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  • Obama Is Said to Have Picked Presidential Library Site in Chicago

    07/27/2016 5:36:01 PM PDT · 48 of 49
    x to Olog-hai
    President Obama and the foundation helping to plot his path after the White House have selected Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago as the site of his presidential library, ending a debate within his inner circle about the location, a person familiar with the decision said Wednesday.

    Without the parkland to "Let's Move" in, a lot of kids are going to get fat.

    FWIW: The park is the site of the 1893 World's Fair, the famous White City.

  • Reid: Trump is a 'hateful con man'

    07/27/2016 4:54:17 PM PDT · 2 of 73
    x to jazusamo
  • The Man Who Tried to Kill Reagan Is Now Free. Americans Should Be Outraged.

    07/27/2016 4:52:48 PM PDT · 48 of 50
    x to milton23

    On the bright side, it does look like Mr. Right has finally come around for Jodie Foster ...

  • Recent terrorist attacks have been low-tech, and that’s a problem

    07/27/2016 4:42:02 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    x to ExSoldier
    If they're born here and kill in the name of Allah, they are Islamic terrorists committing terrorism. They should be dealt with as enemy combatants.

    That's not going to happen.

    And to borrow from another thread, what will stop a future tyrannical administration from using that policy on other groups that object to it?

  • What Will Stop A Future Tyrannical Administration From Using Trumps Wall To Keep Us In?

    07/27/2016 4:38:34 PM PDT · 94 of 117
    x to OneVike

    We are already “building a wall” — structures to keep people out — or we have already built one. Trump will add to it. I don’t see a hermetically-sealed wall stretching all the way from the one coast to the other coming out of that though.

  • Bill Clinton's Sad, Surreal Speech

    07/27/2016 4:11:12 PM PDT · 3 of 30
    x to Steely Tom
    She’s more crooked than Nixon, and a smoother operator than Gerald Ford.

    Hmmm. I see what you did there.

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/27/2016 4:04:50 PM PDT · 845 of 845
    x to DiogenesLamp; BroJoeK
    The point here is that the Northerners DOMINATED the slave Trade, and thereafter DOMINATED the cotton (produce of slaves) trade. They were up to their eyeballs in profit from slavery, and their main objection was that their profits would stop.

    But they didn't actually. They were a part of the slave trade and a part of the cotton trade, but they never dominated either. Both were international and there were plenty of other players who had a larger role in both.

    That is why I am preoccupied with this map.

    Obsessed is more like it.

    That is contrary to what this book is alleging. This book is making it clear that the importation concession was to "New England" interests.

    So you believe your book rather than the people who were actually there in the room when the Constitution was being debated and voted on? Go here for example.

    Southern Wealth and Northern Profits by Thomas Prentice Kettell was a tract that purported to show that Northern wealth depended on the cotton planters. Stephen Colwell examined the same data in Five Cotton States and New York and came to the conclusion that it was the cotton states that were dependent on New York.

    Planters from the Deep South states bought things from New York and invested their money there and acted like they hadn't actually given the Northerners money for the things they bought. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

    The bigger picture is that the regions were interdependent, but the physiocratic or mercantilist idea that agriculture or foreign exchange was the sole root of wealth is seriously flawed.

    Anyway, all this stuff is old hat. Everything has been discussed to death over the years and nothing you've said is particularly new or interesting or valuable.

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/27/2016 3:41:39 PM PDT · 843 of 845
    x to DiogenesLamp
    And of what Military value was Cotton?

    You've said Southern exports and the money they generated were at the root of the conflict. What do you think those exports were? Cotton. Southern leaders said Cotton was king and it could win them independence and empire. So why is it suddenly not important? If everything secessionists said about cotton over the years was true and everything they expected cotton exports to bring them was possible, any US government at war would be stupid and negligent not to stop the cotton trade. Or do you really expect that the CSA could do whatever they wanted to hurt the USA and the USA couldn't strike back at them? Are you really that thick? You may even be one of those people who thinks we fought WWII because we wanted to destroy our economic competitors.

    But what the blockade did do is scare away normal trade, and funnel the vast bulk of the existing trade to New England.

    What a blockade does is block trade. What else is a blockade supposed to do? But what would New England have to do with it? Most of America's exports once the cotton trade bottomed out would have been things like grain and maybe metals or timber. Just what we were importing, I don't know, but New York (with its access to the products of the Great Lakes States) would have been the main port. It's confusing. You spend months railing against New York. Now all of a sudden you hate New England more. "Boo, evil New England" pops up all over the place, and New York City is forgotten.

    As Charles Dickens noted, Millions acquired by the North and Lost by the South. It was only a question of where those Millions would end up.

    Charles Dickens was no economist and he really hated Americans. He wasn't here in the US and was just talking off the top of his head.

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/27/2016 3:07:30 PM PDT · 840 of 845
    x to DiogenesLamp
    Doesn't everybody know by now that Northerners participated in the slave trade? So did the other maritime powers of the Western World. So did Southerners, though they weren't building and sailing their own ships to the extent that Northerners, or Britons, or French or Dutch or Spanish or Portuguese were. Don't be the person who pretends he's just discovered what everybody else has known for years.

    The vote at the Constitutional Convention was on whether the slave trade could not be abolished until 1808. It was intended as a concession to Georgia and South Carolina (and some sources say North Carolina). The New England states voted for the measure. So did most of the Southern states. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia voted against it because they wanted Congress to have the right to abolish slavery before 1808.

    G. Morris from Pennsylvania, on August 25, was rather blunt: why not say that this part of the Constitution was a compliance with… North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia.”

  • Chelsea Clinton: Conversion therapy in the Republican platform is 'child abuse'

    07/27/2016 2:50:14 PM PDT · 21 of 54
    x to Mr. Mojo
    Matt Salmon's son wasn't converted, but he says "reparative therapy" actually helped him.

    Source (if you really want to go to the Huffington Post).

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/27/2016 2:35:51 PM PDT · 837 of 845
    x to DiogenesLamp; BroJoeK; rockrr
    You kid yourself. Most people have so little understanding of History that they don't recognize the connection.

    So most people don't know what we're saying, but it determines what they think anyway. Oh to have such power!

    Of course, you're just being stupid here. For today's young radicals, Lincoln, his party, and his union aren't heroes. They do know that much.

    It was the ominous threat to the North's existing trade income represented by an Independent South, which was their primary motivation to wage war. It is why one of the first things they did is attempt to stop that same European trade, which had no obvious military value that I can see.

    Nonsense. When there's a war, you cut off the resources that enable the other side to fight and win the war. In that sense, cotton did have "obvious military value." The Confederate leadership certainly thought it did and could win the war.

    The war was fought over who got the benefit of that slave money, not over how it was produced. It was primarily an economic war regarding which the morality of slavery was only tangentially involved.

    Idiocy. That's your Marxist whiny baby slight of hand: "They told me it was all about slavery. Waaah. Actually it was all about money." Actually it was neither.

    The fire eaters very much did see their slave money threatened by the election of a Republican. That was what drove the secession movement. Northerners resented what they saw as an unconstitutional secession and an assault on American forces and on the flag. Once the fighting started people rallied to one side or the other.

    Lincoln -- or any president -- couldn't simply collapse before secessionist subversion and Confederate demands. Any president who didn't want to betray his oath and become a complete disgrace had to try to hold the line a little against secession -- had to prevent the capital, for example, from being cut off from the rest of the country.

    If Davis had thought it was all about money for Lincoln and the North, he had only to resist the impulse to attack and let the Northerners' "real motives" become clear. If Lincoln attacked Davis, it would reveal that Lincoln had intended war all along. If he didn't there was potential for a negotiated settlement. But Davis couldn't help starting a war. Maybe it was all about the money for him.

    They focus on Slavery because if you focus on the real issues, the North does not look so very good regarding what they did.

    Meaning slavery wasn't a "real issue." Your words.

    Confederates were trying to ban abolitionist books. People who owned and read such books were hanged. How could slavery possibly not be a "real issue"?

  • Bryan Cranston leads celebs signing anti-Trump pledge

    07/27/2016 1:51:07 PM PDT · 81 of 86
    x to Extremely Extreme Extremist
    That's the problem with one man shows. There's no reality check.

    So Hal Holbrook starts to think he is Mark Twain or Julie Harris doesn't realize that she's not Emily Dickinson.

    James Whitmore can't separate himself from Harry Truman, and Bryan Cranston -- in spite of all those Emmys for acting -- can't stop thinking he's Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    Next thing you know, Bryan will be showing you his gall bladder scar, picking up his dog by the ears, conducting interviews on the toilet, and ordering Bill Moyers to pick up his dry cleaning.

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/27/2016 1:43:13 PM PDT · 832 of 845
    x to DiogenesLamp; BroJoeK; rockrr
    No. It's because they don't know anything about the Bible or about ancient history or the rest of the world.

    "Union apologists" don't have anything to do with it, and in fact today's racial rhetoric really doesn't have much to do with Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War.

    However much you guys may cheer on Lee or Jackson or Davis, there isn't much enthusiasm for Lincoln or Grant or Sherman in Black Lives Matter (whatever that is) or on college campuses.

    But heaven help us if you guys get your own way. You'd have kids thinking the tariff was worse than slavery and Lincoln the worst and only racist president.

  • Sanders hedges when asked if he trusts Hillary

    07/26/2016 5:06:05 PM PDT · 20 of 20
    x to Zakeet
    1) If Bernie's wrong to endorse Hillary, was Ted Cruz right not to endorse Trump?

    2) Bernie doesn't trust her, but supports her because she's further to the left and more likely to get elected than other candidates. I guess you could say, he trusts her not to be Donald Trump and right now that's enough for him.

    3) Politics is a pragmatic business. When a politician praises another for being smart, he's not saying she's an intellectual, or even that she's particularly gifted at working things out in real life. He's saying he thinks she can win and not shoot herself in the foot or let the team down.

  • Fans call Paul Simon's DNC performance troubling

    07/26/2016 4:32:59 PM PDT · 64 of 73
    x to oblomov

    I always knew he never had what it takes to make it on his own.

  • Idiot junior officers set their British Army barracks ablaze...

    07/26/2016 4:26:48 PM PDT · 23 of 32
    x to naturalman1975
    The more things change ...

  • Is Trump’s Campaign Too Small? Or Is Clinton’s Too Big?

    07/26/2016 4:22:42 PM PDT · 19 of 26
    x to grayboots
    More coded Rubio-speak?

    Hillary's are the biggest you could possibly imagine.

  • U. S. opens door to a change in blood donation policy for gay men

    07/26/2016 4:19:57 PM PDT · 7 of 26
    x to plain talk
  • Bernie Saunders REFUSES to nominate Clinton after campaign floats bizarre plan in bid

    07/26/2016 3:55:35 PM PDT · 66 of 94
    x to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle
    Bernie already surrendered.

    Now Clinton and the DNC want to get him and keep him offstage and out of the spotlight.

  • Rep. Alan Grayson Goes Off On Politico Reporter Who Asked Him About His Alleged Domestic Abuse

    07/26/2016 2:56:42 PM PDT · 2 of 27
    x to Kaslin

    "Die quickly" is also his alimony offer to his wife ...

  • I am at the DNC in Philadelphia and I cannot find a single Hillary supporter

    07/26/2016 2:53:42 PM PDT · 66 of 66
    x to 2ndDivisionVet
    Some of the Hillary supporters actually have jobs.

    Government jobs, to be sure, but some of them actually have to punch in.

    Bernie bros, not so much.

    I'm not saying she's loved, but professional activists with time on their hands are more likely to be for Sanders.

  • How Two Facebook Developers Could Decide the Election

    07/26/2016 2:45:31 PM PDT · 25 of 40
    x to discostu
    Articles like this pre-suppose people will just do what FB says. And how were people managing to vote for the years before FB? It’s bunk.

    I think it's more that Facebook can shape the understanding of the world that people who spend all their free time on Facebook have, to the point where Facebook doesn't have to tell people to do anything.

    If the only information somebody gets is information inspired by a certain view of the world they'll vote the way the information controllers want them to.

  • Does the Tour de France Need a Financial Fix?

    07/26/2016 2:38:47 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    x to DUMBGRUNT

    There’s nothing wrong with the Tour that more doping wouldn’t fix ...

  • Bernie Sanders just nominated by Hawaiian representative

    07/26/2016 2:30:50 PM PDT · 44 of 68
    x to Sarah Barracuda
    Months ago I heard her being very outspoken against ISIS, I thought maybe she was someone we could bring to our side, since she is NO fan of Hillary Clinton, heck I dont even think she is a fan of Obamas..but she supports Sanders so there ya can’t take the Commie out of the Communist

    She wouldn't have much of a career in Hawaii politics as a Republican, and if she did become a Republican, she'd be more hated by the right as a RINO than she is as a wild card Democrat.

    As it is, what she's said against Hillary is valuable because it comes from somebody in her own party. It would be easier to ignore coming from a Republican.

    The accepted story is that she endorsed Bernie because she disagreed with Hillary and Barack about foreign and military policy. She doesn't seem to be that into the rest of Bernie's agenda.

  • Ted Cruz Favorability Rating Collapse Confirmed in National and Ohio Post-RNC Convention Polls

    07/26/2016 1:55:33 PM PDT · 14 of 245
    x to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle

    Ted who?

  • NYT: Hillary's edge is not with Blacks & Hispanics, but with college-educated women

    07/26/2016 1:53:32 PM PDT · 52 of 87
    x to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain
    Hillary's edge is with single women -- and overwhelmingly so, according to some polls.

    I suppose that translates into a lead among college educated women, but suspect that the key factors are "young" and "unmarried," rather than "college-educated."

  • Shepard Smith all Excited about Bill Clinton and DNC Convention

    07/26/2016 1:36:32 PM PDT · 37 of 43
    x to CAluvdubya
    That man, Clinton, is ill. It seems that he shows signs of Parkinson's. His childlike facial expressions, the way he was clapping and his slack jawed look last night are symptoms of the disease.

    Untreated syphilis?

  • How will Germany change after string of bloody attacks?

    07/25/2016 3:42:51 PM PDT · 16 of 65
    x to Olog-hai
    Auf Wiedersehen, Mutti!

  • Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Closing Hedge Fund After Losing 90 Percent Of Its Money

    07/25/2016 2:50:49 PM PDT · 64 of 97
    x to boknows

    "We were dead broke!"

  • BREAKING: Wikileaks to Drop Another Bomb on DNC Convention

    07/25/2016 2:37:19 PM PDT · 177 of 194
    x to Jean2
    The question I have is why all this is happening to the DNC only?

    My guess: it hurts Hillary now, but will be forgotten by election day.

    If there's a Trump hack or an RNC hack look for it to come closer to election day, when it will really hurt Trump and the GOP, maybe costing them the election.

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/25/2016 1:47:12 PM PDT · 808 of 845
    x to HangUpNow; BroJoeK

    Hinton Rowan Helper was a white Southern critic of slavery who addressed his book to “To the non-slaveholding whites of the South generally, whether at home or abroad.” That his book was taken as a threat to the South and circulating it — or even possessing a copy — was a crime was a symptom of the madness of the day. In a saner world, the idea that society and the economy would benefit from abolishing slavery wouldn’t have been controversial. If even wondering whether the South would be better off without slavery could get a questioner imprisoned or killed, how close could emancipation really be?

  • Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy theorists are convinced..

    07/23/2016 1:36:08 PM PDT · 22 of 28
    x to PROCON
    Mrs May used the hand signal - already frequently used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker - on July 11 when speaking at Westminster before her elevation to 10 Downing Street.

    The hand signal is listed on the illuminati hand signs conspiracy theory website illuminatiRex and described as a 'Merkel-Raute'.

    That is the universal sign language for "I have a vagina, and it is rather large."

    I vaguely recall similar imagery from old girdle commercials, but the true history may be darker.

    In the future, all politicians will be handless and armless (and gay, too, but that's another story).

  • House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

    07/23/2016 1:26:15 PM PDT · 777 of 845
    x to BroJoeK
    My best guess would be that the alleged words you quote here were preceded by other words along the lines of, "If the Confederacy insists on war, and starts war, then..."


    But Congress should go further. It must adopt some measures which will enable it to act in regard to secession. At present, the action of our Government contrasts most unfavorably with the energy and freedom of action displayed at Montgomery. The Government installed there acts with a view to its own interests and convictions alone. Let us show it that while we desire peace, this is a game that two can play at. We can at once shut up every Southern port, destroy its commerce and bring utter ruin upon the Confederate States. We should injure our trade somewhat, but not more, perhaps, than by our present inaction, which every one sees may have to terminate in some decisive step, of the character indicated. Let us begin to have some kind of a policy. The country cannot wait till the end of next December. There is no knowing where we may drift before that time. We may not have to exert force, but a nation that cannot do so, whenever its vital interests are assailed, inspires only contempt. We cannot place ourselves in such a category. Source

    The Times was talking in that hypothetical "if ... then ..." vein. Cutting out the "We can" and the rest of the context gives a very erroneous impression. Actually, the quote illustrates something we've been talking about for a while: it wasn't so much that people were presenting complete and detailed plans with clear results. Rather, the demand was for some action -- any kind of activity -- to prevent or slow down the country's collapse. The Times wasn't entirely sure what should be done, but they wanted some kind of activity from Washington to counter what was going on in the rebel zone.

  • America deserves Trump

    07/23/2016 1:00:53 PM PDT · 32 of 38
    x to ConservativeMind
    This is actually complimentary of Trump.

    Sort of. I think she's saying that it's America today that's dysfunctional and Trump is only one of many symptoms -- and not the worst.

    Google "Candice Malcolm" and you'll find that she's a Canadian conservative and a supporter of Stephen Harper. She's certainly harder on Trump's critics than she is on Trump himself.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/22/2016 2:41:04 PM PDT · 143 of 172
    x to Zionist Conspirator
    Chrstianity has failed. Look at how white and Black chrstian "co-religionists" hate each other's guts. A common religion doesn't bring the two groups together or protect either one from the other. White chrstians worship a "white chrstian American patriot" J*sus. Black chrstians worship a jive-talking, down-with-the-struggle, pro-homosexual J*sus. And don't forget angry Hispanic "La Raza" J*sus, taking back the holy land of Mexico from the accursed gringo. It has never worked. It never will. Time to move on. The Fifties ain't comin' back.

    Something similar could be said -- less crudely one hopes -- about secular or Reform Jews and Orthodox Jews.

    And if Noachides ever amount to more than a tiny percentage of the population you'll see the same splits in your group.

    For all I know, the splits are already there.

  • Is America Ready for a Disruptive President?

    07/22/2016 2:26:11 PM PDT · 50 of 51
    x to Hojczyk

    When have we not had a disruptive president?

  • George Harrison's estate: Trump's use of 'Here Comes the Sun' is 'offensive'

    07/22/2016 2:23:42 PM PDT · 104 of 122
    x to Fhios
    I wonder if the estate actually owns the copyright still.

    I think they do:

    Harrisongs wikipedia article.

    Harrison's earlier songs for the Beatles are part of the Northern Songs package that Michael Jackson owned for a while, but Harrison hated the Northern Songs contract and set up his own publishing rights company before writing and recording songs like "Here Comes the Sun" with the Beatles.

  • What Does Hillary Want?

    07/22/2016 2:00:16 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    x to Rummyfan
    Kevin D Williamson


    It's going to be a long time before anybody cares about what he has to say.

  • Poll: Libertarian Johnson beating Trump, Clinton among active troops

    07/21/2016 5:43:36 PM PDT · 12 of 79
    x to grundle
    Military troops favor Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to a new survey.

    Johnson garnered 38.7 percent of the active duty vote, versus 30.9 for Trump, and 14.1 for Clinton, according to the survey, which was conducted via the popular military personality Doctrine Man.

    Although the survey was not a scientific poll with a margin of error, it provides a snapshot of the preferences of about 3,500 active duty, reservists, retired and former members of the military and their family members, 95.7 percent of which were registered voters.

    The votes of the "nonmilitary troops" will turn it around though.

    Doctrine Man is an obscure tweeter.

    The survey isn't scientific or unbiased.

    Essentially, people who read Doctrine Man's tweets like Gary Johnson.

    That's all.

  • the Speech Cruz Should Have Made

    07/21/2016 5:40:28 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    x to dangus
    Or he could have just stayed home.

    Maybe sent a video message telling Republicans to work together to win.

    But he couldn't resist all the attention.

  • The Nuclear Option: Ted Cruz Loves Himself More Than Our Country

    07/21/2016 5:02:21 PM PDT · 47 of 79
    x to JPJones
    You’re right, in fact wasn’t “vote your conscience” a Ryan/Romney anti-Trump message to delegates?

    Romney said his conscience wouldn't let him vote for Trump. Ryan was telling Republicans to "vote their conscience." So were Kasich and numerous editorial writers.

    The phrase may have been a negative "dog whistle" for the delegates who took it to mean "Don't vote for Trump."

    Reagan's 1976 speech wasn't a ringing endorsement of Gerald Ford, but he did say the party had to stick together, and that was enough. If Ted had put it that way, the reaction would have been weaker and milder.

  • The Nuclear Option: Ted Cruz Loves Himself More Than Our Country

    07/21/2016 4:35:37 PM PDT · 28 of 79
    x to JPJones
    I really don’t think it was Ted’s plan for him to be booed off the stage.

    He thought he would be cheered for sticking to “his principles”.

    He wanted to make a speech that would be seen as supportive of the party without actually saying that he endorsed Trump, and he expected -- I guess -- that he'd be cheered on for asserting conservative values.

    That's a dangerous game to play. You have to know the room and know what the audience expects. And you have to know how you come across. Ted Cruz didn't. Ronald Reagan could get away with giving a convention speech that barely mentioned the party's nominee. Ted Cruz couldn't. For one thing "vote your conscience" isn't likely to be seen as any kind of party unity message. For another, Ted went on for too long.

  • Cruz Couldn't Pull Off a Reagan in '76

    07/21/2016 3:27:09 PM PDT · 16 of 19
    x to HarleyLady27; Kaslin
    Rush doesn't like to burn his bridges. What he said was a criticism of Cruz, but he didn't feel like he needed to go further than that and utterly trash the guy.

    It's a little more complicated than Rush said, though. Reagan's 1976 wasn't a rousing endorsement of Jerry Ford. He said at the end that the party needed unity, but didn't have much to say about Ford at all.

    Kennedy's 1980 convention speech wasn't exactly a direct attack on Carter, but every line implied that Kennedy felt he was the one who should have been nominated -- and he went on for way too long about himself and his campaign.

    Cruz was somewhere in between. Less gracious than Reagan -- "vote your conscience" isn't really a message of party unity -- but nowhere near as negative as Kennedy's speech.

  • LIVE THREAD:RNC National Convention Day 4 July 21, 2016 starts @ 7:20pm ET

    07/21/2016 3:06:21 PM PDT · 302 of 3,706
    x to bray
    How did he get the label of a great orator? I have yet to see it. He lost all of the debates soundly and his preacher voice is a complete turnoff.

    Ted Cruz was a college debater. That requires different skills than oratory. You have to be able to talk and think fast and answer your opponent's arguments with objections and counterarguments. If you counter every objection convincingly you win. You don't have to sound good or make a pleasant impression on people.

  • Thank you Teddy!! (Vanity)

    07/21/2016 3:02:14 PM PDT · 4 of 27
    x to RKBA Democrat
    “If you want someone to grab a beer with, I may not be that guy,” Cruz said. “But if you want someone to drive you home, I will get the job done and I will get you home.” Ted Cruz, 2015

    Radio host Howie Carr just said that after last night's speech if he needed a ride home he'd rather ask Ted Kennedy than Ted Cruz.

  • Is It Curtains for Cruz's Career?

    07/21/2016 2:16:37 PM PDT · 67 of 116
    x to Kaslin

    Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Felito?

  • Buzz grows that Tim Kaine will be Clinton's VP pick [Virginia Senator]

    07/21/2016 2:12:14 PM PDT · 47 of 60
    x to HokieMom

    It looks like there’s a lot of controversy about Tim Kaine and coal. He was for it, then against it, or vice versa. Not sure he and Hillary are on the same page. But he’ll adapt if he wants the nod.

  • Ted Cruz's strategy - Make sure Hillary wins and the people will be ready for Cruz

    07/21/2016 2:03:03 PM PDT · 81 of 93
    x to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
    Not much of a strategy. My hunch is that he expects Trump to lose whatever he does. The smart thing to do would be to stay out of Trump's way and help downballot candidates. That's more or less what Nixon did when Goldwater ran. As it is, TC has lost whatever chance he had for 2020.

    I think Ted Cruz just wasn't thinking. For a supposedly smart guy, Ted hasn't shown signs of seriously thinking things through. I guess if you offer Ted Cruz a podium he'll take it and make a long speech even if it hurts the candidate, the party, and even his own career.

  • [Vanity] On CNN - Ted Cruz Will Not Endorse Trump In Speech

    07/20/2016 5:27:29 PM PDT · 208 of 217
    x to Pinkbell
    He will "endorse" Trump and keeps his pledge by not telling people not to vote for Trump.

    I think it will be a non-endorsement endorsement of Trump: work hard to defeat Hillary.

  • Vanity-Any bets on Cruz endorsing Trump?

    07/20/2016 5:26:51 PM PDT · 34 of 118
    x to Cats Pajamas
    He will "endorse" Trump and keeps his pledge by not telling people not to vote for Trump.

    I think it will be a non-endorsement endorsement of Trump: work hard to defeat Hillary.