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  • Le Pen's Egyptian-born advisor: What's wrong with multiculturalism

    04/25/2017 4:10:06 PM PDT · by GraceG · 2 replies
    Eric Duhaime is in France, covering the presidential election for He talks with Marine Le Pen's Senior Political Advisor Jean Messiha, who came to France from Egypt as a child, when the immigration and assimilation process was very different. Messiha explains that this is why he agrees with Le Pen's immigration policies. MORE:
  • The Left wants to defund the wall, let's defund THEIR security ~ Vanity

    04/25/2017 3:40:19 PM PDT · by GraceG · 7 replies
    4-25-2017 | GraceG
    So the left thinks the United States should be paying "The federal version of ADT" for building a security perimeter on the southern border.... Well so glad it is so nice an peaceful these days that nobody needs security anymore, i mean IF we needed Security these days they would fund a wall, RIGHT? So why do democrats need to keep paying for private security around their houses? I think Nancy Pelosi could give a LOT more money to Charity if she didn't keep having to pay for personal security which is obviously a waste of her money. "Hello, ADT,...
  • BOMBSHELL: Inside Canada-USA "Refugee" Trafficking Ring

    04/13/2017 1:45:58 PM PDT · by GraceG · 5 replies
    The Rebel Media ^ | 04/13/2017 | Faith Gold
    In this exclusive investigation, Faith Goldy of reveals that a human trafficking network is bringing fake "refugees" into Canada from the US. MORE: WATCH Faith Goldy's weekly show: Never miss a new Rebel video: PLUS ***
  • Gavin the Genie explains how feminism is all his fault ~ Humor

    03/20/2017 3:38:48 PM PDT · by GraceG · 4 replies
    The Rebel Media ^ | Gavin McInnes
    Gavin McInnes as "Gavin the Genie" explains how he created the spell of Feminism to make pretty women ugly. Link: Some harsh language warning
  • Travel Ban - President Trump "King Solomon II" ~ Vanity

    03/16/2017 11:12:47 PM PDT · by GraceG · 20 replies
    Since the judges keep blocking a travel ban that they say is picking out "specific groups of people" based off of this or that attribute be it "religion" or "country of origin" or whatever.... Trump should just go "King Solomon" on their asses and use the bully pulpit to ask the Judges "If we cannot put a temporary hold on people from countries that support terrorism, maybe I should just be completely "fair" and just put a PERMANENT HOLD on EVERYONE coming from EVERY Country!!!" And then add that maybe the judges that blocked the two orders could maybe come...
  • " White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack " - SJWBS

    Came across this from a caller on Mike Cernovich's livestream's caller. Below: White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh “I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group” DAILY EFFECTS OF WHITE PRIVILEGE I decided to try to work on myself at least by identifying some of the daily effects of white privilege in my life. I have chosen those conditions that I think in my case attach somewhat more to skin-color privilege than to class, religion, ethnic status, or geographic location, though of course all...
  • March 8th counter protest Idea: "Make Great Americans a Sandwich Day"

    03/06/2017 7:31:37 PM PST · by GraceG · 29 replies
    So I have heard there is some dumb anti-trump Women's boycott march on march 8th. I was thinking what would be the best way to tweak these libtard losers..... Then i got an idea... "Make a Sandwich to Make America Great Again!" Find a place across from these protesting losers, setup a small folding table and chair, from a cooler produce the following items: 1 loaf of White wonder bread, 1 quart of mayo, 1 package of pre-slice prepackaged American Cheese, 1 package of sliced ham, 1 package of pre-cooked bacon, ( No filthy lettuce or other veggies ) Various...
  • YouTube : Swedish Nationalist Conference ( Like a pro-western meeting in USSR )

    02/26/2017 7:58:32 PM PST · by GraceG · 7 replies
    YouTube ( RamZPaul's Channel ) ^ | February 26, 2017 | RamZPaul
    " I was proud to attend and speak at the underground Swedish Nationalist conference (Identitarian Ideas IX – Rising from the Ruins) in Stockholm." ( Had to be held in private due to the soviet nature of the government there to avoid persecution ) Direct link:
  • Mona Walter "may be bravest woman in Sweden"

    02/22/2017 4:16:59 PM PST · by GraceG · 8 replies
    The Rebel Media ^ | The Rebel Media
    In March 2016, Ezra Levant of traveled to Sweden to investigate the impact of Islam immigration to that nation. He spoke to ex-Muslim Mona Walter about what she experienced. Direct Link:
  • The Truth About Sweden

    02/21/2017 4:18:54 PM PST · by GraceG · 9 replies
    Paul Joseph Watson ^ | Paul Joseph Watson
    The Truth About Sweden from Paul Joseph Watson Direct Link:
  • Anyone one else doing this: [ Liberal Exodus suggestions ] ~ Vanity

    02/18/2017 6:47:02 PM PST · by GraceG · 20 replies
    So I have had a few discussions with idiot liberal acquaintances over the last few months since Donald trump won and then became our President. Many of them revolve around how horrible Trump is and how they feel like everything is going to hell. I just humor them as I tried to get a feel how they were before the election and they were either for the old dirtbag hag Hillary or some of the real fruitcakes were for Jill Stein. When they say that they want to move out of the United States I always recommend the following countries:...
  • Black Trump Supporter Goes off on Racist Sanctuary Cities at Town Hall, “Thank God for Trump!

    02/17/2017 12:35:35 PM PST · by GraceG · 19 replies
    Twitter ^ | Amy Mek
    Where is the MEDIA Now? #DayofFacts PREACH 🙌🏻 Black Trump Supporter Goes off on Racist Sanctuary Cities at Town Hall, “Thank God for Trump! Twitter Video Link:
  • ‘He will die in jail’: Intelligence community ready to ‘go nuclear’ on Trump, senior source says

    02/15/2017 12:07:31 PM PST · by GraceG · 184 replies
    Raw Story ^ | 15 Feb 2017 at 11:08 ET | David Edwards
    US. national security officials are reportedly ready to “go nuclear” after President Donald Trump’s latest attack on the intelligence community. In a series of tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday, Trump insisted that the “real scandal” was not that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lied about his contact with Russia. Instead, the president blasted what he said were “un-American” leaks that led to Flynn’s ousting.

    02/12/2017 9:55:34 AM PST · by GraceG · 13 replies
    A Japanese living in Japan named Yoko goes over the idiocy behind the liberal media whining about Trump's "hug" with Japanese Prime minister Abe. You Tube Link:
  • Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture ~ Language Advisory

    02/09/2017 7:29:20 PM PST · by GraceG · 7 replies
    Paul Joseph Watson discusses how the left is the new puritanical class and how they are driving away the newest generation. Link:
  • EPIC BERNIE VS. TED CRUZ LIVESTREAM! (With Crowder and Friends)

    02/08/2017 10:24:06 AM PST · by GraceG · 8 replies
    Language Warning: Crowder and the gang get pretty sauced with their drinking game.
  • Countering the "Ladders & Tunnel" anti-wall argument.

    01/28/2017 10:11:50 AM PST · by GraceG · 39 replies
    In so many twitter posts about the wall you will invariable see the snide snotty liberal counter argument: "So you built a wall, but ladders and tunnels are a thing" (I'm such a clever smart liberal, so smug and intelligent). I for one am getting sick of these idiots who don't realize that the wall is only part of the plan of enforcing the border and Making America Safe again. So i am going to share some memes we can use to re post here to destroy the liberal smugness in one fell swoop.
  • Man shuts down Anti-Trump protest with one phrase!

    Anti-trump protest going on outside Campus library, You won't believe what happens next to shut them up. Link here:
  • My entire Face Hurts & I blame President Donald J Trump!

    01/25/2017 4:07:53 PM PST · by GraceG · 42 replies
    My entire face hurts, every time the news comes on or I visit a website all of sudden several muscles in my face just start to hurt and ache and i have to think about something sad in order to get some relief, and I blame President Donald J. Trump for it. Dammit Mr. President, how dare you give me such pain...
  • New "Freme": "January 20th, 2017" ~ Make an Inauguration Meme

    01/18/2017 1:41:14 PM PST · by GraceG
    imgflip ^ | GraceG
    - January 20th, 2017 - That awkward time that liberals suddenly re-discovered the concept known as "States rights"... - That awkward time that liberals suddenly decided Executive Orders can be used by a President they don't like... Make your own.... Click the link here: To create your own Meme