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  • Catholic Schools, Cut The ‘White Privilege’ Lectures And Teach About Marxism’s Evils

    07/06/2020 7:26:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 6, 2020 | Carina Benton
    Teach About Marxism’s Evils We cannot allow another generation to emerge from our schools so ignorant of communism's horrors that they see no problem in courting, dabbling with, or even passively accepting one of history’s most noxious ideologies.
 My child’s Catholic school sent home a letter to parents this week recommending “conversations about white privilege” to encourage “compassionate hearts and confident minds.” Regurgitating the radical-left bile that fuels the fires of resentment and division will not enrich students emotionally or intellectually. Instead, Catholic schools should teach students about the evils of Marxism.Marxist apostles are orchestrating the chaos and violence plaguing...
  • Justin Bieber Thanks Jesus For Forgiveness and Urges Fans to Embrace Christianity

    07/05/2020 1:28:37 AM PDT · by knighthawk · 18 replies
    Breitbart ^ | July 04 2020 | BEN KEW
    Pop superstar Justin Bieber sent a message of thanks to Jesus Christ on Saturday for making him “loved, chosen, and forgiven” despite his years of indiscretions, and urged his millions of followers and fans to join him in embracing Christianity. Posting on Instagram to his 130 million followers, Bieber shared a selfie of himself while urging fans to turn to Jesus during hard times. He wrote: Thank you Jesus for my life. Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for showing me I am enough! Thank you that I no longer have to carry shame but can walk with my...
  • 7 exciting trends in global Christianity: No. 5 will surprise you

    07/04/2020 10:53:14 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 07/04/2020 | Lightworkers
    A study highlighting seven encouraging trends within global Christianity was released by Facts & Trends. Here’s what you need to know:1. Christianity is growing faster than the population Aaron Earls, the author, says, “Globally, Christianity is growing at a 1.27% rate…. The world’s population, 7.7 billion, is growing at a 1.20% rate.”A .07% difference may not seem substantial to you. But remember, we’re talking about almost 8 billion people.What this means:Many people believe Christianity has gone out of style and is in decline — that the only people who are Christians today are those raised by Christian parents. However, this...
  • Freedom, Truth and Hope

    07/04/2020 4:17:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin ^ | July 4, 2020 | Kathryn Lopez
    "Who are we?" "What are we here for?" These are some of the most fundamental questions of our lives. The answers can be tough to discern even in normal times. As statues are being torn down, the question of who we are as Americans is one that we have to consider. There is a speech that the National Review's founder, William F. Buckley Jr., delivered in 1979 that I always find helpful to peruse when I'm worried about the future of America. He was reflecting on Americanism and what it "seeks to be." He noted that there were some who...
  • Christianity - Good for past, present and future societies!

    07/02/2020 7:29:50 AM PDT · by Teleios Research · 1 replies
    Teleios ^ | Teleios
    Christianity is the foundation of Western Society. However, many in political and academic arenas deny the historical and current benefits of Christianity. We recently examined the histories of European tribes in the early Middle Ages, from 300 years before to 300 years after conversion to Christianity. Our analysis discovered marked statistical improvements in tribal society measures following conversion to Christianity. Following Christianization, tribal-based populations developed more organized, peaceful, compassionate, and just societies. These early medieval countries, while underdeveloped by today’s standards, laid the groundwork for the constitutional democracies that many enjoy today which provide for economic advancement and judicial fairness...
  • Video: Chris Cuomo Used His CNN Soapbox To Tell People They Don’t Need God Anymore

    07/01/2020 7:01:25 AM PDT · by USA Conservative · 15 replies
    Right Journalism ^ | 07.01.2020 | Natalie Dagenhardt
    President Donald Trump railed against CNN on Twitter Wednesday morning, claiming he cannot “believe how badly” the network performed in the latest ratings figures. The president blamed Chris Cuomo (who he referred to as “Fredo”) as the reason for CNN’s alleged ratings woes, arguing the anchor fo Cuomo Prime Time should be given a “big pay cut.” “Can’t believe how badly @CNN has done in the newly released TV ratings,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “They are so far below @FoxNews (thank you President Trump!) that you can barely find them. Fredo should be given a big pay cut! MSDNC also...
  • Has Anyone Read "White Awake"? What Did You Think?

    06/30/2020 7:21:43 AM PDT · by OrangeHoof · 19 replies
    Intervarsity Press ^ | 06-30-2020 | OrangeHoof
    One of my former churches is beginning a series based on a book called "White Awake" by Daniel Hill. ( The book is published by InterVarsity Press (IVP), a respected evangelical Christian publisher. A blurb at the site contains the following: Hill began a journey of understanding his own white identity. Today he is an active participant in addressing and confronting racial and systemic injustices. And in this compelling and timely book, he shows you the seven stages to expect on your own path to cultural awakening. It's crucial to understand both personal and social realities in the areas of...
  • Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not Stopped

    06/30/2020 6:48:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies
    The Federalist ^ | June 30, 2020 | Nathan Stone
    The outrage over statues and the 'white' depictions of Christ is meant to detract us from the real endgame: the 'canceling of Christianity itself. Towards the end of his reign, Tuthmosis III of Egypt ordered the destruction of all the public monuments to his aunt, Hatshepsut, the former leader of Egypt. It wasn’t the first instance of iconoclasm that the world had seen, but it has become one of the most memorable.Iconoclasm — the deliberate destruction of images — has existed almost as long as man has walked the earth. When it took place, there were usually deep and profound...
  • Christian societies enhance children’s wellbeing – facts matter!

    06/29/2020 1:19:03 PM PDT · by Teleios Research · 1 replies
    Teleios ^ | Teleios
    Teleios evaluated measures that could affect wellbeing of children specifically using the top 50 countries from the Human Freedom Index compared to the 50 top countries persecuting Christianity from the Open Doors World Watch List. Children in free countries, which are historically Christian, demonstrate better wellbeing and associated with numerous legal, security, health and educational measures potentially associated with enhanced wellbeing for children. Christianity is beneficial for our children and society as a whole! Read more at
  • Social Justice Is a Threat to Human Rights and the Gospel

    06/29/2020 11:48:32 AM PDT · by tbw2 · 7 replies
    Statement on Social Justice ^ | September 10 , 2018 | Samuel Sey
    Social justice was the basis for stripping rights away from Jews in the Khmelnytsky Uprising. Social justice was the basis for discrimination against Jews in the Soviet Union. Social justice was the basis for the holocaust in Nazi Germany. Social justice is the basis for South Africa’s initiative to strip property rights from White farmers. Social justice is the basis for stripping a pre-born baby’s right to life.
  • Instagram Brands Christian Worship ‘Harmful’

    06/27/2020 10:32:25 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Townhall ^ | 06/26/2020 | Michael Brown
    The headline to this article is not sensationalistic. It is not click bait. It is truth. Shocking truth. Yes, Instagram has designated videos of live worship on the streets to be in violation of community guidelines, calling the content “harmful.” Let the outrage be felt and heard. Sean Feucht is a worship leader and songwriter who recently ran for political office in California. He is also a conservative Christian.On June 23 he tweeted, “This is what we’ve come to in America!“Instagram is now classifying my WORSHIP videos as ‘harmful or false information’“Religious Liberty? Freedom of Speech? Big Tech censorship?”Included in...
  • Pastors vow to ‘defend’ houses of worship, ‘not allow Christian heritage to be erased’

    06/26/2020 1:02:50 PM PDT · by conservative98 · 37 replies
    Fox News ^ | 6/16/20 | Caleb Parke
    A group of evangelical pastors gathered at Seattle's CHOP zone earlier this week to pray and declare that they will defend houses of worship and statues of Jesus after activists called for tearing them down amid Black Lives Matter protests. Brian Gibson, founder of the Peaceably Gather movement and pastor of His Church, denounced Shaun King's call to remove "white Jesus" statues and other activists trying to remove Christian symbols and monuments in a movement that began with hatred and vandalism toward Confederate statues. "The call from Black Lives Matters leaders to destroy images of Christ and deface houses of...
  • Christianity Is A Faith And Not An Intellectual Philosophical System Based Upon Rationalism And Empiricism.

    06/25/2020 11:46:38 AM PDT · by JAG 5000 · 58 replies
    JAG 5000
    What you need to takeaway from all this below is that simple child-like faith in God is the core principle of Christianity. Please do not try and make this complicated. Its not complicated, every word down there is designed to stimulate simple child-like Faith in God. Here we go: Christianity Is A Faith And Not An Intellectual Philosophical System Based Upon Rationalism And Empiricism. Start quote. "Henry Dodwell argues that matters of religious faith lie outside the determination of reason. God could not possibly have intended that reason should be the faculty to lead us to faith, for faith cannot...
  • Christians Prepare to Harbor Jews in Anticipation of Potential ‘American Holocaust’

    06/24/2020 11:48:11 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 40 replies
    Breaking Israel News ^ | June 17, 2020 | Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler
    “O you who dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the protection of Shaddai” Psalms 91:1 (The Israel Bible™) Many Christians acknowledge that extensive preparations have been made in their churches and communities to shelter Jews in the event of an uptick in anti-Semitism, but very few are willing to speak openly about them. Mindful of the fact that Christians who hid Jewish families during the Holocaust endangered their own lives and the lives of their family members, out of concern for the safety of those Christians involved, details are hard to pin down. Breaking Israel...
  • Shaun King’s Demand We Smash ‘White European’ Jesus Images Is Bigoted And Ignorant

    06/24/2020 9:28:39 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 26 replies
    The Federalist ^ | June 24, 2020 | Bill McMorris
    The Son of Man who suffered and died for the sins of all mankind is not at all constrained by our petty differences and fights over skin tone. The iconoclasts of 2020 are wasting their time toppling Thomas Jefferson and defacing George Washington when they could be shattering the stained glass windows of churches and disfiguring sculptures of Jesus Christ — the true root of America’s rot, according to Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King. “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always...
  • Christians Don’t Need The Black Lives Matter Movement To Defeat Evil

    06/24/2020 5:40:51 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    The Federalist ^ | June 24, 2020 | Joshua Lawson
    Christianity steeped in neighborly love ended slavery and defeated Jim Crow. The gospel, not the BLM movement, already has what we need to heal the nation. As churches across America restart in-person services, Christians and their pastors are feeling the heat. The “heat,” however, is not from the lack of air conditioning in the sanctuary as things get hot and humid — it’s the pressure to “say something” in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.Yet just as Christians shouldn’t feel obligated to issue “official church statements” every time sin is committed (there would be little time for anything else),...
  • America's Jews and Christians Are Failing the Test of Their Lives

    06/23/2020 4:17:56 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 51 replies ^ | June 23, 2020 | Dennis Prager
    If you are a Jew or Christian in America, the seriousness of your Judaism or Christianity is now being tested. People look back in time and wonder how religious people, especially religious leaders -- specifically, the clergy -- could have failed in times of moral crisis. The failure of most rabbis, priests and pastors to speak out today -- when the risk to personal safety is so much less than it was in communist and fascist countries -- should provide the answer: Religion doesn't have all that much impact on most religious people. During comfortable times, it provides two essentials...
  • Shaun King says Jesus images 'a form of white supremacy' that must go: 'They should all come down'

    06/22/2020 3:50:55 PM PDT · by kevcol · 216 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | June 22, 2020 | Douglas Ernst
    “Yes,” Mr. King said regarding his support for tearing down images of Christ. “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form [of] white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.” The activist doubled down on the matter in response to feedback.
  • Making Room in Our Hearts

    06/20/2020 5:24:39 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | June 20, 2020 | Kathryn Lopez
    Adoption made the news in recent days because of a Republican congressman unveiling the surprise news that he has been raising an adopted son from Cuba. Though the reaction on the hyperpartisan internet has been shrill and unpleasant, perhaps this can nudge us toward a radical shift in our thinking -- one where adoption is more commonplace, because we are more welcoming. A week before the congressman's adoption kerfuffle was the Feast of the Corpus Christi on the Catholic calendar. Traditionally, it's a day of Eucharistic processions. I heard of a few, but they were much reduced in these pandemic...
  • African Christian University Dean: 'Black people in America are the FREEST and MOST PROSPEROUS black people in the world'

    06/18/2020 7:38:51 PM PDT · by Perseverando · 14 replies
    The Blaze ^ | June 18, 2020` | BlazeTV Staff
    Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African Christian University and former pastor from California, recently made waves when his sermon titled "Ethnic Gnosticism" resurfaced online. He joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to share why he believes today's social justice, anti-racism movements are "poisonous" ideology steeped in Marxist critical theory, which aim to "redistribute" justice to certain societal groups with no consideration for the individual. "I've been trying to talk about this from the perspective of the big picture. Unfortunately, when you talk about it from the big picture, people tend to think, you just don't have...