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  • If I wanted to cripple America (Vanity)

    02/05/2016 8:31:07 PM PST · by Crucial · 14 replies
    02/05/2016 | Myself
    What's the best way to cripple America? Well, for one, I'd do it in secret because angry Americans are historically pretty lethal. Secondly, I would do it slowly so that even though I will be boiling the frog, he won't notice until it's too late. I would befriend people high up in the government or rise to high posts in the government. Then, I would strike at the heart of America because when you want to kill something you strike at its most vital part. All this is pretty common sense so far, right? So what is the most vital...
  • Email from Rick Santorum

    02/03/2016 7:35:54 PM PST · by Engraved-on-His-hands · 18 replies
    Rick Santorum | February 3, 2016 | Rick Santorum
    Thanks for standing with me all of these years. Your steadfast support and commitment to fighting important conservative battles has meant so much to Karen and me. As you may have heard, I announced tonight that I will be ending my Presidential campaign. While the results were not what we had hoped, the experience of running for President was tremendously gratifying and something I won't soon forget. And as Karen and I discussed leaving the Presidential race, we also talked about who we should support now that I am stepping aside. There are many qualified, conservative candidates in the race...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Just Hangin' Cafe ~ 29 January 2016

    01/28/2016 5:58:09 PM PST · by beachn4fun · 111 replies
    January 28, 2016 | Canteen Crew
    FR CANTEEN MISSION STATEMENT Showing support and boosting the morale of our military and our allied military and the family members of the above.Honoring those who have served before. FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe Come on in, we're open Need a place just to hang out? This is it. We serve coffee, tea,or maybe a tall brew? Topped off with great conversation and music. No worries in the FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe. Grab a glass and start a conversation. You never know who you might meet in the Cafe. Glad you could join us. Enjoy your stay. Our...
  • KFC's secret recipe for Africa

    01/15/2016 7:03:34 PM PST · by ScottWalkerForPresident2016 · 19 replies
    CNN ^ | 01/15/2016 | Earl Nurse
    With over 1,000 restaurants in the continent, KFC is the leading fast food chain in Africa. But its dominance is limited to South Africa, home to about 80 percent of them. Despite its success, the company faces many challenges as they try to establish the brand in other regions, for example by making sure its food is relevant and recognizable to Africans. Serving jollof rice, a spicy dish native to West Africa, is one way in which KFC is improvising to win over palates in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria.

    01/01/2016 7:21:40 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 28 replies
    Facebook ^ | 1/1/2016 | Donald Trump
  • Santa and Rudolph Caught on Camera

    I know a guy who wanted to catch Santa on camera for his daughter last year. So this guy called his crazy friend (Freepers?) to help set up a camera to catch not only Santa but also Rudolph on camera. Yes, Santa really did come out of the dirty fireplace and yes he really did bring a large reindeer into the house! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHFfScTD_8
  • Trump doing MAN SHOW tour (VANITY)

    12/16/2015 8:02:46 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 19 replies
    Kimmel tonight. Adam Carolla's podcast Friday.
  • Actor James Woods survives multi-car wreck on icy Glenwood Canyon portion of I-70 in Colorado

    12/15/2015 8:24:48 PM PST · by beaversmom · 118 replies
    The Denver Channel 7 News ^ | December 15, 2015
    GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - Actor James Woods says God and his Jeep saved him from a near-catastrophic pileup in Colorado. The 68-year-old actor and six other drivers wrecked in the Glenwood Canyon portion of I-70 on Monday. Woods recounted the crash, which nearly sent him over a cliff, in more than a dozen tweets. He wrote another man was driving 75 mph on icy roads and spun out. According to Woods, he hit a wall trying to avoid the other vehicle, and spun in the opposite direction going 60 mph. "Huge drop 100 feet into river below, but the guardrail...
  • Brokered conventions - very simplified (vanity)

    12/12/2015 8:34:44 PM PST · by EveningStar · 53 replies
    Multiple links in body of thread | December 12, 2015
    What is a brokered convention? A candidate must secure a majority - not just a plurality - of votes prior to the convention. If a candidate has not secured a majority of votes prior to the convention, then there will be a first ballot at the convention. Delegates must vote to their pledged candidate on the first ballot. If after the first ballot, there is still no majority, then the convention becomes brokered. At this time, the delegates are released from their pledges and the deal making begins. The last GOP brokered convention was in 1948. The last Democratic brokered...
  • Thread pulled out of Chat

    12/12/2015 2:01:29 PM PST · by logi_cal869 · 93 replies
    12/12/2015 | self
    My thread was pulled by JR labeled 'garbage'. I still don't know if there's any merit to the BS I sourced. I was looking for others' feedback on it and whether or not there was anything but Trump's interview denial on it in dealing with the topic being used to smear Trump. The article was thrust in my face by a former friend that campaigned for Zero and I wanted to nail him. I would understand such a thread being pulled out of 'news'. I did not do that. It was in CHAT. If requested feedback from FReepers in CHAT...
  • Nighttime visitors around the world?

    12/06/2015 7:19:21 PM PST · by MNDude · 51 replies
    As you know, most American kids get visited by Santa at Christmas, the Easter Bunny at Easter, and the tooth fairy after losing a tooth. I guess some weird kids might get visited by the Great Pumpkin. Being married to a Mexican, I know that kids there visited by The Reyes Magos (the Wisemen) shortly after Christmas, and a tooth mouse when they lose teeth. I believe in Some places in Holland the good kids get a Christmas by Saint Nick, and the bad ones from his black faced friend ( Zwart Piet?). I'm curious if anyone here knows about...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Just Hangin' Cafe ~ 4 December 2015

    12/03/2015 5:57:48 PM PST · by beachn4fun · 120 replies
    December 3, 2015 | Canteen Crew
    FR CANTEEN MISSION STATEMENT Showing support and boosting the morale of our military and our allied military and the family members of the above.Honoring those who have served before. FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe Come on in, we're open Need a place just to hang out? This is it. We serve coffee, tea, hot cocoa, conversation and music. Our AWESOME military, our AWESOME allies, and their families are welcomed and honored here. No worries in the FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe. Pull up a chair. Grab a cup and start a conversation. You never know who you might meet...
  • If you could ask Obama one question ...

    11/20/2015 8:21:04 PM PST · by MNDude · 90 replies
    Suppose Baraq Obama was on national television tied up with Wonder Woman's magic lasso and he would be forced to answer completely and truthfully whatever question you were to present to him. What ONE question would you ask him if he would have to answer truthfully with the entire world watching?
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Just Hangin' Cafe ~ 20 November 2015

    11/19/2015 5:57:48 PM PST · by beachn4fun · 89 replies
    November 19, 2015 | Canteen Crew
    FR CANTEEN MISSION STATEMENT Showing support and boosting the morale of our military and our allied military and the family members of the above.Honoring those who have served before. FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe Come on in, we're open Need a place just to hang out? This is it. We serve coffee, tea, hot cocoa, conversation and music. Our AWESOME military, our AWESOME allies, and their families are welcomed and honored here. No worries in the FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe. Grab a cup and start a conversation. You never know who you might meet in the Cafe. Glad...
  • Why are Intergalactic Background Checks the Gun Grabber’s Holly Grail?

    10/08/2015 3:22:19 PM PDT · by Torcert · 71 replies
    Oct 8 2015 | N/A
    Proviso – for those who know the answer right off the bat this is entirely obvious. But there are new people to the fight for our God-given and Constitutionally affirmed Civil-Rights just entering the fray and so this is for them. So why does the #nationalSocialistLeft obsess over this issue. It wouldn’t of helped in many recent shootings so it’s a pointless exercise if it is supposed to ‘solve’ this problem. So why do the gun gabbers keep circling back to carp on this talking point ad nauseam? It’s simple to understand if one just works backward from the gun...
  • First Cantor, then Boehner, now McCarthy! Establishment oligarchs dropping like flies!!

    10/08/2015 11:45:31 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 65 replies
    The Establishment is going to be VERY, VERY pissed at all of us! They're power is crumbling, and their neat little line of successors is no more!
  • A question about Gender Identity...

    10/08/2015 9:38:14 AM PDT · by MNDude · 39 replies
    I was just in a conversation with a business partner who has been working on making a large sale to a liberal state out east. I asked him if he got the sale yet and he told me "yes, I got the sale with requirements. I must prove that my business is "woman owned" in order to close on the sale. So I have been working on the paperwork to give my wife ownership of my business." Yes, it's that insane, that a major factor of the state of buying is based on the owner of the business. But, my...
  • Stop refugees now

    10/07/2015 1:46:18 PM PDT · by klb99 · 17 replies
    self | self
    How can the U. S. acceptance of Muslim refugees be prevented? This must be stopped before they get here.....has anything at all been proposed?
  • Obviously because she knows she's better than you all

    10/06/2015 7:24:48 PM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 10 replies
     Tammy Bruce wants us to help Hill explain why she's running. "Why, Madame Secretary, it's just out of the goodness of your heart that you're going to stoop to rubbing shoulders with we smelly, commom schleps, and give us the benefit of your enlightened nobility in governing us and telling we slouching Neanderthals how we should live."
  • TX:.22 Ammunition in WalMart, 5 Cents a Round

    10/06/2015 9:50:36 AM PDT · by marktwain · 33 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 6 October, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    Is the .22 bubble finally bursting? I have, with many others, been watching WalMart for .22 ammunition. It is a good indicator that demand may be saturating, and prices dropping. For two years, the availability of .22 long rifle ammunition in WalMart stores has been very spotty. They have had a “3 boxes per customer limit” for most of that period. When .22 ammunition comes in, it is snapped up by the first few customers; then the shelves are bare until the next shipment, which usually happens a week or more later. On September 30th, in a Dallas WalMart near...
  • British teen says he’s ‘scarred for life’ after unprotected sex with teaching aide (truncated)

    09/30/2015 3:51:34 PM PDT · by Mariner · 61 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | September 29th, 2015 | BY Meg Wagner
    A British school boy said he is “scarred for life” after his teaching assistant courted him over Facebook, had sex with him 50 times and then told him she was pregnant. Caroline Berriman’s teenage victim spoke out Tuesday to detail his twittered relationship with the 30-year-old Abraham Moss Community School assistant, the Manchester Evening News reported. Berriman dodged jail time when she pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child charges last week. Instead, she was sentenced to community service and ordered to pay fines. The unidentified teen, who no longer attends the community school, said he began his relationship...
  • Tea Party, FR presence at the Republican convention?

    09/30/2015 2:55:39 PM PDT · by hardspunned · 5 replies
    I'm of the opinion that the conservative rank and file of the party needs to represented in Cleveland. I'm planning on being there regardless of who the nominee might be. Are there any organized FR events being planned? Any advice on where I might find Tea Party type activists who will be there? Should the media and GOP establishment shut us out again I'd like to voice my anger as vociferously as possible. Of course, should Cruz or one of ours win I'd like to show my support.
  • Trump on O'Reilly right now *vanity*

    09/29/2015 5:09:06 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 110 replies
    09-29-2015 | Me
    First of all, the only reason I'm watching the blowhard O'Reilly is because Trump's on. O'Reilly, during his exchange with Trump, just said "I wrote a book on Reagan...I know him inside and out!" What a load of crap!
  • Watch Out East Coast! Flooding Rains and Joaquin Developing Too!

    09/29/2015 2:57:05 PM PDT · by dirtboy · 81 replies
    NOAA and wunderground
  • Ahmed Mohamed case: Is this a smoking gun?

    09/28/2015 5:05:45 PM PDT · by Faith Presses On · 34 replies
    9/28/15 | Faith Presses On
    This is something odd about the case that occurred to me earlier in the day. How often do you see minors who have been suddenly catapulted from ordinary anonymous life into national and international fame by some incident, and they are apparently routinely interviewed by the media by themselves? No parents or other family with them during the interviews, and no attorneys either. I've seen two videotaped interviews of him, one with the Dallas Morning News, and the other on Al Jazeera, and read other interviews, and so far it seems like he does the interviews alone. I do remember...
  • Trump is taking the Lead

    09/27/2015 7:41:52 PM PDT · by djstex · 84 replies
    DJSTEX ^ | 09/27/15 | djstex
    Donald Trump says... We CAN build a wall! We CAN deport illegals! We CAN get our jobs back! We CAN have a strong military! We CAN stop the Iran nuke deal! We CAN stop illegal immigration! We CAN take care of our veterans! We CAN control our trade agreements! We CAN stop spending money we don't have! We CAN prosecute and jail Hillary Clinton! We CAN Make America Great Again! After all that said ,what's the problem? Answer, Weak knee persons step aside and let this go forth! I see nothing but media and dems bellowing about Trump. Conservatives need...
  • Bias we much

    09/25/2015 5:47:42 PM PDT · by NetAddicted · 10 replies
    ComicallyIncorrect.com ^ | 9/23/2015 | Branco
    Don't know what to post, when it's a cartoon,
  • Any Middle East Experts here understand they Syria situation?

    09/24/2015 7:01:45 AM PDT · by MNDude · 26 replies
    The war in Syria seems to be a confusing one. From what I understand: - Assad and the control of Syria is Sunni. - The confilct started as a spin-off from the "Arab Spring" - The rebellion against the government is a coalition of different armies including ISIS. - USA seems to be supporting the rebellion. - Russia is supporting Assad Although I may be mistaken in any or all of those statements. I was wondering if there is anyone here who is knowledgable on the ME and understands what is going on with the civil war. What government is...
  • So Sad, So Dumb. Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks

    09/23/2015 8:21:31 AM PDT · by grundle · 39 replies
    yahoo.com ^ | September 22, 2015 | Billie Cohen
    The selfie nabs one more victim. A Japanese tourist has died after attempting to take a self-portrait at the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate. The 66-year-old man fell down the stairs and suffered head injuries, losing consciousness and leading to his death. One of his friends also fractured a leg in the fall. It’s a sad story, and what’s even sadder is that it’s not the only one. As if you needed additional proof that people need to be much more aware of their surroundings and much less focused on themselves: In May of this year, a 21-year-old accidentally shot herself...
  • Yogi Berra passes away; HOF legend was 90

    09/22/2015 11:29:17 PM PDT · by musicman · 173 replies
    MLB.com ^ | September 23, 2015 | Marty Noble
    <p>Just saw on MLB.TV that Yogi Berra has passed away at age 90.</p>
  • Have humans made dogs STUPID? Pets are 'lazy thinkers' compared to wild wolves

    09/16/2015 6:45:14 PM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 63 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | 16 September 2015 | RICHARD GRAY
    They may be man's best friend, but dogs have little to thank humans for it seems. Research suggests the domesticated pets can't solve problems as well as their wild cousins because living with us has made them 'incapable of thinking for themselves.' In tests, experts presented a 'puzzle box' containing food to a group of dogs, and a group of wolves and while the wolves were capable of breaking inside, the dogs looked to humans for help.
  • Two sexually violent predators moving to Colorado Springs

    09/16/2015 5:18:00 AM PDT · by george76 · 21 replies
    KRDO ^ | Sep 15, 2015
    The Colorado Department of Corrections has notified the Colorado Springs Police Department of two sexually violent predators. Michael Anthony Trujillo also known as Michelle Trujillo and Jerrell Jamil Evans will be on supervised release and parole in Colorado Springs. ... Trujillo’s criminal history reveals that she was convicted in 2003 of Sexual Assault on a Child-Position of Trust-Attempted in El Paso County. Trujillo has also been convicted of Escape-2001, Attempted Escape-2006, 3rd Degree Assault-2009, Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance-2009.
  • 2015 Chase for the Cup Thread

    09/15/2015 7:57:46 PM PDT · by ican'tbelieveit · 561 replies
  • How to repair Immigration and voter fraud problem.

    09/15/2015 5:57:59 PM PDT · by Leo Carpathian · 26 replies
    self | 09/15/2015 | Y. Peestoff
    I am the one who had to go through incapable government procedures to become legal resident of this magnificent country - the (former) beacon of freedom and justice in the world. I see talking heads, professors and government geniuses analyzing and trying to "comprehensively" fix the problem of illegal immigration, illegals crossing of borders, overstaying visas, people trying to share the American Dream. Talking about the problem, but not fixing it, making it worse. Result of the typical government bureaucracy incapable of running anything right. What is the problem? President Reagan realized that there is an immigration problem and he...
  • Limbaugh: Fiorina Draws Asignment to Take Down Trump

    09/15/2015 10:23:29 AM PDT · by ifinnegan · 162 replies
    Rush Limbaugh Program | 9-15-15 | Rush
    No link, Rush just said it. He said he hears that iCarly has been given the assignment by the RNC to take down Trump. Presumably in the CNN debate tomorrow. That's the reason she was added to the program at the last second. Rush meandered in to this after talking about Prince Rebus and how he doesn't even know the RNC Chairman.
  • OPEC says the world will want more of its oil next year

    09/14/2015 9:16:22 AM PDT · by Citizen Zed · 38 replies
    Reuters ^ | 9-14-2015 | ALEX LAWLER
    OPEC on Monday predicted higher demand for its crude oil next year, sticking to its view that a strategy of letting prices fall will tame the U.S. shale boom and cut a global surplus. The monthly report from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries also said a weaker outlook for China would contribute to slower global oil demand growth next year. "U.S. oil production has shown signs of slowing," OPEC said in the report. "This could contribute to a reduction in the imbalance of oil market fundamentals, however, it remains to be seen to what extent this can be...
  • What things are getting better these days?

    09/12/2015 10:57:16 AM PDT · by MNDude · 39 replies
    It seems like everywhere we look things are getting worse. Christian values are being replaced by values of the secular world. The American flag is being replaced by the rainbow flag. Europe is getting overrun with Muslim migrants and USA is getting overrun with third World immigrants. Fewer and fewer American young know what right the Constitution guarantees, and few care. It seems hard to find things that might actually be getting better. In your opinion, in what areas in the world and the USA are things getting better?
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Just Hangin' Cafe ~ 11 September 2015

    09/10/2015 5:58:50 PM PDT · by beachn4fun · 85 replies
    September 10, 2015 | Canteen Crew
    FR CANTEEN MISSION STATEMENT Showing support and boosting the morale of our military and our allied military and the family members of the above.Honoring those who have served before. FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe Come on in, we're open Need a place just to hang out? This is it. We serve coffee, tea,or maybe a tall brew? Topped off with great conversation and music. No worries in the FReeper Canteen Just Hangin' Cafe. Grab a glass and start a conversation. You never know who you might meet in the Cafe. Our AWESOME military, our AWESOME allies, and their families...
  • Hillary Hacked E-mails Out?

    09/09/2015 8:06:16 PM PDT · by Tenlein · 74 replies
    People on twitter are saying that Hillary's hacked e-mails are out on the web now. This guy, Ben Hamner, appears to have them available on his site: https://twitter.com/benhamner I'm not computer savvy enough to attempt to download them. I hope it's the real deal!
  • Vanity-Immigration, such an important issue, where do the GOP Candidates stand?

    09/08/2015 9:19:04 AM PDT · by Cubs Fan · 8 replies
    Yes there are many issues and they are ALL important But I believe this is America's most important issue. Since it is, IMO, the one with the most potential to destroy the country in the shortest amount of time. The political process is already poisoned with it, and unless something is done the stituation will only get worse. It's hard to tell which candidate believes exactly what, and whether they can be trusted, or are they just posturing. Maybe people could post here about which candidates have what positions. And whether they are sincere.
  • "Bloomberg Gun Control Derangement Syndrome": Definition

    09/08/2015 8:51:12 AM PDT · by Be Careful · 10 replies
    9/8/15 | self
    A dissociative disorder whereby a wealthy and special person of the Elite Class truly believes that he/she does not own a gun, while at the same time owning an armed security detail. Great 'gotcha question' for Bloomberg or others.
  • Tell Us About Your First Job

    09/06/2015 6:35:43 PM PDT · by blueunicorn6 · 200 replies
    blueunicorn6 | 9/6/2015 | blueunicorn6
    In honor of Labor Day, tell us a little bit about your first job.
  • Queen Elizabeth set to become longest reigning British monarch

    09/06/2015 8:25:02 PM PDT · by xp38 · 62 replies
    The Toronto Sun ^ | Sept 6 2015 | CHRISTINA BLIZZARD
    On Sept. 9, Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning British monarch, surpassing the record held previously by her great-great grandmother, Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, 216 days. Victoria became Queen June 20, 1837 and died Jan. 22, 1901. Allowing for leap years and the time of day at which each monarch was told of the death of their predecessor, it has been calculated that Queen Elizabeth will pass that landmark time at around 5:30 p.m. in the U.K. — or 12:30 p.m. EST. Elizabeth II became queen on the death of her father, George VI, Feb. 6,...
  • Federal leaders agree to skip Jays games

    09/06/2015 8:15:06 PM PDT · by xp38 · 5 replies
    The Toronto Sun ^ | Sept 6 2015 | MARYAM SHAH
    An agreement by federal party leaders to steer clear of Blue Jays games until Canadians vote on Oct. 19 drew giggles and guffaws from baseball fans after Sunday’s game. “I guess they’re bad luck,” Taylor Marr, 25, said with a laugh. The Grimsby man was surprised to hear the Jays had lost recently in games when Tom Mulcair, Stephen Harper, and Justin Trudeau were in the stands. “That’s crazy, they always win now; they never lose,” he said, shaking his head. But if keeping the Jays winning means Harper, Mulcair, and Trudeau have to avoid the stadium, so be it....

    09/04/2015 7:15:23 PM PDT · by huckfillary · 5 replies
    Self ^ | Robert J. Seyko
    THE BIG PICTURE: A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE OF FIRST PRINCIPLES I’ve always been a “big picture” kinda guy. I would rather read a general overview of history rather than a detailed analysis of the Battle of the Bulge. I would prefer reading a concise, insightful summary of human nature rather than the most in-depth study of child development. I would prefer watching a Discovery Channel program on The Big Bang than one on the solar system. For me, the Big Picture is just more fun to think about than the little stuff. My approach to the presidential debates is no different....
  • India's Light Combat Helicopter Gets Hot & High

    09/03/2015 7:45:56 PM PDT · by cold start · 3 replies
    These great photos and statement out of HAL today on the LCH's progress, including hot & high tests in Ladakh. Here's what they sent out: HAL successfully carried out the hot and the high-altitude trials of indigenously designed, developed attack chopper Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) at Leh recently. “These seasonal trials - including cold weather trials carried out at Leh during February this year - have been completed as part of the certification process. The flight trials at Leh have established hover performance and low speed handling characteristics of the helicopter under extreme weather conditions at different altitudes (3200...
  • Taylor Swift's new Wildest Dreams video is criticized for being 'racist'

    09/02/2015 7:50:24 PM PDT · by xp38 · 92 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | Sept. 2 2015 | Wills Robinson
    Taylor Swift's latest music video is being battered by critics who claim it is racist and pandering to 'rich white fantasies' from a colonial era. The video for Wildest Dreams, which was revealed during the MTV VMA Awards coverage on Sunday, has a mainly white cast and revolves around two 1950s-era movie stars - played by Swift and Gran Torino actor Scott Eastwood - filming in Africa. There are only two black actors, who play soldiers, and they appear in the background. The mock film crew are white. Director Joseph Khan insists the video is a 'love story' and has...
  • Should Non-English Speakers Spend A year Learning English Before Going to Regular School?

    09/02/2015 6:26:55 PM PDT · by Boomer · 23 replies
    Self | September 02, 2015 | Boomer
    This is something that has been bugging me for years. Why should English speaking children be held back because the powers that be insist on forcing non-English speaking kids into a class they are nowhere near ready for thereby holding all those who are ready for it; back. It defies common sense. Is there any reason these non-English speaking children cannot go to a separate school for a year or more until they learn English well enough to go to an American school even it takes them more than a year or two to catch up? It's NOT the kids...
  • Vanity: This Prepper Movie Needs Our Support

    09/01/2015 6:51:19 PM PDT · by TheTimeOfMan · 13 replies
    YouTube ^ | Dec 8, 2014 | Savannah River Armory
    ***Episode 002 of Uncertain Tomorrow is now in motion. Our goal for Episode 002 is to expand on this storyline, but with several enhancements!
  • Wes Craven dies aged 76 after battle with brain cancer

    08/30/2015 7:31:00 PM PDT · by CorporateStepsister · 9 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 30 August 2015 | Chris Spargo
    Wes Craven passed away on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. The iconic horror director known for his work on films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and The Last House on the Left was 76-years-old. He had been battling brain cancer.