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  • New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

    04/24/2017 3:49:06 PM PDT · 131 of 235
    x to DiogenesLamp
    They wanted to keep the political power that they had finally obtained.

    There was also a little something called the "Dred Scott Decision." Northerners had to worry about slavery being imposed on their states against their will. It was a real fear at the time that the Supreme Court would overturn anti-slavery laws.

  • New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

    04/24/2017 3:47:16 PM PDT · 130 of 235
    x to DiogenesLamp
    Your point only makes sense if we conclude that the Northerners didn't believe them. It was obvious that the Southerners didn't believe them, but if they were going to keep their word, slavery would have remained in the United States for much longer than it did.

    Your response doesn't make any sense. Besides there was something called the "Civil War" that speeded up the process of change.

  • The Traditional Parties Lost: France Will Now Choose between Two Outsiders, Macron and Le Pen

    04/24/2017 3:36:31 PM PDT · 54 of 65
    x to aquila48
    He’s an opportunist with no core values.

    They said the same thing about Tony Blair.

    Like Blair, though, he's more acceptable to the EU and to our own Permanent Government.

  • Should Venezuelan Opposition Attempt to Break Off Outlying States from Central Government?

    04/24/2017 3:32:55 PM PDT · 8 of 14
    x to PJ-Comix

    If your point is to encourage nationalism, weaken the opposition, and strengthen the central government.

  • New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

    04/24/2017 3:10:41 PM PDT · 127 of 235
    x to DiogenesLamp; jmacusa; rockrr
    Elements in the North absolutely detested the Southerners, and not just because of slavery, though there was plenty of puritan intolerance vented on that.

    And elements in the South absolutely despised the North. Wealthy Charlestonians certainly felt justified in talking down to New Yorkers. Why don't you do a little reading. Here's as good a place as any to start: Madness Rules the Hour: Charleston, 1860 and the Mania for War.

    One of your comedy gems was saying that Chicagoans were elitists who looked down on the South. Chicago had been a tiny village -- pretty much a swamp -- thirty years before. They weren't snobbishly looking down on Richmond or Charleston or New Orleans. It was the other way around.

    Another hilarious thing you wrote:

    According to the North, Slavery wasn't under any threat, so your claim doesn't even make sense on the face of it.

    On the contrary, it's your denial that makes no sense. Republicans said they weren't threatening slavery where it already existed, but the slave owners didn't believe them. They felt that any admission that slavery was wrong or morally questionable weakened their economy and society to the breaking point. For some Southerners the fact that the government wouldn't be in favor the expansion of slave territory was enough of a threat or an insult to justify secession.

  • New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

    04/24/2017 2:58:21 PM PDT · 126 of 235
    x to central_va; BroJoeK; DoodleDawg
    It was pointed out to you several times that the idea wasn't that the Confederacy would conquer and occupy the free states but that they'd do what they could to weaken and subvert the union.

    That was something they were capable of doing and something Davis and his armies and agents attempted to do on several occasions.

    Moreover it was panic and paranoia that drove the slaveowners to secession and war. If panic and paranoia were good enough for them, why is such emotionalism off limits for free Northern men?

  • New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

    04/24/2017 2:35:08 PM PDT · 123 of 235
    x to ClearBlueSky
    The Lee statue should be replaced with one representing the current N.O.: a scowling thug with a gun standing beside a pregnant baby-momma, surrounded by her children.

    If somebody reduced your own ethnic group to that kind of offensive stereotype, you'd probably complain, wouldn't you?

  • Who Is Obama?

    04/24/2017 2:24:54 PM PDT · 34 of 45
    x to Kaslin
    The question that may exercise future historians is how a man so obviously unfit for the presidency and so patently inimical to the well-being of the nation could have been elected—twice. Was the race card in itself sufficiently instrumental to persuade a nation to embrace eight years of mayhem? Could a voting majority have been swept up in an access of reparation euphoria? Did John Dewey’s “progressivist” education gradually work to dumb down a significant portion of the electorate, rendering it ultimately susceptible to socialist manipulation? Was the influence of the Frankfurt School and its leftist agenda powerful enough to subvert the academy, the press, the entertainment industry and the culture at large, and thus to transform a free democratic society into a nascent authoritarian state? All these elements were certainly in play, but likely could not have borne their tainted fruit had Obama not appeared on the scene, like a diabolus ex machina. He acted as both catalyst and embodiment of a looming catastrophe.

    This guy certainly loves his own writing.

    Bottom line: people were so p.o.ed at Bush that they would have elected a yellow dog -- or even Hillary Clinton in 2008.

    McCain, and then Romney didn't help things much.

  • President Obama Says Photos of High School Drug Use Might Have Derailed Political Rise

    04/24/2017 2:12:39 PM PDT · 26 of 74
    x to 2banana
    Can we see your SEALED college applications and transcripts now?

    Nobody willingly reveals that stuff.

    Bush's grades were leaked to the press by somebody at Yale.

    Kerry's transcript was available in the military records that he released to the media in order to answer his critics.

    McCain's class ranking at Annapolis was in the public record.

    None of them would have released their grades if they had a choice.

  • The Traditional Parties Lost: France Will Now Choose between Two Outsiders, Macron and Le Pen

    04/24/2017 2:06:49 PM PDT · 52 of 65
    x to aquila48
    Yeah. I think Macron is the Establishment choice.

    But as the "French Tony Blair" he doesn't fit into any of the usual boxes, and they can portray him as an "outsider."

    It certainly helps that he bolted from the Socialists and founded his own party.

    Lately, though, it seems like half the candidates have started their own parties and could pose as outsiders (Fillon, Mélenchon, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, etc.).

  • Chris Pratt Says: ‘Blue-Collar Americans’ Not Represented in Hollywood, Then Promptly Apologizes

    04/24/2017 1:51:49 PM PDT · 25 of 40
    x to DesertRhino
    Most of Hollywood production is crime or comedy, and that gives a distorted, often derogatory picture.

    Most of "real life" in any part of society doesn't make it on the screen.

    Nonetheless, there are plenty of small-scale rural (non-crime) dramas available on DVD that aren't disrespectful or insulting.

  • Chris Pratt Says: ‘Blue-Collar Americans’ Not Represented in Hollywood, Then Promptly Apologizes

    04/24/2017 1:31:06 PM PDT · 15 of 40
    x to drewh
    A decade or two back, Laura Ingraham was telling stars to shut up and sing -- to stop talking politics all the time. Things have changed a lot since then. Nowadays, everybody is commenting on everything all the time, and the stars -- they really are like the rest of us (or at least like the people who attack them for their meddling in politics).

    Chris Pratt is wrong, but the reasons why he's wrong aren't what people might expect.

    First of all, Robert Redford (the old radical chic 60s guy) and his Sundance festival have generated dozens of low-key blue collar heartland dramas (which isn't something one might have expected of Redford). You could make the case that Hollywood makes more big ticket flicks about America's ethnic minorities, but at a lower level of production cost, there may be at least as many dramas about rural, often blue collar whites.

    Secondly, there's comedy. From Jackie Gleason to Tim Allen, Roseanne Barr, Jeff Foxworthy etc, blue collar comedies have been a staple of US television. They aren't always friendly or supportive of the group they depict, but that's true of other forms of comedy as well.

    Third, there are an awful lot of rural or blue collar crime dramas. Again, it may not be what you like and it may make poor whites look stupid or depraved, but the movies are out there, usually set in the Southwest.

    It's never who you want that puts you on the map. People in Queens may not love Fran Drescher or Kevin James, but they did at least put the name of the borough on national television. And why are there so many movies about Boston? Two words: Whitey Bulger.

  • French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron’s unlikely romance with wife 24 years his senior

    04/24/2017 11:54:39 AM PDT · 27 of 37
    x to PJ-Comix

    I didn’t realize “Macron” was French for Gingrich ...

  • French election first round results 2017 – as they come in

    04/23/2017 1:41:54 PM PDT · 48 of 50
    x to DoodleDawg

    When her father ran in 2002 he barely did better in the second round than he did in the first. Everybody who wasn’t for him the first time went with Chirac, as did many who didn’t bother to vote in the first round. Marine Le Pen will do better, but winning won’t be easy.

  • Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to be Accused of Sexual Harassment

    04/23/2017 1:23:28 PM PDT · 201 of 290
    x to Jim 0216
    There has been bad blood between these two going back to at least 2010, when Schlussel accused Hannity's charity of being a scam.

    Or 2009 when she accused him of hosting an anti-Semitic Jim Trafficant on his show. Or 2007 when she accused him of plagiarizing her work.

    I'm inclined to disbelieve the sex story.

    Anything is possible, but if Hannity invited Schlussel to his room it's more likely it was to continue a heated argument than to get her between the sheets.

  • Why Fox News to become more like CNN

    04/23/2017 1:02:07 PM PDT · 18 of 73
    x to billyboy15
    He's gambling on winning a worldwide global audience.

    Probably, he's also gambling that he can break into the institutional side of the business -- getting shown in airports, hospitals, gyms, etc.

    And also gambling that he can lose a few voters stateside without tanking the whole operation.

    And gambling that some domestic outfit to the right of FNC won't be professional enough to pull away many US viewers.

    All in all, it's quite a gamble.

  • ‘Icon’ Colin Kaepernick Named to ‘Time’ 100 Most Influential People List

    04/23/2017 12:48:34 PM PDT · 16 of 61
    x to PROCON

    Is he even one of the 100 most influential quarterbacks currently in the NFL?

  • Woman Inhales Nitrous Oxide from Whipping Cream in Front of Officer, in Possession of Loaded Gun

    04/23/2017 11:54:43 AM PDT · 8 of 31
    x to Drew68
    Something is wrong with the article. I'm no expert, but I don't think she was trying to get high off a can of Reddi-Whip.

    Rather, the whippets people use to get high are the same thing that makes the whipped cream come out of the spray can. The "chargers" that make the can work are bought and sold separately by drug users without the whipped cream.

    Maybe the writer didn't understand that. But who knows? Maybe the woman with the whipped cream can was just that out of it.

  • Sarah Palin's treatment at Fox News: Ailes called her 'hot', Wallace hoped she would sit in his lap

    04/23/2017 11:45:06 AM PDT · 54 of 71
    x to SeekAndFind

    The headline’s a little deceptive. Don Imus asked about Palin sitting on Wallace’s lap and Wallace played along. I guess Wallace is responsible for what he said, but you could sort of figure that he wasn’t likely to have taken the conversation in that direction on his own.

  • Why are cities allowing bicycle theft to go virtually unpunished?

    04/23/2017 11:22:01 AM PDT · 69 of 69
    x to LibWhacker
    You're talking about the top of the system -- what cases national or state attorneys general take to court.

    At the bottom of the system, focusing on street crime, things look different.

    Taking drug offenses alone -- which account for a major part of the prison population -- blacks are more likely to be convicted and sent to prison for longer sentences.

    Think about it a minute: do you think somebody charged with dealing drugs in Scarsdale or Greenwich is likely to get as strict a sentence as somebody charged in Brooklyn or the Bronx?