...
  • The Nork EMP—Part 3—Iran, And CASCADING FAILURES.

    05/13/2017 10:06:46 AM PDT · by RArtfulogerDodger · 23 replies
    Right Wing Conservative News Blog ^ | May 13, 2017 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg
    This is from the Free BeaconFrom David “Dave” Benham, U.S. Pacific Command, Fox News, May 12, 2017 ‘Depending on the specific characteristics of the attacks, unprecedented cascading failures of our major infrastructures could result,’ the 2004 commission warned in a statement. ‘In that event, a regional or national recovery would be long and difficult and would seriously degrade the safety and overall viability of our Nation.’ A lot of people in the (perhaps, fatally) distracted US media, as well as apparent, armchair “commenters and posters,” still openly poo-poo the idea of a Korean EMP attack on America. I don’t know...
  • [From March 28, 2017 Senator Chuck Grassley examined] Potential Conflicts In Top FBI Official’s Ro

    Is this why James Comey was really fired? This PDF from Senator Grassley’s website is a must read but the last 4 pages are GOLD. If anyone questions you on the timing of Comey’s firing send them this. McCabe is NEXT!