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  • Normalization of Assassination - Olympus Has Fallen promo on TBS

    06/23/2017 4:23:51 AM PDT · 22 of 49
    spirited irish to Haiku Guy

    Saruman (Leftists) to the army (evil people) of Isengard “A new power is rising. Its victory is at hand. This night the land will be stained with the blood of Rohan. March to Helm’s Deep. Leave none alive. To war!”

  • If You’re White and Have Opinions, You’re Now Guilty of ‘Whitesplaining’

    06/23/2017 2:48:12 AM PDT · 12 of 84
    spirited irish to thoughtomator

    All human beings have free will, the ability to choose between truth and lie, good and evil. In this light, when Leftist demagogues within academia and elsewhere present concepts that appeal to ‘needs’ (i.e., need to fell sorry for oneself and believe one is ‘oppressed’) some people will eagerly choose to believe while others will not. The girl under discussion has not been programmed but rather has freely chosen to drink the cup of poison offered by Leftist psychopaths.

  • Pelosi: I Am a ‘Target’ Because I Am a ‘Master Legislator,’ ‘Politically Astute Leader’

    06/22/2017 11:52:22 AM PDT · 50 of 110
    spirited irish to ClearCase_guy

    Lurking beneath her incoherent reaction is an implication of envy. She’s actually accusing her attackers of envying her.

  • Please Pray for my neighbors

    06/20/2017 11:56:26 AM PDT · 65 of 103
    spirited irish to left that other site

    Prayers sent!!


    06/19/2017 3:35:17 PM PDT · 16 of 36
    spirited irish to billyboy15

    And then there’s the fact of the many military installations in Calif. plus the voters who want nothing to do with this latest Leftist insanity.


    06/19/2017 3:20:12 PM PDT · 1 of 36
    spirited irish
  • Scott Pelley: D.C. Attack on Congressmen Was 'to Some Degree Self-Inflicted'

    06/19/2017 6:55:01 AM PDT · 40 of 48
    spirited irish to yldstrk
    Whether Christians behave like Christians---especially in this age of endemic lying, debauchery, and worse-- is beside the point.

    More than eighty years ago President Calvin Coolidge said in a speech delivered on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 5, 1926:

    "Democracy is Christ's government in church and state... Here was the doctrine of equality, popular sovereignty, and the substance of the theory of inalienable rights....When we take all these circumstances into consideration, it is but natural that the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence should open with a reference to Nature's God and should close...with an appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world and an assertion of a firm reliance on Divine Providence...In its main feature the Declaration of Independence is a great spiritual document. Equality, liberty, popular sovereignty, the rights of man....They have their source and roots in the religious convictions. They belong to the unseen world. " (Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion, William J. Federer, pp. 270-271)

    Whether the Founders were individually Christian or not, there was among them a strong Christian consensus that finds some of its greatest spiritual and moral expression in the scholarly works o fSamuel Rutherford in “Lex Rex” (1644) and in the writings of the 18th century jurist William Blackstone.

    Rutherford reasoned that since all people are sinners, then no person ---whether king, prime minister, jurist, bishop, pope, pastor, president, rap artist, or diva for example---is superior to any other person. This means that no person is above the law.  All  people are subject to the law without exception, thus all individuals---Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Pres. Trump, Supreme Court justices, ‘gays,’ illegals, abortionists, perverse sex-educators, and cowardly GOP insiders must recognize that they are sinners under the transcendent Law of God.

    Blackstone greatly influenced early American understanding of the Triune God, the Bible, Law and nature. He taught that since the One God in three Persons is the omnipotent Creator who works and governs the affairs of men then all law should be consistent with His Revelation in the Bible. No law should be passed that is contrary to the higher law of God.

    Furthermore, as all men are created spiritual equals in the eyes of God, then life, worth, dignity and other unalienable rights are conferred upon each human person at conception.   For example, freedom of religion and speech are the temporal manifestations of a person’s God-given spiritual property of conscience and reason.

    These few paragraphs provide a very small snapshot of the Christian underpinnings of our nation's founding documents, hence our Constitutional Republic. The Founders also declared that our Republic is suitable only for a morally informed, self-disciplined, and knowledgable citizenry. They further warned that when a people fall into ignorance and debauchery, the weight of their immorality and stupidity will finally bring an end to our Republic.

    That is precisely where we are.

  • Scott Pelley: D.C. Attack on Congressmen Was 'to Some Degree Self-Inflicted'

    06/19/2017 4:09:08 AM PDT · 20 of 48
    spirited irish to 2banana; DFG
    It's Solzhenitsyn who sheds light on Progressive hypocrisy which sees evil as always coming from the 'right.' The reason Progressives are willfully blind to their hypocrisy and other vices is due to their affirmation of a 'new' Gnostic pagan Manichaesism, a view of good and evil that allows Progressives to see themselves as wholly good but the right as wholly evil.

    Progressives are heirs to a rejection of the Christian foundations of Western civilization, a rejection that stretches back to the end of the Medieval period and beginning of the Renaissance.

    It is within our rejected Christian foundations that the radical concept of mankind's fallen condition is the source for Solzhenitsyn's explanation of evil as something that cuts through the hearts of all men---including Progressives who project their own evils onto the "right," particularly white people since they refuse to accept responsibility for their own wrongdoing. This is why Trump is always the cause or white people are always the cause, or straight white people are the cause, or guns are always the cause, ad nauseum.

  • Oregon Senate Votes To Allow Dementia Patients To Be Starved To Death

    06/17/2017 3:22:44 PM PDT · 123 of 152
    spirited irish to Ciaphas Cain

    Quite often, when believers question the existence of God it’s because of the existence of evil, which in our age appears to be exploding all around us in many and varied forms. Here’s a website that I hope will answer your questions and restore your faith: “Why does God allow evil?”

  • Oregon Senate Votes To Allow Dementia Patients To Be Starved To Death

    06/17/2017 1:58:30 PM PDT · 98 of 152
    spirited irish to KTM rider

    The logic follows this track: If the Holy Triune God does not exist, as evolutionary humanists claim, then human beings are nothing but dehumanized products of evolution worth less than nothing. Furthermore, without the one true God, there is no absolute commandment against murder, no eternity in hell to fear, thus no reason not to be evil. This is where we are as a society and why your fears are grounded in reality.

  • Jesuit Scholar: Islamic Extremists Are the True Muslims

    06/16/2017 3:06:50 AM PDT · 5 of 19
    spirited irish to davikkm

    The good Father’s analysis applies equally to what he calls liberal left ideology, which is in fact a neo-pagan and pantheist nature religion that claims to be scientific and whose primary doctrine is evolution. In his own critique, Solzhenitsyn accurately described it as a neo-Gnostic Manicheanism that depicts true-believers as ‘good’ while all who are not of the ‘faith’ are evil.

  • Can a Divided America Survive?

    06/15/2017 3:20:51 AM PDT · 14 of 130
    spirited irish to Mark17
    Hanson's suggestion that 'Americans need to take a deep breath, step back and rein in their anger -- and find more ways to connect rather than divide themselves' sounds good on the surface but does not address the deepest, darkest, most divisive and irreconcilable problems separating blue from red.

    For example, the blue side is primarily godless and pagan materialist and mystical pantheist. It seeks a godless City of Man that can only ascend on the ashes of the traditionalist side's ''One Nation Under God' where all people are created by God the Father thus are persons endowed with God-given rights, rather than evolved aspects of the divine energy field as the other side contends. America's Constitution is a great spiritual doctrine premised upon creation ex nihilo, the only source for the personhood being stripped from people and given to gorillas, rivers, and other aspects of nature by the other side.

    One side is offended by and hates the Biblical conception of the living, personal Holy Triune God. This hatred is extended to our Constitutional Republic and to all people who uphold and defend it. In this light, it appears that calls for agreement between these two sides will only lead to where it always ends---with further compromise by traditionalists.

  • Please Pray for my gravely ill father, Carl [Sad Up Date at 130)]

    06/11/2017 2:57:46 AM PDT · 110 of 136
    spirited irish to SMGFan

    Prayers of healing for your father and for his loved ones, that they may be comforted and strengthened by our Lord.

  • The Left's Growing hatred for White People (with many sources to provide evidence)

    06/06/2017 11:54:28 AM PDT · 25 of 65
    spirited irish to Cubs Fan

    White Leftists and their white liberal hangers-on stupidly imagine they’ll be exempt from the murderous hatred of ‘whitey’ fomented by themselves. They won’t. They’ll be among the first to fall into the graves they’re digging for other white people.

  • Against Warmism - Tolkien's 'Maiar' and C.S. Lewis' 'Eldila' Teach Trust in Divine Providence

    06/01/2017 12:11:08 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    spirited irish to HangnJudge

    Nor does the image bear much likeness to Lewis’ description of a Sorn.

  • Professor Wants Children to Learn ‘Queer Theory’ in Elementary School

    05/31/2017 3:08:59 PM PDT · 61 of 63
    spirited irish to HLPhat

    HLPhat-—it would have saved you time and bile if you had simply said, “I don’t understand what you said.”

  • Professor Wants Children to Learn ‘Queer Theory’ in Elementary School

    05/31/2017 2:49:59 PM PDT · 59 of 63
    spirited irish to HLPhat
    “Out-and-proud homosexuals are bitter and furious with a society that defines sex as what men and women are biologically.”

    HLPhat, you do not understand the worldview underlying and fueling the above complaint. It is a religiously Gnostic pagan worldview which holds physical matter (i.e., the human body and this world in general) as the source of evil and suffering. In "Adversus nationes" (2.37) the Gnostic pagan Arnobius gives voice to this very complaint,

    "If souls were of the Lord's race...They would never come to these terrestrial places (and) inhabit opaque bodies and (be) mixed with humors and blood, in receptacles of excrement, in vases of urine." (The Pagan Temptation, Thomas Molnar, p. 27)

    Molnar explains that from Plato to Plotinus, it was held as axiomatic that from being as one with or an aspect of the evolving, impersonal, androgynous Divine One Substance, Gnostic Pleroma, Brahmin, or Quantum Void, for example (this is monism) souls, sparks, or essences had inexplicably fallen into the material realm, a place of misery, suffering and binary. Binary means two distinctly different things, and in the case of the homosexual complaint it means two distinct biological sexes rather than a two-in- one, the androgynous being called 'gay’ ‘ transgender’ and ‘LGBTQXYZ’ in modern terminology. Salvation was secured through the mystery cults which,

    "...afforded their devotees the opportunity to erase the curse of mortality by direct encounter with the patron deity or in many instances by actually undergoing an apotheosis, a transfiguration of human into divine. The process of 'initiation' in the mystery religions, therefore, had as its objective the liberation of the soul from its earthly...chains" (C.K. Barrett cited in "The Interruption of Eternity," Carl A. Raschke, p. 28)

    Monism is held in common by all of the world’s ancient mystery religions underlying modern Secular Humanism (evolutionary secular humanism) and occult New Age spirituality, a kind of Cosmic Humanism firmly anchored in Hinduism and Buddhism. As well, neo-paganism, materialism, witchcraft and Scientology are of the world view of monism which teaches that all that exists is one self-evolved, self-sufficient substance and/or energy field aka Nature (capital N) which may be divine spirit, impersonal mind (pantheism) or spiritless physical substance (materialism). The primary creative energy that emerges out of the One Substance is variously known as Natural Selection, Evolution, and Kundalini, for example.

    If you want to see a visual depiction of the Divine One Substance visit the webpage of the U.N.s Meditation Room. The room is a pyramid lying on its side. In place of a capstone is a large occult painting. Its’ occult symbolism depicts the One Substance and its’ creative energies. The Room caters to the world’s Gnostic, Hindu, Buddhist pagan and pantheist ‘elites’---practitioners of the ancient magic way of becoming god.

    BTW HLPhat, the Frankfurt School consisted of Gnostic Manichaen materialists.

  • Big Bang Blowup at Scientific American

    05/31/2017 11:50:14 AM PDT · 135 of 136
    spirited irish to FredZarguna; HLPhat
    In contending against the two most influential nature schools of thought, Greek Epicureans or Atomists (materialists) and Stoics (mystical pantheists), the Apostle Paul set the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Word Incarnate in the context of the sovereign decree of the God of Revelation and the inescapable fact of God's judgment on sin. The reaction of pagan sages was either to scoff and mock Paul or to brush him off with, "We will hear thee again of this matter." Acts 17:32 (The Word of Flux, Rousas John Rushdoony, p. 48)

    By challenging the pagans concept of the unknown god in relation to the gods (idols of the mind) they claimed to know and by asserting the sovereignty of the revealed God of Scripture (Acts 17:22-31) Pauls' challenge seriously threatened their corpus of nature science, evolutionary cosmogony, and philosophy. This threat was taken seriously for Paul had in effect declared that if there exists an unknown god of the gods (idols of the mind) which pagans claim to know yet which is wholly unknown despite exercising influence for good or evil on that which they say and know, do they really know anything at all? If this unknown god of gods exists then why not destroy all the altars to the gods pagans claim to know since they are inventions of men’s creative imaginations, absurd idols, useless for salvation, the work of man’s hands:

    "They have mouths, but they cannot speak; They have eyes, but they cannot see; They have ears, but they cannot hear; They have noses, but they cannot smell; They have hands, but they cannot feel; They have feet, but they cannot walk; They cannot make a sound with their throat. Those who make them will become like them..." Psalm 115:4-8

    In other words, men who worship the idols of their own minds and inert, unknowing things of creation (i.e., matter, energy and/or evolution, time, space) become ignorant, absurd and stupid, unable to account for either the origin of life or man's thought-life, will, and conscience.

    By contrast St. Augustine (AD 354-430), an ardent defender of creation ex nihilo, easily affirmed that as all men are the spiritual image-bearers of the transcendent Triune God of life and creation then it logically follows that each person is a trinity of being, — of body, soul and its citadel spirit (thought-life, will, conscience):

    "The essence of the human is not the body, but the soul. It is the soul alone that God made in his own image and the soul that he loves....For the sake of the soul...the Son of God came into the world...." (Incomplete Work on Matthew, Homily 25, Ancient Christian Devotional, Oden and Crosby, p. 153) In Christian thought, a person is a spirit and personality is the total individuality of the spirit. Without spirit there is no person.

    The key to individual liberty in the temporal sphere is man's spiritual liberty contrasted against a genetically programmed animal-like orientation. Animals do not have spirits, which are linked to intelligence, imagination, sensitivity, self-consciousness, reflection and the capacity for truth and moral goodness.

    A human being is uniquely free because his inner person can spiritually transcend matter to access the supernatural dimension as Paul affirms:

    "Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" (2 Cor. 3:17)

    Cornelius Van Til, the most profound writer in apologetics in the twentieth century points out that on the basis of evolutionary naturalism (idols of mind) it is impossible to know anything unless everything can be known, and since it is impossible to know everything then the whole of nature religion, empirical science, and evolutionary philosophy is irrational because it cannot account for life, man's soul/spirit, objective truth and moral law. Therefore evolutionary naturalism is of ignorance,

    "...of ignorance far deeper than (naturalists) are willing and able on (their assumptions) to own." On the basis of naturalism, "there is no knowledge at all; there is nothing but ignorance." (ibid, p. 48)

  • Big Bang Blowup at Scientific American

    05/31/2017 5:15:37 AM PDT · 130 of 136
    spirited irish to HLPhat; FredZarguna
    You imagine that your empirical worldview, for such it is, is not ‘New Ageish.’ You are wrong, as Karl Popper (1902-1994), a British philosopher and professor at the London School of Economics made clear. Because he is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century, what he had to say about Darwinism and the so-called empirical worldview is very important.

    Though Popper esteemed evolutionary theory and natural selection, he also forthrightly stated that Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory but rather a metaphysical research program. By this he means that not only is Darwinism spiritual, but so are its' two most important foundations, classical empiricism and the observationalist philosophy of science that grew out of it.

    Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that contradicts itself by asserting that human knowledge comes only or primarily via sensory experience rather than the mind (spirit) while observationalism asserts that human knowledge and theories must be based on empirical observations....instead of the mind. For this reason, Popper argued strongly against empiricism and observationalism, saying that scientific theories and human knowledge generally, is conjectural or hypothetical and is generated by the creative imagination.

    In other words, all three theories originated in the unseen mind, a power of which is imagination. As mind is a power of soul, then Darwinism, empiricism, and observationalism are spiritual. In short, all three theories are frauds. They claim to be what they are not in order to obtain an advantage over the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo by imposition of immoral means.

    Nevertheless, today this fraudulent hypothetical system of the creative imagination and the ancient occult pagan lore undergirding it are promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion,

    "...a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint – and Mr [sic] Gish is but one of many to make it – the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.... Evolution therefore came into being as a kind of secular ideology, an explicit substitute for Christianity." Michael Ruse

    Michael Ruse was professor of philosophy and zoology at the University of Guelph, Canada. He was the leading anti-creationist philosopher whose fraudulent conjectures and flawed arguments convinced a biased judge to rule against the 'balanced treatment' of creation and evolution in an Arkansas school bill proposed in 1981. At the trial, he and other anti-creationists loftily dismissed the claim that evolution was an anti-god religion. (

    As Ruse admits, evolution is an anti-creation religion, a "full-fledged alternative to Christianity." It is promulgated by contemporary Western heirs of a rebellion against our Heavenly Father, Creator and Sustainer of all that exists, that emerged out of the Renaissance giving birth to an occult intelligentsia, open intercourse with fallen angels, out-of-body astral plane travels, and Illuminism (enlightenment via spirits), an occult nature religion that teaches that man,

    "...can evolve, through initiatory steps, into a god state himself." (New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," William Still, p. 27)

    "The figure of the Renaissance man is not complete if the place of the Magician is forgotten. Ficino was scholar, priest, and magician." (The Occult Underground, James Webb, p. 222)

    In the heart of Christendom during the time of the Renaissance the "alternative" originally took the form of occult pantheist humanism bespeaking evolution and reincarnation of divine spark or spirit to higher and higher states of god-consciousness. Later on another form arose: evolutionary secular (materialist) humanism. While the former was blatantly occult and spiritually pagan, the latter was essentially a de-spiritualized but nevertheless arcane version of the former falsely presenting itself as demonstrable empirical science to masses of hopeless people:

    "Reason had died sometime before 1865," wrote Webb. "After the Age of Reason came the Age of the Irrational...." Bereft of assurances of immortality after so great an attack on biblical revelation masses of hopeless people were, "begging for a revelation which was scientifically demonstrable."

    Karl Marx's Illuminist-inspired messianic Communism was advertised as the longed-for "scientifically demonstrable" revelation. However, Marx's dialectical-materialism (evolutionary theory) is merely a de-spiritualized version of Hegel's occult dialectic system. Master-magician G.W.F. Hegel was an important member of the occult intelligentsia. He closely studied ancient wisdom traditions including Egyptian Hermetic magic and Babylonian Kabala as well as mesmerism, psychic phenomena, dowsing, precognition, and sorcery. He professed belief in a pantheistic Earth Spirit, and informally aligned himself with Hermetic societies, anti-Christian God Freemasons, and the pantheist Rosicrucian's. (Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, Glenn Alexander Magee, 2001)

    Enrico Ferri (1856-1926) provides another example of occult magic science parading as empirical science. A prominent socialist of his day and an Italian criminologist who for many years was the editor of Avanti, a socialist daily, Ferri wrote of the divine miracle-producing energies animating natural causation in "Socialism and Religious Beliefs." Ferri confessed:

    "....modern positive science...has substituted the conception of natural causality for the conception of miracles and divinity....I add that not only is Darwinism not contrary to socialism, but that it forms one of its fundamental scientific premises. As Virchow justly remarked, socialism is nothing else than the logical and vital outcome partly of Darwinism and partly of Spencerian evolution." (

    In another example of occult magic disguised as empirical science, Gustav Wetter expounds on the magical 'mental' and 'divine' properties animating and informing nonliving matter and dialectic: "...matter itself continually attains to higher perfection under its own power, thanks to indwelling dialectic...the dialectical materialists attribution of 'dialectic' to matter confers on it, not mental attributes only, but even divine ones." (Dialectical Materialism, Gustav A. Wetter, 1977, p. 58)

    As you might guess, I am neither awestruck nor mystified by empirical gnosis---an irrational, fruitless worldview that in its’ modern, de-spiritualized form emerged out of an evolutionary occult pantheism whose roots stretch back to the plain of Shinar.

    The Christian Truth which has been undermined and displaced by an irrational, fruitless, pagan, pantheist occult gnosis is no mere philosophical truth but the Truth of Life and salvation: "..... I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life..." Deuteronomy 30:19-20

    The Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Word become Flesh, Jesus Christ the Physician came to heal the spiritually sick. But whoever rejects the Physician, whether through indifference or outright denial, rejects His prescriptio

  • Big Bang Blowup at Scientific American

    05/30/2017 3:26:42 PM PDT · 97 of 136
    spirited irish to FredZarguna

    Pushing aside the obviously mystical-laden verbiage equating to something on the order of descending (time-displaced) astral planes (phase spaces) emanating out of a quantum void (or One Substance), biological evolution cannot occur without physical matter. Sans physical matter, you’re describing spiritual and/or cosmic evolution.