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  • Scam/Vanity

    12/08/2018 1:23:16 PM PST · 26 of 60
    Wingy to Mears
    I got mine in 1981 along with a set of pots and pans. Up to that time I'd made do with grocery store and gas station give aways. Boy! What a difference quality makes in the kitchen. You and I bought ours, but it is much nicer to have Cutco given! (chuckle) The fact that they never go dull or wear out does take the sting out of the price, but you have to wait for those benefits. Yes, they are much nicer to receive as gifts!

    Merry Christmas.

  • Scam/Vanity

    12/08/2018 11:51:16 AM PST · 19 of 60
    Wingy to oh8eleven
    I hope you don't mind if I tag on to your vanity. Today, on my front porch, I found a box from Cutco, a company from New York that I have done business with for 30+ years. Puzzled because I hadn't ordered anything from them I quickly opened the box to find a card and new knife. Further puzzled, I opened the card and found the following:

    Wingy - You made our day! Thank you for your wonderful online review of our Pocket Knife. It was one of our favorites! To show our appreciation, we are sending you a special gift I hope you enjoy it!

    Kathleen Donora Customer Appreciation Specialist

    Yes I know that this is not warning of some scam, and it's nothing you have to worry about, but since I don't have Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media accounts, I thought that I should share with my fellow Freepers that there are good folks out there too! Merry Christmas!

    Ps. I wondered if I should print my review that was mentioned, or give you good folks a short blurb about the company. Instead, if you are interested, simply go to and look up reviews. Somehow, I'm near the top.

  • Q Anon: 12/01/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/02/2018 11:26:48 PM PST · 779 of 2,082
    Wingy to Wingy

    Oh, by the way. The November updated sealed Indictment list tops out at 66,568 approximately. In case any of you were keeping track...

  • Q Anon: 12/01/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/02/2018 11:21:16 PM PST · 778 of 2,082
    Wingy to amorphous
    If it is submarine magma on the move, it must be a huge amount.

    However that leads to two questions. First, how does submarine movement of magma cause a .17hz wave movement, and second, how did Q know it would happen lo these many months ago?

  • Q Anon: 12/01/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/02/2018 10:05:31 PM PST · 731 of 2,082
    Wingy to defconw
    Can you explain what the deal is about this wave and how it changed the world. I am not understanding it. Thanks.

    Defconw, First, the vibration has NOT changed the world...YET. I think it will as time unfolds. You must understand that this is NOT a natural occurrence. It has never been observed before. NEVER. This leads to multiple choices as to it's origin.(My Theory):

    1) This is a demonstration of a new and, as yet, untried weapon that could be used as a leash on any bad guys on the face of the planet, controlled from any office in Washington. A very scary situation, in my view. However I don't see how this unites the world, except against the USA.

    2)This is a demonstration of a new and as yet untried, on this planet, weapon wielded by space aliens to bring our civilizations in line with whatever they want. This WOULD unite the world, but at what cost?

    3)This is a sign from GOD to wake us (All nations) up to what's really important in His eyes. The question is, what will unite the world's peoples?

    I'm sure that there are other possibility's as to what that "vibration" was, but those are the top choices off the top of my head. Does that make it more understandable why it's so important? I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you, but RL get's in the way of Freeping sometimes.

  • History of the Ford Mustang (lots of pics)

    11/17/2018 9:56:45 AM PST · 44 of 88
    Wingy to ETL

    ETL, In your post #3 you show the ‘67 and ‘68 Mustangs. I had a ‘67 and loved that car. Much better than the ‘65’s. The only outward difference between the ‘67 and ‘68 was that the ‘68 had side reflectors on the rear quarter panels , and a small change to the grill logo. Your picture labeled ‘68 shows the grill logo change but not the side reflector. I wonder if the picture labeled ‘68 is a ‘67 that someone changed the grill logo on to imitate the ‘68. As I recall, the reflector was a federally mandated change for ‘68 that included all cars sold in the US. In ‘69 those reflectors had to be lighted.

  • Q Anon: 11/07/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/09/2018 4:35:15 AM PST · 685 of 1,946
    Wingy to ez
    If they win AZ and flip FL it’s possible we could end up with NO GAIN.

    Well, except for the Corker/Flake crew is gone.

  • Q Anon: 11/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/07/2018 11:50:49 PM PST · 2,281 of 2,376
    Wingy to STJPII; stylin19a
    Where did you get the McSally numbers?

    Stylin19a numbers are off. McSally, as of 1 minute ago, still held a 1% lead. That's per AP.

  • Q Anon: 11/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/06/2018 11:08:59 PM PST · 1,333 of 2,376
    Wingy to ransomnote
    Declas, Declas, Declas!

    Time to crank this sucker up!

  • Q Anon: 10/29/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/01/2018 8:33:27 PM PDT · 1,581 of 2,260
    Wingy to Billyv

    I can hear Satchmo singing it! Great!

  • Q Anon: 10/20/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/22/2018 9:53:10 AM PDT · 449 of 2,044

    See my post 428.

  • Q Anon: 10/20/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/22/2018 8:53:28 AM PDT · 428 of 2,044
    Wingy to stars & stripes forever; little jeremiah
    Don't get too excited about Willa. Listening to Joe Bastardi last night and he says that the coastal mountains will tear the storm apart, while the ENERGY from the storm continues on to reform in the Gulf and hit the panhandle of Florida later in the week.

    Bottom line is that the crowd transiting Mexico will have warm and very humid weather with some rain showers. Not what I was hoping for.

  • Q Anon: 10/20/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/20/2018 11:48:49 PM PDT · 28 of 2,044
    Wingy to bagster; ransomnote

    Bags, If you are talking about the pics on the welcome posts, check your stuff. They are 5:5 for me, and I can NEVER see those pics without a right click prod. This time they both show.

  • Q Anon: 10/07/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/10/2018 2:41:23 PM PDT · 1,309 of 1,738
    Wingy to blu

    Everyone go home?

  • Q Anon: 10/05/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/07/2018 10:10:45 AM PDT · 955 of 1,402
    Wingy to TruthWillWin
    Do not agree.

    After what he has accomplished the last two years if they are still against him then they are not conservatives!

    And I agree with you TWW. I was a Cruz guy through the primaries, not because Trump wasn't saying good things, but I wasn't sure I could believe him. Inviting Bill and Hill to his wedding, and his 'New York state of mind' were but two of the things that gave me pause.

    After the primaries, I'd say I was an anti-Hillery voter rather than pro Trump. I was VERY anti-Hillery though so election night was sweet indeed! After Trump took office though, I'm not in any need of red pills.

    Now I view Trump in the same way I looked at Reagan. An outsider who was brought to us by God to delay the Last Days, because it's not God's time yet. The Dems, DS, and Satan seem like they want it to be tomorrow, but God has other plans. Thank Goodness!

  • Q Anon: 10/05/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/07/2018 9:33:45 AM PDT · 909 of 1,402
    Wingy to Wingy
    ... didn't vote for the bill in 2010 because he didn't come to Congress until 2016.

    Oops. Ben Sasse was elected in 2014. It doesn't pay to skim the reference page.

  • Q Anon: 10/05/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/07/2018 9:18:57 AM PDT · 900 of 1,402
    Wingy to conservativesister
    Obamacare was voted for by Republican Ben Sasse.

    Uhmm, which vote was that? He has voted for every repeal measure that I can find, and he certainly didn't vote for the bill in 2010 because he didn't come to Congress until 2016. Hmmm?

  • Q Anon: 10/03/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/04/2018 3:22:22 PM PDT · 1,102 of 2,342
    Wingy to ransomnote

    USSS is letting Q shirts into the rally in Minn. DOITQ

  • Q Anon: 10/03/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/04/2018 12:22:36 PM PDT · 976 of 2,342
    Wingy to Defiant
    Their copy will be heavily redacted.

    So they will send their 'friends' to your house to read your copy.

  • Q Anon: 10/03/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    10/04/2018 11:49:29 AM PDT · 951 of 2,342
    Wingy to Defiant
    The fun stuff are where he is traveling, what he is doing, who he is nabbing, what info he has that we don’t have. I want it all.

    Yeah. I'll bet Chucky S. and Nancy P. want it all too.