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  • Donald Trump broke the conservative media

    08/27/2016 1:45:10 PM PDT · 39 of 71
    x to Titus-Maximus
    It appeared that, for conservative media, only one candidate could be conservative enough to support for president: Cruz.

    Huh? I must have missed that.

    Even the conservative Establishment wasn't that keen on Cruz. Sure, they got behind Ted when they saw him as the only alternative to Trump, but Cruz wasn't exactly beloved.

    "We have reached the bizarro-world point where, for all intents and purposes, conservatives are RINOs," said John Ziegler, a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host who called Andrew Breitbart a friend. "There is no place now for real conservatives. We've also reached the point, I say, we've left the gravitational pull of the rational Earth, where we are now in a situation where facts don't matter, truth doesn't matter, logic doesn't matter."

    It has a lot to do with the perception of a slick, Establishment style. Also, there's a dissatisfaction with what one might call economism -- the reduction of everything to the economic or materialist dimension.

    In the 80s and 90s, the idea of global free markets and unrestricted exchange of people, goods, and capital was presented as the alternative to "statism." Now it's seen as globalism and an abandonment of national and local loyalties.

    That has left conservatives who oppose Trump in a tricky position when trying to get their message to supporters. No longer can Ryan or Cruz turn to Hannity for a softball interview. They can't work with Breitbart or rely on Drudge to help with their legislative agenda.

    These Republicans have effectively been exiled from the conservative news media, leaving them with a problem.

    Seems a perverse reading of what's going on. If you've got National Review and the Weekly Standard you've got some pretty big media there. Talk about "exile" because there are other players in the game looks whiny and weak.

    "If you are a conservative talk show host, which I am, if you don't accept that it's likely Hillary Clinton has taken part in multiple murders, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim extremist sympathizer who was probably born outside this country — if you don't accept those two things, it's almost as if you're a sellout. You're a RINO. You're somehow part of the liberal elite. It's nuts. It's making my own show very difficult to do. It's almost where to the point where we are not able to function."

    I don't really see that, either. It looks to me like when it comes to conspiracy theories believers and unbelievers get along with each other. It may be other issues that make Ziegler feel out of place. Maybe it's just that pro-Trump versus anti-Trump is a gap that can't be bridged.

  • Trump Rebounds in Presidential Tracking Poll; Johnson Hits New High

    08/27/2016 1:26:29 PM PDT · 9 of 30
    x to 2ndDivisionVet
    Gary Johnson high?

    What else is new?

  • LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Speaks at "Roast & Ride' Event in Des Moines, IA 8-27-2016 3:30pm

    08/27/2016 1:13:29 PM PDT · 92 of 221
    x to caww
    Hillary can do nothing at all without Huma....totally dependent on her....according to her staff

    So I hear.

    Clinton's staff, though, are people who'd say anything to support Hillary and throw anybody on the bus to elect her.

    I have to wonder if the talk really is coming from her staffers and what it means if it is.

  • Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called 'devil' by Christian opponent in US election campaign.

    08/27/2016 12:45:40 PM PDT · 18 of 85
    x to Jyotishi
    So the Republican loses again. I suppose the GOP candidate would lose in any case, but this isn't the way you want to go down.

    War veteran Tulsi Gabbard who has opposed both Obama and Hillary needs to switch to the Republican party.

    Her father (according to Wikipedia) is a very conservative Catholic politician who switched from the Republicans to the Democrats because he wanted to get elected.

    Her mother converted to Hinduism (according to Wikipedia) and the children all have Hindu names.

  • Trump Should Counter Hillary's KKK ad with one of his own, and IMO Here's What It Should Contain

    08/26/2016 2:43:39 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    x to Cubs Fan
    He'd better talk about issues and not get distracted by this nonsense.

    He has plenty of surrogates who can respond to Clinton's attacks.

    Trump has to show that he's actually focusing on what he would do as president, and not simply getting carried away by the personal stuff.

  • We are NOT "Alt-right"

    08/26/2016 2:37:54 PM PDT · 158 of 166
    x to Pietro
    Let me ask; where did the term originate?

    James Kirchick put it in his article in Commentary and it took off from there.

    Apparently, he got the idea from an article on

    At Breitbart, Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos yoke together a lot of fringe cranks and sell them as some hot new alt right movement.

    At Commentary, Kirchick builds up this supposed alt right movement into the big ugly monster looming over the horizon.

    It's funny how people who hate and oppose each other actually end up as each others' best fans.

    Neo-Kirchick's gone and endorsed Hillary Clinton. He's also gotten into trouble with the left, by saying that Clinton's liberal and leftist critics have already supported Trump, which they haven't.

    Sometimes it might seem like somebody who manages to antagonize both sides must be doing something right, but if both sides call somebody an opportunistic hitman they just might be right.

  • Poll: Trump Gets His Support From White Protestants

    08/25/2016 4:03:34 PM PDT · 22 of 35
    x to Swordmaker
    That's where I got my numbers.

    And it reflects the results in 2008 and 2012.

    The article is talking about a more recent poll.

    Their numbers are worse for Trump.

  • It’s Official: Gary Johnson Is A Left-Wing Candidate

    08/25/2016 3:57:22 PM PDT · 56 of 57
    x to dp0622
    Carbon tax is LIBERTARIAN??!?!!

    The idea of a "pollution tax" was a libertarian alternative to environmental protection regulation back in the 1970s.

    Of course, it goes against what we now think of as libertarianism, but at the time, people like Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard -- maybe Hayek and Mises, too -- liked the idea.

  • Where is Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Does anyone know?

    08/25/2016 3:30:17 PM PDT · 15 of 34
    x to dragnet2

    She’s keeping a lid on Alan Grayson’s wife until the election is over ...

  • Poll: Trump Gets His Support From White Protestants

    08/25/2016 3:21:53 PM PDT · 11 of 35
    x to 2ndDivisionVet
    We go through this every cycle. White Catholics narrowly favor Trump over Clinton, but the large number of Hispanic Catholics and Hillary's overwhelming support among Latinos, gives her a win among all Catholic voters.

    Some day, non-White Protestants will be a larger part of America's Protestant population and -- if other trends hold -- a larger share of the Protestant vote will go to Democrats.

    It is true, though, that while White Catholics and Mainline Protestants show the same level of support for Trump, those White Catholics are more likely than Mainline Protestants to vote for Hillary (Mainline or non-Evangelical Protestants are more likely to be undecided don't knows).

    Non-religious voters -- those who identify with no religious group -- are overwhelmingly for Hillary, and many of them grew up Protestant.

  • "On the Street Where You Live" Vic Damone (1956)

    08/25/2016 1:49:05 PM PDT · 7 of 9
    x to simpson96

    “People stop and stare, ‘cause I’m stalking you ...”

  • Debunking the ‘Born This Way’ Myth

    08/24/2016 5:08:12 PM PDT · 46 of 51
    x to reaganaut1

    By now, enough people are gay and homosexuality is enough a part of the culture that it can be presented as a choice without much changing.

  • German diplomat’s son petitioning Va. governor for pardon

    08/24/2016 4:37:38 PM PDT · 5 of 16
    x to COBOL2Java
    Long New Yorker article about the killing: Blood Ties.
  • The End of the Wicked Witch of the Left?

    08/24/2016 4:29:14 PM PDT · 45 of 46
    x to AustinBill
    Her die-hard rabid supporters, sure. But not the run-of-the-mill D-leaning voter who've been fed a steady diet of MSM pablum about her for years and who want to be seen as "forward thinking" in electing such a "qualified" woman president. That's the majority of those she needs to get elected and they're the ones who will bolt once the mask is off.

    I hope you're right, but doubt it. Her low information voters don't want more information and will resist it. They've swallowed her line that she just wanted to help the children and that the other side hates her because she's a woman. Sure, there are old school Democrats out there who don't like her, but those are people who've strayed so far in the past that the party no longer counts on their support.

  • Trump-Hillary Enthusiasm Gap Confounds the Experts

    08/24/2016 3:58:49 PM PDT · 74 of 74
    x to CyberAnt
    There are inquiries online about whether Provigil (Modafinil), the drug mentioned in Hillary Clinton's emails, makes users overly sensitive to sunlight.

    People had concerns. I don't know what the final medical answer was. Provigil (Modafinil) is used to treat narcolepsy, fatigue, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, and other conditions.

  • Ben Stein: Hillary Not Well, Looks Like My Mother Who Took Drugs For Lupus

    08/24/2016 2:46:17 PM PDT · 26 of 57
    x to reasonisfaith
    Hillary’s “health problem” seems more like a distraction to me. Seems so speculative. Possibly a false narrative.

    Well, there is a lot of fakery surrounding Hillary's health. The cheap faked stuff only gets in the way and serves to discredit her critics.

    But there certainly is room and cause for speculation. Recently released emails include one from a State Department subordinate reporting to her on Provigil, an anti-fatigue drug used to treat a variety of medical conditions.

  • ISIS Tosses Four More Gay Men from Top of Mosul Building (kids brought out to watch)

    08/24/2016 2:22:56 PM PDT · 20 of 69
    x to drewh
    The men were thrown from the top floor of a former insurance company’s offices in Mosul. The location is apparently used often for such executions.

    "Flo" from Progressive has gone way too far this time ...

  • Trump's Speeches Are Like Lincoln's Says Lincoln Scholar

    08/24/2016 2:19:33 PM PDT · 6 of 22
    x to semperfidevildog
    Maybe. When he sticks to what's on the teleprompter.

    The ad lib stuff -- not so much.

  • Calling Hillary 'Mrs. Clinton' is sexist, say Georgetown Dems

    08/24/2016 2:13:47 PM PDT · 24 of 55
    x to Hillarys Gate Cult
    Well she tried Rodham but her brother Hugh got in legal trouble so she ditched the name.

    Brother Tony, too.

    The pay-for-play gene is strong in that family.

  • CNN's Charles Blow: Trump 'Bigotry' Is 'Urinating on' Blacks, 'Telling Them to Dance in the Rain'

    08/24/2016 2:05:25 PM PDT · 12 of 55
    x to Donglalinger

    If you really have to take the discussion that way, it’s more likely that it’s Charles Blow’s thing.

  • CNN's Charles Blow: Trump 'Bigotry' Is 'Urinating on' Blacks, 'Telling Them to Dance in the Rain'

    08/24/2016 2:02:33 PM PDT · 9 of 55
    x to drewh
    "It is the kind of bigotry that says, 'I will knock you down while I pretend to pick you up.' It says that 'I am not talking to you, I'm talking to the guy behind you or over your shoulder.' It is the kind of bigotry that says, 'I am urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain.'"

    How is that anything new or unique?

    It sounds like politics as usual.

  • ABC News: Hillary Lied About Donor Access During 2009 Confirmation Hearing

    08/23/2016 5:35:48 PM PDT · 53 of 97
    x to Two Kids' Dad

    The Democratic National Committee chooses. They aren’t bound to elevate Kaine, but probably would just to avoid hesitation and indecision and get things over with. Nobody wants to go all the way back to the drawing board at this point.

  • Trump-Hillary Enthusiasm Gap Confounds the Experts

    08/23/2016 5:30:41 PM PDT · 26 of 74
    x to CyberAnt
    Sun-Sensitive Drugs: Go to page 3 for a list.

    Sun-Sensitizing Drugs: See page 2.

    It could just be a concern about sun stroke or heat exhaustion or overall fatigue.

  • Trump-Hillary Enthusiasm Gap Confounds the Experts

    08/23/2016 5:19:03 PM PDT · 10 of 74
    x to Bon mots

    If that were an actual “violent, uncontrolled” seizure would she really be smiling and laughing through it? Can people — even politicians — shift gears so fast?

  • "Anecdotal Evidence is Wrong"--or is it?

    08/23/2016 5:14:43 PM PDT · 26 of 39
    x to captain_dave
    I’m beginning to suspect that Romney, being part of the establishment, purposely lost the 2012 election - he was probably told to make sure and lose by doners.

    Romney wanted to win.

    He just didn't want to work very hard for it.

    He thought it would just come to him (like so much else in life did), and if it didn't, it wasn't meant to be.

  • The 21st Century’s 100 greatest films

    08/23/2016 5:12:10 PM PDT · 90 of 93
    x to ExGeeEye
    Not to be morbid, but frankly, the “top whatevers of the century” are not going to be known, let alone of interest, to anyone born before 2025 or so. That’s just the way it is.

    True. Compared to a list of the best films of the 20th century, this list is pathetic. I'm not saying all the films are bad -- though some are -- but even when they're good they aren't really significant or out of the ordinary. They haven't had time to cast a shadow or shed a light on the art yet -- and most of them probably won't.

  • Read Andrea Tantaros’ complaint against Roger Ailes and Fox News

    08/23/2016 4:20:39 PM PDT · 65 of 135
    x to CivilWarBrewing
    Females should not be allowed to objectify THEMSELVES then cry 'foul' when it's convenient for them.

    That sentence could mean a lot of different things. Some of them not so bad. Some of them monstrous.

  • Read Andrea Tantaros’ complaint against Roger Ailes and Fox News

    08/23/2016 4:16:58 PM PDT · 63 of 135
    x to ichabod1
    Well SOMETHING happened to make them open the faucets on lawsuits against Roger. I only wonder what kept them from happening before now?

    FNC didn't renew Gretchen Carlson's contract, so she sued. Staffers were questioned by her attorneys and told what they knew.

    Obviously, the liberal media wants to take down Fox News. Brian Stelter the "media critic" at CNN has devoted 1/3 or 1/2 of his weekly hour show to Ailes and FNC at a time when all kinds of media-related stories and shenanigans have been happening in the presidential race.

    But I don't see a conspiracy at work in the story coming out when it did. Ailes ticked off Carlson and the rest of FNC didn't cover for him. What's up with Tanteros? Haven't a clue.

  • "Anecdotal Evidence is Wrong"--or is it?

    08/23/2016 3:56:23 PM PDT · 8 of 39
    x to LS
    Some people are afraid to tell pollsters they're voting for Trump.

    The other side of the coin is that some people who've said they're voting for Trump may be so worn down by all the controversies that they may just not go to the polls in November.

    I'm not convinced that crowd sizes and crowd enthusiasm are that important though. If they were, Trump would be running against Bernie Sanders.

  • John Oliver(HBO) to Trump - Drop Out, Tell America This Campaign Was a Stunt, Become A Legend

    08/23/2016 3:45:59 PM PDT · 9 of 56
    x to GoldenPup
    This guy is either off his meds or on crack

    He's a comedian. He's doing a comedy bit. Obviously he hates Trump, and wants his audience to do the same, but it's not something one can take very seriously.

  • "Libertarian" Gary Johnson Pushes "Free Market" Carbon Tax

    08/23/2016 3:39:04 PM PDT · 29 of 54
    x to VitacoreVision

    Clearly, Johnson is out of step with what we’ve come to think of as libertarianism — less government — but the idea of a “pollution tax” as an alternative to regulation was a libertarian “free market” idea a generation back, so he’s not as much of an outlier as it might at first appear.

  • Why 'Mulholland Drive' is the greatest film since 2000

    08/23/2016 1:58:41 PM PDT · 59 of 67
    x to Borges
    I guess Mulholland Drive was better than Zyzzyx Road, but consider: a film maker could brilliantly work out a complex story like Memento and critics are only mildly impressed. Another film maker leaves all the loose ends untied and everything in a state of confusion, like Lynch with Mulholland Drive and critics will proclaim him brilliant for creating a film that defies sense.
  • Is Hillary Clinton using a invisible cane?

    08/23/2016 1:47:09 PM PDT · 37 of 91
    x to Nifster
    TV's Dr. Drew speculates that Hillary could have (among many other things) lumbar spinal stenosis.

    Or it could just be that she's old and tired and rickety, coming off a rickety plane down the rickety steps.

    If a campaign has a picture it doesn't like, it can suppress it, rather than mess around with photoshop.

    If somebody else has the picture, how's the campaign going to photoshop it with out the photo's possessor knowing about it?

  • 2016 Is Shaping Up to Be an EXACT Repeat of 1980 …(Except Carter Wasn’t So Sickly)

    08/22/2016 5:38:49 PM PDT · 28 of 46
    x to LS
    Because the race was so contentious, it lasted longer and more votes were cast.

    That doesn't mean a greater percentage of voters favored Trump this time than favored Reagan in 1980.

    Trump won more votes in Republican primaries than Republican candidate before him.

    He also had more primary votes cast against him than any Republican nominee before him.

    That doesn't add up to a convincing picture of party unity.

    Again, I don't want to take away from Trump's achievement, but Reagan's was greater and more significant.

  • 2016 Is Shaping Up to Be an EXACT Repeat of 1980 …(Except Carter Wasn’t So Sickly)

    08/22/2016 5:33:44 PM PDT · 27 of 46
    x to Eagles Field
    There were about seven candidates at the start in 1980.

    Nobody made any headway but Reagan and Bush (and Anderson), so the others exited early on.

    That was one of many signs that the party was more united behind Reagan in 1980 than it is behind Trump now.

    The bottom line is that a majority of primary voters cast their ballot for Reagan in 1980.

    No candidate got a majority in the primaries this time (there may be some caucus votes in the totals, but I don't think that changes the overall picture).

    I'm not putting Donald Trump down. I'm just suggesting we tone down the exaggerated claims and flawed comparisons.

  • Todd Marinovich, former USC and Raiders quarterback, arrested naked with marijuana, police say

    08/22/2016 4:43:02 PM PDT · 46 of 55
    x to chrisinoc
    Is pot still illegal in California?

    How hard would it be for an ex-football player to get medical marijuana?


    After harming his own NFL lineman career by overtraining and focusing too much on weight and bulk, Marv studied Eastern Bloc training methods and was hired by Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis as the NFL's first strength-and-conditioning coach. Marv later opened his own athletic research center and applied the techniques to his young son, introducing athletic training before Marinovich could leave the crib and continuing it throughout his childhood and adolescence. Marv saw an opportunity to use techniques, focusing on speed and flexibility, that later formed the basis for modern core training. During her pregnancy, Trudi used no salt, sugar, alcohol, or tobacco; as a baby, Marinovich was fed only fresh vegetables, fruits, and raw milk. Marv Marinovich commented "Some guys think the most important thing in life is their jobs, the stock market, whatever. To me, it was my kids. The question I asked myself was, How well could a kid develop if you provided him with the perfect environment?" Wikipedia

  • 2016 Is Shaping Up to Be an EXACT Repeat of 1980 …(Except Carter Wasn’t So Sickly)

    08/22/2016 4:37:06 PM PDT · 17 of 46
    x to LS
    I’m pretty sure that Trump, as a share of population size at the time, got a higher % of primary votes than Reagan did.

    Nope. Reagan 59.8% Trump 44.9%.

  • Don't meet me in St Louis! City tops FBI's most dangerous list in the United States, [tr]

    08/22/2016 4:17:41 PM PDT · 31 of 34
    x to hanamizu
    St Louis is a physically small city that has lost well more than half of its population and probably 3/4 of its tax base in the last half century.

    The 1876 vote to separate from St. Louis County was one of the dumbest ideas ever. The city didn't want to pay for services in outlying areas. Apparently nobody foresaw the later growth of suburbs.

  • Todd Marinovich, former USC and Raiders quarterback, arrested naked with marijuana, police say

    08/22/2016 3:34:01 PM PDT · 37 of 55
    x to skinndogNN
    This guy is the poster boy for the effects of over-bearing fathers can have on a person.

    Wikipedia says his father "studied Eastern Bloc training methods."

    Doesn't sound like much fun.

  • Amy Schumer: My Liberal Politics May Hurt My Career, But I Don’t Care (Chuckie's Niece Is SO Brave!)

    08/22/2016 3:18:34 PM PDT · 65 of 108
    x to drewh
    I used to watch Charley Rose back in the 90s.

    But he just kept putting the same tired old Time Newsweek hacks on his show every night.

    Now he's on some CBS morning show and looks like death warmed over.

    Charley missed the story here. Google "Amy Schumer steals jokes" for the lowdown (some of it is lewd, so beware).

  • Zendaya's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Casting As Mary Jane Watson Sends Haters Into a Frenzy

    08/22/2016 3:06:50 PM PDT · 39 of 82
    x to drewh
    Another phony story. Journalists know that there's always going to be some comic book fan out there who'll take issue with movie casting choices. When there's a possible racial angle they go looking for such tweets or posts. And voila! They find them and the story writes itself. But nobody really cares. Nobody's up in arms.

    A classic example was the fake outrage over the casting of "a Black storm trooper" in the last Star Wars movie. Were the storm troopers really positive characters you'd want to identify with? (I guess here's where the racist-Nazi angle comes in -- if somebody's a racist the idea is that they would identify with storm troopers, past and future.) How do we know that some of the original Star Wars storm troopers weren't Black? And who provided the voice of their leader, Darth Vader?

  • Roger Stone has reached a new low — somehow: He claims Chelsea Clinton had 4 plastic surgeries to

    08/22/2016 2:56:39 PM PDT · 102 of 137
    x to jospehm20
    If somebody isn't convinced by actual Clinton corruption not to vote for her, they'll be swayed by the idea that she had her law partner's child?

    I don't think it works that way. The sexual rumors that opponents on the Internet love go right past undecided voters and (if they are noticed) may even create sympathy for Clinton.

  • Roger Stone has reached a new low — somehow: He claims Chelsea Clinton had 4 plastic surgeries to

    08/22/2016 2:14:56 PM PDT · 93 of 137
    x to Reily
    There are rumors that Slick is sterile.

    Who started those rumors?

    Slick himself.

    Under very questionable circumstances.

  • John Oliver to Trump: Drop Out; Tell America This Campaign Was a Stunt And Become A Legend

    08/22/2016 2:02:45 PM PDT · 31 of 47
    x to Sir Napsalot
    He's a comedian.

    It's a bit.

    Those usually aren't news.

  • Media Myths of the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda

    08/22/2016 1:56:29 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    x to mumblypeg
    They talk about weddings.

    You talk about s__t.

    Sounds like a winning strategy so far.

  • Roger Stone has reached a new low — somehow: He claims Chelsea Clinton had 4 plastic surgeries to

    08/22/2016 1:51:31 PM PDT · 85 of 137
    x to jospehm20
    Or maybe people will hear this and google Hubbell and Chelsea and look at the pics. I think the Clintons are still using the 1994 playbook and have not adapted much to the fact that everybody has access to the internet pretty much everywhere now. I do not see this hurting Trump any.

    It's not going to hurt Trump, because it's not Trump who's saying it or even somebody currently with the campaign, just some wannabe hanger-on.

    I can't think this is going to motivate people to "discover" anything about Hubbell and Clinton because everybody who cares about it has already heard the rumor a quarter century ago.

    It's a pretty stupid rumor. You've only got to google "Virginia Clinton Kelley" to get an idea of where Chelsea's looks came from. And anybody who believes both the Hubbell-Chelsea story and the Hillary lesbian rumors probably isn't playing with a full deck.

  • Has Trump Awakened John C. Calhoun's Concurrent Majority?

    08/22/2016 1:25:56 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    x to Kaslin; rockrr
    Could Donald J. Trump be tapping into our country’s still-extant concurrent majority?

    Uh, no. It sounds like that's the opposite of what he's doing.

    In A Disquisition on Government, published in 1851, Calhoun developed the profound idea of “two different modes in which the sense of the community may be taken.” The one “regards numbers only.” The other invokes an entirely different quality or dimension, over and above the “numbers.”

    “The former of these,” Calhoun termed “the numerical or absolute majority”; the latter “the concurrent or constitutional majority.” The numerical majority “regards numbers only, and considers the whole community as a unit, having but one common interest throughout.”

    Conversely, the constitutional majority considers “the community as made up of different and conflicting interests, as far as the action of the government is concerned.”

    In other words, Calhoun believed in giving small interest groups a veto over legislation (in practice, though, he had one particular interest in mind).

    Trump would seem to be appealing to the overall majority of Americans as Americans, not to Americans as a collection of minority veto groups.

  • Roger Stone has reached a new low — somehow: He claims Chelsea Clinton had 4 plastic surgeries to

    08/22/2016 1:18:23 PM PDT · 54 of 137
    x to simpson96
    I believe she had plastic surgery. But if you've got a name and a reputation, you're better off leaving stuff like that to the Internet's anonymous detractors, especially if you've got no evidence.

    The problem, though, is that nowadays, if you make a name for yourself as a nuisance or as unreliable and untrustworthy, that can be as bankable an asset as having a reputation for integrity and honesty.

    The Hubbell rumor is most likely untrue, but worse -- it's old. It's been going around for a quarter century. Anybody who hasn't heard it by now isn't worth much as an audience.

  • Massachusetts Seniors Back Clinton over Trump

    08/20/2016 1:13:30 PM PDT · 45 of 63
    x to Mears; pabianice
    The poster didn’t say in what town the picnic took place.

    Worcester county maybe? Surprising. That is one of the more Republican parts of the state.

    For some reason, a lot of people in Massachusetts think of Republicans as "them" -- the other side. You could already see some of that back in the Kennedy-Nixon years, and it's only gotten more pronounced over time.

    The other thing about Massachusetts is that you never get that far away from Boston. And if you do -- the Connecticut Valley, the Berkshires, Provincetown, Nantucket -- it's just more Boston, only in vacation homes. It's not like in other states where the city and the countryside vote for opposite parties.

  • Book says Hillary talks to dead: First lady acknowledged 'imaginary' chats.

    08/20/2016 12:59:57 PM PDT · 75 of 106
    x to Mears
    When Obama took over he made a crack about Nancy Reagan having "seances" in the White House. There was no truth to it and he had to apologize. He didn't realize or remember that his own opponent turned sidekick Hillary was the one who'd been trying to communicate with the dead.

    I notice this is all a little unclear. Were Hillary's conversations just therapeutic exercises or was there something more mystical involved? Hillary really hasn't made that clear.